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aphea1 Level 80 Broa Ranger
Don't these maple leaf to coin ratios remind you of how absurd it is to get prizes at an arcade with tickets? Think about it....You need 60k leaves for 300 coins which is one prime scroll. I know its the best thing you can get from the shop but isn't it just a little over kill? This leads me to ask how many maple leafs total have you gotten so far?
Me=2k many more to go
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TuneX Level 196 Kradia Xenon 4
Only 1.5k T_T they should have at least made the hot time hats cheap.
May 11 2015
Flamepc Level 210 Broa Zero Transcendent
I've farmed over 10k by casually doing daily DimPQ runs on mules.
May 11 2015
gGreg Level 142 Scania Beginner
just trying to get the yellow designer chair and red relaxer
May 11 2015
Flamepc Level 210 Broa Zero Transcendent
The worst part is, exchanging maple leaves for coins is a hassle...[/quote]

NPC Chat on Y. Hold Y while near the mushy.
May 11 2015
KrazyKid132 Level 1 Windia Aran 4 See what games, anime & art KrazyKid132 is intoKrazyKid132
Prob around 3k. All I did during 2x was farm elite bosses with a pet I ended up with around 800 by the end of 3hours of 2x drop. I've also been grinding mules with pets and I get around 400 by 3rd job I also accumulated 50 coins from the boxes during this time.
May 11 2015
Cincinna Level 225 Bera Wind Archer 4 EvoLovE Guild
Well think about it price wise- 5k per leaf * 60k leaves is 300m per prime scroll... I think that's what they were when they first came out?
What bothers me is that you can only buy 1 of each type of prime scroll per character... UGH!
May 11 2015
powerlad88 Level 214 Khaini Blade Master
@Cincinna: They said they would increase the amount of primes in the shop but who knows what it will be to.
May 11 2015
Etrayo Level 201 Elnido Aran 4
i've gotten around 850-900 coins total. and i havent boughten a single leaf to use
May 11 2015
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