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Magnus Simulator

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toxiphobia Level 100 Scania Hayato 1
So I finished all the Magnus pre-quest (I think), so now I have accessed to both Normal and Hard Mag, but for some reason the easy simulator one is grayed out... I dont know if its a bug or what. Im a hayato, and im just trying to finish my 5th job prequest. Also the quest "Magnus Simulator" isnt showing up on my light bulb.
Posted: September 2017 Permalink


ecarina Level 239 Galicia Cannoneer 4
It's called [Easy Magnus] Magnus Simulator
You might have accepted it already, in which case go to the Edea and Piston map where you accepted the early Magnus prequest quests. That's where you go for emag.
Sep 11 2017
toxiphobia Level 100 Scania Hayato 1
@ecarina: That's the thing, when I go there only Edea is there and she doesn't have a quest available. When I try to enter the portal, it says that I need to hear her explanation of some sort. When I go to the Boss Tab, normal and hard mag is available but the easy is grayed out.
Sep 11 2017
toxiphobia Level 100 Scania Hayato 1
@pinyin: Wow that is so lame, I guess I'll just do my link skills at the time being.
Sep 11 2017

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