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Making mony without nx or merching

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Everyone knows that you have to merch or get super lucky to make the billions in maplestory.
But what is there for the people who just want potion money.
I'm looking for a constant way to have an income, money quests are good but not repeatable.
I am a level 122 bowmaster.
If people come up with a loot of good ideas, I will make a list and Mabye a guide.
But I need some ideas to start!

So, what do you guys know for ways to make money that's not merching?
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techdawg667 Level 182 Khaini Mechanic 4
Farm for legendary coins, and buy secret mastery books from the coin shop I guess? There's lots of creative ways to make money, I actually thought of that example just now.
Dec 25 2011
You could just save lotsaaaa lotsaaaaaaaaa nx, and buy a 30 attk vss for 75k nx in mts. Well actually like 75 $ if your willing to pay that much or just get from b-day or christmassssss. So ya, sell that for like 10b or so, your set.
Dec 25 2011
a suffix found on abstract nouns borrowed from Latin, usually denoting a status, role, or function ( matrimony; testimony ), or a personal quality or kind of behavior ( acrimony; sanctimony )." (
how do you make this?
Jan 02 2012
Rann Level 202 Mardia Hero
1. I do events and collect legendary coins, buy mmb, and I sell them for 23m each
2. mine and collect ores, forge plates
3. train and pick up equips, keep and sell the pot'ed ones, and extract the other ones for item crystals
4. make belts and earrings, sell the pot'ed ones and fuse the others
5. hunt for recipes, hunt for equips etc etc etc
Jan 02 2012
Craft earrings, belts, plates
Mine, just use legend coins
Jan 02 2012
If you are strong enough, just go to monster park and farm potential items. Try to sell any with good potential and just npc the rest.
Jan 02 2012
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