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Maple math project Screen

By marilanna

marilanna Level 220 Windia Mercedes 4
Apr 23 2012 While rummaging through the junk in my room I found this drawing I did last year in math for our unit on scaling. It was a little too big to fit on my scanner.
Basically the assignment was find a picture, put a grid on it and enlarge it square by square. Sadly, the picture I chose ended up being a bit too time-consuming to finish within the deadline (as you can see some of the places were never fully coloured... LOL) and I only got an 82% on that project. It looks pretty cool hung up on a wall though!

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DrHye Level 90 Windia Marauder
+2 I did this in 6th grade, but I think I did Garfield or Calvin and Hobbes. :I

Apr 25 2012
Kyo1135 Level 210 Scania Dark Knight Boundless Guild
That looks pretty good from afar xD Im currently doing a similar porject at school, but instead im drawing anime characters since I like them better ;p
Jul 22 2012

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