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Luminous Guide

General Information on Luminous

The General Section is the section where I will teach you about the Luminous class, and how to perfect and master it. I will also provide information on the guide in this section.


Welcome all! I am MaplexHero, I am currently playing a Luminous in GMS as my main character. I will try to share in this guide my experiences on what has happened with Luminous, and how you can make a perfect one. I hope you all enjoy your time here and use this guide to the best of your ability. Leave comments, feedback, and I will fix up anything I can. So have a good time, in the Luminous Guide.

Information on Luminous

  • Attack: 4/5 (Luminous has a high base attack, and is easy to get a high damage range on)
  • Defense: 3/5 (Luminous has a medium amount of defense, meaning he isn't a pot waster,but doesn't save pots either)
  • Mobility: 3/5 (Luminous can move fairly easily. He isn't a Flash Jumper, but he can move pretty well)
  • Difficulty: 3/5 (Luminous can be hard to level up, or to use at some points, which may get frustrating)

Luminous is the last hero, a Magician. He uses a double sided staff, known as a Shining Rod. This is his primary weapon; he uses a secondary item in his shield slot (It is like Mercedes Arrow, Phantom's Cards, Demon Aegis) which is an Orb. You are required to equip an Orb to use your skills; the Level 100 Orb can have potential. Luminous uses Intelligence (INT), and he holds a unique feature in his skills which is the Dark/Light System to attack. So when you attack, you will be either using Light or Dark skills and the Skills Sunfire and Eclipse increase each attribute depending on which mode you are in.

In Addition, the Luminous class has two (2) hairstyles, and two (2) eye styles for both genders.

Pros and Cons of the Luminous Class


  • Great default eyes and hair
  • Very nice Play Style
  • High Damage at low levels, you should never feel weak even with small funding
  • Skills are very nicely made
  • Easy to Level
  • Luminous has an amazing amount of MP
  • Great Link Skill (10% PDR)


  • People might bash you for being strong
  • Some, skills are not original (Hinting towards Reflection)
  • Luminous is not all that incredible at bossing
  • Maxing Passive Magic Guard at low levels causes potion burn (I advise against maxing Magic Guard in 1st Job)
  • There is no more choosing between Dark and Light



  • Luminous is the 5th and last Hero of the Maple World.
  • Luminous uses a 2H double sided Staff called, the "Shining Rod".
  • Luminous uses a Light/Dark System, he alternates between Attributes.
  • Luminous must equip an Orb in his Shield slot to use any type of Skill.
  • Luminous has very high stats (Mana, Attack, etc.)


Q: How does Luminous change between Light and Dark modes? Why does he need it?
A: Luminous consumed half of the Black Mage's power into himself, therefore, to stabilize not being consumed by the dark power that resides within him; he switches between uses skills of Light; and using skills of Darkness. He changes between these modes by shifting a meter, when you change the meter to Dark, you will gain a boost to all Dark Skills, and when you change the meter to Light, you will experience a a gain to your skills.

Q: Can I use Dark Skills in Light Mode, and Light Skills in Dark Mode?
A: Yes, you can. It is possible to use Light Skills in Dark Mode and Dark in Light. But! It is not recommended to do so, because if you use Dark Skills in Light Mode, the Dark Skills will be noticeably weaker, due to the lack of 50% damage from the Eclipse Skill. Same goes for the Dark Side with Light Skills.

Q: Why am I not supposed to max Standard Magic Guard in 1st Job?
A: I do not want you to max Standard Magic Guard in 1st Job because it is not needed. Luminous has a passive type of Magic Guard, meaning at lower levels when monsters do not do much damage to you and you Health can endure the damage, you will waste Mana Potions by being attacked and using your skills. I maxed Standard Magic Guard in KMS, it was a big mistake.

Q: Why am I not maxing Moonlight Spear in 3rd Job?
A: Moonlight Spear, along with most of Luminous' dark skills, is not very useful to you. Since Nexon America decided that Luminous would not have to switch between Dark and Light, we have a choice to focus our strength instead of balance it. So, in 3rd Job, as you could see from my 3rd Job Skill Build and Explanation, Spectral Light is maxed well before any of the other attacks because it is a much better skill. Once we get down to our last levels of 3rd Job, there is no need to max Moonlight Spear anymore, so instead, we max Ray of Redemption because of it's healing advantages which can help in 4th Job.

The Dark/Light System

This is a system unique to the Luminous Class. What will happen, is you will see a crystal gem with smaller crystals (5) sitting on the side of your screen once you hit level 30. This is the Dark/Light System. In order to use this system, you must gain points in either Dark or Light by using the mode specific skills. When you use the mode specific skills, the tiny bar on the either side of the meter will increase (depending on what type of skill you use), and once it fully increases, you can change between Dark and Light (depending on which crystal you filled up and which side you were in), and gain the side you chose benefits. There is a 30 second cooldown of switching between Dark and Light.

In addition, once you reach the 3rd Job. Another system will be added to your Crystal Gem. This is the Equilibrium mode. Now, when you change the gauge from Dark to Light or Light to Dark, there will be a stage in-between, that is neither Dark or Light. The main skills you use are "Death Scythe", and "Ender". The benefits of Equilibrium are listed in the Beginner Luminous Category.


During his battle with the Black Mage, Luminous along with the other Heroes, managed to seal him away ([url=]For a visual[/url]) . But not before the Black Mage could impart some of his darkness on to Luminous. Luminous must now learn to control the awesomely terrifying power of the Black Mage before it threatens to consume his soul and plunge him into the world of darkness.

Good thing Luminous will have some help on his journey! His trusted helper, Vieren, and the first person he met after fighting the Black Mage, Laina. With the help of Vieren and Laina, will Luminous learn to wield the powers of both Light and Dark to defend Maple World before it is too late?

AP Build

There really isn't much of an AP Guide but to tell you to stick to the Auto Assign. Auto Assign will put 5 AP (Ability Point) into your Intelligence (INT) Stat. You do this until you have max Intelligence (999), and then you can either dump the rest into Luck (LUK) or into Health (HP) depending on what you will be doing. Adding points into HP will allow easier, smoother, and overall less potion wasting when bossing/training. Adding points will let you see a very minor increase in damage for the last few levels of putting in LUK with max Intelligence (INT).

Character Card

Luminous' Character Card is quite useful to Magicians because it boosts Intelligence (INT):

  • Level 30: +10 INT
  • Level 60: +20 INT
  • Level 100: +40 INT
  • Level 200: +60 INT

Skills, Skill Builds, Hyper Skills and Videos

Please hover your mouse over any skill picture (except Beginning Luminous Skills), to see the extended information on the skill.

Beginning Luminous


Sunfire (Active in Light Mode) - While Sunfire is active, you deal 50% more damage with Light Magic attacks and they cost 50% less MP and recovers 1% of HP. Use Light Magic attacks to charge Sunfire. Cannot be applied at the same time as Eclipse or Equilibrium. Max Level: 1 (Already Maxed). Pre-Requisite: Level 30.

Eclipse (Active in Dark Mode) - While Eclipse is active, you deal 50% more damage with Dark Magic attacks and they cost 50% less MP and recovers 1% of HP. Use Dark Magic attacks to charge Eclipse. Cannot be applied at the same time as Sunfire or Equilibrium. Max Level: 1 (Already Maxed). Pre-Requisite: Level 30.

Equilibrium (Active when switching Between Modes) - While Equilibrium is active, you will receive 1% HP per cast, 100% Bonus Damage and no cooldowns for 10 seconds. This allows you to use your most powerful spells for that duration. Cannot be applied at the same time as Eclipse or Sunfire. Max Level: 1 (Already Maxed). Pre-Requisite: Level 70.

Light Wash (Passive) - 10% of enemy DEF is ignored when you attack. You can eventually share this ability with one of your other characters in the same world. Max Level: 1 (Already Maxed).

Inner Light (Passive) - Luminous is a strong willed individual with great insight. Luminous is permanently immune to Darkness status effect. In addition, Luminous's MP increase at level ups are increased. Raises your Willpower, Insight, and INT. Max Level: 1 (Already Maxed).

Flash Blink (Active) - Luminous turns into light to track enemies. The player can teleport to a random place when Luminous uses this skill in a town without monsters. Max Level: 1 (Already Maxed).

Summary: None.

Explanation: There is none for this level due to no Skill Points.

1st Job Luminous


Light Magic: Flash Shower (Active) - Fires a condensed orb of light that penetrates enemies as it flies. Max Level: 10.
[url=]Flash Shower Skill Animation[/url]

Dark Magic: Abyssal Drop (Active) - Drops a condensed orb of darkness on multiple enemies in front of you. Max Level: 10.
[url=]Abyssal Drop Skill Animation[/url]

Light Speed (Active) - Teleport in the direction you want by becoming a beam of light. You will be invulnerable for a short time after teleporting. Also permanently increases Speed and Jump. Max Level: 10.
[url=]Light Speed Skill Animation[/url]

Standard Magic Guard (Passive) - Converts a portion of damage dealt to you so it affects your MP instead of your HP. Permanently increases DEF and M.DEF. Max Level: 10.

Mana Well (Active) - Increases Max MP for a short time. Max Level: 10.
[url=]Mana Well Skill Animation[/url]

Dark Affinity (Passive) - Permanently increases light/dark M.ATK. Max Level: 5.

1st Job Luminous Skill Build

LevelSkill OneSkill TwoSkill Three
10+1 Abyssal Drop (1)+1 Flash Shower (1)+3 Dark Affinity (3)
11+2 Dark Affinity (5: MAX)+1 Light Speed (1)
12+3 Light Speed (4)
13+3 Light Speed (7)
14+3 Light Speed (10: MAX)
15+3 Mana Well (3)
16+3 Mana Well (6)
17+3 Mana Well (9)
18+3 Mana Well (12)
19+3 Mana Well (15)
20+3 Mana Well (18)
21+2 Mana Well (20: MAX)+1 Abyssal Drop (2)
22+2 Flash Shower (3)+1 Abyssal Drop (3)
23+1 Flash Shower (4)+2 Abyssal Drop (5)
24+2 Flash Shower (6)+1 Abyssal Drop (6)
25+1 Flash Shower (7)+2 Abyssal Drop (8)
26+2 Flash Shower (9)+1 Abyssal Drop (9)
27+1 Flash Shower (10: MAX)+1 Abyssal Drop (10: MAX)+1 Save SP (1)
28+3 Save SP (4)
29+3 Save SP (7)
30+3 Save SP (10)


Abyssal Drop: MAX
Flash Shower: MAX
Light Speed: MAX
Dark Affinity: MAX
Mana Well: MAX
Standard Magic Guard: 0/10

Explanation: You achieved 1st Job. Congratulations on starting your new Luminous. The first thing I want you to do, is put 1 SP in your attacking skills (Abyssal Drop and Flash Shower), after that, max Dark Affinity for the higher attack boost. Followed by Light Speed to increase mobility (insane range for Teleport by the way). After this, max Mana Well for the boost in MP to use for frequent attacks, and to have less Potion Burn. Last, max Flash Shower and Abyssal Drop simultaneously to ensure equal damage (You'll most likely use both depending on the type of Map you are in). Then you save the SP that would be used for Standard Magic Guard so that you don't burn potions (because it is passive, meaning you would constantly be burning your potions, put points in it later).

[]Skill Preview for 1st Job Luminous[/url]

2nd Job Luminous

You are now introduced to the Dark/Light System. I highly recommend you follow the system, as it will optimally increase your damage output. To use the Dark/Light System, whenever the Meter on the side of your screen changes colour (the crystal gem will either be Dark or Light depending on which mode you are in), you use the skills that are primal to that attribute. For example, you charge up the Light attribute in the Dark Mode, and then you change to Light. In the Light Mode, you use Sylvan Lance as your attack because it is boosted. Same goes for the Dark Side, you use Pressure Void (But Pressure Void is not a very useful skill. I suggest using Abyssal Drop instead).


Light Magic: Sylvan Lance (Active) - Tosses a spear of light to hit multiple enemies. Max Level: 20 (Automatic - 1 Upon reaching 2nd Job).
[url=]Sylvan Lance Skill Animation[/url]

Dark Magic: Pressure Void (Active) - Direct an orb of darkness to batter enemies. You can move the orb by holding the skill key and steering with the directional keys. Max Level: 20 (Automatic - 1 Upon reaching 2nd Job).
[url=]Pressure Void Skill Animation[/url]

Light Magic: Blinding Pillar (Active) - Detonates a pillar of light that knocks back enemies and has a chance to stun. Max Level: 10.
[url=]Blinding Pillar Skill Animation[/url]

Dark Magic: Black Blessing (Active) - A dark orb forms when you evade attacks for a short time in battle. Accumulating orbs will also increase M.ATK. If you take any damage, one orb will be destroyed and absorb some of the damage. Max Level: 20.
[url=]Black Blessing Skill Animation[/url]

Magic Booster (Active) - Increases the attack speed of your weapon. Max Level: 10
[url=]Magic Booster Skill Animation[/url]

Spell Mastery (Passive) - Magic Mastery and M.ATK increase. Max Level: 10.

High Wisdom (Passive) - Permanently increases INT. Max Level: 5

2nd Job Luminous Skill Build

LevelSkill OneSkill TwoSkill Three
30+1 Pressure Void (Automatic - 1)+1 Sylvan Lance (Automatic - 1)+2 Magic Booster (2)
31+3 Spell Mastery (3)
32+3 Spell Mastery (6)
33+3 Spell Mastery (9)
34+1 Spell Mastery (10: MAX)+2 High Wisdom
35+3 High Wisdom (5: MAX)
36+3 Black Blessing (3)
37+3 Black Blessing (6)
38+3 Black Blessing (9)
39+3 Black Blessing (12)
40+3 Black Blessing (15)
41+3 Black Blessing (18)
42+2 Black Blessing (20: MAX)+1 Magic Booster (3)
43+3 Magic Booster (6)
44+3 Magic Booster (9)
45+1 Magic Booster (10: MAX)+2 Sylvan Lance (3)
46+3 Sylvan Lance (6)
47+3 Sylvan Lance (9)
48+3 Sylvan Lance (12)
49+3 Sylvan Lance (15)
50+3 Sylvan Lance (18)
51+2 Sylvan Lance (20: MAX)+1 Blinding Pillar (1)
52+3 Blinding Pillar (4)
53+3 Blinding Pillar (7)
54+3 Blinding Pillar (10: MAX)
55+3 Pressure Void (4)
56+3 Prssure Void (7)
57+3 Pressure Void (10)
58+3 Pressure Void (13)
59+3 Pressure Void (16)
60+3 Pressure Void (19)+10 Standard Magic Guard (10: MAX)


Sylvan Lance - MAX
Pressure Void - 19/20
Black Blessing - MAX
Spell Mastery - MAX
Magic Booster - MAX
High Wisdom - MAX
Standard Magic Guard - MAX
Blinding Pillar - MAX

Explanation: First off, the 2 main attacks (Sylvan Lance and Pressure Void) are automatically at 1. So, add all two points into Magic Booster. Next, I highly suggest maxing all the skills that boost damage now in this order! Spell Mastery, High Wisdom, Black Blessing. So that you can maximize damage output. Then, max Sylvan Lance. DO NOT max Pressure Void. Abyssal Drop is extremely better then Pressure Void, and Pressure Void is never going to be used in later jobs. Instead, max out Blinding Pillar after maxing Sylvan Lance so that you have the full 100% stun rate which can be useful later, unlike Pressure Void, which will definitely not be used later on. Last, max Standard Magic Guard, at about this time, you will start to encounter harder monsters. I suggest adding points into it at level 60 (Around the time you start training at Jesters possibly), but you could add points at level 50 as well, if you find the monsters are becoming too strong.

[]Skill Preview for 2nd Job Luminous[/url]

3rd Job Luminous

You have now been introduced to the System of Equilibrium (see Beginner Skills on what Equilibrium is), Equilibrium will add more variety to your training. How Equilibrium works, is right when you switch attributes, there is an in-between mode (bonuses of Equilibrium listed in the skill), this mode lasts for 10 seconds; and the skills you use are Death Scythe for 3rd job, and Ender for 4th Job.


Light Magic: Spectral Light (Active) - Fires controllable beams of light. You can steer the beams by holding the skill button and using the directional keys. Max Level: 20.
[url=]Spectral Light Skill Animation[/url]

Dark Magic: Moonlight Spear (Active) - Fires a chain of dark moonlight from under the enemies' feet. Max Level: 20.
[url=]Moonlight Spear Skill Animation[/url]

Light Magic: Ray of Redemption (Active) - Heal your party members and deal damage to enemies with the power of light. Max Level: 20.
[url=]Ray of Redemption Skill Animation[/url]

Equilibrium Magic: Death Scythe (Active) - A scythe-toting reaper comes down to destroy enemies. Max Level: 20.
[url=]Death Scythe Skill Animation[/url]

Photic Meditation (Active) - Temporarily increases party M.ATK. Stacks with Meditation. Max Level: 20.
[url=]Photic Meditation Skill Animation[/url]

Shadow Shell (Active) - Deflect all abnormal status effects. The shell breaks and must cooldown after a certain number of deflected status effects. Passively increases resistance to all elemental and abnormal status effects. Max Level: 10.
[url=]Shadow Shell Skill Animation[/url]

Dusk Guard (Active) - Temporarily increase DEF and M.DEF and has a chance to ignore damage. Max Level: 10.
[url=]Dusk Guard Skill Animation[/url]

Lunar Tide (Passive) - Increase either Critical Rate or ATK, depending on your HP and MP. Max Level: 20.

3rd Job Luminous Skill Build

LevelSkill OneSkill TwoSkill ThreeSkill Four
60+1 Spectral Light (1)+1 Moonlight Spear (1)+1 Death Scythe (1)+1 Ray of Redemption (1)
61+3 Photic Meditation (3)
62+3 Photic Meditation (6)
63+3 Photic Meditation (9)
64+3 Photic Meditation (12)
65+3 Photic Meditation (15)
66+3 Photic Meditation (18)
67+2 Photic Meditation (20: MAX)+1 Lunar Tide (1)
68+3 Lunar Tide (4)
69+3 Lunar Tide (7)
70+3 Lunar Tide (10)
71+3 Lunar Tide (13)
72+3 Lunar Tide (16)
73+3 Lunar Tide (19)
74+1 Lunar Tide (20: MAX)+2 Dusk Guard (2)
75+3 Dusk Guard (5)
76+3 Dusk Guard (8)
77+2 Dusk Guard (10: MAX)+1 Spectral Light (2)
78+3 Spectral Light (5)
79+3 Spectral Light (8)
80+3 Spectral Light (11)
81+3 Spectral Light (14)
82+3 Spectral Light (17)
83+3 Spectral Light (20: MAX)
84+3 Death Scythe (4)
85+3 Death Scythe (7)
86+3 Death Scythe (10)
87+3 Death Scythe (13)
88+3 Death Scythe (16)
89+3 Death Scythe (19)
90+1 Death Scythe (20: MAX)+2 Ray of Redemption (3)
91+3 Ray of Redemption (6)
92+3 Ray of Redemption (9)
93+3 Ray of Redemption (12)
94+3 Ray of Redemption (15)
95+3 Ray of Redemption (18)
96+2 Ray of Redemption (20: MAX)+1 Shadow Shell (1)
97+3 Shadow Shell (4)
98+3 Shadow Shell (7)
99+3 Shadow Shell (10: MAX)
100+3 Moonlight Spear (4)


Spectral Light - MAX
Moonlight Spear - 4/20
Death Scythe - MAX
Photic Meditation - MAX
Lunar Tide - MAX
Shadow Shell - MAX
Dusk Guard - MAX
Ray of Redemption - MAX

Explanation: The explanation for this might be confusing for some people because I max out Ray of Redemption instead of Moonlight Spear, but there are reasons why. So, what you do first is put 1 SP into each of your attacking skills (Death Scythe, Moonlight Spear, Spectral Light and Ray of Redemption) for the new variety of attacks. Next, max out Photic Meditation for the raw power you gain (+40 M.ATK). Then, max Lunar Tide for the Critical Rate or Damage % bonus (What I find is that most of the time it will boost Critical Rate and not Damage %). After that, max Dusk Guard for the easier training (ignoring 20% damage at max level and the boost in W.DEF and M.DEF). After you max Dusk Guard max Spectral Light. I suggest just maxing Spectral Light solely because it is far greater then Moonlight Spear. After you max Spectral Light, max Death Scythe for the medium-range FMA with less cooldown. Lastly, max Ray of Redemption (not for the attack, but for the healing). This late in your 3rd Job, you won't need Moonlight Spear, and Ray of Redemption is more useful for any training situation (in case you need to heal party members) in 4th job. After this, max Shadow Shell (This really doesn't get used until you boss so it's not that important), and dump the rest (3) SP into Moonlight Spear for an end result of Moonlight Spear at Level 4.

[]Skill Preview for 3rd Job Luminous[/url]

4th Job Luminous


Light Magic: Reflection (Active) - Emit a powerful arrow of light that splits when it hits enemies to deal splash damage. Max Level: 30.
[url=]Reflection Skill Animation[/url]

Dark Magic: Apocalypse (Active) - Opens the Abyssal Rift under enemies to flood them with void energy. Max Level: 30.
[url=]Apocalypse Skill Animation[/url]

Dark Magic: Morning Star (Active) - Drops explosive meteors on enemies. Max Level: 30.
[url=]Morning Star Skill Animation[/url]

Equilibrium Magic: Ender (Active) - Attacks enemies with a giant blade that instantly eliminates them. Every attack will be critical. Deals great damage to monsters that do not fall instantly. Max Level: 30.
[url=]Ender Skill Animation[/url]

Dark Crescendo (Active) - Has a chance to increase damage with each consecutive hit for a short period of time. Max Level: 30.
[url=]Dark Crescendo Skill Animation[/url]

Arcane Pitch (Active) - Ignores an opponent's DEF and resistances for a short period of time. Max Level: 30.
[url=]Arcane Pitch Skill Animation[/url]

Magic Mastery (Passive) - Magic Mastery and M.ATK increase. Max Level: 30. Pre-Requisite: Spell Mastery Level 10.

Darkness Mastery (Passive) - The buff duration of Equilibrium and the restoring speeds for both light and darkness skills increase. Also increase the ATK of Death Scythe. Max Level: 5. Pre-Requisite: Death Scythe Level 10.

Maple Warrior (Active) - Temporarily increases the stats of all team members. Max Level: 30.
[url=]Maple Warrior Skill Animation[/url]

Hero's Will (Active) - By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects. Max Level: 5.
[url=]Hero's Will Skill Animation[/url]

4th Job Luminous Skill Build

Please Note: Once you reach 10 on all skills (except Darkness Mastery) if you don't have the Mastery Book for that skill you won't be able to add any more SP. Just max whatever skill you can when you acquire the Mastery Book for that skill or follow the Skill Build until you run out of Mastery Books.

LevelSkill OneSkill TwoSkill ThreeSkill Four
100+1 Reflection (1)+1 Apocalypse (1)+1 Ender (1)+1 Morning Star (1)
101+3 Darkness Mastery (3)
102+2 Darkness Mastery (5: MAX)+1 Magic Mastery (1)
103+3 Magic Mastery (4)
104+3 Magic Mastery (7)
105+3 Magic Mastery (10)
106+3 Magic Mastery (13)
107+3 Magic Mastery (16)
108+3 Magic Mastery (19)
109+3 Magic Mastery (22)
110+3 Magic Mastery (25)
111+3 Magic Mastery (28)
112+2 Magic Mastery (30: MAX)+1 Dark Crescendo (1)
113+3 Dark Crescendo (4)
114+3 Dark Crescendo (7)
115+3 Dark Crescendo (10)
116+3 Dark Crescendo (13)
117+3 Dark Crescendo (16)
118+3 Dark Crescendo (19)
119+3 Dark Crescendo (22)
120+3 Dark Crescendo (25)
121+3 Dark Crescendo (28)
122+2 Dark Crescendo (30: MAX)+1 Arcane Pitch (1)
123+3 Arcane Pitch (4)
124+3 Arcane Pitch (7)
125+3 Arcane Pitch (10)
126+3 Arcane Pitch (13)
127+3 Arcane Pitch (16)
128+3 Arcane Pitch (19)
129+3 Arcane Pitch (22)
130+3 Arcane Pitch (25)
131+3 Arcane Pitch (28)
132+2 Arcane Pitch (30: MAX)+1 Reflection (2)
133+3 Reflection (5)
134+3 Reflection (8)
135+3 Reflection (11)
136+3 Reflection (14)
137+3 Reflection (17)
138+3 Reflection (20)
139+3 Reflection (23)
140+3 Reflection (26)
141+3 Reflection (29)
142+1 Reflection (30: MAX)+2 Ender (3)
143+3 Ender (6)
144+3 Ender (9)
145+3 Ender (12)
146+3 Ender (15)
147+3 Ender (18)
148+3 Ender (21)
149+3 Ender (24)
150+3 Ender (27)
151+3 Ender (30: MAX)
152+3 Maple Warrior (3)
153+3 Maple Warrior (6)
154+3 Maple Warrior (9)
155+3 Maple Warrior (12)
156+3 Maple Warrior (15)
157+3 Maple Warrior (18)
158+3 Maple Warrior (21)
159+3 Maple Warrior (24)
160+3 Maple Warrior (27)
161+3 Maple Warrior (30: MAX)
162+3 Apocalypse (4)
163+3 Apocalypse (7)
164+3 Apocalypse (10)
165+3 Apocalypse (13)
166+3 Apocalypse (16)
167+3 Apocalypse (19)
168+3 Apocalypse (22)
169+3 Apocalypse (25)
170+3 Apocalypse (28)
171+2 Apocalypse (30: MAX)+1 Morning Star (2)
172+3 Morning Star (5)
173+3 Morning Star (8)
174+3 Morning Star (11)
175+3 Morning Star (14)
176+3 Morning Star (17)
177+3 Morning Star (20)
178+3 Morning Star (23)
179+3 Morning Star (26)
180+3 Morning Star (29)
181+1 Morning Star (30: MAX)+2 Hero's Will (2)
182+3 Hero's Will (5: MAX)
183+3 Saved SP (3)
184+3 Saved SP (6)
185+3 Saved SP (9)
186+3 Saved SP (12)
187+3 Saved SP (15)
188+3 Saved SP (18)
189+3 Saved SP (21)
190+3 Saved SP (24)
191+3 Saved SP (27)
192+3 Saved SP (30)
193+3 Saved SP (33)
194+3 Saved SP (36)
195+3 Saved SP (39)
196+3 Saved SP (42)
197+3 Saved SP (45)
198+3 Saved SP (48)
199+3 Saved SP (51)
200+3 Saved SP (54)


Reflection: MAX
Apocalypse: MAX
Ender: MAX
Morning Star: MAX
Dark Crescendo: MAX
Darkness Mastery: MAX
Magic Mastery: MAX
Arcane Pitch: MAX
Maple Warrior: MAX
Hero's Will: MAX

54 SP saved for unidentified later uses. (Hints go towards new skills from 200-250 however)

Explanation: Oh la la, 4th Job. Nice job, you have reached a big milestone in your Luminous career. Before we start, pat yourself on the back... Ok. So, at the start of 4th Job, put 1 SP into each of your attacks (Ender, Morning Star, Reflection and Apocalypse) for (as stated in 3rd Job) the new variety of skills. Next, max Darkness Mastery for a longer Equilibrium State, followed by Magic Mastery for the raw power. Then max Dark Crescendo for more raw power, then max Arcane Pitch so that you can have (even more) raw power (Luminous has a lot of buffs that boost attack, as stated before, you should never feel weak). Next max Reflection. If you're wondering why I did this, it is because Reflection is much more useful then Apocalypse. And since you no longer have to switch between Dark and Light, you can focus on one skill. After that max Ender. At this point, you'll most likely be bossing every now and again, so this would be a useful skill to have if you switch modes. Next, max Maple Warrior. I know, I know. It costs a lot of mesos to get the mastery book for this skill, but trust me, if you have Maple Warrior, you will not regret it. 15% stat, is amazing. Then, max Apocalypse because I guess you could find some use for it (I prefer Spectral Light however) at training grounds. But Reflection and Spectral Light are your best bet. Lastly, max Morning Star (It really isn't all that useful, so just dump the rest of your points in it), then max Hero's Will (Shadow Shell will take Hero's Will place most of the time in terms of de-buff buffs, so Hero's Will isn't really important for Luminous). Then, you have 54 SP leftover for whatever Nexon decides to do with it. As I stated above however, hints are being pointed toward a 5th Job from 200-250 when they raise the level cap!

[url=]Skill Preview for 4th Job Luminous[/url]

Hyper Skills

Hyper Skills

All Hyper Skills Mastery Level is Level 1.

Level 140: Hyper Dexterity - Permanently increases DEX (+50).

Level 140: Hyper Intelligence - Permanently increases INT (+50).

Level 140: Hyper Strength - Permanently increases STR (+50).

Level 140: Hyper Luck - Permanently increases LUK (+50).

Level 143: Reflection - Range Up - Increases Reflection's range (Range +50).

Level 146: Hyper Jump - Permanently increases Jump (+10).

Level 149: Apocalypse - Extra Target - Increases the number of monsters that Apocalypse hits (Max Enemies Hit +2).

Level 150: Equilibrium Magic: Equalize - Puts you in Equilibrium mode immediately upon use (MP Cost: 1000, Equilibrium status begins, Cooldown: 150 seconds).
[url=]Equalize Skill Animation[/url]

Level 152: Hyper Speed - Permanently increases Movement Speed (+10).

Level 155: Ender - Range Up - Increases Ender's Range (Range +40).

Level 158: Hyper Accuracy - Permanently increases Accuracy (+20%).

Level 162: Reflection - Spread - When Reflection spreads, damage no longer gets reduced (Reduces split damage rate to 0%).

Level 165: Hyper Defense - Permanently increases Weapon DEF (+500).

Level 168: Apocalypse - Reinforce - Increases Apocalypse's damage (Damage +20%).

Level 170: Dark Magic: Armageddon - Renders enemies immobile and deals damage. (MP Cost: 1000, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Damage: 1000%, Immobile Duration: 20 seconds, Cooldown: 120 seconds, Max Damage: 9999999.
[url=]Armageddon Skill Animation[/url]

Level 174: Hyper Magic Defense - Permanently increases Magic DEF (+500).

Level 177: Ender - Extra Target - Increases the numbers of monsters that Ender hits (Max Enemies Hit +1).

Level 180: Hyper Fury - Permanently increases MAX DF (+50).

Level 183: Reflection - Reinforce - Increases Reflection's damage (Damage +20%).

Level 186: Hyper Mana - Permanently increases Max MP (+15%).

Level 189: Apocalypse - Recharge - Increase the gauge increase amount for Apocalypse.

Level 192: Hyper Health - Permanently increases Max HP (+15%).

Level 195: Ender - Reinforce - Increases Ender's damage (Damage +20%).

Level 198: Hyper Critical - Permanently increases Critical Rate (+10%).

Level 200: Heroic Memories - Increases damage and max damage cap. (MP Cost: 100, Duration: 60 seconds, Damage: +10%, Max Damage: +50000, Cooldown: 120 seconds. Only applies to hero classes in party).
[url=]Heroic Memories Skill Animation[/url]

Visuals for Hyper Skills:

[url=]Luminous Hyper Skill[/url]
[url=]Luminous VS. Zakum w/ Hyper Skills[/url]

Hyper Skills Guide

Hyper Skills are a new type of skill that upgrades your previous skills or gives you new ones. As listed above, those are all of the ones Luminous can receive and you can put points into starting from 140-200.

In Addition, you can reset the Hyper Skills at any time. The first fee to reset the SP put into Hyper Skills costs 100,000 Mesos. The max fee of 5 times reset is 10,000,000 mesos to reset it for however many times needed.

There are 3 types of Hyper Skills. These are: S-Type (Passive Stat Boost), P-Type (Passive Skill Boost), A-Type (Active Attack/Buff). For each category you recieve a different amount of SP. For the S-Type Hyper Skills: 6 SP from level 140-200. For the P-Type Hyper Skills: 5 SP from Level 140-200. For the A-Type Hyper Skills: 3 SP from 140-200.
And you get 1 NEW Ultimate, and 2 NEW Buffs (These are the A-Type Hyper Skills).

The way this works is every 10 Levels, you recieve 1 SP in a various location (S, P, or A). It works like this:

Level 140: +1 Passive Stat Boost (S) SP, +1 Passive Skill Boost (P) SP

Level 150: +1 Passive Stat Boost (S) SP, +1 Active Attack/Buff (A) SP

Level 160: +1 Passive Stat Boost (S) SP, +1 Passive Skill Boost (P) SP

Level 170: +1 Passive Stat Boost (S) SP, +1 Active Attack/Buff (A) SP

Level 180: +1 Passive Skill Boost (P) SP

Level 190: +1 Passive Stat Boost (S) SP, +1 Passive Skill Boost (P) SP

Level 200: +1 Passive Stat Boost (S) SP, +1 Passive Skill Boost (P) SP, +1 Active Attack/Buff (A) SP

Please Note: Those are what you will receive starting from levels 140-200. Making a total of (as stated earlier):

S-Type Hyper Skills - 6 SP
P-Type Hyper Skills - 5 SP
A-Type Hyper Skills - 3 SP

Hyper Skills Build

Note: As stated earlier, you can reset the SP put into these skills for a fee. 1st Reset costs 100,000 Mesos. 5th Reset and on costs 10,000,000 Mesos.

LevelHyper Skill OneHyper Skill TwoHyper Skill Three
140S-Type: +1 SP (1)P-Type: +1 SP (1)
140S-Type: +1 Hyper Intelligence (1: MAX)P-Type: +1 Saved SP (1)
143P-Type: (Saved SP Used) +1 Reflection - Range Up (1: MAX)
150A-Type: +1 SP (1)S-Type: +1 SP (1)
150A-Type: +1 Equalize (1: MAX)S-Type: +1 Saved SP (1)
160S-Type: +1 SP (2)P-Type: +1 SP (1)
160S-Type: +1 Saved SP (2)P-Type: +1 Saved SP (1)
162P-Type: (Saved SP Used) +1 Reflection - Spread (1: MAX)
165S-Type: (Saved SP Used) +1 Hyper Defense (1: MAX)
170A-Type: +1 SP (1)S-Type: +1 SP (2)
170A-Type: +1 Armageddon (1: MAX)S-Type: +1 Saved SP (2)
174S-Type: (Saved SP Used) +1 Hyper Magic Defense (1: MAX)
180P-Type: +1 SP (1)
186S-Type: (Saved SP Used) +1 Hyper Mana (1: MAX)
190P-Type: +1 SP (1)S-Type: +1 SP (1)
190P-Type: +1 Reflection - Reinforce (1: MAX)
192S-Type: (Saved SP Used) +1 Hyper Health (1: MAX)
195P-Type: +1 Ender - Reinforce (1: MAX)
200S-Type: +1 SP (1)P-Type: +1 SP (1)A-Type: +1 SP (1)
200S-Type: +1 Hyper Critical (1: MAX)P-Type: +1 Ender - Extra Target (1: MAX)A-Type: +1 Heroic Memories (1: MAX)


Passive Stat Boost (S):
Hyper Health: MAX
Hyper Mana: MAX
Hyper Intelligence: MAX
Hyper Defense: MAX
Hyper Magic Defense: MAX
Hyper Critical Rate : MAX

Passive Skill Boost (P):
Reflection - Reinforce: MAX
Reflection - Spread: MAX
Reflection - Range Up: MAX
Ender - Reinforce: MAX
Ender - Extra Target: MAX

Active Attack/Buff (A):
Memorize: MAX
Armageddon: MAX
Heroes Oath: MAX

Explanation: At this point (140-200), the Skill Build becomes very confusing. But I am here to make it seem like that whole process above are a very simple guided way to explain these skills to you.

Level 140: So! Once we hit 140, right off the bat, we add the 1st S-Type (Passive Stat Boost) Skill Point into Hyper Intelligence for a whopping +50 INT, and we use the saved P-Type SP (Passive Skill Boost) at Level 143 for Reflection - Range Up, because Reflection is most likely your most used skill in 4th Job, so you would want a higher range to hit with.

Level 150: Once we hit 150, what you want to do is obviously use the A-Type (Active Attack/Buff) SP and put it on Memorize so that you can instantly go to Equilibrium, and can skip the Dark Mode entirely. Then, save your S-Type SP for later usage.

Level 160: At Level 162, use the saved P-Type SP and put it into Reflection - Spread so you have no damage reduction on chaining. Then, at Level 165 add the point saved for the S-Type SP into Hyper Physical Guard so that you have a higher defense, but, you could use this on Hyper Jump/Hyper Speed as well if you prefer it.

Level 170: At Level 170, you use the A-Type SP for Armageddon. Armageddon is a new ultimate that makes enemies unable to use debuffs. It is very useful against bosses that constantly debuff you. Then, at level 174, add the saved S-Type SP into Hyper Magical Guard for the extra Magic Defense! Or, as I said earlier, you can use the S-Type SP for Hyper Jump/Hyper Speed if you think that it is more important.

Level 180: Once you hit Level 186, use the saved S-Type SP and add it to Hyper Mana for (Even more Mana onto your already extremely high mana) MP.

Level 190: Add the P-Type SP into Reflection - Reinforce so you can stay farther away from the monsters when you attack. Next, at level 195, add your saved P-Type SP into Ender - Reinforce, so that when your bossing or just generally training, Ender is even more useful to you. Last, at Level 198, use the saved S-Type SP in Hyper Critical for higher Critical Rate.

Level 200: Congratulations on 200, awesome achievement. So! Add the S-Type SP to Hyper Health so that you have more survivability. Add the P-Type SP to Ender- Extra Target so that when you're bossing, you can hit more of the Bosses Minions (eg. Empress has her Cygnus Knights). Then, add the A-Type SP into Hero's Oath.

##Training Area's

This is where I will teach you, where to train, and what will be the fastest and most used training areas, and the slower but unused training areas.

1st Job Training Areas (Level 10 - 30)

Level 10 - 30: Luminous Storyline Quests
Recommendation: S+

Level 10 - 30: [url=]Rotting Skeletons[/url] in NLC Haunted Mansion
Recommendation: A+

Level 10-20: [url=]Blue Ribbon Pig[/url] in Nautilus
Recommendation: B+

Level 10-20: [url=]Royal Fairy[/url] in Ellenia
Recommendation: A

Level 10-20: Wraith in Kerning City
Recommendation: A-

Level 15 - 25: [url=]Cool Jellyfish[/url] in Nautilus
Recommendation: A-

Level 20-25: [url=]Angry Starfish[/url] in Nautilus
Recommendation: A

Level 20 - 25: [url=]Icy Mixed Golems[/url] in Henesys
Recommendation: A-

Level 25 - 30: [url=]Flaming Mixed Golems[/url] in Henesys
Recommendation: A+

Level 10-30: Monster Park (Use Dimensional Portal to Access it)
Recommendation: A+

Level 10-30: Golden Temple (Use Dimensional Portal to Access it)
Recommendation: S+ (But this is an event area so don't rely on it unless it is there)

Overall: I would stick with your storyline as it is the fastest way to level up, and you get some nice insight on Luminous' Story. If you don't want to do the storyline then do Zombies or Golems, they are easy to kill and give good exp, but you could also go to the many other training areas as well. There are many options for 10-30, so you can try them all out.

2nd Job Training Areas (Level 30 - 60)

Level 30 - 40: The Mushroom Kingdom Theme Dungeon Questline in Henesys
Recommendation: S+

Level 35 - 45: Blake's Dream Questline in Kerning City
Recommendation: S+

Level 30-50: [url=]Latest Hit Compilation[/url] and [url=]Greatest Oldies[/url] in Kerning City Shopping Mall
Recommendation: S+ (But it is usually very crowded with people, so if you find you cannot hit very high, you may just want to stick with the questline)

Level 40 - 50: [url=]Copper Drakes[/url] in Sleepywood
Recommendation: A (A good alternative to the crowded maps (Crows and CDs))

Level 40 - 50: [url=]Dead Scarecrow's[/url] in NLC Haunted Mansion
Recommendation: B+ (I find that killing these things is a pain because they block second attacks if you're fast and the exp to kill ratio won't give you very fast levels, but some people find it practical)

Level 50-60: Krip and [url=]Flower Fish[/url] in Aqua Road
Recommendation: A- (Another map that is not used often and can give moderately fast leveling results)

Level 50 - 60: Ludibrium Party Quest (Use Dimensional Portal to Access it)
Recommendation: A+

Level 50 - 60: Chryse Theme Dungeon or Grind on the Ferrets (Go to Orbis and talk to Ericsson, the cat-man in Orbis Park)
Recommendation: A+ (Training here is not crowded, but you may find some people here as well)

Level 50 - 60: [url=]Twisted Jester[/url] in NLC Haunted Mansion
Reccomendation: B+ (Post unleashed, Jesters has been nerfed, I suggest other training areas now)

Overall: Mushroom Kingdom Quests until however many levels that gets you (usually 30-40), or go to Kerning Square at level 35 and either do quests or grind on CD's until 50. You do however, have some choices in-between. You could go to Scarecrow's... but personally I hate training there, it just seems too slow to me. So I just suggest CD's, but there are other alternatives. Next you can either do: Twisted Jesters, Chryse Monsters as the fast levelers. The other maps such as Krip and Flower Fish, aren't as fast, but it won't be as crowded. In Addition, you can also do from Level 50-60, the Ludibrium Party Quest. It is a great alternative if you don't like grinding.

3rd Job Training Areas (Level 60 - 100)

Level 60 - 90: [url=]Twisted Jesters[/url] in NLC Haunted Mansion
Recommendation: C+ (I don't suggest going here anymore, go to Roids from 60-90, much better!)

Level 60 - 90: [url=]Neo Huroid[/url] in Magatia
Recommendation: S+ (A good training spot, Luminous doesn't have much trouble hitting high leveled monsters since his skills hit so much, not many KSers either, but it is mildly crowded)

Level 70 - 100: Romeo and Juliet PQ (Use Dimensional Portal to Access it)
Recommendation: S+ (A very good training PQ, it will even get you to 120 when you don't want to grind at LKC (Lion King Castle))

Level 70 - 80: [url=]Iron Mutae[/url] or [url=]Reinforced Iron Mutae[/url] in Magatia
Recommendation: A- (A good training spot, not as good as Jesters or Roids, but still an alternative for less crowded map area)

Level 90 - 100: [url=]Alien Cog and Alien Miner[/url] in NLC
Recommendation: S+ (These monsters give out 3,000 exp a kill, but while the exp seems so amazing, this is a place of war between many classes, so just like the warning from Jesters, beware of the KSers)

Level 90 - 100: Homunculus in Magatia
Recommendation: A+ (Not very crowded, and it serves a fair amount of exp)

Overall: At level 60 go to Neo Huroids for less crowdedness. Go to them for 10-30 levels. At 10 Levels, you can go to Romeo and Juliet PQ for a nice alternative from grinding at Jesters/Roids. At 15 Levels, you can switch to MP3 Monsters, or any other training place you feel appropriate. Once you reach Level 90, go to Aliens in NLC for a whopping 3,000 EXP a kill. If you don't want that though or it is too crowded for you or there is too much KSing, you could go to Homunculus for a quieter alternative for Level 90-100.

4th Job Training Areas (Level 100 - 200)

Level 100 - 200: Monster Park (Accessible through talking to Spiegelman)
Reccomendation: A+ (Throughout your levels. This is a good place to train if HoH, LKC, or Future Ereve/Henesys is unavailable).

Level 100 - 110/120: [url=]Alien Cogs and Miners[/url] in NLC
Recommendation: A+ (You might get bored of the same scenery, but it is a great place to train from Level 100-110. If you go until 120 it might get a bit slow for levels, so I suggest to not stay here until Level 120)

Level 100 - 110: Captain and Kru in Herb Town
Recommendation: S- (It is pretty fast for levels from 100-110, and they are easily killed. Also the map size makes it very easy for us to dominate it because Reflection can reach everywhere, also there is a Mini Dungeon if you want to avoid crowding)

Level 100 - 120: Romeo & Juliet PQ (Use Dimensional Portal to Access it)
Recommendation: S (This Party Quest can take you from Level 100-120 pretty easily. It is a very good PQ)

Level 110 - 140: Lion King's Castle ([url=]Crocky's[/url] or Bearwolves mainly) in El Nath
Recommendation: B- (LKC has been nerfed heavily post Unleashed. No longer a reccomended training spot)

Level 120 - 140: [url=]Blue Dragon Turtles[/url] in Leafre
Recommendation: B+ (Not very crowded, but not very fast for leveling)

Level 120 - 140: Lycanthrope in El Nath
Recommendation: B+ (Not crowded, but not fast for leveling)

Level 140 - 200: Dimension Invasion PQ
Recommendation: S+ (This is now the very best place from 140-165 (or 170) to train. Great EXP, great spawn)

Level 130 - 150: Temple of Time Monsters ( [url=]Memory Monk[/url], [url=]Memory Guardian[/url], [url=]Eye of Time[/url], etc) in Leafre
Recommendation: A+ (It is a moderately good source for training in those levels, not crowded, and once in a while you may find a chest that gives you valuable items)

Level 165-200: Future Henesys/Ereve ( [url=]Mutant Monsters[/url]) in Leafre
Recommendation: S (Good training from Level 165 and on, may be moderately crowded, but not too much so)

Level 170 - 200: Strong Hold ( [url=]Knight A[/url], [url=]Knight B[/url], [url=]Knight C[/url], [url=]Knight D[/url], [url=]Knight E[/url]) in Leafre
Recommendation: S+ (Great source of training. This area will take you to Level 200)

Level 190 - 200: Hall of Honor ( [url=]Advanced Knight A[/url], [url=]Advanced Knight B[/url], [url=]Advanced Knight C[/url], [url=]Advanced Knight D[/url], [url=]Advanced Knight E[/url]) in Leafre
Recommendation: S+ (Along with all the other xx-200 training places, this will take you very far in your quest for Level 200)

Level 120 - 200: Boss Runs ( Zakum, [url=]Horn Tail[/url], [url=]Von Leon[/url], [url=]Cygnus Empress[/url], etc...)
Recommendation: S+ (Bosses are a great way to gain money, items, and exp at the same time)

Overall: 4th Job Training is not easy, it's very hard and there are multiple ways to train. At level 100, either go to Aliens, R&J PQ or Captians and Kru until 100 - 110/120. I do not suggest LKC anymore as a top priority, it is just like a regular training map now. You can go to many other alternatives until 150 (ToT and BDT, etc). I highly suggest from 140-165 (or 170) to even 200, you do Dimension Invasion PQ, it is the absolute best at 140. After that, at 165 you can get into the future places, and at 170 do the quest to get into Stronghold (someone can also teleport you in at 165). At 190 you could move to Hall of Honour, it is very perilous though. Last, Bosses are also a great way to level up. They are like a full pack-a-punch that gives you everything.

##Training Guide Video
Use this Training Guide Video to help you as well : [url=]KraDeNine's Post Unleashed Training Guide[/url], a very great guide.


The other section. This means we are reaching the end of this guide. This is all the extras and how-do's you need to complete your Luminous.


  1. [url=]Luminous Horn Tail Solo[/url]
  2. [url=]Luminous at Mu Lung Dojo[/url]
  3. [url=]Fastest Luminous Zakum Solo[/url]
  4. [url=]Luminous Papulatus Solo[/url]
  5. [url=]Luminous Sakura Castle Boss[/url]

Blog Sites and Helpful Links

[url=]Shakar 96' Blog[/url] <<< Very useful blog about KMS and GMS (He just stopped blogging though.
[url=]Orange Mushroom's Blog[/url]<<< Very useful blog about KMS and GMS (The best one right now).
[url=]Hidden Street Maple Database[/url] <<< a site like BasilMarket, though not as updated, still very helpful.

Potion Guide

So, the potions. I will go through what you use from Level 10 - 200.

Level 10 - 30: Use White Potions for your HP, and Mana Elixirs for your MP. You use Mana Elixirs right now due to Luminous' mass amount of MP at low levels and so forth.

Level 30 - 60: Use White Potions or Unagi's since you won't have Magic Guard (If you follow Guide), and you need the HP. Use Pure Waters or Sunrise Dews. I personally start using Gingerales now because since Luminous has very high MP stats. And when I say very high, I'm not exaggerating, Luminous has 30k MP at Level 90, so you need a higher supply of MP flow potions.

Level 60 - 100: Gingerales, you can't go wrong with them. Especially since as stated above, Luminous has these huge amounts of MP. But you could also use Unagi/Barbarian Elixirs and Sorcerer Elixirs/Mana Bull if you don't like Elixirs.

100 - 200: You can use either: Power Elixirs, Gingerales or Elixirs. It is easier to get Gingerales, so I suggest getting them. But, if you can get Power Elixirs, then get them. They are much better. But cost more however. You could also use Honsters and Mana Bull as well however.

For a more advanced Potion Guide: [url=]mr.basil's Potion Guide[/url]

Obtaining Mastery Books

This is quite a short section, because there really isn't a lot to talk about here. But nonetheless, it is very important because you may not have gotten some of the o-so-desired mastery books that you have needed to advance to a higher stage on your Luminous. Well, there are some ways to obtain them easily, them being:

  • Mystery Mastery Book - A book that will spit out a random mastery book, there is no changing the factor of it becoming a book that you don't need. e.g. another classes book, and not a Luminous' book. (Buy it from the Tempest Coin Shop, or kill monsters and hope one drops a lot of them).

  • Luminous Mystery Mastery Book - A book that will spit out a mastery book only for the Luminous class, there is a good chance of getting the book you need. (This book is available in the Tempest coin shop at the moment).

  • Special Luminous Mystery Mastery Book - A book that will spit out a mastery book only for the Luminous class (but here's a nice spin), and it will only give out the book that you need the most. (These are usually only available in special event periods however, but is available in the Tempest coin shop at the moment).

  • Free Market - You can roam the Free Market for the book that you need, but it might require a hefty amount of mesos, so stock up before trying to ask someone if they have the book, or buying the book from a shop.

Those are all of the ways. I don't believe monsters drop Mastery Books, but they do drop Mystery Mastery Books, so be vigilante, and try to achieve your Mastery Books in the most efficient way you know.


The Overall Creation of the Luminous Guide @MaplexHero (Me)
Help with some skill misplacements and fixing errors @Exumaii
Helping me expand on the Hyper Skills Guide + Build @doc
Helping me with some minor errors and expanding a few parts @Deimios
Suggestions on adding clearer points in places @Darkaness
Helping me organize and structure the layout of the guide and fixes @TheDarkHero3
Helping me expand Training Guide @ChoppyKyurem
Helping me clean up Hyper Skills and expanding parts around the guide @DragonLove
Clearing up parts of the Guide @Momijii
Optimizing 3rd Job Skill Build @firefly539
Helping me revise a few parts of the Guide @Stimlexa
Helping me fix the Hyper Skill, skill misplacements @flame311
Suggested adding the ways to get Mastery Books @mrkungpow
Helped me clean up areas of the guide @LordCrossX
I'd like to thank [url=]Shakar96's Blog[/url] and [url=]Orange Mushroom's Blog[/url] for the complete skills and descriptions and Hyper Skills.
[url=]Fiel of Southperry[/url] for the GMS version of Luminous' skills.
The people who made the YouTube videos that I used, thanks.
@BasilMarket for the privilege of being able to make my guide official and helping me with the Skills for Luminous and organization of my Luminous Guide.
[url=]Hidden Street[/url] for Quest lists, and monster references, and location tips.

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