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MapleStory Guide: Mechanic Guide

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Mechanics are slow mobile class with high damage output and a set of versatile skills. Their most prominent trait is their ability to resist Knock Backs and deal massive amounts of damage within a wide and short range. With skills that allow party members to heal, receive 20% damage boost and teleport anywhere within a map they are some of the most balanced characters for bossing and training. Though their Health Points are low, their Power Armor, Extreme Mech, and Satellite Safety can block and reduce any damage received. Because of their well balanced out skills and high attack power, Mechanics have become one of the most recognized classes of power.

^AP Build
As of the Tempest Update Mechanics will solely use DEX. The need for Secondary Stats have been removed and Equips no longer require STR to be worn.

^Mech Palette Swapper
Mechanics have the ability to change the color of their Mech Protoype starting at Level 15. A quest by the name of Secret Mech Ability will appear on the side of the screen. Checky Will explain that he has created a new gizmo that will make your Mech stronger than ever before, but that he needs 1 Million Mesos from you in order to pay off a part called Mech Disguise Swap Chip.

If you pay for the part you will not only get to choose one of 4 colored Mechs, but you will also receive a new Passive Beginner Skill called Hidden Piece that will add 10% Damage, 10% HP and 10% MP. In addition, several skills will change in accordance to the color you choose.

Please note that the first time you change your Mech's color you get to choose from the first four on the upcoming list. After the 1st time you will randomly be given a color.


If your current graphic card does not support Pixel Shader 2.0 you will not be able to see any mech color. There is no way to fix this other than buying a new graphic card that supports Pixel Shader 2.0

If you want to know if your graphic card can support Pixel Shader 2.0 download GPU-Z from Tech Power Up.GPU-Z is a safe and highly recognized lightweight program that lists intensive information about your CPU and GPU.

Once downloaded look for DirectX Support listing on the Graphic Card tab. If it lists anything other than SM2.0 or higher, your current graphic card does not support Pixel Shader 2.0 and you will need to buy a new one in order to see the new mech colors and certain upcoming skills.

^1st Job Skill Points
LevelSkill 01Skill 02Skill 03
10+3 Prototype (3)+1 Gatling Shot (1)+1 Drillhands (1)
11+2 Prototype (5)+1 Gatling Shot (2)
12+2 Prototype (7)+1 Gatling Shot (3)
13+2 Prototype (9)+1 Gatling Shot (4)
14+1 Prototype (Maxed)+2 Gatling Shot (6)
15+3 Gatling Shot (9)
16+1 Gatling Shot (10)+2 Flame Launcher (2)
17+3 Flame Launcher (5)
18+3 Flame Launcher (8)
19+3 Flame Launcher (11)
20+3 Flame Launcher (14)
21+3 Flame Launcher (17)
22+3 Flame Launcher (Maxed)
23+3 Gatling Shot (13)
24+2 Gatling Shot (Maxed)+1 Drillhands (2)
25+3 Drillhands (5)
26+3 Drillhands (8)
27+3 Drillhands (11)
28+3 Drillhands (14)
29+3 Drillhands (17)
30+3 Drillhands (Maxed)

Drillhands: Maxed
Gatling Shot: Maxed
Flame Launcher: Maxed
: Maxed

Training Areas
Levels 10-20Rating
Blue Ribbon Pigs 4 of 5
Levels 20-25Rating
Mixed Golems 5 of 5
Flaming Mixed Golems 5 of 5
Levels 25-30Rating
Mixed Golems 5 of 5
Flaming Mixed Golems 5 of 5
Streetlights3 of 5
Patrol Robot S3 of 5

^2nd Job Skill Points

LevelSkill 01Skill 02Skill 03Skill 04
30 +1 Atomic Hammer (1) +1 Heavy Weapon Mastery (1)+1 Mechanical Mastery (1)+1 Rocket Booster (1)
31+3 Mechanical Mastery (4)
32+3 Mechanical Mastery (7)
33+3 Mechanical Mastery (Maxed)
34+3 Physical Training (3)
35+2 Physical Training (Maxed) +1 Mechanical Rage (1)
36+3 Mechanical Rage (4)
37+3 Mechanical Rage (7)
38+3 Mechanical Rage (Maxed)
39+3 Atomic Hammer (4)
40+3 Atomic Hammer (7)
41 +3 Atomic Hammer (10)
42 +3 Atomic Hammer (13)
43 +3 Atomic Hammer (16)
44 +3 Atomic Hammer (19)
45+1 Atomic Hammer (Maxed)+2 Heavy Weapon Mastery (3)
46 +3 Heavy Weapon Mastery (6)
47 +3 Heavy Weapon Mastery (9)
48 +3 Heavy Weapon Mastery (12)
49 +2 Heavy Weapon Mastery (14)+1 Perfect Armor (1)
50+3 Perfect Armor (4)
51+3 Perfect Armor (7)
52+3 Perfect Armor (10)
53+3 Perfect Armor (13)
54+3 Perfect Armor (16)
55+3 Perfect Armor (19)
56+1 Perfect Armor (Maxed)+2 Open Portal (2)
57+3 Open Portal (5)
58+3 Open Portal (8)
59+2 Open Portal (Maxed)+1 Rocket Booster (2)
60+3 Rocket Booster (Maxed)

Open Portal: Maxed
Perfect Armor: Maxed
Rocket Booster: Maxed
Atomic Hammer: Maxed
Physical Training: Maxed
Mechanical Rage: Maxed
Mechanical Mastery: Maxed
Heavy Weapon Mastery Level 14

Training Areas

^3rd Job Skill Points
LevelSkill 01Skill 02Skill 03Skill 04
60+1 Punch Launcher (1)+1 Mech Siege Mode (1)+1 Rock N Shock (1)+ 1 Overclock (1)
61+3 Overclock (4)
62+3 Overclock (7)
63+3 Overclock (10)
64+3 Overclock (13)
65+2 Overclock (Maxed)+1 Punch Launcher (2)
66+3 Punch Launcher (5)
67+3 Punch Launcher (8)
68+3 Punch Launcher (11)
69+3 Punch Launcher (14)
70+3 Punch Launcher (17)
71+3 Punch Launcher (Maxed)
72+3 Rock N Shock (4)
73+3 Rock N Shock (7)
74+3 Rock N Shock (Maxed)
75+3 Mech Siege Mode (4)
76+3 Mech Siege Mode (7)
77+3 Mech Siege Mode (10)
78+3 Mech Siege Mode (13)
79+3 Mech Siege Mode (16)
80+3 Mech Siege Mode (19)
81+1 Mech Siege Mode (Maxed) +2 Roll of the Dice (2)
82 +3 Roll of the Dice (5)
83 +3 Roll of the Dice (8)
84 +3 Roll of the Dice (11)
85 +3 Roll of the Dice (14)
86+3 Roll of the Dice (17)
87+3 Roll of the Dice (Maxed)
88+3 Healing Bot (3)
89+3 Healing Bot (6)
90+3 Healing Bot (9)
91+1 Healing Bot (Maxed)+2 Satellite (2)
92+3 Satellite (5)
93+3 Satellite (8)
94+2 Satellite (Maxed)+1 Accelerator Bot (1)
95 +3 Accelerator Bot (4)
96 +3 Accelerator Bot (7)
97 +3 Accelerator Bot (Maxed)
98 +3 Metal Fist Mastery (3)
99+3 Metal Fist Mastery (6)
100+3 Metal Fist Mastery (9)

Satellite: Maxed
Overclock: Maxed
Rock n Shock: Maxed
Healing Robot: Maxed
Roll of the Dice: Maxed
Punch Launcher: Maxed
Acceleration Bot: Maxed
Mech Siege Mode: Maxed
Metal Fist Mastery: Level 9

Training Areas

^4th Job Skill Points
LevelSkill 01Skill 02Skill 03
100+1 Mech Missle Tank (1)+1 Laser Blast (1)+1 Extreme Mech (1)
101+3 Double Down (3)
102+2 Double Down (Maxed)+1 Extreme Mech (2)
103+3 Extreme Mech (5)
104+3 Extreme Mech (8)
105+3 Extreme Mech (11)
106+3 Extreme Mech (14)
107+3 Extreme Mech (17)
108+3 Extreme Mech (20)
109+3 Extreme Mech (23)
110+3 Extreme Mech (26)
111+3 Extreme Mech (29)
112+3 Laser Blast (3)
113+3 Laser Blast (6)
114+3 Laser Blast (9)
115+3 Laser Blast (12)
116+3 Laser Blast (15)
117+3 Laser Blast (18)
118+3 Laser Blast (21)
119+3 Laser Blast (24)
120+3 Laser Blast (27)
121+3 Laser Blast (Maxed)
122+3 Mech Missle Tank (3)
123+3 Mech Missle Tank (6)
124+3 Mech Missle Tank (9)
125+3 Mech Missle Tank (12)
126+3 Mech Missle Tank (15)
127+3 Mech Missle Tank (18)
128+3 Mech Missle Tank (21)
129+3 Mech Missle Tank (24)
130+3 Mech Missle Tank (27)
131+3 Mech Missle Tank (Maxed)
132+3 Amplifier Robot Af-11 (3)
133+3 Amplifier Robot Af-11 (6)
134+3 Amplifier Robot Af-11 (9)
135+3 Amplifier Robot Af-11 (12)
136+3 Amplifier Robot Af-11 (15)
137+3 Amplifier Robot Af-11 (18)
138+2 Amplifier Robot Af-11 (Maxed)

4th Job
From here on out, you should either max Maple Warrior if you can afford the Skill Books or Bots 'n' Tots and Robot Mastery; There's also the option of leaving out Maple Warrior since one should be partying with folks who have it already. It is not recommended to put points into Giant Robot SG-88 or Satellite Safety until your other skills are maxed.

Training Areas


This guide was entirely written by xKlaudex of Basil. I do not give permission to anyone to repost this or use any part of this guide outside of Basil Market. This guide was initially an update of ZeroKnightz Mech Guide, but has grown into something entirely different. I do not hold responsibility for ruining your Mech's Damage Range or potential to strive in the Maple World. If any information is found to be outdated please send me a PM. Criticism, Constructive Criticism, Advice and Suggestions are always welcome; I strive to make this guide the best possible Mech Guide.

^Miscellaneous Links

UPDATE What Did You Achieve on your Mechanic today?: Thread where one can post Mechanic Achievements.

Guide Misc.

Update Log

[06.01.13] Training Areas and Abridged Training Guide have been removed.
[04.19.13] Abridged Training Guide added.
[12.03.12] Added a Mech Palette Swapper section and new images.
[11.29.12] Updated the guide for the Tempest Patch; All Skill Builds were remade, except 1st Job.
[11.14.12] Updated the guide for the Rise Against Patch; 3rd and 4th Job Skill Builds were updated. Battle Arena and Damage Range Sections were removed.
[03.29.12] Updated the guide for the Union Patch; All skill builds were modified.
[01.26.12] Added a guide for PvP, Disclaimer was changed a bit and Contributors were added.
[01.07.12] Updated the guide to meet the new standards for the Ascension Patch.
[12.03.11] More ranges added to the Damage Range Section.
[11.28.11] Sent out over 50 requests for Mech Damage Ranges to Fellow Basilers. The Addition of the Mech Damage Ranges and Disclaimer was also added.
[11.18.11] Guide Adjusted for Ascension Patch.
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