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Maple Items You Would Like to Have In Real Life

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betterdayys Level 36 Kradia Crossbow Man
A rosemary tea time overall, or like a pink bean cell phone case would not look that bad in real life to wear or even a pink seal plushie

Why doesn't nexon sell commerce? It would make them a lot more profit than giving weekly deals in the cash shop
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brandonce Level 167 Scania Night Lord
Dragon Khanjar.
Apr 28 2014
I would want a giant black pink bean cushion or the gollux chairs
Also a dragon mount
Apr 28 2014
Light Orb from Luminous and Nox or Lux or Luminous Cheribum, and a von leon ring
Apr 28 2014
Cincinna Level 225 Bera Wind Archer 4 EvoLovE Guild
all of Transparent nx equips.[/quote]

If I could be warm and naked at the same time omg...
Wait a minute that's why they invented Hawaii
and summer
Apr 28 2014
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