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MapleStory Guide: Chief Bandits

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Hello and thank you for reading the Basilmarket Bandit Section Chief Bandit guide. This guide is about the Chief Bandit, and as such, will focus on skills, skill builds and training locations. I will not go into ap builds or equips here. If you have questions about those, I redirect you to the “FAQ and common misconceptions about bandits”-thread that can also be found on this forum.

This guide isn’t completely done yet. I still need to give links to maps in the training location section, there are still some obsolete training spots to add and there’s still a section about ME mechanics and calculations to do. But the necessary information is there.

Feel free to check for any errors, give me some ideas on what I should add to this, think up some SP build that you think is the best.


Table of Contents:

Skill Comparisons
Skill Builds
Band of Thieves Build
Meso Explosion Build
What to spend your final 3rd job skill points on
Training Guide
Mesos Explosion Mechanics and Damage Calculation
kimchijiggae's official Crimson Guardian training guide

The Chief Bandit

What the Chief Bandit is: Chief Bandits are versatile. They have a move for every purpose. A jack of all trades. Which is a bit of a heaven and a bit of a hell. We can do anything, but aren’t very good at all of them. Well, for as far as attacking skills go. Cb’s get quite a bit more survivability over the Bandit thanks to Mesos Guard. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we are good tankers. Mesos Guard is a good, no doubt. But our base HP is still low for a melee class. So we don’t really excel at tanking, either. We also get a nice movement skill in the form of Assaulter, and if anything, that’s where we excel. Cb’s can move around fast.

What the Chief Bandit is not: Cb's ARE NOT COMBO-ERS. THE ARSENAL IS BUILT FOR VERSATILITY, NOT MINDLESS SPAMMING. ASK ANY CB WORTH HIS MARBLES, I GUARANTEE YOU NONE OF THEM GO AROUND CHAINING RANDOM MOVES TOGETHER. IT DOESN’T WORK. Every Cb move has a purpose and a correct time to be used, and just because they have a quick execution time DOES NOT mean we're combo-ers. I’ll use the same example I use every time somebody waltz's in here calling us combo-ers.
Training at Typhons: standard training ground for most CB's by the time they hit 9x and a fine example of the usual training methods. The main skill used is BoT, but you also use Assaulter, SB and Darksight from time to time. You will use BoT to do pretty much all the killing. If you ever get blown off, you hold down assaulter and pray you get back on a platform. And you use Darksight every now and then to move around. You use SB every now and then to deal with some leftovers from a mob.

Tell me, where exactly are we stringing moves together? That’s right. Nowhere. End of subject.

Also of note, Chief Bandits get only 2 skills they should absolutely max out, being Mesos Guard and Band of Thieves. Beyond this you’re free to distribute sp to your liking.

Skill Comparisons

-It’s hard to explain what some skills do, so bear with me.

Assaulter- [Master Level: 30]

Type: Active

Skill Description: Like teleport, but different in many ways. If you fire Assaulter, you teleport through a monster and deal damage in the process. It can also stun monsters. Ignores monster defense if your level is higher than that of the monster, and there are clues it always ignores monster def, but that’s not yet been proven. Slow. Can only be fired if a monster is in it’s range.

My comments:
This skill is a mixed bag. The damage potential isn’t great and will never be great and it’s a very bad idea to try to use it as a main training skill. With that being said, there are other purposes for this skill, but I will get into that later on in my comments.

First off, the damage. 450% at max and ignored monster defense. Looks great, but SB does 480%. So it depends on the situation (your level and the monster you’re dealing with) which one will do better damage per hit. The def ignoring will often make up for the 30% extra damage SB has, though. Assaulter is better if you want to knock back a monster.

Then there’s the spam rate. Assaulter can be pulled off about 67 time per minute, SB can be used about 83 times per minute. Even if we assume Assaulter does as much or a bit more damage than SB, SB will kill any monster faster because it’s cast much faster. Making SB the better choice for training and bossing.

And then you have the stun. 80% stun at max level is nice, but it ain’t perfect. And how often are you going to need to stun something? The stun can be useful at places like Gobies at very odd occasions, but training areas where it’s helpful are obsolete. It can also only stun one monster at a time, and only for a little while (a couple of seconds). Stun is basically useless in training. And as we all know, every boss in maple is immune to stun, so the stun is useless in bossing too. And I haven’t even discussed yet how many sp it takes for the stun to get worthwhile.

Which leaves us with the movement. And as a movement skill, this thang ain’t too shabby. Assaulter can often get you on platforms other classes won’t ever be able to get on. It could even be compared to FJ in that sense. Also, the teleport is quite large, and you’ll pass through most monsters without hitting them. This means the skill still has some use in defensive tactical play.

All in all, is this skill worth putting points in? Certainly. But is it really a skill we must max? I’m not sure myself. You won’t exactly use this skill for it’s damage dealing properties very often and the stun is practically useless. I recommend either leaving it at lvl21 or maxing it. This job has a lot of sp to spare since there’s only 2 really important skills to max, so might as well put them here.

Band of Thieves- [Master Level: 30]

Type: Active

Skill Description: You will attack with a little more range than your normal stabs, and if that hit connects, some bandit buddies will be summoned to deliver damage to up to 6 monsters around you. The bandits will disappear immediately after doing damage.

My comments:
This move is the first mob move that you will get not counting meso explosion. You can cast it a 100 times per minute if you spam it. And the damage isn’t bad to boot, being 210% at max level. To make it even better, it has a pretty cool range. If you connect the first, the summoned bandits will attack around you, so even behind your back. That’s pretty cool, since you won’t have to worry to get the mob on one side of you. Pretty handy.

Not all is fine and dandy, though. First thing is that BoT builds up the amount of monsters it attacks. So at level 1, it hits 2 monsters, level 7 it does 3, level 13 is does 4, and so on up till 6 monsters. BoT also needs to be at least level 11 to as powerful as SB against 3 monsters. Which means that it’s simply inefficient to use it in training, before it’s level 11.

In the end, great skill overall, just takes a little while to get actually useable and is an absolute necessary skill for the Chief Bandit.

Meso Guard- [Master Level: 20]

Type: Supportive

Skill Description:Uses mesos to guard 50% of the damage received for a set period of time. The damage reduction applies to all damage but static objects like those thorns on the road.

My comments:
This skill has quite a confusing description. The in game description says: “Uses mesos to guard 50% of the damage received. Once the skill is used, it saves up a certain amount of mesos, and once damaged from then on out, the mesos will be used based on the damage received. The skill will be turned off when the saved mesos are used up.” This description is complete failure. When this skill is turned on it takes all damage from you and halves it, taking mesos from you for the damage halved. At level 1 it takes 90% mesos, but when you reach level 20 it takes 78%. This saves you money. It has been proven that the money taken is cheaper then using a potion for the same damage. For example say you take 2000 damage from a Wolf Spider. At level 1 Meso Guard halves the damage to 1000 and takes 900 mesos from your inventory. The potion that heals 1000 HP costs 1,045 mesos. You save 145 mesos per hit. And on top of saving mesos, it also saves you time/potions. By halving the damage, that means half the usual potions. That practically means more slots for potions, which means more time to train. Meso Guard is very important when facing higher level monsters and bossing. Sometimes, this skill can save you from a one hit KO. At level 80, you can survive almost any boss, even for lengthy periods of time, if you watch your HP with appropriate potions. This skill is highly needed for Chief Bandits.

Meso Explosion- [Master Level: 30]

Type: Active
Skill Description: Explodes the mesos dropped on the ground around you to attack monsters. The mesos from the monsters killed by someone else will not be able to be used for this. It ignores monster Def and always has 100% accuracy.

My comments:
Since ME has some odd mechanics and a funky way to get a rough damage estimate, I’m gonna make a section near the bottom of the guide to explain those if I ever can find the info again, I know it’s out there, just can’t find it. Now, on with the guide.

Even now the 4th job has been released, ME still stands as one of the most powerful (if not still the most powerful) skills in the game. People have issues with it eating a big hole in the wallet when they train with the skill. Most people will say that ME is useless on bosses these days, but that is still very far from the truth. It’s not used at Zakum runs anymore, but that doesn’t mean it’s not used to deal with Ergoth to and kill area bosses like Bigfoot and Headless Horseman effectively (and efficiently). And of course, ME training is the fastest way of training around, albeit being the most expensive method if you’re not doing it at Elder Wraiths.

So even today ME has it’s uses. And there are quite a few Cb’s who will use it quite often throughout Cb-hood and will benefit greatly from having this skill maxed out. And then there’s another group of Cb’s who rarely –if at all- find themselves using it. But I’d say to get this skill at least to lvl21.

Pickpocket- [Master Level: 20]

Type: Supportive

Skill Description: Makes the enemy drop mesos if you attack it with a certain probability for a period of time. The formula is unknown, but the amount of mesos is probably dependent on the damage you do and the skill level. There’s also some people who say that Monster HP also is a factor. Pets will not loot coins dropped by this skill.

My comments:
This brings us back to the versatility of Chief Bandits. This skill is used in combo with Meso Explosion and Savage Blow/Band of Thieves. After you activate this skill, you pretty much just SB or BoT like crazy. After Pickpocket has laid enough coins on the ground and you have a sizeable mob on the coins, you explode. If you do not explode the coins on a mob, it will do significantly less than a six-hit Savage Blow will. This skill is pretty much an add-on to ME. This skill also covers the normal flaw that Meso Explosion has, as it sets the coins for you gradually and it doesn't take the money from your pocket. At higher levels, the success rate of coins dropping increases, and so do the value of the coins. I am not sure of the value range, but I have seen gold coins being dropped from higher leveled players using pickpocket, which means the maximum amount is above 50 mesos.

There is still the fact that the money drops from monsters will also be exploded if you use a PP+ME combo. You could ignore it if you’re loaded, but many of us are not. You could also get a pet with a mesos magnet to avoid this problem entirely (pets don’t pick up coins from PP). How useful this skill is to you depends on if you want to use it. If you’re low funded and can’t afford/don’t want to buy a pet with a mesos magnet, this is not the skill for you. However if you’re rich and/or can get a pet with a mesos magnet, using this skill can result in higher training speeds.

Usually, either this skill or Chakra is maxed.

Shield Mastery- [Master Level: 20]

Skill Description: Increases the def. of the equipped shield by a certain percent. Only works when a shield is equipped.

My comments:
Most useless skill in the Chief bandit’s arsenal, probably the most useless skill of the entire bandit class and certainly up in the top 3 most useless skills for all classes. And for several reasons. First off, the def on shields we can wear, is miserably low. You won’t get much of a boost out of it. Secondly, def is bad. One point of Def means a damage reduction of 0.4. Which means you will have a damage reduction of like 6. Yay! And I spent 20 sp on that!

Seriously, even Endure and Steal are highly useful in comparison to this skill.

Chakra- [Master Level: 30]

Skill Description: Uses a little MP to recover a lot of HP. Only works when the HP is less than 50%. Takes like 1.5 seconds to cast.

My comments:
Has little use while you’re a Cb. You CAN train in certain maps while using this to replenish your HP. But it will really destroy the usually already bad exp rates you get in those places. The by far greater part of maps Cb’s usually train in are very unfriendly to this. It gets its situational uses in 4th job training, as many shadowers have pointed out.

Usually, either this skill or Pickpocket gets maxed.

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Skill builds

I will deal with several skill build possibilities here. If you want the fastest way up to level 100 and happen to have a few hundred million of mesos you want to burn, I suggest you go with an ME first build. If else, I suggest a BoT first build. The builds and suggestion I make here are guidelines rather than rules, and you can decide to follow your own custom build based on these guidelines. But I have to warn you, builds that look like “18 BoT first, then max Assaulter” or “max Assaulter first” flat out suck in comparison to the builds I suggest.

BoT first:

The BoT first build is arguably the most common build. Anyone who follows a form of this build can train effectively at Typhons by 8x. You can choose to get one point into ME at lvl 70, so you can train at Elder Wraiths in 7x. See the training section for more information on training at Elder Wraiths before you decide which to choose. If not, I recommend getting 1 Assaulter at lvl70, because it’s such a nice movement skill to have and most consider it fun to use.

The first-point-into-Assaulter build

70: 1 Assaulter
71: 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra
72: 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos Guard – 2 BoT
73: 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos Guard – 5 BoT
74: 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos Guard – 8 BoT
75: 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos Guard – 11 BoT
76: 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos Guard – 14 BoT
77: 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos Guard – 17 BoT
78: 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos Guard – 20 BoT
79: 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos Guard – 23 BoT
80: 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos Guard – 26 BoT
81: 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos Guard – 29 BoT
82: 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos Guard – 30 BoT – 2 something

The Chief Bandit build of Olde. You get 1 Assaulter first because it’s considered a blast to play around with. After that you immediately get your damage reduction skill and after that you’ll get BoT. You can decide to get MG later on, like when BoT is lvl18 or higher. This build means you’ll train in areas like V/Hoodoos, Gryphons, FoG, MP3 and Windraiders in your 7x and (usually) in Typhons later on. The exp is less than what you can get with bombing, but it’s safer and still decent exp.

The first-point-into-ME build

70: 1 ME
71: 1 ME – 1 Assaulter – 2 Chakra
72: 1 ME – 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos guard – 1 BoT
73: 1 ME – 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos guard – 4 BoT
74: 1 ME – 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos guard – 7 BoT
75: 1 ME – 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos guard – 10 BoT
76: 1 ME – 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos guard – 13 BoT
77: 1 ME – 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos guard – 16 BoT
78: 1 ME – 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos guard – 19 BoT
79: 1 ME – 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos guard – 22 BoT
80: 1 ME – 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos guard – 25 BoT
81: 1 ME – 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos guard – 28 BoT
82: 1 ME – 1 Assaulter – 3 Chakra – 1 Mesos guard – 30 BoT – 1 something

This build will allow you to train at Elder Wraiths from level 70 on, and then gets you Mesos Guard as soon as possible to make that safer. Then it focuses on maxing out BoT so you can efficiently train at Typhons at 8x. Doing this provides you with faster exp during 7x, but at the cost of always losing money while training.

After these there're three general options on how to continue building:

1) Max out MG. This is a standard build for those who don’t intend to boss and won’t be using the ME+PP combo. Longer lasting MG is useful everywhere. After MG is maxed, you can max Assaulter and ME in any order you like. They’re both not going to have a major impact on training speed, but most people prefer maxing Assaulter before they max ME. [s=://]For info on how to spend your sp after maxing all these skills, click here.[/s]

2) Max out ME and MG. This is a build that’s geared towards general bossing and bombing Ergoth in specific. Your training speed won’t suffer, It’s really up to you in what order you level/max these skills, as long as you do. I recommend getting 6 into MG , then maxing ME and finally maxing MG. After that, most people end up putting points into PP or maxing Assaulter. Put points into PP if you want to use the PP+ME combo in training, but don’t get it over level 11 just yet, unless you’re absolutely sure you don’t want max Chakra or aren’t sure yet* and then proceed to max out Assaulter. If you don’t intend to use the PP+ME combo, max Assaulter. [s=://]For info on how to spend your sp after maxing all these skills, click here.[/s]

3) Focus on getting PP, ME and MG. Purely for those who want to use the PP+ME combo to speed up their training as soon as it’s worthwhile. Again, don’t get PP over level 11 if you don’t want max Chakra or aren’t sure yet*. You are very free in how you can spend your sp when you choose to follow this path. You can first get 6 MG, and then put points into PP and ME till you’re satisfied with their level and max MG to then continue levelling PP and ME, there are no limits. Don’t forget to max Assaulter, though. [s=://]For info on how to spend your sp after maxing all these skills, click here.[/s]

  • see section “What to spend your final 3rd job skill points on” for more info on this.

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Mesos Explosion first:

This build allows you to gain the fastest experience without leeching. However you must have lots of money. Technique isn’t really an issue, as you will be training at Crimson Guardians till at least 10x. If you’re using this build I would suggest not buying upgrades to your equipment till you decide to start training without ME. You won’t need PP for this kind of training and I don’t recommend following this build if you don’t plan on training at Crimson Guardians.

70: 1 ME
71: 1 ME – 3 chakra
72: 2 ME – 3 chakra – 1 Meso Guard – 1 Assaulter
73: 5 ME – 3 chakra – 1 Meso Guard – 1 Assaulter
74: 8 ME – 3 chakra – 1 Meso Guard – 1 Assaulter
75: 11 ME – 3 chakra – 1 Meso Guard – 1 Assaulter
76: 14 ME – 3 chakra – 1 Meso Guard – 1 Assaulter
77: 17 ME – 3 chakra – 1 Meso Guard – 1 Assaulter
78: 20 ME – 3 chakra – 1 Meso Guard – 1 Assaulter
79: 23 ME – 3 chakra – 1 Meso Guard – 1 Assaulter
80: 26 ME – 3 chakra – 1 Meso Guard – 1 Assaulter
81: 29 ME – 3 chakra – 1 Meso Guard – 1 Assaulter
82: 30 ME – 3 chakra – 1 Meso Guard – 1 Assaulter – 2 Something

You can always interrupt maxing out ME to put some extra points into MG if you see a need to. I have no experience with dealing with Crimson Guardians myself, so I can’t really tell.

From here on, I recommend maxing out MG first and then BoT. You can switch training grounds if you want to and lets you worry less about your MG while bombing. After that, max Assaulter and [s=://]for info on how to spend your sp after maxing all these skills, click here.[/s]

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What to spend your final 3rd job skill points on

At the end of 3rd job, on level 104, most of us have maxed all the skills they want to max, Assaulter, MG, ME and BoT. Yet, they wonder “I have 38 sp left, what should I put those into?” Well, this section is dedicated to answering that answer. After having maxed Assaulter, MG, ME and BoT you’ve basically maxed out all the useful skills and the skills that are left to max are Chakra, PP and Shield Mastery.

Chakra kills your exp gains if you use it often during normal training and can’t be spammed as fast as hp potions, severely limiting it’s use when training on monsters with high damage attacks and bosses. It’s also not a good idea to use this on maps with high spawn rates. However, if you ever find yourself at a map far below your level for stuff like item gathering, you can use Chakra instead of hp pots so you don’t waste money on those. Also, some shadowers have stated that Chakra is actually quite useful in 4th job, once you learn to use invincibility frames to not get hit and have a decent level of Shadow Shifter. If you have both these, you won’t take damage very often and as such Chakra can be used instead of hp potions because it will barely slow you down anymore. Chakra will fully heal you if you get it to a high enough level and it is said that it will always fully heal you once it’s lvl21, I say make it level 25 just to be sure. In all, it serves very little purpose in 3rd job, but can be somewhat useful in 4th.

PP can increase your damage output throughout what remains of 3rd job and a small section of 4th job. This leads to an increase in training speed, although it’s never really big. However, because ME’s damage is more or less static, the PP+ME combo will eventually lose its value as your 4th job skills will start to outdamage the combo. One other use of PP is to create a “barrier” so people can’t loot your items without having to pick up a ton of coins first. This has some faults to it, though. If the looter has a pet with an item pouch, it’s useless and if you yourself don’t have a pet with an item pouch, you’ll have to go through that barrier of coins yourself. Some people have also claimed that PP grows slowly, so level 15 will be almost as useful as level 20. All in all, PP is a useful skill in 3rd job, but loses its value in 4th and you won’t get much mileage out of maxing it, because you will use it for 40 levels at absolute max.

Shield mastery isn’t even worth talking about.

So, what should you do? Well, I’ll give you three options:

- Max PP, leave Chakra at 21.
- Max Chakra, leave PP at 11.
- Get the best of both worlds by leaving PP at 16 and Chakra at 25.

Each of these options has its own benefits, as small as they are, but I’d personally choose the last one.

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Training Spots

In this section, I will discuss some of most often used training spots for Chief Bandits.

Mysterious Path 3 (MP3) (lvl 70-80) Mysterious Path 3 has the fastest spawn in all of GMS. No, seriously. The mobs are absolutely HUGE. To train here, simply travel in a clockwise direction across the map’s 3 platforms and kill everything in your way with Savage Blow/BoT. The money gain from this map is pitiful, since you will be spending most of the time stabbing your way through dozens of fast-moving monsters with magic attacks. Good Exp, poor money gains, if any. For people who went with BoT first without ME.

Sophia’s Bedroom 3, Vanity Room 3(lvl 70-80) Voodoos and Hoodoos are pretty good exp and you can make some money. It used to be very crowded, but ever since MP3 came out, it became quiet. You should at least 3-hit them, but 2-hitting is preferable. For people who went with BoT first without ME. You can Chakra-train here.

Forest of Golem(lvl 70-80) Ever since NLC and Mu Lung were released, the Forest of Golem has become worse and worse. But you can still train there; FoG remains an option even for 7x Cb’s. The place is best if you can 2-hit KO mixed golems; it’s even better if you can manage a 1-hit KO. Partying with 1 or 2 people here is highly recommended, since the spawn is inconsistent unless the map’s 4 platforms are being cleared constantly. The Exp really isn’t great, and neither is the money unless you find a Glove for Att scroll. You can Chakra-train here.

Mountain Cliffs(lvl 70-80) When you first enter Mountain Cliffs, you may not find the place to be of any training potential because of the map’s highly irregular layout of cliffs and teleports. However, most people can master the map within 30 minutes or so of training, so that is not a sustaining problem. Now, the biggest reason this map is so highly rated is because of the Gryphon’s superb HP:exp ratio. Even though Gryphons give 220 exp, their HP is so low that you can start one-hit KOing them 100% by your late 60s. The Gryphons fly around and spawn extremely quickly, so there is almost always one to kill wherever you go. Since this place is usually un-crowded, it serves as a perfect alternative to more popular maps. It gets better with BoT. The exp here is decent and you might just make money off selling those mountain lilies. For people who went with BoT first without ME.

Lower Ascent(lvl 70-90) This will be the best map you can train at for in 7x if you aren’t at Elder Wraiths. Windraiders have an amazing HP:exp ratio (even better than V/Hoodoos), zero knockback requirements, and a short-ranged magic attack. You can start training here once you are able to 6-hit KO Windraiders. However, the best exp gain comes once you get a decent level or Band of Thieves and/or can 4-hit KO them with Savage Blow. The exp is excellent and stays good till even into 9x. You can also trade in the badges they drop for nice money rewards. You will make money here. For people who went with BoT first without ME, but can also be used as an alternative training spot up till even 9x.

Phantom Forest: The Evil Dead(lvl 70-100) The map you will want to visit if you got early ME or follow the ME first build. This map spawns only Elder Wraiths, monsters that will follow you around even in Dark sight, and will one hit kill 7x Cb’s without MG. This makes it rather easy to drop some mesos, then lure the wraiths and explode when they’re on the bags of money. With lvl 1 ME, you should drop 10x1.4k bags of mesos. With increasing levels of ME, you can try with less. It’s better exp than Gobies and less of a money burn. Elder Wraiths drop Soiled Rags, Rush 20, Mana Reflection 20 and Steelies. Soiled Rags sell to other players for about 20k per 30 and can be used in a repeatable quest to get money and exp, you get about 1 Rag per 3 monsters you kill. Rush 20 and Mana Reflection can be sold for a few hundred K and Steelies can be sold for 3-4mill. It's basically an improved version of Gobies, more exp gain but less of a money burn.

Crimsonwood Mountain: Crimsonwood Keep(lvl 70-100) Some Shadower on the forum called Love4Romance keeps saying that bombing Crimson Guardians is awesome exp up till level 100 if you bomb, so I added this one. As a note, Crimson Guardians seal you, even if you’re in Darksight. So bring all-cures or holy waters with you if you’re going there. Also make sure that you stay in Dark Sight for as long as possible, Crimson Guardians will kill any lvl90 Cb - even with MG on. You can use the method I provide to estimate damage to figure out how many mesos you should drop to kill the Guardians for your level of ME, but for level 1 ME, I recommend 10 x 9k bags.

Deep Sea Gorge II(lvl 70-120) The infamous Goby map of Olde. This is where Cb’s used to blow their money to get fast training up to level 80. Bombing here is risky, the goby houses can do high magic damage, and Bonefish can do even higher damage. And then there’s of course other players trying to kill you every now and then, if you’re bombing. The bombing is also a pain, requiring quite a bit of timing. It takes quite a while to master this ma[ when bombing and you will lose a few mill per level you ME train here. I really don’t recommend doing it. From level 90 or so on, you can also fight normally at this map, usually in a party. The exp isn’t too shabby, but it will still only cost you money to train here.

Zipangu: Encounter with the Buddha(lvl 70-130) The absolute best exp you can get. The map is completely flat, so it’s very easy to make huge mobs. Partying here is pretty much required, no matter what you do. The pot burn is immense and the drops are bad, so you lose a lot of money when training here. There are two general ways of training here, the first being ME training. This usually involves partying with a priest. You drop a ton of mesos on one of the edges of the map and then let the priest mob for you. When all the himes are over the mesos bags, you explode. You can also train here normally from level 90 on, depending on your stat build and equips. There are some other issues with Himes, they can be found here.

Leafre: The Area of Red/Blue Kentaurus(lvl80-110) Incredible mobbing potential. The Area of Blue and Red Kentaurus are the best maps. On the Red Kentaurus map, you have three platforms. The lowest one has the most spawn, the one in the middle has no spawn at all and the top platform has some spawn. It’s best to just circle this map. The Blue Kentaurus map also has three platforms, but the spawn is divided between them pretty equally. It’s best to circle this map too, but sometimes it’s best to skip one plat to let more spawn there. The exp is good, but you’ll lose money when training at these maps. An alternative for when all other maps have failed you in case of a 2x exp event.

Crimsonwood Mountain: The Path of Peril(lvl80-130) The trademark Cb training spot. Typhons are like Himes in the exp they give you. Their HP is just significantly lower, the damage they do is almost a quarter of a Hime, and WAY better drops to boot. The only catch of Typhons is that they possess a magic attack that can blow you off the map. Most low 8x’s who don’t have a zhelm will miss every now and then, but it doesn’t really affect your training speed. For info on how to work the map, go here. The Exp is the best you can get from 80 till 100. After that it’s second to Himes. You lose little money here to make a profit, though.

Mesogears: Wolf Spider Cavern(lvl80-90) Let me start off by saying that Wolf Spiders do high damage, have bad drops, high spawn and tons of hackers and mages ks’ing you. They drop Ilbi, but Ilbi are cheap these days. You will lose money when training here, and quite a lot of it. The pot burn is high. And then there’s the hackers and ks’ers. The only reason you have to be here is to kill some Wolf Spiders for that repeatable quest that gives you maple crystals. If you don’t have to be there, don’t go there.

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Mesos Explosion Mechanics and Damage Calculation

What we know about Mesos Explosion.

It always has 100% accuracy.
Mesos Explosion is physical damage
It ignores all forms of monster defense other than damage nullification (turns all damage to 1 or 2)
Its damage cap per bag is 199,999 damage.
Mesos explosion’s minimum damage is always equal to exactly half the maximum damage.

Which factors Mesos Explosion damage depends on.

Mesos Explosion level.
The amount of mesos dropped per bag.
The amount of bags dropped.

Equipment and stats have nothing to do with the damage Mesos Explosion does. This is also the reason why it will eventually lose out to your 4th job skills in terms of damage and falls into disuse in said job.

How to calculate the damage.

important note: this formula will provide you with only an estimate of the damage you’ll do and not an exact number. Also, this formula only applies when the money is equal in all bags you bomb.

The formula goes like this:

Damage = raw damage * damage multiplier * mastery

All the data needed for the calculation can be found inthis table

Example 1: you are using level 1 Mesos explosion and blow up 10 bags each containing 1k. The formula will look like this:

Minimum damage = 4000 * 15 * 0.5 = 30,000
Maximum damage = 8000 * 15 * 0.5 = 60,000

You can get the raw damage, multiplier and mastery values from the URL I linked to just above.

Example 2: you are using level 16 Mesos explosion and blow up 14 bags each containing 7k. The formula will look like this:

Minimum damage = 14000 * 27 * 0.8 = 302,400
Maximum damage = 28000 * 27 * 0.8 = 604,800

Using this formula to estimate how much money you need to 100% kill a certain monster.

For this purpose, we modify the formula a little into this:

Raw minimum damage = (monster hp / damage multiplier) / mastery

Example: You want to bomb Crimson Guardians with level 1 Mesos Explosion and will use 10 bags, how many mesos do you drop per bag? Crimson Guardians have 120,000 hp.

Raw minimum damage = (120,000 / 15) / 0.5 = 16,000

We then use the table I provided to find out what minimum damage comes closest to this number and what amount of mesos it represents. In this case it means you’ll have to drop 10 * 9k to do 120,000 damage.

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kimchijiggae's official Crimson Guardian training guide

(note: I've deleted a couple of things out of it that were unnecessary for the guide itself)
(note 2: All credit for this goes to kimchijiggae. I have had nothing to do with the creation of the guide, nor its content)
(note 3: kimchijiggae gave me permission to do this through PM)

Hi, this is my first "guide". I'm not saying that I don't want slack comments because constructive criticism is always welcome, just nothing plain stupid.
Any who, let's get onto it!
BTW. This guide is solely on if you wish to train at Crimson Guardians as much as counting it as grinding.
Oh and this guide is updated every few days at least, so... feel free to pop by every now and then , since I am continuously editing/etc. the content!
BTW2. Please tell me if you apply this guide to your training, and how useful/successful it is, as I am contiously curious wether or not this guide is worth leaving up. thank you.

What is so good about Crimson Guardians?
  1. 6100 exp, that's quite the gain for any level 70.
  1. Big, fat, and yet, non aggressive!
What is so bad?
  1. Level 120. Period.
  1. Touch damage at minimum approximately 3.5k
The rest is quite self explanatory.

So why is it so good for Chief Bandits you ask? Nexon decided to be nice, and donate an awesome skill to us bandits ƒº ¡K Meso Explosion!
OK. so all you CBs need to remember -
- Dont get hit. With our without meso guard.
- Must have both Meso Explosion and Dark Sight (Duhh.)
- No matter what, dont provoke them. Both touch and magic damage is ONE HIT DEATH.

Remade Skill Build anyone?
71: Meso Explosion (1)
72: Chakra (3)
73: Meso Guard (1), Band of Thieves (2) OR Meso Explosion (2) instead of Band of Thieves.
74 and onwards, Band of Thieves/Meso Explosion till 15 at least.

Explanation to such a strange and uncanny build?

Without meso explosion at level 1, you cant commence killing Crimson Guardians immediately after job advancing, which means another level of tedious CPQ2/Grinding. No one loves either. (I think)
BoT / ME
Ok, also, the reason for either BoT or ME, is because if you are funded, you will opt to leaving ME at lower levels since money is not an issue. If it is, raise ME so that the amount of mesos u may spend on actually bombing reduces. BoT because its the only other mobbing skill apart from ME. If you want, also 1 on Assaulter is good because it helps you reach higher up places (movement skill).
Meso Guard
Used for bossing, tanking those insanely high hits from things like crogs, etc. Also, this skill is useful when applying for the Dojo to get a belt, and will help somewhat to survive longer.

==========================================MESO EXPLOSION!==========================================

With reference to !
[] [Xaile]
[] [Mejust]
So we are killing Crimson Guardians.
They have 120,000 hp.
We have level 1 Meso Explosion.
So following the damage charts [btw someone did this for me because I didn¡¦t get it. Lol.]¡K
Meso Damage (Raw) = (120000/15)/0.5
Meso Damage (Raw) = 16000
Now all the hard work is done!

Conclusion is,
We need to drop 10 bags of 9000 mesos each! [Note that this only applies to lvl 1 ME]
Don't be cheap and try save some mesos by thinking it's all right to drop only 8500. One day you might get unlucky and get killed because you didn't one hit the guardians. And at that stage, I suggest you blame no one but yourself, everyone else warned you.
Anyway, this guide, like I said, doesnt talk about theoretics, so I'll cut to the chase.
To kill Crimson Guardians at level 70 with level 1 Meso Explosion.
10 bags of 9000 mesos. No arguing with law!

==========================================Methods of Training==========================================

There are positions on this map, where you are safe from harm [as long as you do not aggravate them. This includes not being able to kill them in one go with you]
You should only kill groups of at least 3 guardians at once, if not, it is not worth the money/exp, and change channel every now and then to find nice mobs of them! Remember though, this is only a guideline and recommendation. Wether you follow them are up to your discretion.

Solo Training
Safespot #1
The easiest one to see, it is located on the right staircase. By placing your mesos as shown in the picture, you will be able to hit the crimson guardians.

Safespot #2
A bit trickier at first to explode mesos from this spot, but once you get the hang of it, it should be fine! Same concept applies, just make sure that you stand on the very end of the 2nd part of the stairs, but not too high or the mesos wont explode!

Safespot #3
I'd say this would be the most deceptive of all the spots, as it appears as though the guardians can hit you, but really can't. One thing to note is that the entire top walkable area including the statues, you will not get hit. However, take extreme care on 2 notes.
  1. While walking anywhere before exploding mesos, walk in darksight. There are areas where you accidently fall and land in range of touching those fatties. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  1. After training at CGs for awhile, you'll notice on the top right statue platform, there will 90% be a CG walking there. Be careful when you explode your mesos with intention to kill this CG too, because when it flinches, its body may rear up and KO you. I don't like the sound of that...
To Counter this, you must always realise that the crimson guard will flinch towards YOU.

Ok, here's the key everyone!
Green = Place where meso bag can go.
Blue = Approx. Area of effect.
Purple Circle with white = Where i place mine usually.
Me = Safespot

Tricks you may learn over time.

Ok, I mentioned something about meso guard, and the use of it. Well tbh, a little confession of mine is, I've never really used meso guard there. Nor do I intend. Sooner or later, you will find that meso guard at CGs becomes almost useless as you either die, or you don't.
- Also, I don't know if I mentioned this before, but change channel regularly, most likely after you cannot find a decent group of 4+ CGs roaming around on one walkway. Otherwise, waste of time/money much?

- Final one isn't really a trick, it's more of a teamplay thing.
If you have a partner, preferably an Aran/DK, by hasting them, they can jump and hit the CGs which roam the lower platforms. They can then move the CGs as if they were puppets. And don't worry, because CGs aren¡¦t relatively aggressive, you can move about freely within darksight, just be careful if the partner gets too close [may provoke m.attack] or the seal you. Now, when the CG¡¦s follow your partner, tell them to move until they are directly underneath you in the minimap, then blow your mesos , simple.

Notable benefits
- Because it is so quick and easy to get to level 70 these days, without money either, coincidentally enough, you should have some money saved for your little venture down to crimsonwood keep .
- This method is somewhat quick, mainly due to how dangerous this place is, hence less people, and no one to loot your mesos, [lol at that].

Growth[in construction ]

30 Minutes (No Multipliers) (Currently 2 recorded 30m tests)

- Avg. Gain = 900k EXP
- Avg. Meso Consumption = 3.5M
All content on is Copyright 2005-2015 Any use of content outside of is strictly forbidden.
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