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Post-Union Battle Mage Guide

Battle Mage Guide

Right so I've never written a formal guide before but I was bored and I figured since none of the Battle Mage guides on Basil are even updated for Chaos yet it doesn't seem likely they will update for Union either. Besides we are probably going to get SP resets and it would be nice to know how to allocate my SP and if I am going to go through the trouble of doing the research I might as well share my findings with the rest of the community. Hopefully they don't go ahead and change BaMs again the day after I post this. Anyway on to the actual guide. First off will be my recommendations for SP assignment.

Okay it should be as up to date for Rise Against as it can be (given that the links to skills depend on Basil updating them and I have no control over that).

Table of Contents

[s=/show/guide/428#FirstJob] First Job [/s]
[s=/show/guide/428#SecondJob] Second Job [/s]
[s=/show/guide/428#ThirdJob] Third Job [/s]
[s=/show/guide/428#FourthJob] Fourth Job [/s]
[s=/show/guide/428#TrainingSpots] Training Spots [/s]
[s=/show/guide/428#FAQ] FAQ [/s]

First Job

Well as soon as you job advance you will get five SP. You can add one to teleport early for more mobility if you don't mind the pot cost. Personally I like putting 1 into most skills as soon as I job advance so I can get used to them and because a lot of skills pack a ton of power for the 1 SP investment. These levels go by so quickly the order doesn't make much difference anyway.

10: +1 Teleport, +1 Dark Aura, +2 Triple Blow, +1 The Finisher
11: +3 Triple Blow
12: +3 Triple Blow
13: +3 Triple Blow
14: +3 Triple Blow
15: +3 Triple Blow
16: +3 Triple Blow (Max)
17: +3 Teleport
18: +3 Teleport
19: +3 Teleport
20: +3 Teleport
21: +2 Teleport (Max), +1 Dark Aura
22: +3 Dark Aura
23: +3 Dark Aura
24: +3 Dark Aura
25: +3 Dark Aura
26: +3 Dark Aura
27: +3 Dark Aura (Max)
28: +3 The Finisher
29: +3 The Finisher
30: +3 The Finisher (Max)

Skill Summary:
[skill=Battle-Mage-1=Triple-Blow] Triple Blow (Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-1=Teleport] Teleport (Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-1=Dark-Aura] Dark Aura (Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-1=The-Finisher] The Finisher (Maxed)

Okay so you actually get to max all your skills. Isn't that awesome? Anyway. The reasoning behind the order of the skills is simple. 1 into teleport in the beginning for added mobility, 1 into Dark Aura so that you can have it and look awesome and because having a party buff is nice even if it is only 1% more damage, 1 into The Finisher mostly so you can get used to it early on but also because it can be fun seeing the extra line of dmg every now and then. Then you max Triple Blow because it is your main attack skill in first job. After that you want to get Teleport maxed for longer range and lessened drain on pots.

At this point your other skills aren't going to help your damage that much and letting you get to enemies faster will help you train faster. After that you max Dark Aura because it is a good damage increasing skill and is an awesome party buff and anyone you party with will greatly appreciate it. You lastly max The Finisher because you don't have anything else to max although it does have it's good points even in first job.

As a note you might want to max out teleport before TB if you have a good amount of funding as the ability to get to monsters faster is better if you can already OHKO them with level 1 TB.

Second Job

Okay so you only get 4 SP now but you can get another 6 later during the Boulder Muncher Test? Quest which will allow you to max everything at last.

30: +1 Quad Blow, +1 Yellow Aura, +1 Hyper Dark Chain, +1 Staff Mastery
31: +3 Staff Mastery
32: +3 Staff Mastery
33: +3 Staff Mastery (Max)
34: +3 Booster
35: +3 Booster
36: +3 Booster (Max)
37: +3 Quad Blow
38: +3 Quad Blow
39: +3 Quad Blow
40: +3 Quad Blow
41: +3 Quad Blow
42:+3 Quad Blow
43: +1 Quad Blow (Max), +2 High Wisdom
44: +3 High Wisdom (Max)
45: +3 Blood Drain
46: +3 Blood Drain
47: +3 Blood Drain
48: +3 Blood Drain
49: +3 Blood Drain (Max)
50: +3 Yellow Aura
51: +3 Yellow Aura
52: +3 Yellow Aura
53: +3 Yellow Aura
54: +3 Yellow Aura
55: +3 Yellow Aura
56: +1 Yellow Aura (Max)
57: +3 Hyper Dark Chains
58: +3 Hyper Dark Chains
59:+3 Hyper Dark Chains
60: +3 Hyper Dark Chains (14 or max if you did Boulder Muncher Test)

Skill Summary:
[skill=Battle-Mage-2=Quad-Blow] Quad Blow (Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-2=Staff-Boost] Staff Boost (Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-2=Staff-Mastery] Staff Mastery(Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-2=Hyper-Dark-Chain] Hyper Dark Chains(14 or Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-2=Blood-Drain] Blood Drain (Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-2=High-Wisdom] High Wisdom (Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-2=Yellow-Aura] Yellow Aura (Maxed)

No more people asking how many SP to put in Blood Drain which is awesome. Plus having Booster and Drain at 120 second duration will be nice. On to the rationalization of my order.

First off is all the One SP Wonder skills again. Yellow Aura (now that it stacks with Dark Aura) is great for a little movement speed, faster attack speed, and to make you even better to parties. Quad Blow is better than Triple Blow at level 1 and should replace it immediately. Dark Chains (now that it has the range that Advanced Dark Chains used to have) is an absolute must have skill. Mastery is maxed first for some consistent damage. You get Booster to max next since it is an awesome skill and a longer duration is worth the 3 levels worth of SP IMO. Quad Blow is next as our main attack skill. High Wisdom is next just for a little damage increase, followed by Blood Drain so we don't need HP pots ever again, and then Yellow Aura. The speed from it is nice but not as good in my opinion (since we already have teleport) as more damage. Finally we pump the rest of our points into Hyper Dark Chains since the increased damage is nice but not necessary. If you do the Battle Mage Awakening quest you can max Hyper Dark Chains but if you don't do the quest you will only lose out on a little damage.

Third Job

Okay then. This job is a tad bit... bizarre. Blue Aura and Advanced Blue Aura are both in this job now so that will be weird but whatever. As always there are a ton of skills that are just amazing with only 1 SP in them but we get 4 SP to mess around with.

60: +1 Quint Blow, +1 Teleport Mastery, +1 Blue Aura, +1 Battle Mastery
61: +3 Blue Aura
62: +3 Blue Aura
63: +3 Blue Aura (10 total right now)
64: +3 Body Boost
65: +3 Body Boost
66: +3 Body Boost
67: +1 Body Boost (Max), +2 Battle Mastery
68: +3 Battle Mastery
69: +3 Battle Mastery
70: +3 Battle Mastery
71: +3 Battle Mastery
72: +3 Battle Mastery
73: +2 Battle Mastery (Max), +1 Quint Blow
74: +3 Quint Blow
75: +3 Quint Blow
76: +3 Quint Blow
77: +3 Quint Blow
78: +3 Quint Blow
79: +3 Quint Blow (Max)
80: +3 Stance
81: +3 Stance
82: +3 Stance
83: +1 Stance (Max), +2 Teleport Mastery
84: +2 Teleport Mastery (Max), +1 Conversion
85: +3 Conversion
86: +3 Conversion
87: +3 Conversion (Max)
88: +3 Blue Aura
89: +3 Blue Aura
90: +3 Blue Aura
91: +1 Blue Aura, +2 Advanced Blue Aura
92: +3 Advanced Blue Aura
93: +3 Advanced Blue Aura
94: +2 Advanced Blue Aura (Max), +1 Reaper
95: +3 Reaper
96: +3 Reaper
97: +3 Reaper(Max)
98: +3 Dark Shock
99: +3 Dark Shock
100: +3 Dark Shock (9 total)

Skill Summary:
[skill=Battle-Mage-3=Quintuple-Blow] Quintuple Blow (Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-3=Battle-Mastery] Battle Mastery (Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-3=Stance] Stance (Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-3=Body-Boost] Body Boost (Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-3=Blue-Aura] Blue Aura (Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-3=Advanced-Blue-Aura] Advanced Blue Aura (Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-3=Teleport-Mastery] Teleport Mastery (Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-3=Conversion] Conversion (Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-3=Dark-Shock] Dark Shock (9 or Maxed)
[skill=Battle-Mage-3=Summon-Reaper-Buff] Summon Reaper Buff (4 or Maxed)

Okay so at least we won't get any more questions about whether to max ADC or Reaper since ADC is non-existent now. Of course now it is promptly replaced by the same debate about Reaper and Dark Shock. Personally I prefer Reaper but neither skill is essential so either option is viable. IMO Reaper gets a lot more our of those extra 6 SP than Dark Shock does which is the other reason I chose it over Dark Shock. On to my ever so lovely explanations.

Obviously a lot of our skills are great with only 1 SP in them. Quintuple Blow replaced Quad Blow right away, Teleport Mastery is awesome even at level 1, and with Aura Stacking getting Blue Aura right off the bat is a fantastic idea. We get Battle Mastery as well for the sweet amount of dmg it gives at lvl 1. Then we put 9 SP into Blue Aura so we can access Body Boost. Body Boost is next since it is a massive.... everything increase now that Aura's Stack. One of our best skills by far. Then we max Battle Mastery for more damage (you'll notice BaMs don't tend to max our main attacks right away) and then follow that up with Quintuple Blow as our main attack. Then Stance since it only takes 3 levels and is awesome to have. You can wait until later if you want but I know I wouldn't since it is a great feeling to not get knocked back anymore. Then we get Teleport Mastery to add just a tad bit more damage to our attacks. After that we get Conversion since like stance it is only 3 levels to max it and it will help out sometimes. Besides the rest of our skills are all of less immediate importance right now. Then we finish up Blue Aura followed by Advanced Blue Aura so that we can maximize our defenses. Then we max Reaper. It's a fun and cool skill but there isn't that much use to get out of it sadly so it's no big deal if you max DS instead. Dark Shock is last. As I said it is good for OHKOs and not a whole lot else so the reduced CD is nice but not the most important skill anymore.

4th Job

Wow. Gratz on 4th job. Took me 6 years to get my Hero to 4th job so be happy you got here. Shouldn't take you as long as it took me thanks to all the changes that have been made to Maple over the years. Anyway. Skill time. A ton of amazing skills in 4th job await you. Seriously BaMs have some of the absolute coolest skills in the game. Ah yes. Like all 4th job builds this is an ideal build. As in assuming you don't have any issues with getting mastery books this is what you should do. If you have a ton of FB books and no way of getting ADA books just put the SP in FB and level faster rather than saving the SP for example. I'm not going to do a level by level on this job since it is so long. Instead I will do the first couple levels and then just a brief explanation of why or why not to max a skill at a given time period. The pros and cons of each skill and their relative importance.

100: +1 Finishing Blow, +1 Dark Genesis, +1 Twister Spin, +1 Advanced Dark Aura
101: +1 Advanced Yellow Aura, +1 Advanced Dark Aura, +1 Party Shield

Right so we put 1 SP into most of our skills again. I picked FB, DG, ADA and TS for 120 over the other ones since they are the most fun and flashy skills. It will make getting to 120 feel more awesome to be able to turn into a spinning cyclone of death or destroy an entire maps worth of enemies by summoning dark forces of death and destruction. Much better than merely a having better defensive Aura or making a shield for your party. Of course next level you will put one into each of them since 6% dodge is awesome (12% if they fix the passives.....) now that Auras stack and PS is very fun and cool looking IMO. Alright so now on to the skill summaries. I'm going to put them in the order I would advise you to max them in to make things simpler.

[skill=Battle-Mage-4=Advanced-Dark-Aura] Advanced Dark Aura: This will increase your entire parties damage which is awesome. It's basically what BaMs are known for and it is well worth maxing it right off the bat. The DoT stacking effect will help tons on bosses as well but will be of limited use on mobbing.

[skill=Battle-Mage-4=Finishing-Blow]Finishing Blow: Your main attack skill so of course it is maxed next. As I said BaMs tend to max our main attack skills second and not first since we have so many awesome buff skills. It will increase your damage by more than ADA but since ADA affects the entire party I would still go ADA first. FB comes with extra %crit rate which will also help your damage tons.

[skill=Battle-Mage-4=Twister-Spin]Twister Spin: An amazingly fun skill that is great mobbing damage. Great for places like LHC/SH or multi-part bosses like Zakum Arms and possibly HT. Has a great amount of range and damage and can be cancelled if you need to. No longer gives invince and you can't move during it but it pulls in monsters and inflicts great damage. The CD starts as soon as you release the key and end the attack.

[skill=Battle-Mage-4=Battle-Rage]Battle Rage: Freaking amazing at bosses. Absolutely wrecks them. +40%dmg is insane and the extra crit % and crit dmg make it easy to get 100% crit rate on FB. The obvious downside to this is that you can only hit 1 target so this move has to be reserved for bossing. The CD is 30 seconds longer than the duration but a lvl 100 Mech card can mostly alleviate that. The passive effects are basically everything that Energize had plus some %ignore so that makes this skill well worth it even if you don't do any bossing.

[skill=Battle-Mage-4=Advanced-Yellow-Aura]Advanced Yellow Aura: With Aura stacking this will do wonders for you and your parties survivability. 20% chance to dodge attacks for the whole party and an additional 20% passive dodge for you if they fix it. Assuming BB works the same as it does now then it is another 40% dodge during BB for an amazing 80% chance to dodge all attacks most the time. Well worth maxing early and your party will love you for it.

[skill=Battle-Mage-4=Party-Shield]Party Shield: Useful on occasion. 40 seconds of not needing to heal or get knocked back can do a lot for a party especially at some hard hitting bosses. CPB has such a mass of stun spam that 40 seconds of freedom at him is a huge deal IMO. Not a high priority skill but at this point you are getting into the point where you just max any skill that has a use.

[skill=Battle-Mage-4=Dark-Genesis]Dark Genesis: Not very useful. At normal training spots like ToT level 1 can OHKO most enemies and at LHC/Stronghold it will lower your DPM. It also boosts Dark Shock's damage but then again Dark Shock isn't that amazing either so it's still not a great skill.

[skill=Battle-Mage-4=Maple-Warrior]Maple Warrior: Either amazing or useless depending on if the people you party with have it already or not. If you don't know anyone else with a high MW skill and can afford the books go ahead and max it earlier but since a lot of people do max it earlier you can save it until later if you boss/train with people that already have a high MW.

[skill=Battle-Mage-4=Hero's-Will]Hero's Will: This is an oddball skill in that you don't need it except at a few bosses where you really really need it. Just put points into it whenever you think you will need it. Most people usually put a few points in at around 160-170 when they go to HT.

As a note you will have way more SP than you need. There is no use for all this extra SP at the moment and unfortunately you can't even use it to go back and max DS/Reaper...

##Training Spots

Alright so that takes care of the skill build. Honestly I hate listing training spots. In every build they either get outdated quickly, only list the insanely busy spots like Jesters, or just cause a mass influx of people into what was a good low-key training spot.

Honestly I just train at various Edelstein Monsters from 10-30 on any of my characters. From 30-120 you can do Monster Park and PQs and get along just fine. At 115 you can go to LHC if you are so inclined as well. I think I might leave this section more or less blank and await suggestions instead since I don't really train much anyway.

Okay so I have gotten some help (and thanks to making a Cannoneer and Mercedes some experience) with training and figure I should update this. More suggestions are always welcome of course.

1-15 Job Quests
15-30 Stone Golems -> Dark Stone Golem -> Mixed Stone Golems -> Ice Mixed Golems -> Fire Mixed Golems
31-35 Mushking Empire
35-45 CD/Mannequin
45-60 Drakes
60-70 Jesters/Plateons
70-80 Jesters/Magatia
80-90 Jesters/Magatia/MP3
90-100 MP3/Ludi
100-110 MP3/Ludi/Captains
110-120 LHC/Ludi
120-130 LHC/Ludi
130-140 LHC/Leafre
140-160 LHC/ToT
160-200 Stronghold/LHC/ToT

PQs, PvP, and MP are good at any level as well. I found PQing especially good in early fourth job since there are a ton of good prizes from some 120+ PQs like [item=Kenta's Goggles] and Alma Von Leon Belt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How important is Staff Speed?
Should I use The Finisher?
What should I do Pre-Union?
When will Union hit?
Where to cap luck?

Staff Speed:

Well turns out my previous post was based on a misconception about BB that I wound up disproving at the behest of @j1mm13valadez. Since BB + AYA is 3 total steps of speed and BB lasts 60 out of every 90 seconds (more with Mech/Merc cards or 100% of the time once we get Hyper Skills) it isn't a big deal anymore. You will still be better off using either an Ele 1-4, DTM, or Ele 5-8 but now I would say that the Ele 1-4 is not as good as a DTM and that the Ele 5-8 and DTM are more or less equal. So out of those three staves you can basically choose whichever one you want although the DTM is probably the best bang for your buck once you get the 6 set effect.

To use The Finisher or not to use The Finisher: NO LONGER APPLICABLE TO GMS!

I'm going to tackle this question for fourth job since that is when it is most important. So it shouldn't be too hard. Finishing Blow is 180% * 6 with 30% ignore at 990 MS and The Finisher is 840% with 35% ignore at 750 MS. Let's assume we are using a Fast 4 staff since most BaMs are going to be using one. We will also assume one Teleport Mastery coupled with each attack sequence. Okay so the %ignores are pretty close to eachother so we're going to ignore it for now and see how everything plays out to determine if it will be important or not. Okay so using both skills we get 2220% in 1320 MS which winds up with 1682% per second. If we use just Finishing Blow we get 1380% in 750 MS which winds up with 1840% per second. If you can manage to teleport on both FB and The Finisher in one sequence (as in FB + Tele + The Finisher + Tele) it is better but if you (like me) can't manage to do that then it is better DPM to just use FB with a teleport. The extra 5% ignore isn't going to make much of a difference but on some high PDEF bosses it might make a big enough difference to make it worthwhile. If you can't add the teleport into FB spam it is better to use The Finisher even without using a Teleport with The Finisher though. Of course if you can hit over 200,000 per line of FB it is better to skip The Finisher no matter what.

To sum that up the best DPM in order is:
FB + Tele + The Finisher + Tele
FB + Tele
FB + The Finisher + Tele
FB + The Finisher

Pre-Union Build

Even though we have Union some people that use Basil play EMS which doesn't so I will leave in the rough guide for pre-union to help out.

Cthulhusama: 10: Triple Blow +2, The Finisher +1, Dark Aura +1, Teleport +1
11-16: Triple Blow +18
17-21: Teleport +14, Dark Aura +1
22-27: Dark Aura +18
28-30: The Finisher +9

30: Quad Blow +1, Yellow Aura +1, Dark Chains +1
31-37: +20 Staff Mastery, +1 Quad Blow
38-43: +18 Quad Blow
44-46: +9 Staff Booster
47-49: +9 Blood Drain
50-51: +5 Staff Booster, +1 Yellow Aura
52-57: +18 Yellow Aura
58-64: Dark Chains +19, Blue Aura +2
65-70: Blue Aura +18

70: Quint Blow +1, Teleport Mastery +1, Advanced Dark Chains +1
71: Dark Shock +1, Battle Mastery +2
72-77: Battle Mastery +18
78-84: Quint Blow +19, Body Boost +2
85-90: Body Boost +18
91-94: Advanced Dark Chains +10, Teleport Mastery +2
95-97: Teleport Mastery +7, Dark Shock +2
98-103: Dark Shock +17, Summon Reaper Buff +1
104-110: Summon Reaper Buff +19, Advanced Blue Aura +2
111-116: Advanced Blue Aura +18
117-120: Conversion +10, Advanced Dark Chains +2

120: Dark Genesis +1, Finishing Blow +1, Twister Spin +1
121: Advanced Dark Aura +1, Advanced Yellow Aura +1, Party Shield +1

After that max ADA, then FB, Energizer, Stance, TS, MW, Advanced Yellow Aura, Party Shield, D. Gen to 28, and Hero's Will when needed,

When will Advance of the Union hit GMS?

It already did! Aren't you happy?

Where should I cap my Luck?

Now that Tempest has hit you don't need luck (except for ele staves as they are non-KMS items). So go luckless. If you need to put luck in in order to equip an Ele just use a DTM instead and you will be better off.

Hyper Skills

First of all I will provide links to the OrangeMushroom pages both for generic Hyper Skill info and BaM Hyper Skill info:

Alright then. Some people saw that and immediately could tell what skills were worth getting and which weren't. Others probably weren't sure. So I figured I'd give a rundown of what I think is the most important skills to get.
Level 140: Obvious. +40 int is the obvious choice here.
Level 150: Depending on preference you should either get +40 luck or +10 jump.
Level 160: Whichever one you didn't pick last time.
Level 170: Okay so at this point you already have all the good skills that aren't too high level so just toss it in the +500 Wdef one.
Level 190: Again nothing good at this level. I'd just save this one until 200 unless you want to waste it and spend 100k resetting it at 200.
Level 200: Either assign both points or reset to get the one from last level back and put them into +10%crit and +15% HP.

Alright so on to the skill boosting ones. First of all forget about all of the Dark Shock ones. They are as useless as Dark Shock itself is and even with all the Hyper Skills it is worthless. Alright then. So all the Twister Spin ones are great. Bringing the damage up, the number of targets up, and the CD down will greatly increase your DPM. The teleport mastery ones are also great which would be a problem since you can only pick 2 if you get all 3 TS ones but since one increases the dmg of Teleport Mastery and the other one removes the damage there is no reason to get both. So pick if you want more DPM or more defense and either way get the increased range. Easy.

140: Save for Tele Mastery-Reinforce at 143
160: Use on TS-Reinforce or Save for Tele Mastery-Add Range at 162.
180: Whichever one you didn't do last time or TS-Extra Target.
183: You don't get a new point here but you can reset your Hyper SP to replace Tele Mastery-Reinforce with Tele Mastery-Enhance if you prefer that version.
190: Whichever one you didn't pick the last two times.
200: TS-Cooltime Reduce.

Edit: Knew I would forget something. Credits for KMS information go to Max from his Blog: and credits to the skill speed information I used for the staff speed comparisons goes to Fiel from Southperry.
Edit2: Added in a section on whether or not to use The Finisher.
Edit3: Fixed the format and added links to the sections. Also added skill summaries to the end of each job.
Edit4: Altered third job build and added in tags for the skills.
Edit5: Added in a pre-Union build to help any newer players until Union hits.
Edit6: Added in a "When will Union hit GMS?" question to the FAQ section.
Edit7: Added in updated information on when the patch will arrive.
Edit8: Massive overhaul of second job to reflect changes from KMS to GMS and to account for personal experience with changes. Also fixed a typo.
Edit9: Random changes to hopefully improve the look. Added in a "Where to cap luck?" section to the FAQ.
Edit10: First steps of updating for Rise Against and a section for Hyper Skills.
Edit11: Updated for Tempest.

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