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MaliciousAct of Windia Screen

By Ezperanza11

Ezperanza11 Level 207 Windia Marksman Teased Guild
Jan 09 2014 An avi art for my guildie with his panda chair c: he is asleep. Hehehe. I'll probably make another one

I wanted to do a softer approach. So along with the non-black line art, I tried a new brush as well. I wanted to make it a lil touch and messy, along with cute and soft though. So I tried to avoid black as the lines art. this is a new approach for me. I thought it turned out rather well, though it did look better on my ipad qq. I think it has the coloring book effect c: anyways I hope you enjoy!

Done on SketchBook Express via iPad

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Ezperanza11 Level 207 Windia Marksman Teased Guild
so it's blushing cus it's getting stepped on?[/quote]

There is a bigger story behind why it's blushing But it's an insider XD
Jan 12 2014

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