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Many changes & balancing in kms in 2015, not complaining :)

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A quick summary for those who are not updated, in 4 months KMS tossed a lot of numbers around.

From June 'til now.
-Starting with the Reboot in June (4 parts: kmst 1.2.010, 1.2.011, 1.2.012 & 1.2.013)
-More balancing in early September (2 times: kmst 1.2.019 & kmst 1.2.245 , they changed the %dmg in 1.2.019 then changed again in 1.2.245, separated by 1 day WTH!!)
-Then more balancing in mid September (kmst 1.2.020)
-Then more balancing in end September (kmst 1.2.246 again they changed the %dmg from kmst 1.2.020)
-Mini skill change for all jobs & intro new Zak in October (kmst 1.2.247)

Summary relevant to bowman/bowmaster: most changes are made to Mortal Blow, Armour Break, Arrow Blaster & Hurricane, we win some we lose some, but generally better off (-ish).

What do you think? Would Nexon just roll everything into one huge update for GMS like they did with RED?
Please discuss.
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juarmo Level 218 Bera Evan 4th Growth SixHeroes Guild
+1 Seriously, some of those changes didn't make it to KMS, and a few changes are missing that only made it to the live server.
List the KMS patches, not the KMSt patches man.
Nov 01 2015
harry923 Level 128 Bera Legend
+2 Here are the things that I really want but Nexon didn't include in at least one of those many many patches they have released so far.
1.) Beginner link skills,
2.) Beginner profession availability (Alchemy Smiting and etc)

This is all I want and they won't release in into the patches, why !!!!
Nov 01 2015
@juarmo apology, i didnt know the difference, thanks for letting me know.
@harry923 all I really want is that bowman get more HP, or at least give us a skill that can convert accuracy into HP, we have so much useless accuracy and as pointed out by many bowmen/bowmasters accuracy is useless.
Nov 02 2015
flya Level 250 Bera Blaze Wizard 1 EvoLovE Guild
I think the rebalancing could have been performed better. Classes like Corsair & buccaneer are getting a short straw compared to some others where their balancing was not really necessary. But atleast they tried /o/
Nov 08 2015

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