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Guide to Post Chaos Arans : Comments
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Jun 22 11
Windia Jett 4
Im looking forward to my lvl 50 aran
MapleStory Screen: Phantom the last airbender
Jun 22 11
Bera Dark Knight
Great guide :] this is gonna help me when i make my level 50 aran ^_^
Jun 22 11*
Khaini Hero
Modesty Guild
What level Combo smash is required for Combo Fenrir?
And Fenrir for Judgement?
And Judgement for Tempest?

Is Judgement a full map attack like Tempest? Or more the range of a skill like Soul Driver?
Also, is rolling spin really that good to get now?
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Jun 22 11
Windia Priest
wut happens if i already have an aran... do i get to redistribute it to the new skills?
Jun 26 11
Chaos Brawler
looking forward to chaos we arans shall be mocked no more
Jun 29 11
DemethosGMS Blade Acolyte
Chaos is here we didnt get full reset....FML
Jun 29 11
Chaos Angelic Buster 4
is it better to max booster or final charge.
Jun 30 11
Bera Assassin
I dont know why but for some reason my level 120 sucks is is low dex around 50 and it has the best equips and i am really funnded please help is it becuase of choas or big bang update?
Jun 30 11
Windia Jett 4
What do the colors mean. Good to train at don't train at etc...
MapleStory Screen: Phantom the last airbender
Jun 30 11
Broa Shadower
why not max final charge instead of fenrir? 3rd job + you'll most likely use judgment instead of fenrir...and 4th job you will spam charge
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