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MapleStory Guide: Evan Quest Guide

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This guide will tell you where to go, what the level requirements are, what to get and much more information!, so you don't waste a good chunk of your time wondering where to go and what to do.

Some information may be slightly off due to the fact that the info is from kMST. If you have corrections for my guide, PM them to me and I will correct them and add you to the credits below

Other relevant Evan Guides;

Jumbojet777's Evan guide on "Taming the Dragon"
BBD's guide on General Info about Evans and recommended equips

Mir's Growth Rate & Skills Table

Legend ;

LevelGrowth Level
101st Growth (Dragon Soul, Magic Missile) Appearance change.
202nd Growth (Fire Circle, Teleport) Appearance change.
303rd Growth (Magic Guard, Lightning Bolt) Appearance change.
404th Growth (Ice Breath, Elemental Resist)
505th Growth (Magic Flare, Magic Shield) Appearance change.
606th Growth (Critical Magic, Dragon Thrust, Magic Booster, Slow)
807th Growth (Breath, Killing Wing, Magic Amplification, Magic Resistance) Appearance change.
1008th Growth (Dragon Fury, Earthquake, Ghost Lettering, Recovery Aurora)
1209th Growth (Flame Wheel, Heros Will, Illusion, Magic Mastery, Maple Warrior) Appearance change.
16010th Growth (Blessing of Onyx, Dark Fog, Soul Stone)

Let's get this started, shall we?

BIG, BIG, BIGGGGGG NOTE: Finish every (EVAN) quest you can to get the next one in the chain. Also, know that this guide will not go into the story of the Evan class or Skill Point/Ability Point Distribution (Use Jumbojet777's guide). That is something that you will have to figure out or find without my help.

Table of Content

Level 1-9 Quests
Level 10-12 Quests
Level 13-17 Quests
Level 18 Quest(s)
Level 20 Quest(s)
Level 28 Quest(s)
Level 30 Quest(s)
Level 32 Quest(s)
Level 33 Quest(s)
Level 34 Quest(s)
Level 35 Quest(s)
Level 36 Quest(s)
Level 41 Quest(s)
Level 42 Quest(s)
Level 46 Quest(s)
Level 50 Evan Event Quest
Level 50 Mount Quest
Level 51 Quest(s)
Level 57 Quest(s)
Level 60 Evan Event Quest
Level 62 Quest(s)
Level 67 Quest(s)
Level 68 Quest(s)
Level 70 Quest(s)
Level 80 Quest(s)
Things to come in this guide~
Random Notes

Quests Lvl 1-9

If you hate quests then this may not be the class for you,

Log in to your character and you should be in a map with big voodoo statues and what-not. The music's kinda good though.

2.Follow the arrows for a bit until you come across a cut-scene.

3.Now aint that a sweet lookin' dragon? Walk towards it and click on its head (Or use your NPC Chat hotkey). The dragon tells you to remember this moment, and then you wake up in your cozy little farm house.

4.Now that you're out of your little dream, walk towards you door and jusOH WAIT. Your hand suddenly glows with a familiar symbolEh, whatever. Shrug it off and walk through the portal of your door.

5.Talk to your mom, at the bottom of the house, and she'll tell you to go talk to Utah. Currently, he's outside so just step outside.

6.Talk to Utah, who'll then tell you to give the dog nearby some dogfood. Take the bulldog food you get from Utah to the left. Feed it and then go back to Utah to complete the quest.

7. Talk to Utah once again, who'll then lower your hp and give you some food to eat (Exactly like Roger does on Maple Island). Open up your inventory and eat the food/potion, then proceed back into your house.

8. Your mom will ask you if you ate your breakfast well and then give you 1x hat, 5x delicious milk, and 5x delicious juice.

9.Put on your nice new straw hat and talk to your mom once again. She'll want you to bring some food to your father Grid. She then tells you that you can find him by going left from the house.

10.Go out of your house and go left two maps, taking the portal to the map Farm Capital. Talk to Grid and he'll ask you to kill some stumps and collect some wood. So, right after the dialogue, do a jump-down. There, collect 3 branches then go back to him.

11.You will get 1x Wooden chair, 15x Delicious Milk and 15x Delicious Juice upon completion of the quest.

12.Talk to your father again, get the quest, and walk to the top-left of the map. Go in the portal, and go up the pathway until you see the pig. Keep walking...Keep walking....Keep wal- OH SNAP! You fell into a pithole....Shame.. Watch the cut-scene, and you'll then find yourself in a familiar forest area.

13.Walk right until you find a giant blue egg. Click on it and you get another cut-scene. They just keep comin' and comin', don't they?

14.Congratulations ! You're now the official owner of a very suspicious egg ! Press your skill hotkey (Default K) and you should see your egg. By then, you should be back next to the pig NPC.

15.Go left now and go through the portal. Now go talk to Grid again to finish the quest.

16.Go back to your house, to the right, and talk to your mom. She'll give you 20x delicious milk and 20x delicious juice.
But I want some cookies, Mom

17.Now go outside and talk to Utah. He'll tell you to get him an egg. And luckily, there's a basket full of them to his right. Just double click the basket and turn in the quest. A popup will show up showing your egg in the incubator you just got (from finishing the quest). Press your skill hotkey to see it.

18.As of now, you should be around level 7(?). Talk to Utah once again who'll then ask you to go to your backyard. So, just go right and enter the portal. There, kill the foxes. Oh, you're going to want need to get your snail-shell throwing skill up. Get it to level 3 and then use it to kill 10 foxes. Finish the quest and you'll get 1x wand, 25x delicious milk, and 25x delicious juice.
Note : You won't be able to wield the wand yet, you're not a magician yet x]

19.Talk to Utah and he'll tell you to go back to Grid. Go talk to him >

Quests Lvl 10-12

Gee, wasn't that a fun 9/10 levels?

1. When you reach level 10, your egg hatches to reveal a cute little dragon! Say hi to your new companion-for-life, Mir
Awww, aren't you a cute little drag- OH GOSH, IT BUUURNNNNSS

2. You are now an official Evan-class character! Set up your stats (Which should have been reset), equips and skills.

3.Above your head should be a lightbulb, just double click it and you'll be talking to your dragon. (OF COURSE you have dialogue with your dragon. Pfft, how do you think you'd talk to him? Hand signs?)

4.It'll want you to go on and the kill 20 pigs that Grid wanted, so go ahead and do that. Go to the bottom left portal, take it, and kill some pigs. You'll probably want to set up magic missile; your Magic Claw equivalent.

5.After killing 30 pigs, finish your dragons quest by clicking on its quest bubble. Then go to Grid and tell him about your dragon.

6.He'll then tell you to go left and collect some hay. Just go up the ladder to your left and hit the hay until you have 3. Then click on Mir after you finish to feed him.
Nom Nom Nom!~

7.Mir will then ask you to collect some pork for him. Go to the bottom left portal, as you did before, and collect 10x pork. All pigs drop them.

8.After you finish, click on Mir again. Go talk to Grid and he'll ask you to milk the cow. Go through the bottom left portal of the map, go to the map with the pigs in it, then go to the top.

9.At the top of the map "A Trail 1", talk to the cow and get some milk. Then click on Mir to finish the quest. You'll get 1x First Stage SP and some exp. Yes, you get Skill points from quests.
Note : I cannot stress the IMPORTANCE of these quests. If you wish to max all your skills in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th, you MUST do these quests

Quests Level 13-17

1. As of now, you should be level 13 and have completed every Evan quest that's been thrown at you. This means that you've followed every step I've given. If not, you've skipped a quest and you will not be able to move on. This is because the next quest requires that you've basically finished all of them.

2. A quest sign should be above Mir, click on it and you'll be talking to your dragon. Just go through the dialogue and you'll get some free exp.

3. After all that talking, go back to Grid, who'll tell you to look into the Strange Pig at the outskirts of the farm. Yeah, they named the strange pigs strange pigs.

4. You'll want to go to A trail 2, which is two maps to the left of where Grid is. (Bottom left portal twice)

5. But before any of this, you're going to want to click on Mir's popup lightbulb. He'll tell you that with his strength, you two could handle the problem. He then tells you to go and kill 20 strange pigs.

6. After you eliminate 20 strange pigs, talk to your dragon again through the lightbulb and you'll get 1x First Stage SP and some exp.
Note : that these points can only be used in the first stage of your dragon, hence the name.

7. Anyway, after that, go to Grid. He'll tell you to leave the farm, and to deliver a letter to Chief Stan in henesys. A map will show up above you indicating where henesys is, whatever.

8. In order to leave the farm, you'll need to go three maps to the left of where Grid is. Take to middle portal, and you'll be three maps to the right of henesys. Walk to the left until you reach henesys (Or use a a near-town scroll or Henesys scroll if you happened to get one off someone), you should know where you are. Near the maple admin should be Chief stan.

9. He'll ask you to collect 20 orange mushroom caps. Go one map right and one map to the top right of henesys and you'll find cynical mushrooms. Kill them and collect your caps.

10. Go back to Stan after you finish and he'll give you 1x Well-Behaved Child medal, 30x orange potions, 30x blue potions, and 1x First Stage SP.
Yeah, the Well-Behaved Child medal is the first Evan exclusive medal you can get. It just raises HP and MP by 50.

11. When you're level 14, which you should be at now, click on the lightbulb above Mir's head. After speaking to him, talk to Rina in henesys. Then click the lightbulb again, and then go talk to Chief Stan.

12. Chief Stan will give you a letter that you'll need to give to the henesys adventurer job trainer.

13. He's to the right of henesys, bottom right portal. Talk to him, and he'll want you to kill 50x cynical mushrooms. So take the top right portal on that map and fight them off. You'll get 20x orange potions, 20x blue potions, and some exp.

14. Go back to the trainer and he'll tell you to kill of 80x cynical mushrooms. Do so and go back to him. Then he'll ask you to kill 100x ?. You should find them in his little training ground. Turn it all in and you'll get 20x orange potions, 20x blue potions, 1x First Stage SP, and 1x training token/scroll.

15. After you get the training scroll, talk to the trainer again to get another quest. This one requires killing 150x ribbon pigs. I suggest doing this in conjunction with the nautilus port quests that also require killing pigs. It's not required, but it'll give you some extra exp. So go to the henesys mini-dungeon two maps right of henesys or Pig Beach and finish the quest.

Quests Lvl 18

Sick of quests yet? No? Alright then;

  1. At this point, you should be level 18. If not, level up.

  1. When you level up to level 18, Mir will have a light bulb above him. Click it and finish the conversation. You'll then have to collect 20x blue mushroom caps. You should go to the map to the top-right of henesys or the map after that, there are a lot there. After collecting them, turn them into Rina in henesys.

  1. Talk to Rina again, and she'll ask you to give some rice soup to Maya. She'll thank you and give you some exp after delivering it.

  1. When you get to level 20 (level up if not), you'll get a light bulb above your head. It's not from Grid, but from the maple administrator. Go talk to her in any town, and she'll give you a little buff that adds 5+ attack, 10+ magic attack, 20+ physical defense, 20+ magic defense, and 10+ speed. She'll also tell you about these awesome glasses you can get when you reach level 30 (Event items. Only tradeable through storage)

Quests Lvl 20

From now on, you'll experience that you won't get some quests when it says so in the guide. If you can not find the next quest on the list, and the level required isn't listed, just level up until you get it.

  1. Okay, back to the quests. At level 20, Mir should have grown a little. You'll be able to equip some dragon armor now, and you'll get them later through quests. The guard guarding the entrance to sleepywood. The guy that's on the map to the top right of henesys.

  1. Luke will ask you to collect 60x blue mushroom caps. Collect them in the map he's in and bring them to Bruce in henesys. You'll get some exp.

  1. Bruce will then give you the quest to collect a blue mushroom doll. Kill some blue mushrooms until one drops, and turn the quest into Luke. He'll then tell you to go meet the other guard to sleepywood in perion. Go all the way there, and talk to Mike, the guard that looks just like Luke. Answer his questions in this order: 2nd option, 1st option, then 3rd option. You'll get some exp and 1x Second Stage SP.

  1. When you are level 21 talk to Mike again and then talk to Mir. You'll get some exp. Then talk to Mike once again to have him give you a quest. He'll instruct you to kill 100x horny mushrooms. Return to him after doing so, and he'll give you 1x perion guard medal, 1x Second Stage SP, and some exp.

The Perion Guard medal will give you +80 hp and mp. And it looks cool in my opinion.

  1. Talk to Mike again and he'll ask you to go find Christopher. You can find the npc in the deep valley maps 1, 2, or 3. He'll ask you to collect 3x refreshing tree sap for him. You can get these from all stumps in the surrounding area (deep valley).

Note: I'm not exactly sure of where Christopher is located, I kind of forgot.

  1. Collect the sap and then return to Christopher. He'll then tell you to go talk to Mike. Finish the quest and you'll get 1x Silver mask and 1x Second Stage SP.

Silver Mask
Level: 20
Item type: Dragon Hat
Int : +2
W.Def : +5
M.Def: +8

  1. Talk to Mike again (level 23) and he'll tell you to go to (East Rocky Mountain 1) to talk to an npc called Perion Warning Sign. The npc is a sign.

  1. Talk to the sign and finish its dialogue. Then go right and find the same sign in the next map. And again until you reach the map separating ellinia and perion. In the end, the last sign will tell you to go back to Mike to finish the quest. You'll get 1x Silver pendant and 1x Second Stage SP.

Dragon Pendant
Level: 20
Item type: Dragon Pendant
Luk : +2
W.Def : +5
M.Def: +8

  1. Talk to Mike again (level 25) and you'll be asked to go to the map Ant Tunnel 4 to kill 100 strange zombie mushrooms. He'll also want on strange zombie mushroom doll. Collect the items and you'll get 1x Silver wing and 1x Second Stage SP.

Dragon Wing
Level: 20
Item type: Dragon Wing Accessory
Speed: +2
W.Def : +5
M.Def: +8

  1. Talk to Mike again (level 26). He'll instruct you to go to The Land of the wild boar 2. So, go there and you'll have to kill 100 scared wild boars. You'll also need to collect 1x Wild Boar Doll.

Quests Level 28

1.Get to level 28 and then talk to Sabitrama in Sleepywood. Next talk to Alex in Kerning (he's on top of the building that the Dark Lord is located in). Answer his questions in the order; 2nd, 3rd, 4st, 1st. Then go to JM in the Streets (Next to the KPQ npc). Talk to him and then collect 50 stirge wings. Go back to him and then go to Nella. Just talk to Nella and then return to Sabitrama. You'll get 1x Second Stage SP and some exp.

Quests Lvl 30

Mir (2nd Growth) has evolved into Mir (3rd Growth)!

  1. When you get to level 30, you'll see your dragon 'grow up' and you'll also get a lightbulb above your head. What you're going to want to do is to go through all the lightbulb quests right then. If the event is available, go to Cassandra right now and get your dragon glasses (+30 HP & MP). If not, then move on.

  1. Talk to Jay in henesys (Next to the World Tour lady) He'll give you a book about dragons, read it if you want/can. Then click the lightbulb above your dragon, choose the 4th, 4th, then 1st options. You'll get 1x Third Stage SP.

  1. Talk to Jay again, talk to Grendal the really old, then Icarus, then Jane in Lith Harbor, then Theo (next to Jane), then Maya, then Ann (one map right of henesys), then Betty (ellinia), then Winston (east perion). Winston will then tell you to kill 200 fireboars. Turn it in, then you'll get a lightbulb above your dragon. Talk to it with the 2nd, 1st, then 3rd options. Then you'll get 1x Third Stage SP.

  1. Talk to Grendal once again and you're done.

Quests Lvl 32

  1. When you get to level 32, you'll get another lightbulb. Click on it and go talk to Nella (in kerning) after to get your quest. She'll tell you to get a letter from ligators.

  1. Fight ligators until the letter drops and then bring it back to Nella. Talk to Nella again to get your next quest.

  1. Go to the Evil Eye Cave 3 (ant tunnel) and press up on the puppet cave. Talk to the giant doll inside and finish the quest. It'll then tell you to bring it 20x white potions and 30x blue potions (You may want to get these in advance).

  1. Get the items and bring it back to the doll. You'll get an etc item from the doll, bring it to Sabitrama (Sleepywood). After, go to Nella to finish the quest. You'll get 1x Kerning City Honorary Citizen Medal (+100 HP & MP) and 1x Third Stage SP.

Quests Lvl 33

  1. Talk to the giant puppet/doll again (You know, the giant evil looking doll in that cave) and it'll tell you to collect 60 white cloths from Jr. Wraiths. Go to the kerning subway and collect the items. Bring it back and you'll get 1x Third Stage SP.

Quests Lvl 34

  1. When you get to level 34, you'll get another lightbulb. Click it, then go to the Nella. She'll tell you to bring an item to Chief Stan (henesys). Do so, and then Chief Stan will tell you to bring him 2x fierry Tentacles. You may think that faerie's are only in orbis now, but they put them back into the path to the golem temple.
To get to the Temple of Golem, go into the top right portal of Henesys, go right 2 maps then, around the bottom-middle of the map you should see a hidden-portal. Go into that.

  1. Get the wings and return to Chief Stan. He'll tell you to investigate the golem temple. So go there, and you'll notice that the entire map was extended. Walk to the very right and onto the platform below the hanging puppet and press your UP key.

  1. Go back to Chief Stan and finish your quest.

Quests Lvl 35

  1. Talk to Chief Stan and he'll tell you to save Camila. She's being held at the golem temple. Go to the temple and kill the fire golem. At this point, you should use your lightning attack. Talk to Camila after you've saved her. Talk to Chief Stan after and you'll get 1x Third Stage SP.

  1. After talking to Stan, go to Camila (in henesys). She'll thank you for saving her and give you some exp.

  1. Talk to Chief Stan once again, he'll tell you to go to the golem temple once again. So go ahead and walk all the way over there and go into the new temple area. (the place you pressed up on before) Inside, kill the fire golems until one drops a golem doll. It shouldn't take long.

Quests Lvl 36

  1. Once you get to level 36, you'll get a lightbulb above your head. Click on it, it'll be the puppet/doll. It'll tell you to kill 150x curse eyes (The green ones). Kill them, then go back to the doll.

  1. You'll then have to collect 20x cursed dolls from zombie lupins. Bring the goods to the doll and you'll get 1x Third Stage SP.

Quests Lvl 41

  1. When you get to level 41, you'll get a lightbulb. So click on it, it'll be grendal. Go through his dialogue, and then click on ?. He'll tell you to gather 50x skull-dog bones. You can get these from skull dogs in the perion excavation site.

  1. Collect the bones and you'll get 1x Onyx Dragon Scale, and 20,000 exp.

  1. Talk to grendal after to finish the quest and get 1x Fourth Stage SP.

Quests Lvl 42

  1. Talk to grendal once you get to level 42, he'll tell you to go talk to Chief Tatamo in Leafre (I know...Long way to travel but its worth it). You'll get 1x Fourth Stage SP and some exp.

  1. Now click on the lightbulb above your head and you'll get 2x Fourth Stage SP (Congratulations!, you just got a levels-equivalent of SP just by travelling and talking!)

Quests Lvl 46

  1. You'll get a lightbulb once again and you'll be told by the puppet/doll to go find something in orbis tower.

  1. Go to the 16th floor of orbis tower, you'll find a new tunnel/hole in the wall. Go inside and you'll find a brick wall npc. You'll get 1x Secret Organization Temporary Member medal, 1x Fourth Stage SP, and some exp.
The medal gives +120 HP & MP.

  1. Talk to the brick wall once again. It'll tell you it needs something, so go talk to Huckle. (10th floor of orbis tower)

  1. Talk to Huckle and answer his questions is this order: 2nd, 1st, then 3rd.

  1. Collect 10x cellion tails (Garden of Red II), 10x grupin tails (Garden of Green II), 10x lioneer tails (Garden of Yellow II), and 10x fierry tentacles (Cloud Park II, III, IV or VI), (Good idea to get these in advance). Bring the goods back to Huckle and he'll give you an item. Bring it to the brick wall on the 16th floor and you'll get 2x Fourth Stage SP and some exp.

Level 50 Evan Event Quest

Go talk to Cassandra to collect a special 60% scroll for your glasses which, if it passes, adds on +1 all stats to the glasses.

Level 50 Mount Quest

HighOnMushrooms: For the mount quest, you get a lightbulb at 50 from Grendal, then you talk to Mir. Then go to Grendal and he'll tell you to talk to FangBlade in the Perion Hall of Fame thing. He sends you to Aquarium to meet Kenta. Kenta wants 50 seal skin, 10m and 1 Serph's Pearl, a 100% tradeable drop from Serph. He gives you the saddle. Go back to the level 200 NPC and he'll give you the Monster Riding skill.
(HighOnMushrooms from

Quests Lvl 51

Congratulations ! Your dragon evolved into a beastly-looking dragon! By now, you should be 51 from grinding and/or PQing.

  1. You'll get a lightbulb. It'll be Grendel in Ellinia.

  1. Talk to him and you'll get 1x SP and a book to read. Except you won't really need to read the book because of this guide.

  1. Talk to Grendel again and answer his questions in this order: 2nd, 3rd, 1st, 4th, 1st.

  1. You'll get some exp and then you'll have to go talk to John in Lith Harbor. (The flower guy. You know, the really depressed old man who asks you as a quest to go on an extremely annoying JQ to get him some measley flowers?) John will give you an item to give to Theo, also in Lith Harbor (Below the Maple Island Boat).

  1. Theo will tell you to go talk to one of the florina beach npcs, one of the dancing hula girls. You'll then need to collect 5x coconuts, 30x Clang claws (gray crabs), and 30x bananas. Talk to the hula girl again and you'll get an item.

  1. After getting the goods, talk to Olaf in Lith Harbor. (He's the guy that gives you a quiz when you create an adventurer.) He'll tell you to collect 2x Dragon skins. Get the items and return to Olaf to get 2x SP and some exp.

Quests Lvl 57

Thanks to Skyenets for fixing this whole quest up.
  1. Get to level 57 and there will be another light bulb. It'll be a mysterious NPC. He asks you to collect 150 zombie teeth. (Normal ones, not golden ones, thank god.)

  1. Go to the third job advancement house and talk to Shammos (the green goblin at the bottom). Which will give you 1SP.

  1. You'll get another light bulb from the mysterious man and he will tell you to go to sharp cliff 2. When you arrive there, you have to talk to the stump/hole tree. This will give you 1SP.

  1. Another light bulb will appear from Mir. Talk with him and receive another 2SP.

Quests Lvl 60 Evan Event Quest

  1. Go collect your 2nd special 60% scroll for your Dragon Glasses from Cassandra

Quests Lvl 62

  1. You'll get another light bulb when you hit 62, so just go ahead and click on it. After the light bulb, go talk to ? in lith harbor. Go through his dialogue and you'll be told that you'll have to travel on a boat for 15 WHOLE MINUTES Wow, this is like the first ACTUAL boat I've seen in Maplestory

  1. When you enter the cave, you are not able to click your dragon yet. First you have to walk towards the ice/dragon on the right. After that you get teleported back to the entrance of the cave. Now you can click your dragon.

  1. Talk to him and get your 1x SP and some exp. And you're done, back on the boat!

Quests Lvl 67

Credits to Skyenets
  1. He will tell you to go to the Frog House in Ludibrium village. The Frog House is located on the far left. You will recognize it quite easily from its look.

  1. Inside you will find Hiver, the mysterious person. Talk to him. He will now tell you to collect 100 free spirits from Master Soul teddies. Which you can find on the "Forgotten Path of Time <1>".

  1. Go back to Hiver in the Frog House. He will first give you some experience. Talk to him again and he will give you the Black bag. Even if you lose it, don't worry about it too much. You will not have to recollect 100 free spirits. Just forfeit the quest and talk to Hiver again. He will give you a new one.

  1. Now go to the Sky terrace balcony. This is inside the clock tower, one map down and all the way to the right after that. There you will have to release the black bag in front of the Safe guard.

  1. Go back to Hiver and he will give you your next mission. Now you have to go back to the sky terrace to kill the Door Block inside.

  1. After killing the Door Block, go back to Hiver. He will give you some exp. After going through the dialoge you will have to talk to Mir. Mir is getting suspicious of the missions given to the both of you. You will receive 1 SP from Mir.

Quests Lvl 70

Congratulations! You've hit the level-equivalent of a 3rd Job Adventurer/Cygnus/Aran! Good work!

  1. Click on the light bulb after you reach level 70, it'll be ?. He'll tell you to go to the mu lung herb town to talk to ?.

  1. ? will tell you to kill 100x Captains and 100x Crus.

  1. Return the quest and you'll get an item. Return that item to ? and you'll get some exp.

  1. Click on the lightbulb and it'll be ?. He'll tell you to go through the new portal in his house. Go back to where the npc is and go through the rightside portal.

  1. Go ontop of the altar and drop the bone etc item you have. You'll get a lightbulb. Click on it and you'll be warped out.

  1. Mir will give you a light bulb. He'll tell you to go back into the cave. In there, you'll find some rabbits shooting darts inside! Kill them all and you'll talk to ? automatically. Go through the dialogue and you'll then be able to talk to ?, the old dragon inside the cave. And you'll get some exp.

  1. Talk to ? once again and you'll he will teleport you back in time. Oooo! Well once that happens, click on ? again and he'll talk to you. He'll then teleport you back to the present where you should click on him again. And you'll get some exp.

  1. Click on the lightbulb from Mir and then talk to Risa in Orbis. Then talk to Robera in the El nath 3rd job building. Then talk to Marcel in Ludibrium.

  1. You'll then have to go to that house in ludi again to fight ? (to the death!). Talk to his npc and you'll then have to kill him. You have 10 minutes so it should be easy. After that, you'll get some exp from Mir.

Quests Lvl 80; The final milestone

Don't forgot to get your special 30% scroll for your Dragon Glasses

Click on the lightbulb and Mir will give you a dragon scale. With the maker skill, you can create a medal for yourself with this scale. It should be in a special quest section.

CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE FINISHED ALL THE EVAN QUEST'S! -Hi-5- *Sniff*...No more storyline....*Sniff..*


Q. Can I skip some quests and still be able to continue on?
A. No, you must do the previous quest to continue on.

Q. If I have a quest to do at, say, Lvl 20, can I go past that lvl and still do it?
A. Yes, you can as long as you've done all the required quests before that.

Q. What are these Dragon glasses you speak of?
A. They are similar to the Aran rings; Get your Evan to a certain level(s) and claim your prize however, you get your clean +30 HP & MP 5 slot Dragon Glasses at Level 30. At level 50 & 60, you get a special 60% scroll that only works on your Dragon glasses. +1 to all stats if it passes. You get a special 30% scroll at level 80 & 100 that, if it succeeds, gives +1 w.atk and 2 m.atk. If all the scrolls pass, the end result is +2 all, 2 w.atk and 4 m.atk Dragon Glasses. Of course, seeing as the glasses have 5 slots clean and you only get 4 scrolls, you can either use a chaos scroll or an accessory scroll(?) on the last slot or just leave it.
This event lasts til May 4th, 2010.
This event has ended

Q. Evan Everyday Event? What's that?
A. It's like the Aran paper box event, stay online for 1 hour and you trade in the item to Cassandra to get a paper box except there are 2 different boxes this time; Evan's Paper box and Onyx Dragon's Treasure Box. To get the Treasure box, you must collect 7 unique pieces (Which are also tradeable which means they can be bought and/or sold) from the Paper box to acquire a Treasure box.
Of course, the Dragon's Treasure box gives better rewards, the Paper box only giving the 7 unique pieces or a Candy Twirl (Transforms you into an NPC for a limited amount of time).
Paper Box RewardsTreasure Box Rewards
Onyx Dragon Footprint 1Maple Staff (Lvl 35)
Adolescent Onyx Dragon Horn Maple Lama Staff (Lvl 43)
Onyx Dragon Footprint 2Maple Shine Wand (Lvl 64)
Onyx Dragon HornMaple Shine Wand (Lvl 64)
Onyx Dragon Footprint 3Maple Wisdom Staff (Lvl 64)
Onyx Dragon ScaleScroll for Wand M.atk 100%
Candy TwirlScroll for Wand M.atk 60%
xScroll for Wand M.atk 10%
xScroll for Staff M.atk 100%
xScroll for Staff M.atk 60%
xScroll for Staff M.atk 10%
xDragon Egg (Untradeable Chair)
xBaby Swing (Untradeable Chair)

You may also win some Offline Prizes and In-game Prizes from the paper box~
Offline Prizes & In-game Prizes
Offline PrizesIn-game Prizes
32" LCD TVSafety Charm
Netbook ComputerVIP Tele Rock
Apple iPodWheel of Destiny
25$ NX Game CardKerning City Hair Colour Coupon (REG)
xHenesys Skin Care Coupon
xHenesys Face Coupon (REG)
xSuper Megaphone (5)
xHenesys Hairstyle Coupon (VIP)
xKerning City Hairstyle Coupon (VIP)
xMushroom House Elf (7 Days)

Event finishes on the 4th of May, 2010.
This event has ended

Q. Should I go regular Luk, Low-Luk or Lukless?
A. Don't ask me, read the guide I linked up there;

Q. What equips should I buy and wear?
A. Again, don't ask me, read the guides I posted at the very top;

Q. Apparently, there are these Evan-only medals, like those Combo King medals they had for Arans. What are these about?
A. Nexon decided to make an event where you collect "Evan Sweat Drops" from monsters and hand them into Cassandra to get a special medal.
The sweat drops are VERY common drops but you need ALOT for the higher level medals.
Sweat Drops NeededMedalMedal EffectsMedal Duration
100Confused Evan Medal+5% Exp and -5% Potion Cost. +1 Magic Attack & +10 MP3 days
400Beginner Evan Medal+6% Exp and -6% Potion Cost. +? Magic Attack & +?? MP7 days
800Confident Evan Medal+7% Exp and -7% Potion Cost. +? Magic Attack & +?? MP14 days
1200Elite Evan Medal+8% Exp and -8% Potion Cost. +? Magic Attack & +?? MP21 days
3000Evan's Trailblazer Medal+10% Exp and -10% Potion Cost. +3 Magic Attack & 30 MP60 days
3000Evan's Eternal Trailblazer Medal+4 Magic attackForever
This event has ended

A. Shut up, troll.

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