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Maple records potions, how?

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xlgunshotlx Level 141 Scania Phantom 4
Currently, the number one potion user in reboot has consumed almost 1.2 million potions within a day. How is this possible? Is there a faster way to consume potions other than holding down a key? Anything a Phantom can do? It just doesn't seem possible to use that many potions in a day. 200k in a day sounds reasonable if you hold your key, but 1.2m just doesn't make much sense. How might he be speeding up his potion usage?
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paullee112895 Level 176 Windia Battle Mage 4
I would assume he was using a maplestory hacking trainer in order to auto hp or auto mp his way through the record. Like predicted, many hackers are getting their way into the records. Someone apparently used/had 5000 damage skins which imo seems to be impossible without hacks.
Jan 20 2017
whatthejew Level 250 Windia Beginner
13.888 potions used per second if you want to say 1.2mil potions in 24 hours, no idea if that's realistic.
A lot of these records I've given up on, some guy in Windia just got 3.3trillion damage received. =P
Jan 20 2017
whatthefail Level 222 Mardia Wind Archer 4 Beloved Guild See what games, anime & art whatthefail is intoWhatTheFail
@paullee112895 There is a certain damage skin that does not disappear from your inventory when you use it and counts as a different damage skin. Same thing applies to one of the mounts.

Also the most potions used in a second is around 3-5/s so it's definitely a hacker
Jan 20 2017
xlgunshotlx Level 141 Scania Phantom 4
@whatthefail: even if it were a hacker, what kind of hack would make theme use potions faster? Does such a thing exist? lol

Also, check your pms pls.
Jan 20 2017
twopointonefour Level 240 Scania Bow Master
I think the whole daredevil achievement is dumb. DA's just afk with their 5th job active and they stay at 1% hp all the time.
Jan 20 2017

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