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MapleStory Guide: Getting The EXP Hair and Face You Want

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I. A summary to EXPing your face and hair
II. Additional links and help
III. EXP Hairstyles
IV. EXP Faces
V. Guide notes
VI. Credits


EXP face and hair tickets can be obtained in the cash shop. Every town has its own set of hair tickets, both VIP and EXP. The only towns with EXP face tickets are Ariant, Showa, and NLC.
Please note that a REG ticket and EXP ticket mean the same thing when I refer to them.
EXP tickets are cheaper than VIP tickets, but they are %100 random when using them. You can get lucky and get the hair you want on your first try. In other cases it will take over twenty. Though EXPing can get pricey, it will make your character look more unique.

How to EXP your character:
  1. Get the nx, of course It can be purchased at the nexon website, or at the stores listed [s=]here[/s]
  1. Prices: EXP hair tickets (both colors and styles) cost 2,100 NX. Face tickets also cost 2,100 NX, and eye colors cost 1,800 NX. Buy one ticket at a time. They are sold for each town, so obviously buy the town's coupon for the hair you want. ;D
  1. Talk to the NPC. Each town has two of them, one VIP, and the other EXP/REG. To find where your town's NPC is located, search around on [s=]hidden-street[/s] and click the town under the NPC header.
  1. After the NPC confirms you have the correct ticket, it'll do its magic. When the chat log closes, you can see your new hair style.
  1. If you have enough NX and are dissatisfied with your hair, repeat steps 1-4. However, try not to go overboard. Remember, it can take over 100 tickets to get your desired hair.

A tip for EXPing: Pick a town with 2-3 hairs you like, and settle for the first one you get. It will cut down on costs.
-Also ALL THIRD ROUND HAIRS ARE ATTAINABLE. Any site that says you can't get them is out-of-date. (Thanks Aznofpower)


I am only putting EXP hairs and faces in this guide.
- [s=]Maplefantasia:[/s] If there is a hair or face you do not see, try to see where it can be obtained. You can also see eye and hair colors here.
- [s=]Maplesim:[/s] Try it out if you would like to test out a certain hair/face in another color or with additional NX. You can either download it, or use the stimulator on the site.
-FC Guide: Any other thoughts or questions about the FC? Check out Azonofpower's guide.


[s=]Female styles[/s]
[s=]Male styles[/s]


[s=]Male and Female faces [/s]


- The only information I know about Singapore can be seen [s=]here[/s] However, nothing seems to be exclusive. Haven't seen any faces or hairs that can be attained ONLY through exping.
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