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MapleStory Guide: Android Guide
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Hi everyone, thanks a lot for all of your support when I wrote this last year! You can find the original thread here

For a quick reference, use Contents links to access the biggest sections or check the Q&A to see if your question is answered there. Alternatively, Ctr + F works wonders.
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Likes: 53
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Apr 21 2014
Archived RED Shop scrolling info. Added Spring Event Coin Shop scrolling info. Updated "Currently working on" section.
Apr 21 2014
Added crafting level requirements and Zero Alpha/Beta Androids. Added Mesoranger Androids into Special Androids table. Added Hot Day android genders. Added Silver Heart information and scrolling exception. Added Gollux coin shop availability.
Oct 16 2013
Updated Futuroid Parts information. Added new permanent heart versions to uncraftable heart table. Reorganised Android heart sections. Updated permanent heart Q&A.
Sep 30 2013
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Sep 29 2013
Updated Current Android Events. Added Futuroid explanations and JMS competition link. Added Electronic Heart tradeability. Corrected Xenon information in Q&A.
Sep 23 2013
Added missing Android (Summeroid, Fantastical, Futuroid) and recipe images to tables. Added Futuroid parts and Android feelings image.
Sep 19 2013
Added Android and Heart images as links in tables. Added more Futuroid and Electronic Heart information and images. Added Superior Lidium Heart information (EMS only). Added "Become a BasilMarket Contributor to the Android Guide" section.
Sep 10 2013
Added new Q&A (why can't I equip my Android/heart?)
Sep 10 2013
Redesgined Android Beautician style option images. Added styles unobtainable from Lauren. Added Succubus image to special androids table. Updated Beaded Heart information for Succubus exception. Added Iron Heart Recipe availability.
Sep 05 2013
Revamped guide and table layout and section order. Updated current CS events. Added Succubus, Futuroid and Electronic Hearts. Turned Unleashed shop info into link. Updated nebulite information.
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Assistance with Futuroid information
Special android skin colour options
Princessroid appearance and Korean speech
Android commands compilation
Summeroid appearance and style options


Welcome to the Maplestory Android Guide. Here you can find information on all things android for GMS, written by somebody who could spare a lot of time collecting useless info and compiling it all into a huge wall of text. Please feel free to leave questions, suggestions and feedback in the comments, or shoot me a PM if you're shy. Enjoy!

What are Androids?
Androids are creepy robot dolls (ok, Nexon calls them "companions" ) of either gender that follow your character around. They were released with the Chaos: Age of Artisans update and basic types can be crafted with Smithing profession. They wear NX clothing, and NX clothing only, with slots for Helm, Gloves, Mantle, Top, Bottom, Shoes and Face.

Noble: Maybe you should include a section on how to equip NX clothes on Androids because I couldn't figure it out for the longest time cause my Android tab was hidden

To access the Android tab, open your Equipment tab (default hotkey E) and click on the tab at the top for Android. It's next to the other tab for Pet equipment (and Haku/Mir/Mechanic tank etc if you have those). You can change Android's clothes by dragging and dropping CS items onto the slots for Android's equipment.

So... what are they for other than playing dress up with?
"Why bother with an Android?" I hear you scoff. The answer is basically: "Hearts."
Androids will only function with an Android Heart equipped. There are varying levels of hearts available, just as there are different types of Androids available. These hearts not only allow your Android to be seen, but also come with 0 - 8 scrollable slots depending on the heart and can be potentialed. Oooh yes, this is where damage gardening tools begin to take interest.


Regular and Deluxe Androids
Regular and Deluxe Androids can be crafted with recipes; level 4 Smithing is required for Regular Androids whereas Deluxe will need level 10. The recipes are one-time-use; you will need a recipe for each Android that you make. Both Regular and Deluxe types are freely tradeable until equip, after which Regular Androids become untradeable forever and Deluxe may be traded with Platinum Scissors of Karma. Aside from crafting, Regular types can also be obtained through Boy Android Coupon and Girl Android Coupon which grant one uncrafted Regular Android of the corresponding gender plus one time-limited Beaded Heart. No such coupon currently exists for Deluxe Androids.
The following is a list of craftable Androids, their stats and crafting requirements.

Android TypeRankEquip Lvl ReqCraft Lvl ReqCharm EXP (one-time)Materials to Craft
Android Male330430Android Male Recipe x1 | Adamantium Plate x25 | Magic Powder (Brown) x10 | Intermediate Abrasive x5 | Intermediate Item Crystal x10
Android Female330430Android Female Recipe x1 | Adamantium Plate x25 | Magic Powder (Brown) x10 | Intermediate Abrasive x5 | Intermediate Item Crystal x10
Deluxe Android Male8701080Deluxe Android Male Recipe x1 | Wisdom Crystal x25 | Magic Powder (Purple) x10 | Superior Abrasive x5 | Superior Item Crystal x10
Deluxe Android Female8701080Deluxe Android Female Recipe x1 | Wisdom Crystal x25 | Magic Powder (Purple) x10 | Superior Abrasive x5 | Superior Item Crystal x10

Special Androids
Special androids are non-craftable, available only from events and typically (but don't always) come in a coupon package with a special heart. These androids include:

Android TypeLevel ReqRankObtained fromTradeability
Princessoid109Cash Shop random rewards (Music Box, Fairy Vials, etc)Freely tradeable until equip. After equip PSoK req.
Fantastical Android - Male109Cash Shop random rewards, Marvel MachineFreely tradeable until equip. After equip PSoK req.
Fantastical Android - Female109Cash Shop random rewards, Marvel MachineFreely tradeable until equip. After equip PSoK req.
Summeroid - Male109Cash Shop random rewards, Marvel Machine, Everyday Happytime in v.128Freely tradeable until equip. After equip untradeable.
Summeroid - Female109Cash Shop random rewards, Marvel Machine, Everyday Happytime in v.128Freely tradeable until equip. After equip untradeable.
Schooldroid - Male109Cash Shop (10 - 23 April 2013 and 21 August - 3 September 2013)Untradeable
Schooldroid - Female109Cash Shop (10 - 23 April 2013 and 21 August - 3 September 2013)Untradeable
Beryl-roid1096 July 2013 Hot Day rewardUntradeable
Succubus Android109Cash Shop (Permanent version: 5 - 25 September 2013. 90-day version: 26 March - 1 April 2014)Freely tradeable until equip. After equip PSoK req.
Futuroid - Male109Collect parts to assemble (until 12 November 2013: available from Cash Shop for 300 NX each or as rare drop from monsters)Movement is only possible within account
Futuroid - Female109Collect parts to assemble (until 12 November 2013: available from Cash Shop for 300 NX each or as rare drop from monsters)Movement is only possible within account
Mesoranger Android (M)103November 2012 Mesoranger Entrance Exam event (30 day duration), 22 February 2014 Hot Day reward (30 day duration)Untradeable
Mesoranger Android (F)10322 February 2014 Hot Day reward (30 day duration)Untradeable
Zero Alpha Android1098 March 2014 Hot Day rewardUntradeable
Zero Beta Android1098 March 2014 Hot Day rewardUntradeable

All Hot Day reward Androids come as the opposite gender to the character that received it, unless only one gender for that Android is available.

Android Hearts

All hearts apart from Silver Hearts can be scrolled, enhanced, potentialed and have nebulite sockets created on them. (See Scrolling and Upgrading Heart Stats for more information)
There are two categories of Android hearts: craftable and non-craftable.
Hearts can be shared between Androids on the same character. That is, if you have two Androids but one heart, the heart will function for both (but you can equip only one Android at a time).
Neither hearts nor Androids can be extracted or fused.

Craftable Android Hearts
Like other crafted items, any craftable hearts you make will have a chance of coming out with hidden potential/bonus potential too. The recipes for the hearts are permanent, but the crafted hearts themselves will have a 21-day time limit (timer begins as soon as it is crafted). You can remake hearts as many times as you like as long as you have the materials. Aside from being found in monster drops, recipes for craftable hearts can often be purchased during event Coin Shops (all heart recipes listed below were first available in the Legends Coin Shop apart from Silver and Lidium), as well as one-time-purchase items from the Gollux coin shop (Iron/Gold Hearts only).

The following table lists craftable heart types, their stats and crafting information. Silver, Iron and Adamantium Hearts are freely tradeable; you may equip and trade them as often as you like until their 21-day duration is over. The rest of the craftable hearts come with an equip tradeblock.

Heart TypeLevel ReqRankRecipe DropsSlotsStatsMaterials to Craft
Silver Heart30No rankLegitly unavailable in GMS060 W.DEFSilver Heart Recipe x1 | Silver Plate x3 | Intermediate Abrasive x1 | Intermediate Item Crystal x4
Iron Heart301No drops; Legends Coin Shop (2011), NPC Randolf (Tynerum General Store, 15 Gollux Pennies)160 W.DEFIron Heart Recipe x1 | Steel Plate x3 | Superior Abrasive x1 | Intermediate Item Crystal x4
Adamantium Heart302Thanatos, Horntail's Head B, Von Leon260 W.DEFAdamantium Heart Recipe x1 | Adamantium Plate x3 | Superior Abrasive x1 | Advanced Item Crystal x4
Gold Heart303Snowman, Crocky the Gatekeeper, Horntail's Head B. Also available from NPC Randolf (Tynerum General Store, 15 Gollux Pennies)360 W.DEFGold Heart Recipe x1 | Gold Plate x3 | Superior Abrasive x1 | Advanced Item Crystal x4
Garnet Heart304Blood Reindeer, Horntail's Head B460 W.DEFGarnet Heart Recipe x1 | Garnet x3 | Superior Abrasive x1 | Superior Item Crystal x4
Crystal Heart305Shark, Grim Phantom Watch, Horntail's Head B560 W.DEFCrystal Heart Recipe x1 | LUK Crystal x3 | Superior Abrasive x1 | Superior Item Crystal x4
Lidium Heart305Legitly unavailable in GMS7MaxHP +50, STR +3, DEX +3, INT +3, LUK +3Lidium Heart Recipe x1 | Lidium x3 | Confusion Fragment x2 | Superior Abrasive x1 | Philosopher's Stone x3

Uncraftable Hearts
Uncraftable hearts are usually available from Gachapon, cash shop reward boxes (like Magical Teapot, Philosopher's Books, etc), events, hot days or Cash Shop itself.

Heart TypeObtained fromLevel ReqRankTradeabilitySlotsStatsExpiry
Silver HeartBeast Tamer: Guardian Blessings Lv 61~100 reward30No rankFreely tradeable060 W.DEFNone
Beaded HeartAndroid coupons10No rankFreely tradeable (except Succubus package Beaded Hearts)160 W.DEF30 days
New Gold HeartSchooldroid packages303Tradeable until equip. After equip untradeable360 W.DEF, STR +1, DEX +1, INT +1, LUK +130 days
Superior Lidium HeartEMS cash shop event boxes only805Tradeable until equip. After equip untradeable7MaxHP +100, STR +3, DEX +3, INT +3, LUK +3None
Beryl Heartv.138 Unleashed Hot Day305Tradeable until equip. After equip untradeable560 W.DEFNone
Electronic Heart S-SeriesElectronic Heart Vouchers30No rankFreely tradeable6STR +460 days
Electronic Heart I-SeriesElectronic Heart Vouchers30No rankFreely tradeable6INT +460 days
Electronic Heart D-SeriesElectronic Heart Vouchers30No rankFreely tradeable6DEX +460 days
Electronic Heart L-SeriesElectronic Heart Vouchers30No rankFreely tradeable6LUK +460 days
Electronic Heart G-SeriesElectronic Heart Vouchers30No rankFreely tradeable660 W.DEF60 days
Electronic Heart O-SeriesElectronic Heart Vouchers30No rankFreely tradeable8MaxHP +100, STR +5, DEX +5, INT +5, LUK +560 days
Iron Heart - PermanentGachapon (16 October 2013 update)301Tradeable until equip. After equip untradeable160 W.DEFNone
Adamantium Heart - PermanentGachapon (16 October 2013 update)302Tradeable until equip. After equip untradeable260 W.DEFNone
Gold Heart - PermanentGachapon (16 October 2013 update)303Tradeable until equip. After equip untradeable360 W.DEFNone
Garnet Heart - Permanent Gachapon(16 October 2013 update)304Tradeable until equip. After equip untradeable460 W.DEFNone
Crystal Heart - PermanentGachapon (16 October 2013 update)305Tradeable until equip. After equip untradeable560 W.DEFNone
Lidium Heart - PermanentGachapon (16 October 2013 update)305Tradeable until equip. After equip untradeable7MaxHP +50, STR +3, DEX +3, INT +3, LUK +3None
Electronic Heart Vouchers may be purchased in the Cash Shop and redeeming the vouchers will result in one Electronic Heart type at random.

Android Ranks
"Ranks" that you see on Androids determine which hearts can be equipped. Androids may equip hearts equal to or lower than their rank. Rank is an ascending scale, so the larger the number, the higher the android/heart rank. Rank 9 is the highest available.

For example, Beryl Heart is rank 5, so it is compatible with androids that are of equal or higher rank (5-9). Alternatively you could say: Princessroid is rank 9, so she can wear any heart that is ranked 1-9 (i.e. every heart).
Right now in GMS, the only androids with a rank lower than 5 are the regular androids, the ones named Android (F) and Android (M), which are both rank 3 (Mesoranger Androids are also rank 3 but were time-limited and currently do not exist in GMS). Deluxe Androids are rank 8, and every other available android is rank 9.
There is one exception to the rule however; although Futuroids are rank 9, they only function with Electronic Hearts and are not compatible with any other heart.

Scrolling Hearts
Non-Silver Hearts can be scrolled with any kind of scroll, whether it's 100% scrolls from NPCs or 60%s or GM scrolls (although unless you're that rich/insane, noone's going to spend hundreds of mils on a time-limited item). Chaos, Clean Slate, Innocence, Potential and Equip Enhancement scrolls also work. You can even go so far as to cube your Android Hearts, but again, clinically insane.

The most commonly scrolled hearts are permanent Beryl/Crystal at 5 slots clean each and Lidium Heart with 7 slots clean. Any other permanent heart is also a good candidate to chuck your scrolls on, so just go with whatever suits your budget.

Although you can enhance hearts, enhancements treat hearts like non-weapon items (which is what they are), so you have a very low chance of adding any extra attack/magic attack to its low base. Random stat increases are minimal.
Cubing is for the super-serious (read: not worth it) as all the currently available permanent hearts belong in the lowest potential tier.
Hearts can be hammered, both with Cash Shop hammers and non-NX hammers.
Nebulites may also be added once you make the necessary slot with an alien socket creator. Only nebulites that have the description "may be fitted on all equipment with an alien socket" can be used; weapon-specific or other armour-specific (such as shoes-only, hats-only, etc) nebulites will not work on a heart.

Event Coin Shops can be some of the godliest gifts to the average mapler... and even the 1337 players
The current Event Shop is the Spring Event Coin Shop located in the Event Hall. Spring Bunny Salesman sells various scrolls and item upgrade useables that can be beneficial to your Android Heart. Below is the list of scrolls and recommended items from this shop to use on permanent hearts for optimal results. Chaos Scrolls of any type are not recommended due to the potential for greater stat gain with other scrolls.

Spring Event Coin Shop
Lunar Welcome Scroll for 1H ATT/M.ATT 60%: 6 ATT/M.ATT | Cost: 30 coins | Limit: 100 | Untradeable | Expiry: 10 days
Lunar Welcome Scroll for 2H ATT 60%: 6 ATT | Cost: 30 coins | Limit: 100 | Untradeable | Expiry: 10 days
Epic Potential Scroll 50% | Cost: 45 coins | Limit: 5 | Untradeable | Expiry: 10 days
Gold Awakening Stamp 80% | Cost: 45 coins | Limit: 5 | Untradeable | Expiry: 10 days
Innocence Scroll 60% | Cost: 100 coins | Limit: 1 | Untradeable | Expiry: 10 days
Perfect Innocence Scroll 50% | Cost: 150 coins | Limit: 1 | Untradeable | Expiry: 10 days
Clean Slate Scroll 10% | Cost: 100 coins | Limit: 3 | Untradeable | Expiry: 10 days
Lucky Day Scroll | Cost: 100 coins | Limit: 1 | Untradeable | Expiry: 10 days

(Purchase limits apply per character, not account. Limits will reset on 23 April 2014. Expiration dates begin from time of purchase.)

Recommended progression:
  1. Use 60% scrolls
  2. (optional) Innocence if very few scrolls land, then restart
  3. (optional) Hammer twice and repeat 60% scrolls. Note: Hammers not available from this shop
  4. Clean slate back slots where necessary and continue with 60% scrolls until perfected
Beryl/Gold Heart perfected result, hammered: 42 ATT/M.ATT
Lidium Heart perfected result, hammered: 54 ATT/M.ATT

Alternative with pre-existing pinnacle scrolls:
  1. Protect your heart
  2. Use 20% pinnacle scrolls, one protect per scroll
  3. Hammer and repeat until no slots left
  4. Slates and repeat
Beryl/Gold Heart perfected result: 63 attack/magic attack, 21 all stats
Lidium Heart perfected result: 81 attack/magic attack, 27 all stats

Exceptions - Scrolls that currently do not work on android hearts
All Mu Gong's scrolls from dojo
Unleashed Scroll for Two-Handed Weapon Magic ATT 50%
Evolution Scroll for Two-Handed Weapon Magic ATT 50%
Kerning Square scrolls have been fixed! They now do work on all android hearts, but come on, you can do better than that.

Archived: Past Events for Scrolling Beryl Hearts
I will leave past coin shop information (starting from the first permanent heart release, since that is what this section is relevant for) in this guide but in link format to avoid clutter. They may be accessed below.

20 June ~ 3 September 2013: Unleashed Coin Shop
4 December 2013 ~ 18 March 2014: Red Coin Shop

Android Appearance and Special Commands

Regular Androids
Regular Androids will have Pale or Light skin and a random hair, hair colour, face and eye colour from a limited range of options upon equipping the heart.
Deluxe Androids select from the same pool of appearance options as Regular, but they also have a small chance of being born with Deluxe-only options (see Special Androids) as well as Pink skin, like special androids.
You can only use VIP/REG hair, VIP/REG hair colour, VIP/REG face (but not eye colour contacts) and skin colour coupons to change your Android's appearance. There is an Android Beautician, Lauren, in the Heneseys Hair Salon who deals with all your Android beauty needs.

The following is a list of hairstyle and face options available from Lauren. She covers most GMS VIP/REG styles. For exceptions, see Unobtainable VIP/REG styles below.
For some reason, Lauren ran out of brown hair dye. When Androids were first released, she had no option for black hair colour but that was changed a little while ago; the missing colour is now brown. Your android can still be born with any hair colour though.

Android hairstyle options

Click to enlarge

Android face options

Unobtainable VIP and REG styles
Unavailable female VIP/REG hairstyles
Unavailable male VIP/REG hairstyles
Unavailable VIP/REG faces

Coupons and modifiers that do not work at the Android Beautician
Tot's Know-How hairstyle coupon
In-game hair coupons (eg. Bed Head Coupon (M), Pretty Girl Hair Coupon (F), etc)
Random Beauty Coupons from Random Beauty Coupon Event
One-time Cosmetic Lenses from the cash shop (any colour)
Royal Hair/Face Coupon
All-Stars Hair Coupon

Special Androids
Apart from Berylroid, Succubus, Futuroid and Zero Alpha/Beta Android, who only come in one default look, special androids each have a different selection of possible hair and faces to Regular androids, with most of them being Royal styles. They are born with either Pale, Light or Pink skin with randomised hair and eye colour.
Below is a table comparing their differences; the styles listed are the pool they draw from. That is, you are guaranteed to get any one of these styles (exception being Deluxe, refer to notes underneath). The colours shown may not necessarily be what yours ends up with; I just wanted to make my guide colourful.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Please note that:
21 April 2014: After months of collecting, crafting and meso-spending, I am currently making separate images for all Regular and Deluxe Android looks that they may be born with. Please bear with me while this is being finalised!
Mesoranger Androids are not listed in the images above but select from the same pool of appearance options as Deluxe Androids.
All special androids can still have their default looks changed at the salon, but keep in mind the change options remain the same as for Regular androids (see above). If you choose to change your special android's royal hair/face, you cannot get it back!
I have divided the face options into two columns. The one on the left (android-exclusive) means these are the very special faces you can only obtain via opening one of these androids and getting lucky. The right column shows other options the android may be born with, but these styles are also available from the beautician.
Southperry user iAmFear has a different set of eyes listed for Schooldroid (F). The information I've included in my table are based on what I have seen and taken screenshots of. While 99% corresponds with iAmFear's pictures, I do not have evidence for one of the faces he/she lists, so I have not included it. He/she seems to have substituted the second Schooldroid (F) face on my list for another face. Anyone with screenshots of a Schooldroid with this face would be greatly appreciated! I have included a link to the thread with his pictures at the end of this guide for comparison.

Androids have feelings, too. Sometimes.

For the most part, Androids will be staring blankly into space (if your Android has Angel Glow face like mine, their gazes look particularly dopey/deadbeat). Occasionally they will F1 and do the alert pose when you get hit. However, they also seem to show signs of affection for you at times:
♥ When you log in, exit from cash shop/MTS or change channels
Android will smile or wink. Special androids will do this and also talk to you... literally. Turn on your sounds to be creeped out as hell
♥ When you level up
Android will either f6 you and say "Not bad!" in a little chat box above its head, or do sparkly eyes and say "Amazing!"
♥ When you die
Android will either cry and say variants of "Noooo!" or do the whoa-whoa face and say "Master!". Or "Masteeer!" if it is a failure at spelling. Or if yours is completely apathetic and unconcerned with you, just continue staring off into nothing. Poor you.
♥ When your time-limited heart expires
Android will cry and say "I will miss you..." It will be the most heartbreaking 30 seconds of your life.

As mentioned above, Special Androids (non-craftable types) can also speak. They used to have super sexy Korean voiceovers (or Japanese for Futuroids) but after like two years, Nexon finally decided to fix that and install cringe-worthy English voiceovers. I refuse to upload these horrid new voices and will instead keep a record of the old ones here for your listening pleasure. R.I.P.

Korean: Female Fantastical/Summeroid/Schooldroid and Princessroid, Beryl-roid, Succubus
Korean: Male Fantastical/Summeroid/Schooldroid
Japanese: Female Futuroid
Japanese: Male Futuroid

Android commands: Make your blow up doll do faces at you!
Lastly, you can also command your Android to make faces. The following is a list I've gathered and tested so far but please feel free to add some more. All commands must be typed exactly as shown (ie. with the capital letter at the beginning) in order for it to show. You can type these commands into a sentence and it will work, as long as you have that capital letter. For example, typing "you suck Haha" or "Hoho I'm Santa" will both make your Android F2
As you might notice, some commands are just variants of the original (eg. Kiss is the actual command for smoochies face) but since people seem to prefer saying "Smoochies" as opposed to "Smooch", I've included the most common sayings as well.

F2 Haha | Hoho
F4 Boohoo
F7 Whoa
F5 Grr
Queasy Yuck | Gross
Kissy faceSmooch | Smoochie | Smoochies | Kiss | Kissy
Googoo I love you
Sparkly eyesWow | Totally | Awesome | Yay


Q: Can my Android wear regular equips?
A: No, Cash Shop items only. This includes tradeable Cash items, whether permanent or non-permanent. Remember that androids do not have a slot for eye accessories!

Q: How do I change my Android's appearance?
A: You can use VIP/REG hair, VIP/REG hair colour, VIP/REG face and skin colour coupons on your Android by speaking with the Android specialist located at Heneseys Hair Salon. There is no option for One-time Cosmetic Lenses at the beautician so you cannot change Android's eye colour.

Q: Will my Android's appearance change after trading it with a PSoK?
A: Nope. Your Android's appearance is set from the moment it is opened and trading it will not reset how it looks.

Q: Can I equip multiple Androids and/or hearts?
A: No, unless you are a Xenon. Your non-Xenon character currently only has one Android slot and one Heart slot available. You can, however, have multiple Androids and hearts in your inventory as they are not one-of-a-kind items. The second slot Xenon has, the Power Source, can equip an android heart in its place (but the Hybrid Heart cannot be equipped in the regular android heart slot).

Q: Why can't I equip my Android/heart?
A: Either you don't meet the level requirement for the android/heart/both, or one of the two items do not satisfy each other's rank requirements. This happens, for example, when you try to equip a regular type Android while you are wearing a Beryl Heart. Conversely, if you have the regular Android equipped first and then equip the higher rank heart, the Android will disappear from view even though both items are worn, and the heart's stats will not apply. In the case of Futuroids, they will only function with Electronic Hearts. Make sure you use suitable, compatible Androids and heart types.

Q: What are these Mesoranger Androids?
A: Mesoranger Androids were limited-time, event-only androids from the Mesoranger Entrance Exam event that was part of the V.121 Rise Against update in November 2012. They were brought back as a Hot Day reward (V.146 Return To Masteria update) on 22 February, 2014. As the androids from both events had a 30-day duration, Mesoranger Androids currently do not exist in GMS.

Q: After my time-limited Android Heart expires, will the stats be kept if I equip a new heart?
A: No. Each heart should be treated like a separate item. They all expire in 21 days (except permanent hearts, New Gold Hearts which are 30 days duration and Electronic Hearts which last 60 days) and every time you replace them they will be clean. The stats do not "save" onto the Android itself.

Q: Can I extend the time limit on my crafted Hearts?
A: No. post2short

Q: Are permanent hearts legit? Where can I get one?
A: In 2012 "permanent" hearts were illegitly generated then duped by hackers, and though Nexon deleted most of them, there are still a few lying around. Not my call whether or not you choose to purchase these. The reason they do not have an expiry date is because they were not crafted, and thus had no crafting date to set a time limit from.
Other permanent hearts include Beryl Heart (from a previous hot day event so you can only buy from other people now) and permanent versions of Iron/Adamantium/Gold/Crystal/Garnet/Lidium hearts which are available from the Gachapon update of 16 October 2013. Permanent Silver Hearts may also be obtained via Guardian Blessings random reward during levels 61 to 100 of the Beast Tamer character.

Q: How do I tell the difference between legit and illegit permanent hearts?
A: These illegit ones tend to be Lidium Hearts. If there are still any illegit ones around, they are distinguishable from legit ones by their name. The illegitly permanent ones have the same name as their time-limited counterparts because they were generated before real permanent versions were released, while truly permanent ones available from Gachapon have the "Permanent" tag in their name, e.g. Lidium Heart - Permanent (excluding Beryl, of course).

Q: Help! I can't find Android Heart scrolls!
A: You should have read my guide dammit. Android Hearts can be scrolled with almost literally any kind of scroll. Whether it's 30% or 60%, Scroll for Claw for Attack or Scroll for Blunt Weapon for Accuracy, you name it. Chaos, Clean Slate, Innocence, Potential and Equip Enhancement scrolls also work.

Q: Which androids can wear Beryl Hearts?
A: points to Android Ranks section

Q: Why do people call them "berly" hearts?
A: They're stupid. Don't say berly or I'll hit you.

Q: Can I name my Androids?
A: Yes. You can buy an Android Naming Coupon from the Cash Shop for 1,200 NX.

Q: Why do you keep miscalling them "Princessroids"?
A: Out of habit. Their official name is Princessoid

Q: You're a no-life for writing this much on a topic barely anyone cares about.
A: You're right.

^Become a BasilMarket Contributor to the Android Guide
Mrbasil has finally updated the feature of BasilMarket Contributors, which is awesome, because guides are here to share knowledge and part of our success is thanks to the support and contributions made by many of you. Contributions are rewarded with acknowledgment through this new feature at the guide author's discretion. Contributors are recognised by their IDs being displayed on the guide's sidebar, as well as having a "Guide Contributions" section in their BasilID.

"I want to make a major contribution! How can I help?"
Each guide author will do this their own way. For the Android Guide, I'm happy to list you in the sidebar if you can help me with the things I am either currently working on or struggling to find solid information for. I'd love to see a collaborative effort for a lot of them so don't be scared to contribute!

What I am currently working on
Below is a constantly updated list of things I'm working on or ideas for the guide; thoughts and feedback are very welcome in the guide comments. If you can give me answers to any of the dot points here, you (and whoever you work together with) will most definitely deserve a place as a Contributor and I will squash you with a big fat hug.

Information I would trade 36% of my soul for
The special, Deluxe-only hairstyle that Male Deluxe Androids can be born with.
At the moment, I am trying my best to gather Deluxe (M) androids through crafting, buying from other players and screen-shotting existing ones. So far I have had no luck in finding a male equivalent of the special hair Deluxe Female can have (Lillin's hair). It may be entirely possible that it doesn't even exist, so...
Update 21/Apr/2014: After spending the past year and over 4b on androids/craft materials, I've decided to scrap any idea I previously had about Deluxe Android (M) having a "special" hair. Instead, my gigantic android collection won't go to waste and I'll be making images of the entire Regular/Deluxe selection pool (which turns out to not be too big, something I found out after buying and making this many androids). If anyone finds a style I've missed out, please do contact me and I will update and include you as the best contributor eva.

Information that may require copious amounts of NX
Whether by using REG hairstyle coupons, the hairstyles I listed as "unobtainable at the beautician" can actually be obtained.
I'm considering going on REG coupon runs on my own androids until I land a hair previously listed as unobtainable. A part of me dies when I think about what a waste of NX this is, so if anyone has ever used a REG coupon and received a hairstyle that is not normally obtainable from Lauren, please let me know! You will receive the full credits for this!
Update 21/Apr/2014: I have gone on REG coupon runs whenever free or cheap ones are available, but have so far found no results that indicate Androids may obtain those unobtainable styles. cries

Every single NX hat that can completely hide an android's headgear.
So far, I have found a few: Panda Hat, Jet Black Head Scarf. Likely candidates are other hats that also cover most of the head the way these two do, so if you want to take this one on, that's where I would start. At the moment I'm testing all the free NX hats from the August makeover month, as well as tradeable NX equips since they can be bought with mesos rather than eat up $$$.
Update 21/Apr/2014: I've found a few more thanks to the abundance of new perm NX items that have been released, but can't find my list at the moment. For now I might just add images of the ones I've found so far into the next update - PM me if you need to ask about a specific NX item and I'll do my best to answer it.

"Aww... I don't have anything to contribute..."
That's ok! Your support still means a ton. Even reading this guide will make me very happy as it makes this just a tiny bit less useless.


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