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MapleStory Guide: Macros
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Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents (duhr)
  2. Overview
  3. Creating a Macro
  4. General Tips
  5. Recommended Setups by Class


So what are these macros anyway? Macro is a new function that allows you to set up to 3 skills onto 1 key. It does not actually create a new skill, nor does it combine their effects in any way. Using a macro is equivalent to using all three skills manually, one after the other. The main benefit it provides is simply convenience. Instead of pressing 3 separate keys for 3 separate skills (and cluttering up your keyboard in the process) you only need 1 key.

Creating a Macro

So how do you create a macro? First open up the skill window, then click the button at the bottom called "Macro" to open up the Macro sub-window. Here you will see several rows, each row with 3 grayed slots and a skill icon at the end. Drag and drop the desired skills into the slots to set a macro, then take the unique icon and place it in your keyboard configuration. When you press that key, you will automatically use all 3 skills, one after the other in the same order that you set them in quick succession. Using a macro tends to cast skills slightly faster than pressing manually by eliminating the lag from sending packets of information for 3 separate keystrokes. You can also name your macro skill by dragging the icon to the slot at the bottom of the macro window, then typing a name in the text slot beside it. You can also choose to "shout" the name of your macro every time you use it. As of now, the macro skill is not affected by the curse filter, although this may change in later patches/server checks.

General Tips

How should I set up my macros? Many people have seen this and gone "OMG TT + TT + TT = 1337 pwnage!" While chaining attack skills may initially sound like a good idea, it doesn't work very well in practice. You never know which attacks you want to use in a given situation until the moment you attack, and setting up attack combos before hand doesn't work very well. Remember that macros don't make new skills. This is not Mortal Combat or Soul Calibur. Macros simply chain skills together a little faster than normal. One major problem with using attack skills in a macro is that if a situation arises where you want to move or stop attacking, it takes a bit of time to break the chain of a macro. Moving or pressing a skill button in the midst of a macro will cancel it, but it is still extra time wasted which could be the difference between surviving and getting slammed by Black Crow.

Instead, macros should be reserved for buff skills only. This reduces keyboard clutter as well as casting time by a slight amount. Also, when possible try to put buff skills with similar duration together so as not to waste MP and time. It makes much more sense to have one macro for skills lasting 110, 120, and 120 seconds, and a second macro for skills lasting 60, 50, and 45 seconds than to mix the skills together. This way, you spend less time re-casting skills before they run out. Also, don't place skills with cooldown on a macro. You don't want to waste your Shadower's Smoke Shell when there's nothing dangerous around you, only to find 5 minutes later that you need it and have to wait another 5 minutes for it to become available again, nor do you want to waste 200 stars every 30 seconds because you put Shadow Claw in the same macro as a low level Maple Warrior.

Recommended Macro Setups

Note that all setups are based on max level skills. If your skills have not yet been maxed, re-arrange them accordingly so that skills macro-ed together have similar durations. Also, I suggest that all Guard skills be set to separate keys in addition to any macros as a safeguard.

You can use Ctrl + F to search for your specific class.

-Seriously, there's nothing here worth macro-ing, unless you wanted to shout curses at ppl. In which case, you may as well just put in Snail Shell once.

1st Job

-Again, nothing here worth macro-ing really, since you don't have enough buffs to macro anyways. See Beginner recommendations.

2nd Job

Most classes get some new buffs here, some of which are worth macro-ing. Others are optional and up to the player

-Claw Booster (200 seconds) + Haste (200 seconds)

-Dagger Booster (200 seconds) + Haste (200 seconds)

-Skill durations are pretty widespread, so macros aren't strictly necessary. 1 Optional setup:
-Invincible (300 seconds) + Bless (200 seconds)
However, some party members may ask for Bless before it runs out for you, so this may not be all that beneficial
Another viable option would be
-Heal (instant) + Magic Guard (600 seconds) [or vice versa]
This is one of the only times I would suggest putting an attack skill into a macro, but make sure you have Heal on another button by itself as well. This macro would mainly be used for dispell situations where you want to heal and MG as fast as possible, and a macro will shave off a split second. Besides, some party members will want you to spam Heal. Having MG on a separate button here is optional

-Another job where skill durations are fairly varied. Optional setup
-Crossbow Booster (200 seconds) + Focus (300 seconds)
This may actually work out fairly well for some since many don't max out focus anyways if I remember right. If you really want to, you can throw Soul Arrow (600 seconds) on there as well, since all you waste is a bit of MP. In the end, does it really save time? I think casting a skill 3 times as often as necessary wastes more time, but it's up to you.

-Axe/Sword Booster (200 seconds) + Rage (160 seconds)
If I'm not mistaken, many people leave Iron Body at a very low level, so the following might work
-Iron Body (lvl 3 – 95 seconds) + Power Guard (90 seconds)
Otherwise, just leave Power Guard by itself or put Iron Body (300 seconds maxed) before Booster.

-Same setups as Crossbowman
-Bow Booster (200 seconds) + Focus (300 seconds)
See Xbowman section for more detailed descriptions

-Iron Body (lvl 3 – 95 seconds) + Power Guard (90 seconds) + Threaten (60 seconds, optional)
I believe many warriors leave Iron Body at a low level, so this could work. Otherwise, leave off Iron Body or macro it with Booster

-Hyper Body (155 seconds) + Spear/PoleArm Booster (200 seconds)
The reason I placed HB first is that if you ever get dispelled, the first thing you want is your life saving skill, then your other buffs. As a Guard skill, I would also suggest having HB on a separate key as well in case of emergency, or if your party members demand it.
-Iron Body (300 seconds maxed) + Iron Will (300 seconds maxed)

-Not much worth macro-ing here, since all you get is Meditation, which lasts only 200 seconds. Macro it after Magic Guard only if you really feel like it. It's quite unnecessary and wastes more time/MP.

3rd Job

Most classes get several new buffs here, which provides for more macro combos or simply building upon existing macros.

Chief Bandit
-Dagger Booster (200 seconds) + Haste (200 seconds) + Pickpocket (180 seconds)
Leave Meso Guard by itself. Besides that at 120 seconds, it's duration is much shorter than the others, and it's a Guard skill, which is something you'll want handy and by itself if you ever get dispelled.

-Same setups as Fighter, since all you get are new attack skills

Dragon Knight
-Hyper Body (155 seconds) + Spear/PoleArm Booster (200 seconds) + Dragon Blood (160 seconds)
-Iron Body (300 seconds maxed) + Iron Will (300 seconds maxed)
As before with the Spearman, I would suggest having HB on a separate key as well, as it is a Guard skill.

-Claw Booster (200 seconds) + Haste (200 seconds) + Shadow Partner (180 seconds)
At only 120 seconds duration, leave Meso Up by itself for now.

-Meditation (200 seconds) + Magic Booster (200 seconds)
Again, I suggest leaving MG by itself on a separate key.

-Invincible (300 seconds) + Bless (200 seconds)
-Heal (instant) + Magic Guard (600 seconds) [or vice versa]
-Holy Symbol (120 Seconds) + Summon Dragon (140 Seconds)
This is another optional setup that is up to the user. By placing them together, you waste 20 seconds of Dragon each time you recast, which can get costly since Dragon requires a Summon Stone.

-Bow Booster (200 seconds) + Focus (300 seconds) + Silver Hawk (180 seconds)
Keep Puppet separate, as it is the closest thing to a Guard skill available to Rangers

-Crossbow Booster (200 seconds) + Focus (300 seconds) + Golden Eagle (180 seconds)
Keep Puppet separate, as it is the closest thing to a Guard skill available to Snipers

White Knight
-Not much to macro here unfortunately. Charges last 200 seconds each which is way longer than any other buffs available to WK. You can keep using your Page macro, which is
-Iron Body (lvl 3 – 95 seconds) + Power Guard (90 seconds) + Threaten (60 seconds, optional)
Suggested by xVillainous
-any Charge (200 seconds) + Charge Blow: Useful in situations where you only want to spam Charge Blow

4th Job

The last macros you will ever need.

Arch Mage
-Magic Guard (600 seconds) + Maple Warrior (600 seconds)
Once again, it is a good idea to have MG on a separate key as well for emergency use
-Elquines/Ifrit (270 seconds) + Mana Reflection (250 seconds)
-Meditation (200 seconds) + Magic Booster (200 seconds)

-Heal + Magic Guard (600 seconds) + Maple Warrior (600 seconds)
Once again, it is a good idea to have MG and Heal on separate key as well for emergency use
-Invincible (300 seconds) + Bless (200 seconds)
An optional setup includes
-Mana Reflection (250 seconds) + Bahamut (160 seconds)
While this wastes a bit of MR's duration, it's just MP and up to the user to decide on its convenience. The other option would be to leave MR by itself and have the following
-Holy Symbol (120 Seconds) + Bahamut (160 Seconds)

-Soul Arrow (600 seconds) + Maple Warrior (600 seconds)
-Bow Booster (200 seconds) + Phoenix (200 seconds)
-Sharp Eyes (300 seconds) + Focus (300 seconds if maxed)

Dark Knight
-Iron Body (300 seconds maxed) + Iron Will (300 seconds maxed) + Stance (300 seconds)
-Hyper Body (155 seconds) + Spear/PoleArm Booster (200 seconds) + Dragon Blood (160 seconds)
As before, HB should have its own key as well for emergencies
Beholder should go by itself. Reason is self explanatory (20 minute duration = 1200 seconds)

-Same setup as Crusader, since Power Stance and Maple Warrior last much longer than your other buffs. Throw in Stance with Booster if you really want.

-Soul Arrow (600 seconds) + Maple Warrior (600 seconds)
-Crossbow Booster (200 seconds) + Frostprey (200 seconds)
-Sharp Eyes (300 seconds) + Focus (300 seconds if maxed)

Night Lord
-Claw Booster (200 seconds) + Haste (200 seconds) + Shadow Partner (180 seconds)
-Meso Up (120 Seconds) + Shadow Claw (120 seconds)

-Still not much worth macro-ing, unfortunately. You can throw Power Stance (300 seconds) with your charges (200 seconds) if you want. You can also continue using your Page macro, which is
-Iron Body (lvl 3 – 95 seconds) + Power Guard (90 seconds) + Threaten (60 seconds, optional)
With maxed Advance Charge, the Charge + Charge Blow combo is rendered irrelevant, since you no longer lose your charge.

-Dagger Booster (200 seconds) + Haste (200 seconds) + Pickpocket (180 seconds)
Once again, leave MG by itself. There's not much to macro it with anyways
-Dark Sight (200 seconds) + Assassinate (instant)
The only other suggested attack combo for macro use. However, you also need to have each skill on separate keys as well, which increases keyboard clutter (3 keys for the same 2 skills), so it is up to the user whether you want to do this or not. Macro-ing the 2 lets you spam Assassinate just a little bit faster than normal, but you need them separated as well, since you don't always want to Assassinate out of a DS, or you might want to charge it up first.
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