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MapleStory Guide: Computer Tips, Tweaks, Reviews and Software

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Table of Contents

-The Basics of Computers, Power Supply
-Protecting Your PC
-Removing Antivirus 2008/2009 Virus

Choosing A Computer

This is the popular question about computers: What should I get?
This section should basically give you a good walk through on what you should get. All the prices listed are estimates not exact prices

The Right Computer For You
To help you decide on what type of computer you will get, think about whether:
A. you will be moving around a lot and want a small and light computer
B. you want raw power, even if it means a 2 foot tall case tower, and need the computer on at all times
C. You're going to do some gaming but not heavy gaming like Crysis 3 but games like League of Legends, Starcraft 2, COD etc
D. You're a hardcore gamer, video editor, you photoshop, you need the BEST DAMN THING EVER!
The next set of questions involves both the laptop and the desktop. So consider this:
A. You only need a PC for work, a bit of e-mail, and some easy Web browsing.
B. You are going listen to music, watch a few movies and videos, a bit of DVDs, play a few causal games, and burn some CDs.
C. You are going play a bunch of games, edit music and movies, and burn a bunch of CDs and DVDs.
D. You need all the power you can get - you'll be playing the most hardware-intense games on the market, scan both viruses and spyware while playing a game and defragmenting a hard drive all at the same time, and edit movies, videos, pictures and more while burning discs and doing a Photoshop job.

If you choose A
A specify a low-end Intel Core i3 Duo or equivalent AMD A4, A6, A8, or A10
Ram- Standard is basically 6-8GB now in 2013
Integrated audio and graphics
300GB+ is basically standard now in 2013
DVD Reader/CD Burner
Windows 7 x64 or Windows 8 x64

If you chose B
I'd say under $600 for desktops,
Low/mid-end Intel Core i5 or equivalent AMD Phenom or AMD FX processors
Ram: Standard 6-8GB
Integrated audio, low/mid-end dedicated graphics card
500GB+ is basically standard
Power supply depends on the system build (even though it is "low/mid-end", the wattage requirements vary) 500wattPSU
DVD Burner
Windows 7 x64 or Windows 8 x64

If you chose C
I would say under $800-ish
Intel Core i5 or equivalent AMD FX series ( 4 core, 6 core, or 8 core if you can afford)
8GB-16GB RAM for all OS or higher
Integrated audio, Any Geforce 400-500 series video card, or AMD equivalent. (sorry not listing AMD video cards b/c I'm not too familiar with them)
500-2TB HDD along with a SSD as a boot drive
Power supply determined by builder i recommend 500+
Windows 7 x64 or Windows 8 x64

If you chose D
High-end Intel Core i7, AMD FX 8 Core Processor Black Edition
8-32GB of RAM
Nvidia Geforce 500 or 600 series or AMD 7000 series or 8000 series
SSD 120GB-500GB your choice.
Power supply depends on exact system specifications, but it's usually 800W+
High-end air cooling (Ultra 120, Big Typhoon, Tunic Tower), high-end water cooling, dry ice/liquid nitrogen for insane, record-breaking overclocks
Windows 7 x64 or Windows 8 x64
DVD Burner or Blue Ray Burner if you want to watch Blue Ray Movies.


To boot up your computer a bit faster
To speed up your startup
Go to start>run>type msconfig>then on startup tab untick everything besides your antivirus. This applies to vista as well but run is in accessories.

A Comparison Of The Most Popular Browsers

All of these browsers, compared with each other. Its ultimately your choice on what browser you want to use. What i do highly recommend is Firefox because it is safe, you can tweak it, plus many cool skins, but there are others too. Its all up to you. Now here is a comparison of a couple of them.

Internet Explorer 9

This is the brand new Internet Explorer 9 released by Microsoft. To me it's better than previous 6,7,8 etc, it's basically the browser that comes with any windows computer. I personally still don't like internet explorer but some school stuff I use internet explorer for because it's supported

Mozilla Firefox 21

My second favorite browser, It's secure, and versatile with the many plugins available, such as adblock plus, noscript, anti-phishing, and more. This was my primary browser from 2006-2008ish.

Google Chrome

My top favorite browser. I've been using Chrome as my main browser since 2009 and I love that chrome is getting very competitive with firefox. It's speeds are super insanely fast and there are plenty of plugins and themes for it as well now. Google has done a great job with chrome.

Excellent Free Programs That Protect Your Computer

A list of antivirus programs that work great

Avira Antivirus
Avira 2013. One of the top free rated Antiviruses. It goes pretty heavily into detecting viruses, trojans, worms etc, provides real time protectionm has AntiAd/Spyware protection etc. One of my favorite free antivirus of all time

Microsoft Security Essentials
Security Essentials to me is a super lightweight antivirus program created by Microsoft but it's not the best at detecting stuff. I've had a couple of issues with it where it didn't detect a couple trojans and stuff went through my computer where I had to reformat. If you don't go on stupid websites that might give you viruses and you're pretty careful about what you download I recommend this because it's quiet, doesn't really bother you, and is super lightweight.
Avast has been revamped and redone. They totally redid the interface. Installation time is fast, it's not the fastest but it gets the job done. Avast has sort of gotten a bit bulky so I'm not too big of a fan of it. However detection rate isn't bad. Avast gets a lot right, it's got usable, uncluttered interface, solid although not stellar benchmarks, and a set of features that keep it at forefront of Windows security.
Superantispyware FREE
This is one of the top Antispyware now in modern times. It has an excellent scanning system, gets rid of the malaware, tracking cookie etc, it provides a registry scan too. It also has one of the highest detection rates for a free Antispyware program.
I used to not recommend AVG back in the days of 2006-2008ish but now fast forward 2013 AVG has done a pretty good job at redesigning their antivirus. It's easy to install, light (33MB only) Detection rate is pretty good, sometimes you get some false positives but AVG is pretty impressive nowadays.

Malwarebytes Antimalware
Another one of those must have programs this small compact program is such an excellent scanner that removes malware one bit at a time and seriously its one of the best tools I've ever used. This can get rid of those fake antivirus programs that pop upand other nasty Trojans, but it has no real time protection so it's not an antivirus. I seriously recommend everyone to get a combo of their antivirus combined with superantispyware and this program Malwarebytes and I'll guarantee you don't regret this.
SpywareBlaster is not a scanner, but it does help prevent spyware from getting on your computer. It prevents the installation of ActiveX spyware, blocks spying tracking via cookies, and restricts the actions of potentially unwanted or dangerous websites. I highly recommend having this too. All you have to do is update it once in a while and enable all protection.

  • NOTE: Do NOT run 2 or more antivirus programs, antispyware programs, or firewalls at the same time. They will just conflict, and your PC will start to crash from them.

Removing Antivirus 2008 and 2009

Since so many people have encountered this virus some way or another it usually shows fake popup system alerts saying to scan with the product or buy it its annoying and its one of those bad malware that gets infected. To remove it Download Malwarebytes then do a full system scan and it should get rid of it. Next and last download superantispyware to make sure everything is gone from your system. Remember to update it then run a scan. Don't run both at same time.

The Proper Way of Removing Spyware and Viruses


Always boot up in Safe Mode and disconnect from the Internet. If you have scanned over and over and deleted the same thing over and over again, but it keeps coming back, that is the reason why it keeps popping up in your scan results - it automatically re downloads and reinstalls itself through code that triggers a secret Auto run program that performs the reinstallation and crap. Safe Mode disables all startup entries and only starts up vital Windows processes, so these programs won't get the chance to launch on startup.
After that, run spyware and virus scans, and delete them as normal.
Reboot normally and reconnect to the Internet, and scan again. Nothing should pop up now.


Windows Firewall is sufficient enough for normal computer users. If you're running a router, it already has a built in firewall, so there really no need for a separate firewall. If you really insist on using a firewall, get Comodo. If you don't want to download a firewall, Windows Firewall will do, unless you really are paranoid of keyloggers, then get Comodo or Sygate.


Avast Antivirus
Superantispyware Free
Microsoft Security Essentials
Malwarebytes Free

Internet Explorer 9
Google Chrome

Guide Misc.

Updated 6/18/2013
- removed old windows xp stuff, xp tweaks, vista tweaks.
- updated computer build, antivirus etc.
- going to add windows 7, 8 tweaks later
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