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Maple dating too srs mang.

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So, this chick sets up a game in FM saying "lf>bf leave name"
I go in, and say "Herro 3"
She buddies me. That's coo.
She starts talking to me, and shes like, "were u srs about bein mah bf?"
I'm like" I just thought you wanted to be friends 'o-o"
Shes says this, AND I QUOTE, "tries to hold back tears, ok im sorry. i wuz stupid 2 tink u did"
Then exits chat, and deletes me.


What's wrong with the Maple Community?
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lol ... thats not bad ... have you seen guys ! ?

they go head over heals for pixels
Feb 28 2011
LOL. She probably roleplays too much? x]
Feb 28 2011
RubberDonkey Level 68 Scania Assassin
Rofl. Remind me of the time when my friend put my bucc's IGN into one of those "l>bf" game set up. Was not surprised her char looked like a generic henny.
Feb 28 2011
KrAzYizDeAd Level 141 Scania Night Lord
keep in mind, these are young little girls. They come home from school, sit at their computer, dream of cute boys, and talk with boys on maple.
Feb 28 2011
I will never forgive for what you did to me. *Cries in a corner ad pulls out a rusty old knife to butter a toast*
Feb 28 2011
imshocute Level 40 Scania Blade Acolyte
probably a guy trying to golddigg ;]
Feb 28 2011
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