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MapleStory Guide: Complete Buccaneer Guide
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Builds for every job(Pirate, Brawler, Marauder and Buccaneer), equipment suggestions, training advice and several other aspects of the Buccaneer class.
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Marauder-hood Builds
The Dex Stat
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Likes: 119
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Dec 02 2012
Updated to post-Tempest builds, modified the Equipment section to provide lower level suggestions rather than meet Dex requirements, since Dex is no longer required.
Aug 08 2012
August 08, 2012; updated to Post-Mutiny builds and information.
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This guide is no longer being updated. It is outdated in some manners, and will eventually be outdated in all areas; I apologize, I have attempted to find another caretaker, but have not been able to do so. Use this guide at your own risk, and have my sincerest apologies for no longer being able to update it as I use to; quitting Maplestory and real life have led to this, but in any case, if you choose to use this guide, be aware that it may be incorrect in some aspects.

The guide to everything, from builds to equipment, to opinions to training spots, this guide should have it all! Note that in order to find a certain section, use "CTRL+F" and then search for it. In order of appearance:
Pirate, Brawler, Marauder and Buccaneer builds, since this guide is about them. UA builds are NOT different.
Dexless, low-Dex or regular Dex?
Examples of possible Equipment to obtain if you're just starting a new Buccaneer without funds.
Iframe Combo's, and why use them?
Training guide, because you DO have to level up.
Mastery Book locations, just as a FIY if you'd like to try your luck hunting.
FAQ's, general tips and other advice, since they are useful.
And finally, the "Thanks!" section, because I do give credit when credit is due. Also includes an Author's note, since I did start working on this guide a while ago.

So you've chosen to be a Bucc, either by UA or by grinding straight from level 1 to become a Pirate. This guide will detail all the possible routes from UA to reg Buccs, the different builds, options, "decent" equipment, ect.

We'll begin by examining the regular Pirate build. Things are so basic I'm not giving it a clever name or more than one build option, since no matter what you do you should be flying by these levels. So long as you end up with these skills, you should be fine, but maxing them in this order would probably yield the fastest training speed.

Pirate build: Yarr

Level 10 +3 Somersault Kick, +1 Dash
Level 11 +3 Bullet Time
Level 12 +3 Bullet Time
Level 13 +3 Bullet Time
Level 14 +1 Bullet Time [Max], +2 Dash
Level 15 +3 Dash
Level 16 +3 Dash
Level 17 +1 Dash [Max], +2 Shadow Heart
Level 18 +3 Shadow Heart
Level 19 +3 Shadow Heart
Level 20 +2 Shadow Heart [Max], +1 Somersault Kick
Level 21 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 22 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 23 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 24 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 25 +3 Somersault Kick
Level 26 +1 Sommersault Kick[Max], +2 Double Shot
Level 27 +3 Double Shot
Level 28 +3 Double Shot
Level 29 +3 Double Shot
Level 30 +3 Double Shot

End results;
Max Bullet Time
Max Dash
Max Somersault Kick
Max Shadow Heart
14 Double Shot

This build focuses on mobility rather than damage, and let's be honest; faster movement at this level means faster training. Bullet Time and Dash both allow you to move faster while Dash will also provide a 100% Stance effect while it is active. Shadow Heart will both increase the frequency and damage of your critical hits following up with SSK for more damage on that. Finally, we dump points into Double Shot since unfortunately, we cannot save them for 2nd job. C'est la vie.

The basic Brawler builds:

Because you can rush the earliest out of the balanced classes. Makin' mobs.

Level 30 +1 Tornado Uppercut, +1 Corkscrew Blow, +2 Knuckle Mastery
Level 31 +3 Knuckle Mastery
Level 32 +3 Knuckle Booster
Level 33 +3 Knuckle Booster
Level 34 +3 Knuckle Mastery
Level 35 +2 Knuckle Mastery[Max], +1 Dark Clarity
Level 36 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 37 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 38 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 39 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 40 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 41 +3 Dark Clarity
Level 42 +1 Dark Clarity[Max], +2 Physical Training
Level 43 +3 Physical Training[Max[]
Level 44 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 45 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 46 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 47 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 48 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 49 +3 Corkscrew Blow
Level 50 +1 Corkscrew Blow[Max], +2 Perseverance
Level 51 +3 Perseverance
Level 52 +3 HP Boost
Level 53 +3 HP Boost
Level 54 +3 HP Boost
Level 55 +1 HP Boost, +2 Knuckler Booster
Level 56 +2 Knuckle Booster[Max], +1 Tornado Uppercut
Level 57 +3 Tornado Uppercut
Level 58 +3 Tornado Uppercut
Level 59 +3 Tornado Uppercut
Level 60 +3 Tornado Uppercut

While there are some swaps you could do in the above build, this is a pretty solid build. Starting with 1 in both of your usefull attacking skills will give you a little bit of experimentation while both being decent level 1 skills. Then Knuckle Mastery is gotten to 5 as a requirement for Knuckle Booster, which we will then get 6 points into for faster attacking speeds. We follow up with Dark Clarity for more attack power which will mean more damage. Physical Training will give a bit of a STR and Dex boost, which will provide a general damage boost for you. You'll begin maxing CorkScrew Blow so you can improve the damage it deals. Perseverance and HP Boost will follow, in that order, since Endurance will lower potion consumption somewhat and following up with HP Boost will increase the HP Recovery, not to mention more HP is always better. Knuckle Booster is maxed before last since duration is all that increases, but it MUST be maxed as our 4th job Speed Infusion has a requirement of 20 Knuckle Booster. Finally, you point dump into Tornado Upper.

End result:
Max Knuckle Mastery
Max Dark Clarity
Max Physical Training
Max Corkscrew Blow
Max Perseverance
Max HP Boost
Max Knuckle Booster
14 Tornado Uppercut

Marauder-hood builds

Level 60 +1 Spiral Assault, +1 Energy Charge, +1 Stun Mastery, +1 Energy Blast
Level 61 +1 Admiral's Wings, +1 Precision Strikes, +1 Energy Charge
Level 62 +3 Energy Charge
Level 63 +3 Energy Charge
Level 64 +3 Energy Charge
Level 65 +3 Energy Charge
Level 66 +3 Energy Charge
Level 67 +3 Energy Charge[Max]
Level 68 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 69 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 70 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 71 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 72 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 73 +3 Spiral Assault
Level 74 +1 Spiral Assault[Max], +2 Energy Blast
Level 75 +3 Energy Blast
Level 76 +3 Energy Blast
Level 77 +3 Energy Blast
Level 78 +3 Energy Blast
Level 79 +3 Energy Blast
Level 80 +2 Energy Blast[Max], +1 Precision Strikes
Level 81 +3 Precision Strikes
Level 82 +3 Precision Strikes
Level 83 +3 Precision Strikes[Max]
Level 84 +3 Stun Mastery
Level 85 +3 Stun Mastery
Level 86 +3 Stun Mastery[Max]
Level 87 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 88 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 89 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 90 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 91 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 92 +3 Roll of the Dice
Level 93 +2 Roll of the Dice[Max], +1 Admiral's Wings
Level 94 +3 Admiral's Wings
Level 95 +3 Admiral's Wings
Level 96 +3 Admiral's Wings[Max]
Level 97 +3 (Tornado Uppercut/Landlubber Blast)
Level 98 +3 (Tornado Uppercut/Landlubber Blast)
Level 99 +3 (Tornado Uppercut/Landlubber Blast)
Level 100 +3 (Tornado Uppercut/Landlubber Blast)

First, you get Spiral Assault. No questions asked. It's a great rushing skill that chains well with Corkscrew and will help your training a TON. Then you get Energy Charge, Stun Mastery Energy Blast since all three are useful. 1 Critical Strikes and Admiral's Wings will follow since both are also useful, and then you'll begin maxing Energy Charge. It's buff is really great and it will be active longer while activating faster every level you put into it. Spiral Assault is maxed next for more damage in your main mobber, following up with max Blast for when you're charged. Critical Strikes is next for the increased Critical Damage and Critical Rate, which results in a damage increase for every skill. Stun Mastery follows for more crits on stunned mobs. Roll of the Dice is next for the variety of useful buffs it can dish out. Admiral's Wings will be gotten once mobs actually start hitting for significant amounts of damage. Finally, point dumping into Tornado Upper or Landlubber Blast is done for the last few levels.

You can vary a few things here. You could put Blast a bit later on if you wanted to, depending on how you play. You could also swap Stun Mastery to later on, pushing either Dice or Willow Defense sooner. The last three skills that aren't point dumps can really be swapped around to your leisure, if you wish to do so.

End result:
Max Energy Charge
Max Spiral Assault
Max Energy Blast
Max Precision Strikes
Max Stun Mastery
Max Roll of the Dice
Max Admiral's Wings
Max Tornado Uppercut
14 Landlubber Blast


My fists, they are made of STEEL!

First of all, congrats for making it this far. You worked for it. Instead of handing you a build, I'll give you what each skill brings to the table and different "groups" of skills you should max. "Groups" being how soon this skill should be maxed. Because of Mastery Books, funding and what you enjoy doing(Training or bossing), builds can differ. Please note that no build is concrete and if you feel you must differ, due to funds, luck or simply to be unique, you can. Just remember that you will most likely be ending up somewhat weaker than a Buccaneer following an 'ideal' build.

You have two 'groups' of skills; those that are very useful and should be maxed first, and the others you may get a point in early on but do not need maxed ASAP. Buccaneer Blast, Double Down, Octopunch, Pirate's Revenge, Crossbones and Typhoon Crash are skills that every Buccaneer will want ASAP. Time Leap and Speed Infusion are good one pointers, but otherwise they'll only really be maxed later on. Maple Warrior is iffy as it can be a good skill, but if someone in your party has it at a higher level then it's like you don't have it at all. It is, however, a good skill to have after you max your main skills for soloing purposes. Finally, the two skills you'll be getting one point in and maxing the LAST in your career are Dragon Strike and Nautilus Strike. Both are useful for charging Energy, but Ultimates in general aren't that great and Dragon Strike is easily beat out in mobbing by Buccaneer Blast.

Note that Pirate's Rage should have 1 point added when you start to do bosses that Seduce on a regular basis. Depending on your funding, this could be fairly early on(140's) or much later(160's). It depends on your own personal funds, connections and intentions.

We'll begin at the early levels and how EVERY Buccaneer should start their character, no matter what path you intend to take with it;

Level 100 +1 Octopunch, +1 Dragon Strike, +1 Speed Infusion, +1 Buccaneer Blast
Level 101 +1 Time Leap, +1 Double Down, +1 Crossbones
Level 102 +1 Nautilus Strike, +2 Double Down
Level 103 +2 Double Down(MAX), +1 Crossbones

You'll be getting your main 1v1, mobber, party skills(SI and TL), buffs and two skills to charge your Energy early on. They are all good at level 1, and Double Down is maxed first since having a chance at rolling two dices will increase your odds of getting good buffs while making double rolls(Two sixes, for example) more effective. For only 5 skill points, it's a buff that will really speed up your training.

Afterwards, Crossbones should be maxed. It will increase your overall mastery, meaning more stable damage, while also providing a damage buff meaning more damage. The passive status resist and elemental resist are also useful for bossing as well. It's better than starting by maxing either attacking skill since it provides a buff to both, meaning you're more flexible than if you begin by maxing either Octopunch or Buccaneer Blast.

Pirate's Revenge should follow since, like Crossbones, it is a damage buff to every skill you possess rather than a select few. Flexible is the key word here for the first two direct damage raising skills you get.

At this point you can either branch off into two different skillsets depending on what you plan to do. Most will start maxing Buccaneer Blast, since it will greatly increase your training speed. However someone who intends to boss early would get Octopunch, although they will train a lot slower, they will excel at bossing much earlier. For those who boss hardcore, it might be something worth considering, although you would need to almost exclusively do 1v1 bossing for it to help more than Buccaneer Blast. For the vast majority of people, who don't boss 100% of the time, Buccaneer Blast first will be a much better choice. Either way, maxing Typhoon Crash after whichever skill you choose will be a great damage booster. 40% chance to ignore 100% of a mob's defense is GREAT, especially since it includes Boss mobs!

Now you'll go ahead and grab Octopunch in order to improve your 1v1 damage, which will make you much better at 1v1. Combined with Typhoon Crush, which will ignore the PDR rate of bosses, some decent party skills(SI and TL) and a solid 1v1 you should be a contribution to most boss runs. 9 points into Maple Warrior at this point would be helpful if you solo, although you could forego it(Since most parties tend to have someone with level 19+ MW) and skip directly to 5 Time Leap, since at this point you'll be focusing more on party oriented skills now that your personal damage is good.

After you get 5 Time Leap and 9 Maple Warrior for soloing(If you so choose), it's pretty much free game. You can do whatever you really want at that point since you'll have all your core skills maxed. The only thing, however, is that Dragon Strike should be the LAST skill you put points into. It is outclassed by Buccaneer Blast in virtually EVERY way and is PURELY used to charge Energy; there is very little point to having it do more damage. Even having Nautilus on a lower cooldown with more damage is better than Dragon Strike.

So why is Dragon Strike nearly useless, you ask? There's a few simple answers. First of all, compared to Buccaneer Blast, the damage just pales in comparison. Talk about 800% more damage from Buccaneer Blast. That's not enough for you? Dragon Strike isn't as flexible; it doesn't have as much horizontal range and Buccaneer Blast increases the amount of Energy charged per attack, which leads to quicker Charge times. Less time to use Dragon Strike. Oh, did I mention Buccaneer Blast has a longer range? By a significant amount too. It can also be used in mid-air(Unlike Dragon Strike) and mount-canceled.

Wait, what is mount canceling? It's where you use Energy Blast, quickly mount and then dismount in order to reduce the down time of Buccaneer Blast. This reduces the cast time to the equivalent of Dragon Strike. So let's review the facts about Dragon Strike; it has less damage, less range, doesn't offer any useful passives to support itself and a cast time similar to Buccaneer Blast. It is truly not useful beyond level 1, as every other skill has a sort of 'niche' that it can help with, while Dragon Strike simply Charges energy.

On the topic of Charging Energy(In case you're not convinced on how useless Dragon Strike is past level 1), we can agree that in any mobbing situation, you'll be hitting 2+ mobs. This means it takes only approximately 13 uses of Dragon Strike at most to fully charge Energy and set up Buccaneer Blast; meaning a rather trivial amount of time is spent to set up usage of Buccaneer Blast in a worst case scenario. In a 1v1, Octopunch will do more damage, and if any move is used against a boss-type mob they will Charge additional Energy. This means that even if you're mobbing the LOWEST amount of mobs you possibly can, it still takes relatively little time to Charge, and as you mob more the time diminishes even further, leading to Dragon Strike being used for only a fraction of the time for you to get Charged and then unleash Buccaneer Blast in any mobbing situation.

In short, after level 104;

Level 104 +3 Crossbones
Level 105 +3 Crossbones
Level 106 +3 Crossbones
Level 107 +3 Crossbones
Level 108 +3 Crossbones
Level 109 +3 Crossbones
Level 110 +3 Crossbones
Level 111 +3 Crossbones
Level 112 +3 Crossbones
Level 113 +1 Crossbones(MAX), +2 Pirate's Revenge
Level 114 +3 Pirate's Revenge
Level 115 +3 Pirate's Revenge
Level 116 +2 Pirate's Revenge(MAX), +1 Buccaneer Blast
Level 117 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 118 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 119 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 120 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 121 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 122 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 123 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 124 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 125 +3 Buccaneer Blast
Level 126 +1 Buccaneer Blast(MAX), +2 Typhoon Crash
Level 127 +3 Typhoon Crash
Level 128 +3 Typhoon Crash
Level 129 +3 Typhoon Crash
Level 130 +3 Typhoon Crash
Level 131 +3 Typhoon Crash
Level 132 +3 Typhoon Crash(MAX)
Level 133 +3 Octopunch
Level 134 +3 Octopunch
Level 135 +3 Octopunch
Level 136 +3 Octopunch
Level 137 +3 Octopunch
Level 138 +3 Octopunch
Level 139 +3 Octopunch
Level 140 +3 Octopunch
Level 141 +3 Octopunch
Level 142 +2 Octopunch(MAX), +1 Time Leap
Level 143 +3 Time Leap(MAX)
Level 144 +3 Maple Warrior
Level 145 +3 Maple Warrior
Level 146 +3 Maple Warrior
Level 147 +1 Maple Warrior, two SP leftover
End results;

Max Crossbones
Max Pirate's Revenge
Max Buccaneer Blast
Max Typhoon Crash
Max Octopunch
10 Maple Warrior
Max Time Leap

And then you build your Buccaneer the way YOU want to, although it is highly recommended that you save 20 SP at some point for MW30 and 5 SP for Hero's Will. You can get a longer duration on SI, more damage with Dragon Strike or a lower cooldown along with higher damage on Nautilus Strike. You really should be saving SP for MW and Hero's Will; both are worth it and are highly beneficial, even if you can't afford MW books, you may be able to one day and the damage given far outweighs the advantages of the other skills at this level.

My personal recommendation? I'd suggest maxing Dragon Strike as your last skill; Nautilus Ultimate helps hit mobs in places your other skills simply can't reach and is decent at charging in some locations such as Zakum arms. Speed Infusion only gives more duration, but extra damage on a mobber you'll be using for so little time compared to Buccaneer Blast simply isn't worth it in my opinion; I also hate having to recast SI. And of course save points for Maple Warrior if you cannot afford it; it's worth it, and will benefit you while soloing.

The Dex Stat

Next we'll examine the Dex stat. You should be Dexless. There's no reason not, since as of the Tempest patch there is no Dex requirement; previously, Knuckles and Pirate equipment used to require Dex to equip. Since this is no longer the case, and so you should simply wear equipment that increases your STR, which means more damage. The equipment list outlined below will suggest what sort of equipment you could obtain, while the skill list will go over a few skills that are optional, but that are highly recommended to obtain.


While equipment does change a lot, I'll just be going over some bare minimum equipment you should be trying to get. It's cheap, it'll hopefully last you until you can afford something with better stats and they will help your damage, and thus your training.

A special note here about Professions: They are AMAZING for obtaining some cheap, usable equipment. With Jewel Crafting you can make STR Belts and Face Accessories, as well as Earrings and Shoulders! Blacksmithing can be used to make Knuckles, Gloves, Overalls, Boots, and they all have a chance to come with potential! Alchemy can be used to fuse two of the same kind of equip together to possibly come out with potential, although I recommend you use a mule for this, as nothing made via Alchemy that has any value is untradable. If you pick up Jewel Crafting you will need to PvP to make Shoulders, so it may be useful to pick them up on a more PvP orientated character if you don't plan to PvP as a Bucc.

And now for the list of equipment:

Crocell Hat/Zakum Helmet/Scarlion Helm are the staple of a poorer player, and each of them provides some various stats. Do note that you should never buy a Zakum or Scarlion Helm, as many players kill these bosses quite easily, not to mention that they are relatively easy to kill in a group. Get one on a boss run to save some Mesos.

Crusader Codex, the El Nath set is one of the easiest to obtain, and provides a little bit of Weapon Attack. The El Nath Mines set, however, provides some %Attack, and the most difficult card is Zakum. These are the two easiest sets which provide some bonuses, otherwise, you may want to complete some sets to increase the raw stat boost of the Codex; be aware that the bonus is very little, and it generally isn't worth doing.

Crusader Shoulder Pad, since it does give a little Weapon Attack; in addition, you can scroll them easily, and they cost virtually nothing to obtain. It will, however, be annoying to obtain a good one without some luck with scrolls, since they do explode the Shoulder on failure.

STR Rings are a decent option, although they should be replaced by Evolving Rings, but chances are you will not be able to afford better one.

Romeo and Juliet Pendant/Deputy Star/Mark of Naricain, preferably a Mark of Naricain due to the ease of access and large bonus. The CrimsonWood Keep Party Quest is relatively easy for a dedicated group of players, and so Marks of Naricain are usually easy to obtain; the only obstacle is the requirement of certain classes.

Pirate Overall with %STR, since it will provide an increasing amount of damage as you level. Get something level 71 or higher, since it will have the best stat reveals compared to lower level equipment; 3% STR is a decent starting point, and is the lowest amount a stat you can receive on a level 71+ Overall.

Pirate Shoes with %STR, for the same reason as an Overall; 3% STR is a good starting point, and you cannot receive a lower percentage boost for STR if you have a third tier Shoe.

Ludibrium PQ Glasses, since they come with potential, although you could skip them in favor of obtaining other Eye equipment later.

Any Belt, but try and get some %STR on it, since any Belt with %STR is acceptable. A second tier level 40 Belt, which doesn't cost too much to make, can easily have 2% STR on it, possibly even 4% STR; you could fuse them yourself or buy one with a low %STR for relatively little. A higher level Belt with 3% STR is also acceptable.

Master Adventurer Medal, since it's free and gives an acceptable bonus. Replace with another Medal if you have the time to obtain it, but it is by no means needed at this point.

Any Cape with %STR, or a scrolled Cape; preferably one with %STR. They are rarer than other equipment, so either nab yourself a low level one, a 3% one if you can afford it or opt out of the Cape completely, instead going for something cheap from a quest or a clean Cape. Once you can afford a Cape with %STR, I would suggest upgrading.

Shiny Pirate Face Accessory, for a small boost in Weapon Attack.

While some of this equipment might be a little annoying to find, they are useful, and certain pieces will be used for quite some time, possibly even as end-game equipment. There's also a lot of room for upgrades, such as Kenta PQ Goggles for Eyes, Silent Crusade Medal for Medals, HornTail Pendant for the Pendant... While they might be expensive for certain upgrades, this is still a fairly workable BARE minimum that you need. Everything on the list can be upgraded, so it's a good place to start if you don't have that many funds. Some pieces of equipment can also be ignored if you have other equipment that provides a superior bonus to these.

For those without funds, Azwan is an EXCELLENT place to earn some scrolls for your equipment. While the potion costs can be fairly large, the exp isn't half bad even if you rush the PQ and skilled use of rushers can assist in preventing deaths. Azwan scrolls work by 'combining' regular scrolls; the basic 60% scrolls have the same chance of success as a normal 60% scroll, but they consume twice the slots AND give twice the bonus! In terms of math, it's easier to pass a few Azwan scrolls instead of more 60%'s, although some Azwan scrolls have less success than 60%, they give a much larger bonus. 60%'s are the best to toss on something if you're looking for a bit of extra STR or some Weapon Scrolls, especially since they are essentially 'free' if you don't use many potions.

As for skills, there are two which warrant a mention; Hero's Will and Will of the Alliance. The Will of the Alliance skill will give you a small boost in Weapon Attack and raw stats, all at the cost of a relatively easy quest which you will receive relatively early. It involves forging the Maple Alliance, which is straightforward and easy to accomplish.

Hero's Will, on the other hand, begins in Leafre; speak with Chief Tatomo about your lost Will, and then head to Carta the Sea Witch in Aquarium. You'll be forced to fork out Minature Pianus in order to spend a certain amount of time in an underwater area with monsters, which will drop small stones; do note you can enter with a party at the cost of one Minature Pianus in total, but it will most likely take more than one if you're solo, and parties will end up with less spawn per person. Once you collect enough, you can exchange them with Carta, who will give you an item; collect the other items required, which are from bosses, and turn in the quest with Chief Tatamo. He will restore your Hero's Will, which allows you to break all status conditions when used, although it is on a long cooldown; do note that you can break skills such as Seduce, which normally remove your character control completely, and it can also be used even if Sealed, which normally locks every skill you possess. It is required for the later bosses, such as HornTail, Pink Bean and Empress; it is also worth noting that the Miniature Pianus drops from Pianus, although it can be purchased. Due to how rare a Pianus spawn is, you may be forced to purchase them in order to complete the quest.


"Iframes? But I've never heard of those!" Well Iframes is short for Invincibility/Invulnerability Frames. It's points during certain moves where you can't be hit. You'll notice when you Cork onto a mob you actually won't be hit for a little bit until Cork actually ends. Or when you Sommersault Kick with proper timing during a magic attack you'll remain unphased. Those are Iframes. SommerSault Kick, Corkscrew Blow, and Spiral Assault all have Iframes that you can exploit to save potions, avoid 1/1's as well as status effects induced by damage or simply to save time from being KB'ed(Nice during those attacks that launch you WAY back to the other side of the screen), among other things.

In short, Iframes are points during certain moves where you cannot be hit and Iframes are awesome when you know how to use them properly(Or even when you don't, but aren't as effective when you don't know how to use them).

SommerSault Kick+SommerSault Kick+SommerSault Kick... Spam that should protect you the vast majority of the time you'll be using it. You can time a single one to dodge a ranged attack for less down time. It's worth the minor DPS drop if doing so will avoid a Seduce or another deadly, non-dispellable status condition. It also helps in conditions where avoiding damage is imperative, such as in potion lock situations.

Corkscrew+Spiral Assault. Nice for mobbing in 3rd job and for rushing in 4th job while maintaining some Iframes. Note that unless you kill with Spiral Assault, you will take touch damage.

Training guide:

These are just some common training spots you can try; they are by no means the ONLY spots. After 120 I'll assume you're experienced enough to find your own places other than LHC should you need to train elsewhere, so this is just a quick guide to 120.

1-10 Maple Island
Must I really add a description here?

11-30 Mixed Golems
There's a mini-dungeon you can use. Should go by quickly.

31-45 Scarecrows/Mushroom Kingdom Quests
Take the smaller room, since the larger room in the Chimney usually has more competition. Although if you can hold that channel, you will obtain better exp/hour, but you'll have to defend it. Alternatively, if you find yourself either not strong enough, missing too much or not able to find a CH, the Mushroom Kingdom quests are a perfectly viable alternative.

46-70 Jesters/Voodoos
Grab the Toy Room for Jesters, the Chimney room simply has too much competition from classes who will dominate you for the map to be trainable. Voodoos are also nice. Depending on funds, Jesters might not be great. If not, do some levels at Voodoos and come back later.

71-90 MP3/Jesters/Ariant/Magatia
You'll probably be splitting at the very popular MP3 map, unless you're on a dead server, can defend your own or on during dead hours. If you feel MP3 is too difficult for you, then Jesters for a few more levels may help. Ariant/Magatia are decent alternatives if you can't find a spot, and nearly ALL of the maps are flat with spawn on just the floor.

91-110 Alien Base 6/Pirates/Lower Clock Tower
Again, you'll probably be splitting a map unless you can properly defend this map. The exp here is simply AMAZING for this level and you should be passing by relatively fast. Pirates in Herb Town and the Lower Clock Tower maps(Most likely Dual Ghost Pirates) are alternative locations, but neither of them will be matching the exp/hour at Aliens in NLC.

110-120 Crockies/Lower Clock Tower/Aliens
Grab a party and suit up; you'll be party play training at LHC until 165 if you want the best exp and ALL the best spots are party play from now on. Crockies are the only thing you can really get party exp from at 110, so just try and find a good party. Assisting in kills will earn you more exp than just leeching, and only more organized parties tend to frequent the later maps, such as Bearwolves and Golems. The Lower Clock Tower is single play and doesn't compare to a good LHC party, but if you can't LHC due to lag or simply despise parties so much that you don't mind gimping your training, it can be an option, albeit a less effective one. Aliens are better exp than Lower Clock Tower maps, but not as good as a good LHC party. Fighting for a map may still be a problem.

PQ's are also EXCELLENT exp now that Ascension has come. They are limited to 10 PQ's a day for each PQ, but they now offer much better rewards AND give more exp than ever! The average level of your party also determines the difficulty, so a group of lower levels can PQ easily and a group of high levels can PQ just as easily. Most of the PQ's are now easier as well, so it's much quicker to do them, although the mobs have been buffed, their additional exp makes up for it.

For 50~70, Ludibrium PQ is EXCELLENT exp and very easy to do. I HIGHLY recommend you try it if you're at this level; the exp is worth it.

For 70~100, Romeo and Juliet PQ(Either rushing or grinding at the Neo Huroid stage) is excellent exp. Grinding, especially with a Priest or Phantom with Holy Symbol is GREAT exp at R&J during any of the levels. The only problem may be making sure your party is close to your average level. Ellin PQ, Pirate PQ and Orbis PQ are all somewhat deserted, but decent exp/hour. Not as much as R&J, but still fairly decent. Azwan grinding or rushing is also a viable option, although note that potion costs may be rather large unless grinding outside of the one shot range of the last Tower, but the exp is quite nice even at 110+.

PQ's are HIGHLY recommended to try and do as much as you can, since they beat out grinding if you're running them at a good speed. Monster Park is also good, but make sure you snag a Priest(Or a Phantom with Holy Symbol) if you head there, since the ONLY exp awarded is from mob kills! Monster Park rewards also expire, but they are good(Badges that give a variety of random stats and a +5 Att/Magic Att Face Mustache).

Mastery Book Locations

Obviously Mastery Books have to come from somewhere! Fortunately, with the Chaos update, Mastery Books now come from Mystery Mastery Books which drop from various mobs and have a chance to give ANY Book. This is great because a lot of our books were RIDICULOUSLY rare and are now more common due to equal chances of every book being obtained.

Mystery Mastery Books drop for virtually any mob that is level 120+. While you can hunt for them, it's more of a bonus for not training at LHC. Books aren't terribly expensive at the moment, so hunting them is less and less important.

While the chances to obtain Mastery Books are now random, meaning you can no longer hunt a specific book, hunting for Mystery Books opens up more training spots which are a lot better than were our previously class specific books would drop. Hunting them is inferior in terms of time spent to buying them due to the low chance of getting a specific book, but it does allow you to have a chance at books and possibly turn in some profit, although I wouldn't count on anything huge unless you get a MW20/30 book.

A special note here; the Neo City quest line will give you a Mystery Mastery Book specific to your class, and the Medal itself is good enough to warrant doing the quests.

FAQ's(When I get them), Tips, General Advice, ect.

Get a good group of friends to boss with, preferably a good guild as well. SI is wanted in certain parties, TL can assist with accidental deaths if a Bishop is present and our DPS is alright in 1v1. Even if you're only running CWKPQ's every so often, it's still something and the chance at profit is there.

Find a way to make money. Bossing, merching or hunting for drops. With the prices skillbooks, equipment and such, it's good to have a way you can reliably make some money so you can actually afford things and upgrade your gear.

Don't worry if you're not doing decent damage. A lot of people don't dish out a lot of damage, especially if it's your first character. Just find a way to get some income while having fun and eventually you'll deal more damage. The game's about fun, and while being strong is fun to most, it does take some effort.

Take advantage of freebies and events! Freebies(Broken Glasses, Kenta PQ Goggles) and events are EXCELLENT ways to get a few extra stats or to get some equipment that will last. If you can't afford expensive equipment like Spectrum Goggles, Kenta Goggles are excellent since they are easy to get yourself. And Events are always nice since they almost always give you something that'll be usable until you decide to upgrade to something a little more expensive.

Learn what bosses you can take on your own, and what you need a party for. You can solo Papulatus fairly easily, but soloing Zakum is not advisable until you're strong enough. Papulatus will probably drop enough potions and equipment to recoup your losses(Unless you buy the Crack of Time), so it can be a good stepping stone to help yourself get use to some of the bossing realities(Stun, 1/1's, Debuffs, ect) if you're new to 4th job. CWKPQ is also a good stepping stone, but it does require connections and will allow you to meet some people who may do other kinds of boss runs while standing a chance at some VERY profitable loot.

Don't stress out about being the "best" at first or "needing" a certain book you keep failing. Stressing out just makes the game less enjoyable. You'll pass it eventually and you'll slowly improve, it's alright to be concerned about things, just don't stress yourself over it.

Have fun with the little things! Once in a while, if you're feeling in a grind or bored, go do something you haven't done. For example, try out the Dojo while trying to perfect Iframes or do a lower level PQ you may not have had the chance to experience yet. A few distractions never hurt, and you can earn a bit of progress on your traits while doing them.

Fun fact: Corkscrew rushes AS FAR as Rush, a Warrior skill. They also have nearly/the same delay, so you CAN replace a Warrior for rushing purposes. Not to mention you have TWO rushers to use instead of one, meaning that you have superior mob control in terms of rushing.

And finally, MapleStory is about FUN! If you're not having FUN, perhaps you should try to have some instead of stressing out over how weak you are or how you need a better Knuckle, ect. FUN should ALWAYS come first(So long as it doesn't break the rules, obviously).

Now with the end of the tips, I'd just like to go into something a little more on the subject of why I made this guide. At time of writing, there are a few Bucc guides floating around, mostly on builds, AP and perhaps a little on training spots. The stickied one on Basil is clearly outdated, so I decided to blend a lot of commonly asked questions into a guide, both to cut down on the amount of meaningless threads posted and to help the community. I mean, it really is annoying seeing three "Training spot?" threads for the SAME level on the front page, and then someone actually posting an answer(Which encourages laziness, "Why look if someone will tell me when I make a thread even if the question has been asked before?", it really just got to a point where I'd post on the thread and tell them to look instead of asking. Especially for simple questions, like builds or training spots. Now I can just link them to this guide if they miss it and they may even look at it before. Finally, if you're going to say "Oh, *insert guide here* is better!" or "We have enough guides!", you can kindly keep your thoughts to yourself, since this IS a public forum and so long as I don't break the rules, I do believe I can do what I want.

Last but not least, the "Thank You!" section. If you're here, you've obviously helped with this guide in some way, shape or form. Or perhaps I've got a link to another guide in this guide. Either way, you're awesome and I thank you.

Capslocker7(InkYoshi): Reviewed this guide before posting and helped a ton on the equipment section, also a good friend of mine. I'd never have had the confidence, willpower nor the courage to post this guide without him, and even if I did it would be incomplete, in my eyes, without his help.

Pikachuxbboy: Added a small usage to Snatch which really doesn't change how effective the move is, but does "kind of" justify getting it to level 1 if a certain situation seems to arise consistently enough to you. Also helped a TON on the post-Revamp builds, he's been a really big help in that aspect. He deserves a lot of thanks and credit

Infferrno: Gave me a more in detail bossing Bucc build that goes into much better depth than I did. Many thanks! Also helped me with my horrible skills at using Headers, Bolding and Italics(Even if I hate Italics). Many more thanks to him!

Tersera: Suggested a minor combo that I would NEVER have thought of in my years of Mapling even if I was level 200. Also suggested the explanation of pre-Bucc moves. Thanks for being creative!

Teratology: Informed me of a few changes I wasn't aware of(Such as MMB being drops from most 120+ mobs) and the vast outdated-ness of certain sections. Also provided the basis of a mini-training guide.
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