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Maple Karstan - ATK 150 Screen

By TrEe367

TrEe367 Level 123 Windia Battle Mage 4
Sep 08 2010 If only i had this, i would never want another polearm again.

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That person is really lucky with those enhancements.
Sep 09 2010
overalldk Level 200 Scania Dark Knight
enhancement hacks :]
Sep 09 2010
I've seen a 132 att with no enhancements so no thanks. Scrolled with 10%s like a boss as well unlike the 50s in that picture.
Sep 09 2010
Gosh, shut up. Landing 6 enhancements is perfectly possible.
Sep 09 2010
M4pleBlad3r Level 47 Bera Evan 4th Growth
thats actually legit o.0 that thing is good for an end game wep...
Sep 09 2010
You know it could of started with 90 att right?
Sep 09 2010
gmharri Level 222 Windia Angelic Buster 4
That could be a legit weapon..[/quote]

Its true, it could be a legit weapon.

But then who would take a (if using Advance Enhancement's) 15% chance of it surviving when the creator would of had to get 7 of those 9, 50%s to land in the first place.

I mean 122 Karstan (possibly 132), before getting enhanced... there a real common find.
Sep 09 2010

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