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MapleStory Guide: General Problems FAQ

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Table of Contents

General Problems
Account Problems
Client Problems
GameGuard Problems

General Problems

Maplestory isn't working for me [and I used to hack or did something I was told to do on a cheating forum].
Reformat your computer, install Windows and MapleStory, and then come back for future problems. Never hack again and never listen to anyone on cheating forums again (unless they tell you to stop hacking). I am not responsible for what their programs do or anything they told you to do, and I will not help you fix any problems that are a result of running those programs or listening to them because you know what you are doing is wrong and potentially dangerous.

I'm using a limited user account and I have problems patching the client and fixing settings.
Legacy programs, like Maplestory, don't always work properly using limited user accounts. Run Maplestory on an Admin account.

Account Problems

I was falsely banned.
Go to and send an email of inquiry. If you were falsely banned, Nexon will restore your account. If you weren't, and your account was only temporarily banned, you will be permanently banned from the game. Do not waste their time.

Client Problems

canvas.dll is corrupted.
I don't have a working file for you to download at this time. If you have a friend that plays gMS, you may get it from him/her. It may be even beter to copy their entire folder (except Gameguard; let that re-download on your computer). If you can't get a working file/folder from someone, reinstall Maplestory.

file.wz is corrupted.
I don't have a working file for you to download at this time. If you have a friend that plays gMS, you may get it from him/her. It may be even beter to copy their entire folder (except Gameguard; let that re-download on your computer). If you can't get a working file/folder from someone, reinstall Maplestory.

The autopatcher doesn't work.
Download the manual patch when it becomes available. If that fails, you have no choice but to reinstall the client. The full client will be prepatched so please do not try to use the manual patch on it.

Could not find the file "dinput8.dll".
Install the latest version of DirectX (DirectX 9 for Windows XP, DirectX 8 for older versions).

I get a GR2D error.
If you have recently reformated your hard drive, try reinstalling your grahics card's driver. Brand name computers come with a CD that includes the driver. If you have misplaced it, go to the manufacturer's website, locate your model, and download the driver. Other computers may have come with a CD that included the driver, but if it didn't, or if you don't have the CD, follow these steps:
Find the Name of your Graphics Card
Login to windows using an administrator account.
Go to 'My Computer'.
Right-click inside the window. 'Choose Properties'.
Click on the tab that says 'Device Manager'.
Click on 'Display Adapters'. The name of your graphics card should be displayed.
Login to windows using an administrator account.
Right-click on the Desktop. Choose 'Properties'
Click on the tab that says 'Settings'. The name of your graphics card should be displayed.
Find and Install the Driver
Login to windows using an administrator account if you haven't already done that.
Go to the manufacturer's website: ATI, nVidia.
Locate and download the driver.
Install the driver and restart the computer.
Login to windows using an administrator account if you haven't already done that.
Search for your graphics card's driver.
Download the driver.
Install the driver and restart the computer.
After you have installed your graphics card's driver
Login to windows using an administrator account if you haven't already done that.
Go to Crogram FilesWizetMaplestory and run Setup.exe.
When asked if you could see the game clearly, answer no.
The Setup program will try to find a frequency that works with your computer's display. Follow the onscreen directions when it finds the first frequency that works.
Run Maplestory.

Alternative Methods (posted on by vnc).
Login to windows using an administrator account if you haven't already done that.
Download Lavalys EVEREST.
Launch Lavalys EVEREST.
Click on Computer->Summary.
On the right side, locate the "Video Adapter" line and click on the blue text.
A tool tip pops up, with a link for you to download the driver.
Click on the link and follow the instructions at the website to continue with the driver installation.
If there is no download link:
Download UnknownDevices (mirrors) and updated PCI list.
Extract the EXE file from and place pcidevs.txt (not the one from the ZIP file) in the same directory as the EXE.
Run the EXE; give it a little time to load.
If you have seen "VGA compatible card" in the device manager, you should also see something similar here, and also listing what the actual device is called:
[quote]? Standard PCI Graphics Adapter
|ATI Technologies Inc Radeon 9000 Series (RV250)
|Chip: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon 9000 Series (RV250)
+Full Details[/quote]

This says that my video card is ATI Radeon series, so I should download the Catalyst driver from ATI Tech.
Video: ? Standard PCI Graphics Adapter
|Nvidia Corp GeForce4 MX 440
|Chip: Nvidia Corp GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP 8X [NV18.2]
+Full Details

This one says that my video card is nVidia GF4, so I should download the ForceWare/Detonator driver from nVidia.

UnknownDevices will also detect some other video cards as well. If it says you have an Intel Extreme Graphics, S3 Savage or UniChrome, or SiS Mirage, you should look for your motherboard CD, as they are most likely onboard video cards. If you have misplaced them, check the motherboard's download list for your model number. They will already have the appropriate drivers for your computer.

Install the driver and restart your computer.
Login to windows using an administrator account.
Right click on your desktop and choose Properties.
Click on the settings tab and click Advanced
Click Troubleshoot, and slide the Hardware acceleration completely to the right.
Click Start, choose Run and type in "dxdiag"
Choose Display and click on Enable for DD and D3D.
Click Test Direct3D to make sure everything is working.
At a minimum, your computer must have the Direct3D 8 interfaces test working for D3D in order for MapleStory to start.

I cannot connect to the server. It says that it's my connection or there is a server check.
If you are outside of the licensed region for the version you are trying to play, your IP address may be blocked (credits go to subiknight). If you live in the licensed region and you can't connect, first check your network settings:
Turn off your computer.
Unplug your router.
Unplug your modem.
Plug in your modem then wait 30 seconds or until it finishes powering up.
Plug in your router then wait 30 seconds or until it finishes powering up.
Turn on your computer.
Login to windows using an administrator account.
Go to Start: Connections : Show all connections.
Make sure your network connection(s) are enabled. If they are disabled, right click on them and choose 'enable'.
Repair all enabled connections by right clicking on them and choosing 'repair'.
Restart the computer.
Login to windows using an administrator account.
Run Maplestory.
Windows can sometimes be stubborn when updating the settings. Just keep trying until it does. If after following these steps, you can browse the internet but you can't access the server, you may have an issue with your firewall. Please read the documentation for your hardware or software firewall and make sure you aren't blocking the game ports.

Gameguard Problems

Hacking attempt detected but I'm not using any hacks.
Some antivirus programs and other 3rd party programs may interfere with gameguard's operation. Try closing programs you don't need until you can access the game.

Gameguard is already running.
Restart your computer.

I get an error with weird characters
Check your maplestory folder. You probably have something that doesn't belong there. If you don't have a reference of what should be there, just delete the entire folder and reinstall the game.

Error 100
According to MapleSEA's support site, Error 100 means you have a virus. Please scan your computer with antivirus software. If you cannot find it after the first scan, try scanning it with another antivirus. Most antivirus companies offer free scanning on their websites so you can try before you buy.

Error 114
Something you are running is conflicting with gameguard. Here is a picture of my process list after I start up my computer. I closed down my antivirus and other things that are set to automatically launch so that you have a clear idea what is normal. Just terminate things one by one until you get Maplestory to load. If you are running the same processes as I am and cannot open maplestory, it is possible that you didn't uninstall some piece of software properly and it is running in the background while hiding itself from the process list, or you have a virus.

Programs/Processes known to cause problems

PrevX and all any related processes
Combination of DVDLauncher.exe and rundll32.exe

Error 340/380
Occurs because gamegaurd cannot connect to the gameguard server.

Can you connect to If you cannot, you probably can't connect to any of it's subdomains either, including the gameguard server ( ). Either your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has a DNS problem or all the posible connection routes to the gameguard server are broken. Call your ISP.

Error 350
You either clicked the cancel button or you request timed out. If you did not press the cancel button, close any other processes that are using excessive bandwidth on your network and try agian. If that doesn't work, you may have a spyware infection. Please scan you computer with detection software such as AdAware.

Other errors
Try deleting the Gameguard folder and let it re-download. Also, check your firewall settings.

Improving Connection Speed

Ways to Improve Efficiently on the Computer


Firewall can sometimes block someone from playing Maplestory and slow down the process, often causing lag. Sometimes its best just to turn off the firewall before approaching the game.

Desktops and Laptops -
Directions to turn off firewall-
  1. Press Start
  1. Press Control Panel
  1. Press System and Security
  1. Press Firewall
  1. Look for the option 'turn off windows firewall'
- Please note that it will ask for permission before turning it off. If you have the permission go for it, if not ask before switiching it off.
  1. Select the option that turns off the firewall.

  • Although Firewall does slow down computer's workings always remember to turn it back on after playing.

Wireless Connections

Wireless connections are another issue when it comes to loading Maplestory. Wireless connections are unstable due to varying strengths over time to the connection box. It is advised that a person uses an internet cable rather than using wireless. Internet cables provide a more constant connection instead of a shaky one that a wireless connection provides.

Desktop - Most desktops already have an internet cable so no operations are needed.

Wireless Laptops or Desktops -
  1. Look at the icons at the bottom right hand corner of your computer screen. Hover over the icons until one of the icons' text box reads something lose to 'WLAN: On'
  1. Left Click the option and click 'Turn WLAN Off'
  1. This turns off wireless internet.
  1. Take an internet cable and plug it into an internet modem(?), after ward it should flash a light. It means its connected
  1. Then take the other end and plug it into the left side of your laptop. Find the hole that fits.

When you are done simply unplug the wire from the laptop and modem(?) and turn the wireless back on.

Maplestory works on almost all types of Windows. Although XP works the best of all the the systems theres a way to get on even if the compatability is not correct. Please do not try and set a Compatability mode, it will only make the situation worse, as well as giving it an admin setting.

Desktop and Laptop
  1. Download Maplestory from the Website ONLY
  1. Start Gamelauncher.exe or Start from the website.
  1. Give it Permission to run and you should get an error message.
  1. Bypass the message and it should run.
- Make sure there is not other settings applied to running Maple such as compatability mode or admin setting.

Channel Entering Suggestion

Sometimes it take forever to enter a channel in servers because its too crowded. Those that immediately enter Channel 1 in several worlds may cause lag. I suggest that when entering a world try picking a less poplutated channel before entering a more populated one. Beware of places such as Henesys or the Free market which can cause severe lag at times.

Unlisted/Unsolved Problems

So many things can go wrong in Windows. First try using system restore to revert to a good configuration. If that doesn't work, try making a topic in this forum. Please make sure you include as much detail as possible. There are many knowledgeable users here, but they will only be able to help you if you accurately describe the problem.
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