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MapleStory Guide: Fire/Poison F/P Wizard

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Table of Contents

1) Information
2) Records of Updates
3) Basics about the Magician
4) Path of the Magician
5) Magician Builds
6) Basics of the Fire and Poison Wizard
7) Wizard Builds
8) The Way of the Mage
9) Mage Builds
10) Final Destination in Sight: Arch Mage Achieved
11) Arch Mage Builds
12) Training Spots
13) FAQ
14) Explosion Range Explanations
15) Credits

1) Information

Well¡¦about me. I started playing MS in December of 2006. I have seen the generation shift from when Fizards were popular to the rage of Hybrid and Pizards. I have also witnessed the birth of leech, E-Wands, and the ¡°Skeles .¡± stuff that is all the rage amongst us F/P Mages. My character is not high-leveled enough for me to have the experience to write this guide, but I have the knowledge of the multiple people in this great forum for help. So I will try to help you with everything I can help you with, and if I cannot, then I will rely on others. Most things will be from past experiences, but 3rd and 4th job stuff will be from total knowledge of what I get from the forum, what others have done, or just my pure common sense about things. I may have inaccurate information at some points, as I was on hiatus from Maple for 15-20 months after I decided that I would take a long break. I still kept up with everything: I just never played.

Most of the information is derived from the many great people of the F/P Forum, who have given me inspiration to write this for all the F/Ps that come to Basil for help. This guide is written by me and has input from many other F/Ps in this forum. If you wish to publish this guide somewhere, please come to me and ask for my permission: I do not want to take legal action if it is unnecessary.

PM me or talk to me on Chat if you would like to fix some problems with the guide (like Erik already has). I know that this guide has much room to improve, and I will try to do that with your help.

Also, take a look at these three sites. The first is a generic guide for Magicians by Elu, who is the original writer of the Explosion Build. The second is the Magician Magic Range thread, where you can compare your damage with other mages. The final one is a thread that compares the 3 single-attack skills you mainly use in your Maple career (I didn't input PB: just divide all your values from Paralyze by 3: PB's base damage is 70 while Paralyze is 210 when maxed).

Elu's Mage Guide
Magic Range Thread
DPS Comparison of Single-Target Attacks for the F/P

2) Records of Updates

9/12: The guide was posted on Basilmarket. Came with everything up to 3rd job skill explanations and builds.
9/15: Added 4th job information onto the guide. Inspired mostly by IImaplers' 4th Job Guide with a few adjustments.
10/9: The guide was STICKIED!

3) Basics about the Magician

The Magician is a unique class. First off, we are the only class to use INT as a stat that we actually raise; no other class raises INT as even a secondary stat. Second, unlike any other class, we advance to first job at level 8, not 10. Third, we have the lowest HP out of all classes, but no surprise, the highest MP. Finally, LUKless mages are stronger than normal LUK mages and are actually easier to fund.

Since we no longer have to roll the annoying dice for our AP in the beginning, I can just skip to the good stuff. You have 6 places where you can put AP. They are HP, MP, STR, DEX, INT, and LUK. Only the last two really matter. When you level up, you earn 5 AP points. The simple formula is that your LUK should be 3 above your level, and then the rest go into INT.

STR: 4
DEX: 4
INT: A high number
LUK: Level + 3

Of course, this is just the normal LUK build. LUKless should have 4 in LUK as well, while Low-LUK will eventually stop adding LUK and go on to the LUKless AP build.

Maple Island is very different now. I have only played the 2nd Maple Island (the conveyor belt room with the Leattys and Drum Bunnies, as well as the addition of Pigs). But I hear it is much easier to get to Level 8. So once you do, leave the Island via the boat in SPerry and go to Lith Harbor. Do quests for Olaf and then head to Ellinia.

Skill Build:
Level 2-4: Nimble Feet (3/Maxed)
Level 5-7: Three Snails/Recovery (3/Maxed)

Nimble Feet is the most useful skill of the 3 you have. They reduced the cooldown from a ridiculous 15 minutes to a 1 minute. You get a feel of what a Speed Boost does for you. Three Snails is what is preferred. MP Pots aren¡¯t that hard to buy, and since it no longer consumes Snail Shells from what I know, it is a very useful skill that deals 40 points of damage consistently to any monster that is your level or below. Recovery is ok, but it¡¯s not that useful. Manual potting is easier, and its 10 minute cooldown still exists.

4) Path of the Magician

Well, congratulations on advancing to the Magician. If they still have the training programs, do those: they are fast EXP and easy pots. The skill build for this is very common: there should be little disagreements. But let¡¯s talk about the skills.

Improving MP Recovery
This skill is pretty crucial. In 1st job, it¡¯s needed to unlock your most important skill in the game (yes: in the whole game). Later on, it really helps you: I recover ~95-100 MP right now as a level 70. It¡¯s not the most useful skill you get, but it¡¯s definitely a better choice than some of the others. 5 points in this skill are necessary to unlock Improving Max MP Increase.

Usefulness: 5/10
Need: 9/10
Overall: 7/10

Improving Max MP Increase
This skill is the most important skill you will ever get in the game. It is more important than all of your skills from Beginner to 4th job combined. Why? This skill makes you a Magician. Your MP skyrockets with this skill. I have 4.5K MP at Level 70 right now. Your MP will be very crucial to you later on. Ultimate Spamming (with Amp) is very expensive for your MP. Magic Guard at DTs/Kents/other monsters in your 6x-200 will do massive damage, and your MP will help you survive. 5 points in Improving MP Recovery are necessary to unlock this skill.

Usefulness: 10/10
Need: 10/10
Overall: 1000000/10

Magic Guard
This skill does not have much priority in 1st job, and not that much until late 2nd job. From then on, it is one of your most important skills in the whole game. This skill lets you take damage from your HP to your MP. At Level 20 (or the max), 80% of all damage is transferred to your MP. I take ~1K damage at Death Teddies at Level 70. I have 986 HP with a 90 HP Spiegalmann (so not even 900 base HP). Magic Guard, however, lets me take only 200 points of HP damage. My MP (which I said was 4.5K) takes the other 800. Like I said, this skill is crucial. 3 points in this skill are necessary to unlock Magic Armor.

Usefulness: 10/10
Need: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Magic Armor
Unlike Magic Guard, Magic Armor is its¡¦useless counterpart. Magic Armor reduces touch damage by increasing your own weapon defense by 40. That¡¯s about¡¦20 less damage. Now: that¡¯s great at lower levels. But at Death Teddies, that 1K reduces to 980 points of damage. That¡¯s a very small change for 20 Skill Points. Stick to Magic Guard. 3 points in Magic Guard are necessary to unlock this skill.

Usefulness: 1/10
Need: 0/10
Overall: 0/10

Energy Bolt
This is your most basic magic attack. You fire an Energy Bolt (hence the name) that does some damage. Although it is pretty decent in damage, the other attacking skill you get is much better as it does more overall damage. However, Energy Bolt trumps Magic Claw in KB rates. But before you decide to be a Bolt mage, remember that Magic Claw has a better chance of hitting monsters, and Magicians aren¡¯t particularly known for their amazing damage later on, when hitting monsters multiple times (like Death Teddies in the 6x for example) can make a difference. If you still want to be a Bolt mage, then go right ahead. 1 point in this skill is necessary to unlock Magic Claw.

Usefulness: 1/10
Need: 1/10
Overall: 1/10

Magic Claw
This is the better of your two attacking skills. You get to hit a monster twice. The separate hits are weaker than a maxed Energy Bolt, but combined, Magic Claw trumps Energy Bolt in damage. Magic Claw is also not hindered by walls. The two hits can make a difference when training at Kents/Death Teddies (as mentioned earlier). 1 point in Energy Bolt is necessary to unlock this skill.

Usefulness: 8/10
Need: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

5) Magician Builds

There are many different builds to take on the path of Magician. Here are a few.

Build #1: Highest MP Possible
8: +1 Improving MP Recovery
9: +3 Improving MP Recovery
10: +1 Improving MP Recovery, +2 Improving Max MP Increase
11-12: +3 Improving Max MP Increase
13: +2 Improving Max MP Increase, +1 Energy Bolt
14-19: +3 Magic Claw
20: +2 Magic Claw, +1 Improving MP Recovery
21-23: +3 Improving MP Recovery
24: +1 Improving MP Recovery, +2 Magic Guard
25-30: +3 Magic Guard

Explanation: Levels 8-13 are very simple. What¡¯s more is: 3 Snails apparently no longer uses Snail Shells. Stumps have the 40 HP and give 8 EXP a kill. That¡¯s really fast training. Magic Claw is next for efficient training in the latter parts of 1st job. Improving MP Recovery is before Magic Guard because Magic Guard just wastes pots at earlier levels (unless you KPQ: then it can save you at King Slime). I went with this build, and my MP is a little higher than the Normal LUK mages of my Level. Note that Magic Claw and Improving MP Recovery are able to be switched in order. However, you should not have a problem with MP Potions. If you get Magic Claw first, Magic Guard and MP Recovery are also interchangeable.

Build #2: Immediate Magic Usage
8: +1 Energy Bolt
9: +3 Improving MP Recovery
10: +2 Improving MP Recovery, +1 Improving Max MP Increase
11-13: +3 Improving Max MP Increase
14-30: Same as Build #1

Explanation: Although you get more MP with Build 1, the MP difference is negligible to many people. So they choose to get Energy Bolt at 8 instead of 13. This is perfectly ok. MP Increase should not be maxed after Level 13 though. It will affect you greatly. The rest of the build is the same as Build 1, so the explanation should be read above.

6) Basics of the Fire and Poison Wizard

Well¡¦after a long, grueling hard grind to 30 (yeah right), you are finally eligible for the 2nd job advancement. Make your way to Grendel in Ellinia (your 1st job instructor). He¡¯ll give you instructions to go find your Job Trainee and get 30 Dark Marbles. Stock up on some White Pots and Mana Elixirs and get ready to go kill some Horned Mushrooms and Curse Eyes. Head to the portal on the far left near the top of Ellinia and go to the map titled ¡°The Forest North of Ellinia¡±. Head to the top of the map, and you¡¯ll see a guy in a Magician outfit. Talk to him to teleport to the map with the monsters. These monsters give no EXP. If you die or D/C, then you start over with 0 Marbles. Kill until you have 30, and then talk to the guy for the item you need. Head back to Grendel, tell him you want to be a Fire/Poison Wizard, and BAM! Congratulations: you have advanced!

There are 3 different types of the Fire/Poison Wizard. Each type (except Fizard) has its own variations as well. They are:

Fizard: Fire Wizards. These max Fire Arrow, but do not even touch Poison Breath (or they put 11 on it). Fizards were very popular back in my day. However, their popularity has dwindled: mainly because people have found other variations of the Fire/Poison Wizard to be more efficient. However, they level fast up to around¡¦the mid 5x, which is around the time that the other kinds of Fire/Poison Wizard start to trump them in training speed.

Pizard: Poison Wizards. In the later levels of 2nd job, these guys trump Fizards in training speed. These guys have all the necessary things to efficiently train at Death Teddies and Kents before they even hit 60. This in turn, provides speedy leveling.

Hybrid: Combination Wizards. Hybrids get both Fire Arrow and Poison Breath. This in turn, means these Wizards must sacrifice one of their remaining skills. Most ditch MP Eater (although there are the few that do not: in that case, they sacrifice another skill: usually Meditation). Most also leave Poison Breath at 28. Some leave their Slow at 18. Others leave their Meditate at 18. And very few (like me) leave their Teleport at 18. These guys train fast in the 3x and 4x like Fizards, but also train fast in the 5x and 6x like Pizards.

So, let¡¯s go on to your 6 new skills, shall we?

MP Eater
This skill has a certain chance of taking a percent of a monster¡¯s max MP when it is hit with an attack. So if I hit a Nightmare Horse when I have max MP Eater, I have a 30% chance of getting 40% of its max MP (which is 800). However, this skill is not as useful as some others. For one: most monsters that you can decently train on do not have MP anywhere near that of Nightmares. Second: F/P Wizards usually train with Poison damage, and MP Eater only works when the monster is hit with an attack, not an effect. I chose to leave this skill at 3. 3 points in this skill are necessary to unlock Meditation.

Usefulness: 2/10
Need: 4/10
Overall: 3/10

Meditation is fairly useful. When maxed, you use 20 MP to increase your Magic Attack by 20. That¡¯s 5 Levels higher than what you would hit as a Normal LUK and 4 Levels for a LUK-Less and Low-LUK (if you¡¯ve already capped). However, people choose to skip this skill as well. There are potions in New Leaf City that give 20 M. Attack for 8 minutes. Meditation lasts for 200 seconds or 3 minutes and 20 seconds. The potions cost 5K. I personally chose to get Meditation because buying those pots wastes money. If I had to restock on those pots each time, I would waste over 2 mil extra each time I repotted fully. Not to mention, Mages get less slot upgrades than other classes: my other characters have around 4-8 more slots than my Mage. NLC pots take up large amounts of Use Space, which takes up room for Scrolls and other potions. Especially when you're training at maps such as Skeles ., space isn't something you can be "iffy" about. No: space is a NECESSITY. 3 points in MP Eater are necessary to unlock this skill.

Usefulness: 7/10
Need: 9/10
Overall: 8/10

Teleport is your friend. Traveling is made so much easier with Teleport. You can Teleport past monsters and avoid their magic while casting a spell that hits them. This technique is Tele-Casting and is used very frequently in your Maple Career. I left this at 18 (but please don¡¯t follow me. I don¡¯t regret it, but I think maxing Teleport and leaving something else alone would be more beneficial). 5 points in this skill are necessary to unlock Slow.

Usefulness: 9/10
Need: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Slow is also your friend. Monsters are made much easier to kill and avoid with Slow. Maxed Slow slows down up to 6 monsters within its range by an amount equal to the bonus max Haste gives you for 40 seconds. So, basically, monsters become sluggish. Originally slow monsters become sitting ducks while faster monsters become much more easy to stay away from. A monster can be slowed two times, but they do not stack: only the timers reset. 5 points in Teleport are necessary to unlock this skill.

Usefulness: 8/10
Need: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

Fire Arrow
Ah: yes. The main attack skill of Fizards and Hybrids (up until late 5x). This skill is the most powerful of all the 2nd job skills with a base power of 120. On fire weak monsters, it goes to 180. This skill is very useful early on in 2nd job, but as Poison training gets better, this skill is outshined. I still use it to finish off single DTs (mainly because my hit rate at DT is about 95% right now). However, it was a great skill to use in CPQ and Jr. Pepes, Jr. Grupins, Jr. Yetis, and normal Grupins.

Usefulness: 9/10
Need: 7/10
Overall: 8/10

Poison Breath
Ah: the godly skill of F/P Wizards. This is the skill that lets you go places most classes can only dream of going to at earlier levels. It is the 4th most powerful skill of 2nd job (Fire Arrow, Cold Beam, and Holy Arrow trump it). Magic Claw also trumps it. But, this skill is very useful. When maxed, it has a 60% chance to poison a monster if it does initial damage. When poisoned, that monster will take 2.5% of its max HP as damage every second for 40 seconds. 2.5% * 40 is 100%. But since the Poison effect cannot kill a monster, it leaves its HP at 1. Basically, training goes fast. Death Teddies are very comfortable for me right now, and I can easily get a great % an hour (anywhere from 30-40% an hour at 70). Early on, Magic Claw helps when your accuracy at high level monsters is lacking. I usually use Poison again (to make sure the monster is poisoned or not) for single monsters and Explosion on mobs. The formula for Poison is (Monster's HP/(70 - Skill Level)) per second for (Skill Level/3 ceiling)*4. This same formula works for Poison Mist damage.

A Death Teddy has 32K HP. When maxed, Poison Breath will do (32000/(70-30) damage per second for ((30/3 ceiling)*4) seconds.
(32000/40) damage per second for (10 ceiling *4) seconds.
800 damage per 40 seconds (ceiling means round up to a whole number no matter what the decimal place: 40 is already a whole number. If it was 39.33 or 39.66, you would round up to 40 as well).

800*40 is 32K, or the DT's max HP. But since the Poison effect cannot kill a monster, it leaves its HP at 1, conveniently making any hit kill the monster. This is why Hybrids/Pizards/Mist Mages can train at higher leveled maps, such as Death Teddies, Kents, Squids, and Skeles . in our 6x-12x.

Usefulness: 10/10
Need: 8/10
Overall: 10/10

7) Wizard Builds

I will go over the variations of the different builds.

Build #1: Fizard
30: +1 Teleport
31-40: +3 Fire Arrow
41: +3 MP Eater
42-47: +3 Meditation
48: +2 Meditation, +1 Teleport
49-54: +3 Teleport
55-60: +3 Slow
61: +2 Slow, +1 MP Eater
62-66: +3 MP Eater
67: +1 MP Eater, +2 Extra Points
68-70: +3 Extra Points

Explanation: 1 Teleport is for fast traveling. The MP Cost is huge at level 1, but it is definitely more useful than any other skill you can obtain. Fire Arrow is next for obvious reasons; it¡¯s your main attack until 3rd job. Meditation is to further increase your damage and then Teleport for maximizing distance while minimizing MP Cost (Teleport¡¯s MP cost goes down the higher level it is). Slow is next for reducing pot costs, and then MP Eater as it does not help as much as other skills (as you do not mob in 2nd job at all). 11 points are remaining. They can be pumped into Poison Breath, Magic Armor, or Energy Bolt.

Build #2a: Pizard
30: +1 Teleport
31-40: +3 Poison Breath
41-46: +3 Teleport
47: +1 Teleport, +2 Slow
48-53: +3 Slow
54-59: +3 MP Eater
60: +2 MP Eater, +1 Meditation
61-66: +3 Meditation
67: +1 Meditation, +2 Extra Points
68-70: +3 Extra Points

Explanation: Unlike Fizard, Pizard gets Poison Breath first instead of Fire Arrow. Teleport is still for the same reason. Teleport is got immediately after Poison however because Poison Breath, Teleport, and Slow are like a trinity. All 3 are necessary to effectively train. MP Eater is next because Meditation isn¡¯t as useful for Pizards: Poison Breath is never used for its initial damage, which is the only thing that is increased with Meditation. Again, 11 Extra Points are here. They can be put in Fire Arrow, Magic Armor, or Energy Bolt. Note that Slow can come before Teleport.

Build #2b: Pizard
30: +1 Teleport
31-36: +3 Teleport
37: +1 Teleport, +2 Poison Breath
38-46: +3 Poison Breath
47: +1 Poison Breath, +2 Slow
48-70: Same as Build #2a.

Explanation: Magic Claw training is more efficient than Poison Breath in 3x. Teleport is able to maximize distance and save MP cost immediately. Then Poison as it will be necessary. This build CANNOT switch the order of Slow and Teleport.

Build #3a: Hybrid
30: +1 Teleport
31-40: +3 Fire Arrow
41-46: +3 Teleport
47: +1 Teleport, +2 Poison Breath
48-55: +3 Poison Breath
56: +2 Poison Breath, + 1 Slow
57-62: +3 Slow
63: +1 Slow, +2 MP Eater
64: +1 MP Eater, +2 Meditation
65-70: +3 Meditation

Explanation: Teleport and Fire Arrow are the same as Fizard. Teleport and Poison Breath are next: Teleport first because Fire Arrow > Poison Breath at the 4x. 28 Poison by Level 56 is great: the Poison time is at the maximum. However, the monster¡¯s HP will not go to 1 sometimes: I have had it happen multiple times. Slow is next for obvious reasons. MP Eater is put to 3 to unlock Meditation, which is last as Poison is not for initial damage. However, Meditation can be placed before Slow. 28 Poison does not always reduce a monter's HP to 1. By using the formula for Poison damage (Monster's HP/(70-skill level), level 28 PB will deal ~762 damage a second. In 40 seconds, 30480/32000 HP damage is dealt to a DT. Meaning, the initial hit that poisons the DT + the hit that finishes the DT must be greater than or equal to 1520. Medi can pretty much ensure that this happens, which could be a reason to put points in Slow last.

Build #3b: Hybrid
30-55: Same as Build #3a
56: +3 Poison Breath
57: +1 Poison Breath, +2 Slow
58-63: +3 Slow
64-69: +3 MP Eater
70: +2 MP Eater, +1 Extra Point

Explanation: As mentioned above, Meditation can be ditched for the NLC pots that give the same amount of Magic as max Medi. I used those pots until my Medi was decent. Poison can be maxed.

Build #3c: Hybrid: What I Did. Do NOT Recommend
30-47: Same as Fizard (Yes: I got Medi after Fire Arrow)
48: +2 Meditation, +1 Poison Breath
49-57: +3 Poison Breath
58: +3 Teleport
59: +1 Teleport, +2 Slow
60-65: +3 Slow
66: +2 Poison Breath, +1 Teleport
67-70: +3 Teleport

Explanation: I wanted more damage with Fire Arrow instead of Teleport: I grinded most of the time instead of CPQing, and when I did, I liked the fact that I did 1.5K each with FA on Rombots. Although it isn¡¯t, I thought that Slow > Teleport, and it was already too late when I found out. I don¡¯t mind: I¡¯m maxing Teleport at Level 99 now.

8) The Way of the Mage

Level 70 already? That¡¯s great to hear. Go to El Nath and talk to Robeira to begin your 3rd job advancement. Head to Ellinia and talk to Grendel again. Go to the Forest of Evil II after talking to him to go to a secret map to fight Grendel. Bring Holy Waters as he can Seal you (no Skills). He has Explosion, Ice Strike, Shining Ray, and Seal. He also summons Tauromacis. After defeating him, pick up the charm. Go back, get the reward, and go back to El Nath. Talk to Robeira to begin Part 2. Go get a Dark (not Black) Crystal and go to Sharp Cliff II (All the way to Yeti and Pepes, in the dungeon, and then the map after the first one in the dungeon. All the way up should be a portal on the left and a door on the right. Enter the door.) Answer 5 questions for the 2nd item you need. Head back to El Nath, talk to Robeira, and congratulations. You are now an F/P Mage! You get 5 extra AP this time as well as the 1 SP.

There aren¡¯t many variations of 3rd job builds. There is the Mist Mage (common) and the Explosion Mage (very rare). I have yet to see a Comp mage, but if there is one, please submit your build to me

Skills, as always, must be discussed.

Partial Resistance
Ah¡¦Partial Resistance. The skill that used to be absolutely good for nothing has gained a little bit of respect over time. However, it isn¡¯t as useful as your other skills. Basically, you become more resistant to attacks by Fire and Poison magic. It¡¯s helpful at reducing damage at bosses, but that¡¯s about it. Still, it¡¯s worth investing a few points, but maxing isn¡¯t required or even recommended. 10 should be the very most: 50% reduction is very good. It's a debate between this and Comp for your last 21 SP: I would personally take this skill over Comp, mainly because its effects are permanent, but as stated before, maxing is not required. At 10, Fire/Poison magic attacks are cut down by half. Maxed, 70% of the damage is reduced: 5K become 1.5K damage. But, build your character how you want to.

Usefulness: 6/10
Need: 3/10
Overall: 5/10

Element Amplification
This skill jacks up your damage by 40% when maxed. What¡¯s the catch? Your MP costs are doubled. Fire Arrow takes 56 MP, Explosion and Mist take 100 MP each, and your Ultimate when maxed will take a whopping 7K MP. Why should you sacrifice this MP? Because you can¡¯t compete in terms of damage with other classes. Mages are weak already. Not getting Amp kills your damage and your training rate with Meteor in 4th job. That¡¯s why this skill should be put later in your build, but should still be maxed before 4th. 3 points in this skill are necessary to unlock Seal and Magic/Spell Booster.

Usefulness: 9/10
Need: 8/10
Overall: 9/10

Ah¡¦a skill that we¡¯ve all waited for since 2nd job or maybe even further back. This is the first mob fire skill we get, and it¡¯s very good. At max level, it has a base attack of 120, which is the same as Fire Arrow. However, its range is superb and hits 6 monsters. However, the attack is fairly slow. Explosion is the only Mage skill out of them all that is affected by the weapon¡¯s casting speed. For optimum results, Evil Wings, Pyogo Mushrooms, Hinomaru Fans, and Ele Staves 1 and 2 are recommended as they are all Fast speeds. Explosion builds were very popular until Mist was tried out and turned out to be much faster. Explosion Mages aren¡¯t too common, but some of them exist (like me ). Explosion is a good finisher when Mist training in 3rd job, but is used only if an AoE mob finisher is necessary in 4th job. Fire Demon has farther range than Explosion, but is limited to one direction. Explosion has a circular range, so if you are surrounded by poisoned Skeles D:, go ahead and use Explosion.

Usefulness: 8/10
Need: 6/10
Overall: 7/10

Poison Mist
This is the big skill. Mist is what lets you train ridiculously fast. Mist opens up Skeles . to you before you even hit level 100. Mist allows you to Dual or even Triple channel maps, in where you control 2 or 3 channels of the same map, yielding ridiculous EXP. Mist comes with huge pot burns though. Training at Skeles . before level 100 means massive damage when hit, and pots need to be used in massive amounts to train well. Nevertheless, Mist yields amazing EXP.

Usefulness: 10/10
Need: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

This is another really important skill, mainly to Mist Mages more than Explosion, but it¡¯s very useful. Seal is to Slow as bread is to butter: they work very well together. Why? Seal, when maxed, has a 95% chance to BLOCK 6 MONSTERS FROM USING MAGIC! Combine that with Slow, and you pretty much have monsters spending so much time dragging their pixels to you, that you¡¯ll be able to get out of there in no time at all. Since Misting involves covering whole platforms, you want to block out the magic from monsters (especially Skeles .). Explosion Mages just stand in mobs, so not getting blasted by Magic can help, as touch damage is much less than magic. 3 points in Element Amplification are necessary to unlock this skill.

Usefulness: 9/10
Need: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

Magic/Spell Booster
Another great skill: we finally get Booster, unlike every other job that gets Booster in 2nd job except for fellow Mages (except Blaze Wizards get it in 2nd¡¦which isn¡¯t fair to say). Our Booster has the same effect: it increases casting speed. Explosion¡¯s horrendous speed is fixed with this skill, which is why most Explosion mages tend to get this to 11+ before starting Mist/Seal. A very good skill to have indeed, and this skill definitely has priority over many others. 3 points in Element Amplification are necessary to unlock this skill.

Usefulness: 9/10
Need: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

Element Composition
What used to be one of the better skills in 3rd job has now become one of the most neglected skills today. Composition, or Comp, used to be a skill that was considered one of the best ones we F/P Mages got. However, with the introduction of Elemental Wands and 4th job, Comp has lost its status as a great skill, and is rendered the lowest priority by many Mages. Comp is not affected by Elemental Wands in any way, and both Level 1 Paralyze and maxed Fire Arrow are faster and out-damage it with an Elemental Weapon equipped. Moreover, there are not many monsters weak to both Fire and Poison, which is the only area Comp out-damages the other two single-attack skills mentioned. People nowadays get 1 point in it to show off with it, but other than that, it is left alone.

Usefulness: 3/10
Need: 2/10
Overall: 3/10

9) Mage Builds

There are two main types of Mages, first of all. The first type is the more common Mist Mage. The Mist Mage prioritizes Poison Mist to begin Skeles . at anywhere from as low as the mid 7x to as high as the high 8x range. Skeles . continue to stay really great: yielding 50% an hour or more in the 10x and even 11x range at times. And this is all WITHOUT 2x EXP calculated. However, Mist Mages burn pots very quickly. Funds are very important for the Mist Mage, as you will be dealing with Skeles . damage for the majority of your Mage career. But if you can get past that, then by all means, go kill them Skeles .

Build #1: Mist Mage
70: +1 Poison Mist
71-79: +3 Poison Mist
80: +2 Poison Mist, +1 Element Amplification
81: +2 Element Amplification, +1 Explosion
82-87: +3 Seal
88: +2 Seal, +1 Explosion
89-91: +3 Magic/Spell Booster
92: (+3 Magic/Spell Booster)* OR +2 Magic/Spell Booster, +1 Explosion
93-101: +3 Explosion
102: (+1 Explosion, +2 Magic/Spell Booster)* OR +3 Magic/Spell Booster
103-104: +3 Magic/Spell Booster
105-113: +3 Element Amplification
114-120: +3 Extra Points

Note: Anything wrapped in a pair of parentheses or ( ) is a different way. I will explain both ways.

Explanation: Mist should be pumped immediately. People say to put a point in Explosion early, but that is not a good idea. Why? 19 Mist is the Double-Mist level, where one Poison Mist will bring the HP down to 1. If 1 Explosion is put in, Poison Mist gets to 18, and you have to go another level of grinding or Magatia PQ to 77, where 21 Mist is acquired. Next is 3 Amp for Seal/Booster, and 1 Explosion, because 1 Seal is pretty pitiful. Explosion also works as a decent finisher. Next is full-out Seal for blocking the Skeles . from blasting you. 1 Booster is pathetic and lasts 10 seconds, so Explosion gets one more point. Now, controversy comes here. You can get 12 Booster, which syncs with Medi (5 Boosters per 3 Medis) and Magic Guard (5 Boosters per Magic Guard), or 11 Booster, which is the minimum level for the maximum speed boost, and another point in Explosion, which comes next. Either way, Explosion is next, and then Booster is maxed. Finally, Amp is gotten at the end for preparation for Meteor training in 4th job. 21 points are leftover and can be put into any skill you want.

The second kind of F/P Mage is rarer than the Mist Mage, but is not extinct. It is the Explosion Mage. Explosion Mages usually go for this build because Mist Mages never really get to mess with Explosion during their whole 3rd job career. Explosion Mages experience around 25 levels of Explosion before converting to Mist, so they get their share of Explosion and are fulfilled before going to Skeles . in their mid 9x. The old Explosion build by Elu is NOT the one I will be using. Instead, my own custom Explosion build that I will follow will be input. Elu¡¯s Explosion guide can be found from the Magician Forum in the ¡°Mage FAQ¡± where a link is. However, Elu¡¯s guide is a little bit outdated: it includes Comp and does not max Booster, which is considered a bit foolish these days, but was perfectly acceptable before 4th job came out.

Build #2: Explosion Mage
70: +1 Explosion
71-76: +3 Explosion
77: +3 Element Amplification
78-80: +3 Explosion
81-83: +3 Magic/Spell Booster
84: (+3 Magic/Spell Booster)* OR +2 Magic/Spell Booster, +1 Explosion
85: (+3 Seal) OR +1 Explosion, +2 Seal
86-87: +3 Seal
88: (+1 Seal, +2 Explosion)* OR +1 Explosion, +2 Seal
89-98: +3 Poison Mist
99-101: +3 Seal
102: +1 Seal, +2 Magic/Spell Booster
103-120: Same as Mist Mage.

Note: Anything wrapped in a pair of parentheses or ( ) is a different way. I will explain both ways.

Explanation: 19 Explosion is a big priority. Elu said to get 3 Amp right after 1 Explosion, but 1 Explosion has the worst stability, and 3 Amp and 1 Explosion does less than 4 Explosion. Instead, Amp comes after 19 Explosion, which has decent stability, decent range, and 3 Amp and 19 Explosion does more than 22 Explosion. It is possible to get 3 Amp after 7 Explosion, for from Level 7+ Explosion, 3 Amp gives more of a boost to damage than 3 points in Explosion. However, Level 7 Explosion with Amp only outdamages Level 10 Explosion by a minute amount (by minute, I mean less than 1 Magic Attack. Add Level 7's horrid stability, and you'll still find yourself hitting less). Level 19 Explosion with 3 Amp, which has decent stability, outdamages Level 22 Explosion without Amp by MORE THAN 5 MAGIC ATTACK, or a level up's worth of damage. The range of Level 19 is superb: my Level 7 Explosion enables me to snipe almost every platform (including the floor) with ease. 28 Explosion comes next for maximizing range. Then is where controversy strikes again. You can either get the synced Booster (explained in the Mist Mage section), or get 11 Booster for the maximum speed boost and then add the leftover point in Explosion, which only increases damage. DO NOT put the point in Seal: level 1 Seal isn¡¯t particularly amazing. If you chose the first option, get 10 Seal immediately for a 65% chance of Sealing, and then max Explosion. If you chose the second option, max Explosion and get 10 Seal. Max Mist is next, and level 95 is where you acquire 21 Mist (or Double-Mist). Seal is maxed next. Then Booster, Amp, and then whatever. Personally, as I go with this build, I am going to max my Teleport (from 18 to 20) right before I start getting Seal again.

10) Final Destination in Sight: Arch Mage Achieved

To advance to 4th job, you must first be at least Level 120 and must have the 3rd job advancement complete (obviously). Talk to Robeira again in El Nath and keep doing so until a quest is obtained that requires two items. Now, there are two ways. You can either go to Leafre and kill Manon and Griffey for these items, or you can go to Leafre, talk to the Village Chief, and get a scroll from Vega in Eos Tower 44th Floor for 10 mil. After giving the Village Chief the scroll, you get the two items and then go find your 4th job instructor in Leafre. You get 3 (not 1) SP and 5 AP as well as the Maple Hero Skillbook.

Your core skills are Big Bang, Mana Reflection, Paralyze, and Maple Warrior.

Maple Warrior
Well, Maple Warrior is a very important skill for all classes. It's your first "true" party skill (since Meditation doesn't really help any other classes except Mages, and the difference isn't TOO noticeable) and a very useful party skill at that. When it is at Level 20, your STR, DEX, INT, and LUK all increase by 10%. Meaning, if you have 500 INT, you get 550 INT for a time period. Indeed: this is a very useful skill for you to have. Most likely, if you are funded, you will max this very early. Even if you aren't, this is a core skill, and Level 9/10 MW gives a 5% bonus, making this a still very useful skill.

Usefulness: 9/10
Need: 8/10
Overall: 9/10

Big Bang
Big Bang is a half decent skill, but it's not as useful as some others. It's a mob skill that has no elemental advantage and 450 base power (with max Amp, that's 630). However, Big Bang needs to be charged for maximum results, making it just that less appealing. It's just a more powerful, charged, non-elemental Explosion, and by the time this skill is decent, you should be able to train very well with Meteor Shower at Newts and/or Skeles .

Usefulness: 6/10
Need: 4/10
Overall: 5/10

Mana Reflection
Mana Reflection. To put it short, Mana Reflection is to 4th job Mages as Power Guard is to Fighters and Pages. How so? Power Guard returns a portion of touch damage that the character takes to the monster: at max, 40% for normal monsters and 20% for bosses. Mana Reflection is similar. Mana Reflection, when maxed, has a 60% chance of returning 200% of the MAGIC damage you take, regardless of it being a boss or a normal monster. This skill only has a small usage in boss runs. Otherwise, there are other skills that have higher priorities, but it's not as bad as some others.

Usefulness: 7/10
Need: 4/10
Overall: 6/10

Fire Demon
Fire Demon is first and only distance mob skill. Unlike Explosion, Poison Mist, Big Bang, and Meteor Shower, Fire Demon is a mob skill limited to one direction, but reaches farther than your AoE skills. Fire Demon has a "burn" effect, which works like Poison damage (but the two conditions do NOT stack with one another). This burn effect does damage per second, but it also gets rid of all immunities (Poison immune monsters become Poison-able) as well as replaces all weaknesses with one to Ice (Any monster affected by Fire Demon gets a weakness to Ice). Fire Demon gains the ability to hit more monsters as the skill level grows higher ({Skill Level/6 ceiling} + 1) (Basically, divide your skill level by 6, round up if it's a decimal, disregarding decimal rules, and add one. That is the number of monsters you hit with X level Fire Demon. So Level 1 is 1/6 which rounded up is 1. Add 1 and you get 2: you hit 2 monsters.) 5 points in this skill are necessary to unlock Elquines.

Usefulness: 8/10
Need: 7/10
Overall: 8/10

From a glance, Infinity seems like a great skill. It negates all MP usage for 40 seconds when maxed. Meteor Shower at Level 30 with max Amp takes a whopping 7K MP a cast: and Level 20 takes 8K with max Amp. So yes, it seems good. But let's face facts. Meteor averages on ~5 seconds a cast. Meaning, at Level 30, Infinity will save you ~56K MP every 40 seconds. That's great, right? Infinity also has a 10 minute cooldown: you still have to wait 560 more seconds before being able to recast. 56K MP for me is 20 Mana Bulls, which is 56K, which is not hard to make (and I have 4676 MP: 9 above the rate where Mana Bulls start healing 1 MP per 1 Meso rate). It's a great skill on paper, but in the field, it leaves a bit to be desired.

Usefulness: 5/10
Need: 4/10
Overall: 5/10

Elquines is like...a god-send at times. Why? Elquines is your only summoning skill you ever get in your career as a Mapler. Elquines, however, does NOT require a Summoning Rock. Elquines is ICE ELEMENTAL which means the thing can FREEZE monsters. Not only that, but he can consistently hit 3 monsters and lasts a decent amount of time (a minute at level 10 and 2 minutes and 20 seconds maxed with a base power of 270). Fire Demon also succumbs monsters to an Ice Weakness and a Poison-able state. Elquines is definitely a great skill and is truly helpful with Meteor Training/finishing off a small misted mob.

Usefulness: 8/10
Need: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

Your 4th job Poison skill doesn't look too great. It's another 1v1 skill: which we worked to grow out of in 2nd job. But Paralyze only really has that con. Paralyze at level 1 OUTDAMAGES a MAXED Comp due to its amazing casting speed. Paralyze also is like a super freeze: a monster is turned to stone for 15 seconds at maxed with a base power of 210 (or 294 with max Amp). 1 point is usually gotten early for the 5 second paralysis and 133 base power for a point.

Usefulness: 9/10
Need: 8/10
Overall: 9/10

Must I even discuss this skill? Meteor Shower is your MP Increase, Magic Guard, Poison Mist, Amp, Seal, Booster, Slow, Maple Warrior, and every other useful skill you have combined. This godly mob skill hits 15 monsters, has an immediate 60% Mastery, and with max Amp, Level 1 Meteor Shower has a great base power of 462! The MP cost for this skill is huge, but it can be made up for by leech costs: Level 1 costs 4.2K and then increases by 200 a level until 20 where the 8K limit is hit. Then, the MP cost drops back down by 100 to 7K at maxed. Meteor Shower provides leeching options (mainly Blue Wyverns and the common spots of Newties and Skeles .) It's a truly amazing skill, and despite money problems, should be the top priority of raising.

Usefulness: 10/10
Need: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Awakening is basically just a skill to remove abnormal status conditions (the main one being at HT where it can Psycho you.) The cooldown decreases by level, but that's about it. It's not particularly too great.

Usefulness: 4/10
Need: 2/10
Overall: 3/10

11) Arch Mage Builds

The F/P Arch Mage has multiple variations. Some skills to consider getting are:

X Meteor Shower: Meteor Shower should be gotten to a level where it is the bare minimum to CONSISTENTLY take down Blue Wyverns, Newts, and Skeles . in a number of hits. That way, your leeching can be consistent. Start saving your points to hit the next milestone. 2-hitting Blue Wyverns is first, then OHKOing, then 3-hitting Newts, 2-hitting, OHKOing Newts, and then the ultimate goal being to OHKO Skeles . for the best EXP possible (whether it be leeching or for training purposes).

X1 Paralyze: When Paralyze is Level 1, it has a 5 second paralysis effect where the monster cannot move. Level 11 extends this to 10 seconds, and Level 21 extends it to 15. While 21 Paralyze is not necessary right at the beginning, it is something to consider. Leaving Paralyze at 1 until beginning to max it is perfectly viable as well.

5/7 Fire Demon: Fire Demon at 5 will unlock Elquines, which is a very good summoning. However, if you want to, extend Fire Demon to 7 to hit 3 monsters: Fire Demon at 5 only hits 2 (5/6 rounds to the ceiling to 1. 1+1 is 2, so it hits 2. 7/6 rounds to the ceiling to 2. 2+1 is 3, so it hits 3 monsters at level 7).

10 Elquines: 10 Elquines lasts a minute and has 168 base power. The extra freeze benefit is great, and Elquines is pretty good at stopping monsters close to you from attacking.

9/10/19/20 MW: Maple Warrior is a party stat boost. If you're not funded, get it to 9 or 10 for the 5% boost. If you can afford MW (which in Windia is 110 mil from Heffer), then by all means, raise it to 19 or 20 for the 10% boost. When we can kill it, Pink Bean drops MW 30, which at first will be very expensive, but as time goes on, it will drop down a bit (but patience will be required). MW 29/30 will raise by 15%.

The priorities for skills from highest to lowest are:

Meteor Shower - Your main training skill
Maple Warrior - A great buff, If you have someone who can buff you consistently, Maple Warrior is 3rd.
Low Level Paralyze - A great attack with a great side effect. If you have someone who can give you Maple Warrior consistently, Low Level Paralyze is 2nd.
Elquines - Freeze is a great status to have.
High Level Paralyze - Paralyze can come later because 1 Paralyze has a fully useful effect. 1 before Elquines is recommended, and maxing it can be done after.
Fire Demon - Your distance mob is a good finisher (especially for Misting for fun)

Build #1: All-Out Training/Leeching Build
120: +1 Paralyze, +2 Meteor Shower
121-129: +3 Meteor Shower (save points in between for milestones)
130: +1 Meteor Shower, +2 Maple Warrior
131-136: +3 Maple Warrior
137: +3 Fire Demon
138: +2 Fire Demon, +1 Elquines
139-141: +3 Elquines
142-147: +3 Paralyze
148: +2 Paralyze, +1 Elquines
149-154: +3 Elquines
155: +1 Elquines, +2 Paralyze
156-157: +3 Paralyze
158: +1 Paralyze, +2 Fire Demon
159-165: +3 Fire Demon
166: +2 Fire Demon, +1 Infinity
167-176: +3 Mana Reflection
177-186: +3 Big Bang
187-195: +3 Infinity
196: +2 Infinity, +1 Awakening
197-200: +3 Extra Points (Probably 10 into MW and the last 2 in some other skill)

Explanation: 1 Paralyze for fun, outdamaging Comp, and the 5 second paralysis are all great for just one point. Meteor Shower is pumped immediately with the saving points thing in order to pace yourself on milestones. Maple Warrior is maxed next (I'm assuming you'll be funded enough to get enough MW 20s to pass it off) for the stat boosts. 10 Elquines for 1 minute summoning (which requires 5 Fire Demon) and then 21 Paralyze for 15 second immobility. Elquines is maxed because it mobs and does more damage when maxed, then Paralyze, and then Fire Demon. Mana Reflection, Big Bang, and Infinity can be done all out of order, but Level 1 Mana Reflection and Big Bang aren't that useful, which is why that spare point went to Infinity. If you boss, then Mana Reflection. If you want fun, then Big Bang. If you want to save a little money, then Infinity. With those 3 skills, choose your style of play and add points to these skills accordingly. End with 1 Awakening and then you have 12 leftover points. Go and see if Pink Bean has been dominated by now, and if so, get MW 30, pump it up as early as you can (meaning if you land a MW 30 while raising MW, great job!) and then do what you want with the last two points.

The Fire/Poison Arch Mage build is more lenient than other builds. As long as a certain amount of a certain skill is obtained, it can provide useful, but too many points in one skill may provide to be a hindrance. The skill list above the build provides some good numbers of points to have in skills. Choose the build that can best fit you, and if you want to try something different, then by all means, go ahead. Just remember to think about what each skill will do for you and the pros/cons of your way. Always read skill descriptions and think things through in a way. Also remember that no build is perfect or will remain perfect. This way of thinking things through is how I came up with the Explosion build, as well as the 4th job build posted above. The builds went through many edits in my mind before I arrived at what they are now. They are EXAMPLES and are by no means the "Standard" build that everyone should follow. They are just a way to put points that makes sense. I will not post anymore builds for 4th job because I believe that you know what's best for yourself, and can come up with a build that can help you. Come back to the table for reference.

12) Training Spots

1-8: Maple Island Quests
1-8: Snails, Blue Snails (Maple Island)
8-15: Slimes (Slime Tree)
8-13: Stumps (East Rocky Mountain I)
10-20: HPQ (Henesys)
15-20: Pigs, Ribbon Pigs (Pigs Mini-Dungeon)
20-30: ACPQ (Find Cesar in any town and do it)
21-30: KPQ
21-25: Horny Mushrooms/Zombie Mushrooms (Mushroom Mini-Dungeon for both, Northern Tree Dungeon VII for just Horny Mushrooms)
25-30: Masks (Excavation Site III)
8-30: Multiple Quests (This is very easy to do: I quested on one character non-stop to 33).

After advancing, training spots will differ. Hybrids can train in all the given spots.

30-35: Quests (Quests can be done in between: good money-making quests are recommended).
30-50: CPQ
35-39: Jr. Grupins (Fizard/Hybrid)
39-48: Jr. Pepes (Fizard/Hybrid)
49-53: Jr. Yetis (Fizard/Hybrid)
51-70: LMPQ
51-70: CPQ2 (5 min-rush TW if you want it to be faster than LMPQ)
53-60: Grupins (Fizard/Hybrid)
55-70: Selkie Jrs. (Fizard/Hybrid in MP3/GS5) (GS5 for Explosion Mages in early/mid 7x)
60-65: 3-Tailed-Foxes (Fizard/Hybrid)
60-70: Kappas (Water Goblins) (Fizard/Hybrid)
65-70: Voodoos/Hoodoos (Fizard/Hybrid: recommended if able to consistently 3-hit)
55-75: Death Teddies (Pizard only in beginning, Hybrid in late 5x, early 6x) (Explosion Mages can train here in late 7x, early 8x)
65-75: Kents (Any color) (Pizard/Hybrid) (Blue Kents for Explosion Mages in the 8x-9x)
71-85: Magatia PQ
76-85: Squids (Mist Mage with 19 Mist at Level 76)
85-95: Blue Wyverns (Explosion Mages that wish to train here if GS5/Death Teddies/Blue Kents are not sufficient enough or have become boring)
76-120: Skeles . (9x+ Priest recommended for HS, other attackers are ok too)
125-130: Blue Wyvern (1st big leeching map with Meteor Shower)
135-165: Jr. Newties (2nd big leeching map)
140-200: Skeles . (Ultimate goal)

Training Spots are always important. There are many different places to be at, so try them all before finding a place to stay for a bit.

13) FAQ

Q: Which is better, Fizard/Pizard/Hybrid?
A: There is not a technically "better" build. Each person will always level somehow; it's just your way of doing it. Just because I went Hybrid doesn't mean that every other way is wrong. No: I'm going Explosion, but it's not incorrect: it's just my way of playing. Just remember that Fizard have some tough times from 55-75, Pizard has some bumps in early 2nd job (not much with CPQ now), and Hybrid gets the best of both: no real period of hell levels.

Q: Which should I use, Staves or Wands?
A: There really isn't a difference. Wands are cheaper to scroll, but most of the Fast weapons when maximizing Explosion's casting speed are Staves, except for the Hinomaru Fan. Do what you want. Explosion isn't going to be used for training purposes much unless you go for the Explosion build like I am. If that is the case, the 4 mentioned weapons are top priority. Other than that, Wands should be preferred over Staves. Once Explosion is rarely used, it won't matter which one you use: Explosion only gets 4 extra casts a minute with a Fast weapon compared to a Normal weapon.

Q: I hear LUKless is better than Regular LUK. Is that true?
A: Well, LUKless Mages do better damage than Regular LUK Mages. They are also cheaper to fund in the long run, have more MP, and have other advantages. However, it's the player's choice on how to make his or her character. I'm making mine a Low-LUK Mage with 80 base LUK before capping it.

Q: I put points in Magic Armor! What do I do?
A: This could be an issue. CPQ is your first "major" necessity of Magic Guard: many monsters in there hit hard (Rombots can 2HKO you without it). Other times include LMPQ (the Macis hit ~600s with a Z-Helm equipped) and Death Teddies (1K touch, 1.2K Magic). You have plently of chances to max out your Magic Guard (Fizards and Pizards do in the last 4 levels of their 2nd job while all 3rd job people have the chance nowadays if you go with the traditional builds). You'll be ok as long as you didn't put too many points in Magic Armor and IMMEDIATELY switch back to pumping Magic Guard. You could also restart if you aren't in 2nd job yet: getting to 2nd job nowadays isn't tough, and CPQ, although many low-levels choose not to take 5/6, in your 4x when you should be there for maximum results, no MG can hinder you. If you don't want to because you've invested time into this character, just remember that you're going to have to take some precious skill points at later levels to max your Magic Guard.

Q: What are some good equips to have?
A: A Zakum Helm is very good to have. I got mine at level 50 back in December 2008. A MoN or HTP at 110 or 120 respectively is also a good item to consider having. A PuAC is very nice, or any decent INT cape. Speed/Jump shoes are great, and INT robes (Sauna and Bath robes being the most common) can help you as well. Earrings that give INT/Magic Attack are recommended as well. And finally, a good E-Wand/E-Staff is nice. Upgrade to some decent or great INT equips. The priority is:


The Weapon comes first because it helps you the most. Earrings are always very accessible and easy to get: the FM and Basil always have very good INT/M.ATK earrings. Cape and Pendant are somewhat iffy, because the Pendant depends on whether you're upgrading to a MoN (10/5 for 20-30 mil depending on your server) or an HTP (22 for 400-450 mil). Zakum Helms are very common and accesible now, but one scrolled for INT should be something you can upgrade to. Overall is next: INT overalls are very expensive and may not help as much as some other equips. The Shield...there are only 3 Magician shields, and the ones that are great when scrolled for M.ATK are in the 400 mil to 1 bil range (especially the Maple ones). These should be the last on your list of INT equips. Finally, your Shoes that give Speed or Jump are last: easily scrolled items.

A: It's ok. I made a Bandit for fun, and I advanced it to a Thief at level 11. And it got the 3 extra skill points along with the point for advancing. So you'll get 7 points. But if you advance past level 10, you miss out on extra MP from MP Increase. Getting to 10 is not hard, so it shouldn't be too bad to hit 10 again.

Q: I keep dying at Death Teddies. What should I do to lower my death rate?
A: One, keep your Magic Guard on at all times. I put my Magic Guard and Medi on Macro together, and cast Magic Guard every 2 Medis, which is 200 seconds before Magic Guard wears off. That way, I'm not hit by a Death Teddy as I'm recasting and die (which has happened to me). Use Teleport and Slow to evade Death Teddies and to make them easier to escape from. Speed and Jump equips help to run away from them or their magic and jump over their projectile. Finally, practice. I died 8 times at level 62, but as time went on, I got better. Poison training takes time to master, so don't get discouraged about a few deaths.

14) Explosion Range Explanations

This is a section that includes what platforms you are able to snipe with a certain level of Explosion. Poison Mist and Explosion have the same range, but you never snipe with Mist. But these are just for reference.

1-3: Not much: the range isn't too great.
4-6: It gets a little better, but there's still much to be desired.
7-9: Explosion's usefulness takes a huge jump here. At Death Teddies, the floor is auto-aggroed when you come to them. 7+ Explosion allows you to stand on any of the platforms right above the floor and snipe.
10-12: Not much of an increase.
13-15: Explosion gets a slight boost here. If you want to save money, this is the level where you can snipe from the middle stair at GS5. You don't even have to move: just spam Explosion. The monster's can't hit you, so you're in good hands. It yields ~20% an hour at 74, but if you need to save money, have fun doing this and maybe, Steely drops .
16-30: Coming soon.
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