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MapleStory Guide: Chryse: The Floating Island Guide

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Long ago, the isle of Chryse floated peacefully above Orbis. Its mysterious core powered the isle, keeping it afloat and sustaining its inhabitants. Over time however, Chryse drifted away from Orbis, and all contact was lost.

Chryse is not what it was. The once-beautiful island is awash in an atmosphere of darkness and danger. You will find a town in danger of destruction from powerful monsters, but saving the town will only be the beginning of your adventure. Talk to Michaela about the terrifying dangers that now confront the islanders and the powerful monster that must be destroyed.

Oh no! What can I do the save Chryse?

You must restore the giants to power and return peace to Chryse. You will need to defeat many monsters, gain the trust of the townspeople, recover weaponry to outfit the town, ward off the monster army that threatens everything, and finally confront the deadly power behind this threat.

In other words, use this guide to finish quests and defeat the big annoying Ram.


This is a guide to the theme dungeon of Chryse, released on April 6th, 2011 in Global Maplestory. This is not a completed guide. It can always be updated with new information, and I am always open to suggestions. Please PM me or comment if you find any mistakes, if you want to add something to the guide, if you find any spelling and grammar mistakes, if you would like to make a suggestion, or have a question.


This guide was written and put together entirely by me, aloley of Basilmarket. This guide may NOT be reproduced without the expressed written consent of me, the author. If I have given you written/typed consent to reproduce this guide, you still must give due credits to I and the other contributors to the guide.

Enough boring stuff. Let's get to the guide


Tour of Chryse- Credits to Spadow (KMST)


You must be between the levels of 55-75 to ENTER Chryse.
You must be between the levels of 55-70 to accept quests from Chryse.

IMPORTANT:If you are doing Chryse quests, and reach level 71, you can NO LONGER do the quests. You MUST be level 70 or under to do ANY Chryse quests, regardless of whether you have started them or not.

^How do I get to Chryse?

You get to Chryse by talking to Ericsson, the cat-man in Orbis Park. He then sends you to the 'Path to Chryse', where you can fly to Chryse.

Once you get to the top, you'll be teleported to Chryse.

How do I leave Chryse?

Simply talk to Demos, the giant hiding behind the pillar to be sent back to Orbis Park.

^How to Use This Guide

Maps and NPCs are linked to []Maplestory Wikia[/url] and []Global Hidden-Street[/url]
Quest Notifier Start at the beginning of a quest means that the quest is started through the quest notifier on the left side of your screen.
Quest Notifier End at the end of a quest means that the quest can be ended through the quest notifier on the left side of your screen.

^Chryse Quest Line

^The Floating Island of Chryse

Talk to Ericsson.

Quest Notifier Start
Simply talk to Ericsson in Orbis Park.

1,200 EXP

-This is Chryse?-

Collect 1 Chryse Hideout Entry Pass

When you get to Chryse, you'll see Demos, the giant hiding behind the pillar. He should have a quest for you.
You have to obtain the Chryse Hideout Entry Pass in order to enter the Hideout where the rest of the NPCs are.
Go through the portal furthest right, and you'll be at Outside of Chryse 1, where you will need to kill Rabbit in order to obtain the Chryse Hideout Entry Pass.
Once you obtain the Chryse Hideout Entry Pass, return to Demos to complete the quest.

Helpful Hint: Collect the Rabbit's Fangs from the Rabbits as you hunt for the pass. They'll be useful in the next few quests.

13,860 EXP

^Finding the Village Chief

Eliminate 50 Rabbit

At The Road to Chryse, enter the middle portal. You will now be in the Chryse Hideout. Then, talk to Marione. He's worried about Chryse, so he asks you to hunt 50 Rabbits.
Quest Notifier End

14,420 EXP

^Chief Marione's Second Request

Eliminate 50 Golden Rabbit

Quest Notifier Start
This time, Marione wants you to hunt 50 Golden Rabbits. Go to Outside of Chryse 3 to hunt them. Then, return to Marione.

Helpful Hint: Collect the Golden Rabbit's Capes as you go along, as they'll be useful to you in the next few quests.

14,420 EXP

^A Pet?


Talk to Michaela. She will tell you the story of Xerxes.

1,600 EXP

^Secret of the Core

Collect 50 Rabbit's Fang
Collect 50 Golden Rabbit's Cape

Talk to Michaela. You'll need to collect some items as a gift to the Elder. If you followed my Helpful Hint in the first quest, you should have at least 50 Rabbit's Fangs already. If not, go back to 'Outside of Chryse 1' to hunt for them.
Next, go two portals right of 'Outside of Chryse 1', and kill Golden Rabbits to get their capes.
Then, go back to 'Chryse Hideout' and hand the quest in to Titan.

Helpful Hint: Collect 150 of each instead of 50. The other 100 will be used in the next quest.

14,980 EXP

^Chief Titan's Request

Collect 100 Rabbit's Fang
Collect 100 Golden Rabbit's Cape

If you followed my Helpful Hint, you should just be able to turn in the 100 extra fangs and capes that you have to Titan.
If you did not, go on back to 'Outside of Chryse 1' to hunt for 100 Rabbit's Fangs and 'Outside of Chryse 3' to hunt for 100 Golden Rabbit's Capes.
Then, go back to 'Chryse Hideout' to turn the quest in to Titan.

14,980 EXP

^Xerxes, the Source of the Crisis


Titan says some stuff.

1,800 EXP
20 Insight

^Qualifications for a Savior (1)

Kill 100 Scorpie
Collect 70 Scorpie's Helmet

Talk to Michael. He wants to test your strength, to see if you can save Chryse.
Head on over to Lawless Zone 1 (One map right of 'Outside of Chryse 3'), and defeat 100 Scorpies, while collecting 70 Scorpie's Helmets. When you're done, go back to 'Chryse Hideout' to turn the quest in to Michael.
Quest Notifier End

18,480 EXP

-Qualifications for a Savior 2-

Kill 100 Golden Scorpie
Collect 70 Golden Scorpie's Helmet

This quest is basically the same as the last quest, except with a different monster.. Michael has one more test for you. He wants you to go to Lawless Zone 3 to hunt Golden Scorpies. Hunt 100 of these, and collect 70 of their helmets.
Then, return to 'Chryse Hideout' to turn in the quest to Michael.

14,700 EXP

Next, talk to Michaela to get the story of Xerxes.

^Worried Michaela

Collect 50 Star Pixie's Starpiece
Collect 50 Lunar Pixie's Moonpiece
Collect 50 Luster Pixie's Sunpiece

For this portion of the quest line, you'll need to go to Orbis. Talk to Demos to return to Orbis Park. Go to Orbis, and enter the portal to the right of the Orbis Free Market Entrance.

To collect Star Pixie's Starpiece, you'll need to hunt Star Pixie.
To collect Lunar Pixie's Moonpiece, you'll need to hunt Lunar Pixie.
To collect Luster Pixie's Sunpiece. you'll need to hunt Luster Pixie.
All of these monsters are found in Orbis: Cloud Park maps.

Once you have collected 50 of each, return to Chryse and give the items to Michaela.

12,200 EXP

^Obtaining Practice Equipment

Now that you're trusted and all, you've got to get some practice equipments for the villagers to fight Xerxes! (Even though they give you no help whatsoever in the end)

-Obtaining Practice Spears 1-

Collect 50 Ferret's Spear

Michael wants you to equip the villagers for the battle. To obtain some practice spears for the fighting villagers, go to Road to the Coliseum 1.
There, you will find Ferret. Hunt these to obtain 50 Ferret's Spears, and return to Michael.

Helpful Hint: Collect 150 of the spears instead of 50. Again, you'll need the extras in the next quest.

16,400 EXP

-Obtaining Practice Spears 2-

Collect 100 Ferret's Spear

Simply turn in the extra 100 spears that you have to Michael. If you didn't get the extras, go back and hunt for 100 more Ferret's Spears, then turn them into Michael.

16,400 EXP

-Obtaining Practice Shields 1-

Collect 50 Golden Ferret's Shield

Now that the villagers have weapons, they'll need shields! Go to Road to the Coliseum 3.
Hunt Golden Ferret, and collect 50 of their shields. Once you have collected 50 Golden Ferret's Shields, return to Michael to finish the quest.

Helpful Hint: Collect 150 shields instead of 50, for the same reasons as listed earlier in the guide.

18,100 EXP

-Obtaining Practice Shields 2-

Collect 100 Golden Ferret's Shield

If you got the extra 100 shields, turn those in to Michael. If you didn't, go back and get 100 Golden Ferret's Shields, and return to Michael.

18,100 EXP

^Coliseum Pre-Investigations

Scout the Coliseum

Basically, in this portion, you go to Coliseum Entrance, and you go into the portal on the right. Afterwards, go back to 'Chryse Hideout' and report to Michael.


-Eliminate the Guards 1-

Kill 100 Mammoth
Collect 70 Mammoth's Tail

Go to Coliseum Corridor 1, where you will find Mammoths. Kill 100 of these Woolly Mammoths and collect 70 of their tails (which apparently are also healthy for the villagers). Then, head back to Michael to deliver all this scrumptious food.

22,000 EXP

-Eliminate the Guards 2-

Kill 100 Golden Mammoth
Collect 70 Golden Mammoth's Tusk

This is the last quest of mob killing. (Cheers!) Now, head over to Coliseum Corridor 3.
Eliminate 100 Golden Mammoths and collect 70 of their tusks (No, not for eating this time). Then, go back to Michael to complete the quest.

24,000 EXP

^Eliminate Xerxes

Eliminate 1 Xerxes

It's finally time! Time for you to eliminate the one who's been causing this all, Xerxes. Talk to Michael. He will inform you that it is time to take down this ram once and for all. Go to Inside the Coliseum, which is one map right of 'Coliseum Corridor 3'. There, I suggest you go to Channel 1, to find a party of 2-4, with all members levels 55-75. Once you have done so, enter the portal on the right, click 'Yes', and you're ready to battle Xerxes! Then you can return to 'Chryse Hideout', to complete your quest with Michael.

48,000 EXP

-Please Return Xerxes to his Former Self-

Collect 1 Xerxes's Necklace from Xerxes

When you complete Michael's quest, you'll receive one from Michaela. She asks you to retrieve a Xerxes' Necklace, which is dropped by Xerxes after he is defeated, in hopes that he'll be returned to his normal tamed self. Once you find one from Xerxes, return to Michaela. Unfortunately, Xerxes can't be returned to his former self. Oh well, you get a fancy box anyway!

1 Chryse Salvation Box

^For the Elder

After you have completed both Eliminate Xerxes! and Please Return Xerxes to his Former Self, talk to Titan, the Elder. He is grateful for your help in saving Chryse, so he is giving you a special reward. A medal!

6,000 EXP
Chryse Savior
Level Requirement: 60
+2 STR
+2 DEX
+2 INT
+2 LUK
+200 HP
+200 MP

^Optional: Eliminate Xerxes' Remaining Pests

Note:This quest is repeatable.

Kill 100 Golden Rabbit
Kill 100 Golden Scorpie
Kill 100 Golden Ferret
Kill 100 Golden Mammoth

This is an optional quest. In this quest, talk to Marione. He wants you to get rid of some of Xerxes' remaining minions. You'll need to kill 100 of each of the Golden mob forms: Golden Rabbit, Golden Scorpie, Golden Ferret, and Golden Mammoth. After you kill them, return to Marione for your reward.

38,000 EXP
1 Chryse Salvation Box
^Boss Xerxes Information

Xerxes is a Level 63 Boss with 3.6 million HP. When you enter the map, you will be at 'Challenging Xerxes'.

Xerxes can do an earthquake-type move, dealing less than 100 damage. He can also play his flute, which summons mobs. He summons Kephivara and Tragos. Tragos are summoned farther toward the end of the battle.
Xerxes can also seal and cast darkness on you. He can also make the entire screen black except for a small circle around your character.
The last and most powerful of Xerxes' skills is a rush-type move. He glows red, then rushes across the map, dealing up to 1000 damage to players in his path.

Because he has 3.6 million HP, it will take a bit of time. You have 20 minutes on the timer to defeat Xerxes.

Note:Levels 55-75 can participate in the boss run, however, you must have completed the quest: Eliminate the Guards (2) before you can ENTER the the fight.

^Reward Information

There are a numerous amount of rewards you can get from Chryse and Xerxes.

^Chryse Salvation Box

First is the Chryse Salvation Box, which is obtained from Marione's optional quest listed earlier, and from Michaela's final quest.

These are the rewards from the Chryse Salvation Box:
15 x Watermelon - 6.54% chance of obtaining
15 x Ice Cream Pop - 6.54%
15 x Red Bean Sundae - 6.54%
7 x Warrior Pill - 9.8%
7 x Magic Pill - 8.17%
7 x Sniper Pill - 8.17%
7 x Dexterity Pill - 8.17%
7 x Speed Pill - 8.17%
30 x Pure Water - 6.54%
30 x Unagi - 6.54%
15 x Elixir - 4.9%
10 x Power Elixir - 3.27%
20 x Mana Elixir - 4.9%
1 x Scroll for Accessory for STR 60 - 2.94%
1 x Scroll for Accessory for DEX 60 - 2.94%
1 x Scroll for Accessory for INT 60 - 2.94%
1 x Scroll for Accessory for LUK 60 - 2.94%

^Xerxes Weapon Box

When Xerxes is defeated, he will also drop 5 weapon boxes. When one of these boxes are picked up, the other 4 will disappear.
These boxes have a chance of giving Xerxes Weapons. These weapons are basically stronger versions of normal level 70 weapons (68 for the wand, 75 for the staff). Xerxes Armor items do NOT exist.
Listed below are the specific rewards:

Xerxes's Warrior Weapon Box

Note: Contrary to what Hidden-Street says, Xerxes Warrior Weapon Box does NOT give VIP 1-Handed Axe.

Xerxes's Magician Weapon Box
2 x Magic Potion - 50.0%
4 x Magic Potion - 30.0%
1 x Xerxes's Angel Wings - 10.0%
1 x Xerxes's Dark Ritual - 10.0%

Xerxes's Bowman Weapon Box
2 x Sniper Potion - 50.0%
4 x Sniper Potion - 30.0%
1 x Xerxes's Golden Hinkel - 10.0%
1 x Xerxes's Gross Jaeger - 10.0%

Xerxes's Thief Weapon Box
2 x Dex Potion - 50.0%
4 x Dex Potion - 30.0%
1 x Xerxes's Kandine - 7.0%
1 x Xerxes's Heavenly Katara - 7.0%
1 x Xerxes's Blue Scarab - 6.0%

Xerxes's Pirate Weapon Box
2 x Dex Potion - 50.0%
4 x Dex Potion - 30.0%
1 x Xerxes's Beia Crash - 10.0%
1 x Xerxes's Abyss Shooter - 10.0%

^Michael's/Michaela's Glasses

These glasses are dropped by Xerxes. The glasses have a fairly low drop rate, although not nearly as low as something like Rex's Hyena Mount.
These items are tradeable after being SoKed. As far as I know, these items are NOT gender specific.

Michael's Glasses
Level Requirement: 60
+2 STR
+2 DEX
+2 INT
+2 LUK
+50 HP
+50 MP
+150 ACC
5 slots

Michaela's Glasses
Level Requirement: 60
+2 STR
+2 DEX
+2 INT
+2 LUK
+50 HP
+50 MP
+150 Avoid
5 slots

^Should I do the Chryse Questline?

That depends on your preferences.
Hardcore Levelers: If you're a hardcore leveler who wants to level as fast as you can, Chryse is not the place for you.
Light Levelers: If you're a light leveler who wants some variety in your training style, then Chryse is the place for you.
Bored People: Trust me, this is a great place if you're bored.
Poor People: If you're willing to be patient and try your luck, Chryse Salvation Boxes can give you some valuable scrolls.
Medal Whor- Um, Lovers: If you love medals, then you should do this questline, Once you're over level 70, you won't get a chance later!

I got from Level 57-60 on my Spearman from just doing the questline, and another 2 levels by doing the optional quest a few times.

In conclusion, Chryse is a great place if you want to try your luck earning some cash, love boss fights, or don't like grinding for hours at a time for levels.

^Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: "Can characters over level 70 do the Chryse Quests in any way?"

A: No. Unless you can level backwards.

Q: "Can you enter if you are over level 70?"

A: If you received a lightbulb quest from Ericsson, yes. If you haven't, then no.

Q: "Is Chryse worth doing?

A: It depends on what you think. Chryse is sort of like Mushroom Castle. If you like hardcore leveling, and leveling as fast as you can, then you probably shouldn't do Chryse quests. If you like trying new things, and using different ways to level, or love questing, then Chryse is a good place for you.

Q: "How do I get Michael's/Michaela's Glasses?"

A: As stated in the guide, you obtain them from Xerxes as a drop.

Q: "Are Michael's Glasses only for boys and Michaela's Glasses only for girls?"

A: No, the glasses are not gender specific. Males can wear Michaela's Glasses, and Females can wear Michael's Glasses.

Q: "How long do the quests take?

A: It takes a few hours. I can't give a numerical value, because it all depends on your luck, and the strength and mobility of your class.


Video credits to Spadow's Blog.
Monster, Map, Item, and NPC links are from BasilMarket, Global Hidden-Street, and Maplestory Wikia.
Big thanks to 13LoL13 for quest EXP value information.
Thanks to qwertqwe169 for the optional quest EXP value.
Thanks to ConfusedSoul for notification of monster name changes.
Thanks to ShiningDevila for pointing out an important quest error.
Thanks to Diverser for drawing the header image.
Thanks to MeriShi for boss fight entry correction.

And thanks to the BasilMarket community, for making this guide possible.


Thanks for reading! Again, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please PM me or comment.

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