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MapleStory Guide: Mercedes Ultimate Guide
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About Me

Hey there guys, before you read my guide, I was hoping I could introduce myself. My name is Max and I live in a city in New Zealand. I am also known as Vivace, Feral, Kyu, Mono, Sun or Vin (; they are the abbreviations of my character IGNs). I use a little of my spare time to go on Basil Market to, of course, update this guide and a little to play my characters on Maplestory. Although I'm no expert on Mercedes or the Maplestory game itself, I do have a lot of general knowledge on the classes themselves (, not all), so ask me anything you like. I love to help people and write things which is partially why I created this guide.

I hope the Basilers reading this appreciate this guide and if you find any errors or if you want to give constructive feedback on this guide structurally or visually, please comment specifically.


P.S. The IGN of my Mercedes is KyumonoSun. If you would like help with you're Mercedes or if you want live help in-game, just contact me in-game. (I'm in Mardia.)

Credits to the people who helped

All the people that own the videos I included
Tagg of Hiddenstreet.

Links to the Blogs and Info I used

Orange Mushroom's Blog
Basil Market
Ellin Forest


All of this guide is written by me unless said so. I realise there have been some misunderstandings within the guide and the information in it. My guide is not currently at it's best which is why it may seem incomplete. Please do not use my guide without permission outside of Basilmarket. Thank you for you're understanding.~

Updates ~

Note: The dates are in NZT.

Stickied Guide Nothing done yet and it isn't at it's full potential nor is it that great...
Added a title picture and fixed the beginning a little bit.
Added Magic Arrows and Dual Bowguns Section. Will be adding pictures at a later date. Edited lots of skills, skill builds
and update content to match GMS. Will add tables and more visual things at a later dat. Added to the credits and
deleted some of the unprofessional paragraphs and replaced them. Added some stuff in contents bar. Will be learning
how to link contents to specified header. Going to name the Youtube videos later on the link.
Took some time to download all of the skill pictures and added them on. I'll be changing the Dual Bowguns section due to
the other guide having the exact same format for it. I'll delete it for now. Also added some more pictures throughout the
guide and added the contents bar links to the parts of the guide. Added a 'Medals Table' for the 'Medals' section. Several
minor grammar updates. Added a table for the 'Pros and Cons' section and the 'Training Guide' section. Added the 'An
Indepth guide to PQing, Monster Park and Mapping / Location' section and also the 'Where is Elluel?' section.
Changed the format of the skill descriptions and added skill animation links for some of the skills. Updated some minor content header glitches and some grammar was fixed I have changed the skill builds so that no one can complain that the skill builds are similar to Danny's ones.
Added a gigantic 'Thanks for reading' picture I made in the ''Thank You!' Notes' section. Added the 'Mercedes Skill Changes' section. Fixed up some 'Content' sidebar glitches.
Fixed up the 2nd job SP Build Guide where I put booster in the guide before meeting the mastery prerequisite. Added 'Mastery Books' section which explains what mastery books are needed in the 4th job. Added an extra question to the 'Common Misunderstandings / Questions' section.
Found out how to add the subheaders. Organised the guide with subheaders. Fixed some minor grammar mistakes. Added a link to a good combo guide and I placed the link in a separate header named: Mercedes Combo Guide. Deleted the math from Danny's guide as I'm trying to get rid of anything that I may of sourced from his guide.
I added some basic information in the guide.
I'll be posting a new title picture since my older one is not working...
I updated the CPQ section.
I added a new title picture as the old one wasn't working. I also added a new [h2] about Mercedes being a limited class. I updated the Dual Bowgun List. I added the GMS version of the map.
I edited the grammar in the history of Mercedes and Elluel.
I updated the equips section for STR with new things.
I got rid of the random question marks that were replacing apostrophes and colons. I put the correct grammar in place of the random question marks. I also edited one of the bold headings under the images that I provided in the guide. I made some minor changes to the layout and placement of some of the sentences within the guide. I added a sub - heading.
I update the 'Skill Changes' section with one more skill change. I changed the format of the 'Skill Changes.' I fixed up some minor grammar mistakes. ~
Omfg I haven't been on in ages. ^^ Hi guys. ~ Anyways I gotta start slow I have final exams soon! I just fixed the title image so it wasn't broken and also updated the more recent KMS skill changes from the 'Updates' section. Will do more soon!
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Likes: 45
Recent Updates
Jun 13 2013
Updated Skill Definitions~
Apr 27 2013
Updated skills to match their mastery levels since the Tempest job levels change
Dec 04 2012
Edited Hyper Skills so that they matched the new KMST (ready to be released content into KMS) 50 mil damage cap.
Sep 23 2012
Updated the skills for the Champion Update
Aug 17 2012
I added information for the Mercedes Hyper Skill update in KMS and also included some videos of it!
Jun 20 2012
Legends can't be made anymore so I updated the event section.
Jun 12 2012
I updated the 'Can I Make a Mercedes Now?' section.
May 21 2012
I added some inspirational videos by @VitaminMmm.
May 20 2012
I fixed up a few typos.
May 18 2012
I changed some of the skill builds so that they would be even better. I also added some choices to show which skills are of equal importance.
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Updates! ~

16/10/13 (NZT) I'm here again! Having final exams soon so I'm sort of busy ... >_< I will try to update this guide more and erase it of broken images / update the skills and builds so that they are usable. Please bear with me! ^_^''

Mercedes Ultimate Guide Introduction and Guide Notes

Mercedes is the archer hero. She is one of the five heroes that sealed away the Black Mage and later, like all the other heroes, got encased in ice because of the Black Mage's curse. There are many unique characteristics Mercedes possess including having a weapon unique to their own class, a unique mount to their own class- a unicorn and also having many original skills making them a class that attacks very elegantly and very fast.

Just a note for the 'Skill Build' sections : I have made the description green and the name of the skill in bold text for easy skim-reading.

The Mercedes Unicorn Mount

The Mercedes Unicorn Mount
Note: In GMS, the Unicorn Mount does not Upgrade until Level 200

Are Mercedes like DBs?

In many YouTube videos, people comment on how Mercedes is similar to the Dual Blade class. There is a simple reason: Mercedes and Dual Blades both have high mobility.

Why Can't I Create a Mercedes Now?

Mercedes is a limited class. This means that they will be going on and off the character creation screen. So next time you are about to post a thread about not being able to make a Mercedes, don't.

Can I Make a Mercedes Now?

You cannot create a new Mercedes at the moment.

Mercedes History

As shown in the Youtube video: ..., Mercedes was of royal blood. She ruled in a village/town called Elluel. Later in the video, she then needs to battle the Black Mage. She battled with vigor and bravery and in the end, she sealed away the Black Mage. This is where you start playing as Mercedes. Mercedes walks right and sees Freud, the Evan who battled with her; she talks to Freud's dragon. Freud's dragon states that Freud protected him from a curse and Mercedes hurries back to Elluel to protect her people. She is too late, however, as the curse has already started to encase all the members of the village/town in ice. Mercedes becomes encased in ice last. Mercedes wakes up in her bedroom chamber centuries later and must fight to protect her town, Elluel and also save everyone.

This is the story explained by Maplewiki:

Maplewiki: After the battle with the Black Mage, Mercedes wakes up in a battlefield and spots Freud and Afrien. The Onyx Dragon tells her that his master took the curse to protect him and died (although Evan's story says that Afrien took the curse and was frozen and Freud ran away to protect his egg). Even though Afrien was very weak, he managed to leave behind an egg to what would be Mir in the next century. He also takes Mercedes back to her hometown, Elluel, victim of the Black Mage's curse.

The Elf Queen warns her citizens about the curse and tries doing everything in her power to prevent it from happening, even going so forth to seal off Elluel from the outside world. However, her attempts were futile; one by one, the Elves were encased in ice. It would only be a matter of time before Mercedes would be frozen, too...

A hundred years later, Mercedes finally awakes, although she only remembers it as yesterday. However, her people still remained trapped in the icy cold. She then decides to head to the outside world to receive help. She noticed that the barrier had vanished as it had intended to last a hundred years, she also notices that her level had dropped from 200 to 10, causing her to shout in anger.

She calms down and recaps the events. Soon, Mercedes decides to train herself in order to receive enough strength to venture to the outer world. After gaining a few levels, she notices that the Slimes had grown weaker. Mercedes then heads out into the Maple World to find out what has happened in all this time.

That is pretty much the beginning storyline of Mercedes.

Mercedes frozen in ice.

Can I Make a Male Mercedes?

Mercedes is depicted as a female in most pictures. All the official pictures I have seen of Mercedes are female, in fact. Of course, Mercedes is a hero and is supposed to be unique, so Nexon can't go changing the gender xD. You can create both a male and female gender though. From my personal experience, Males and Females look quite similar if you have the original hair.

The Mercedes 'Character Creation' screen

What Is So Good About This Class?

As always, every class has pros and cons. As they say, you can't have a wrong without a right.

Mercedes Beginner Job Skills

The Mercedes job has unique beginner job skills so I decided to put them on the guide.

Elf's Recovery: Passive
Using the power of nature and its purified energy, recover your HP and MP continually.

Every 4 seconds, recover 5% of your HP and MP.

Updraft: Passive
Quickly move up a ladder or rope.

Key combination: Up + jump

King's Qualifications: Passive
The King of Elves is born with heightened agility and attacking speed.

Increases attacking speed by 1, speed by 10, and jump by 20. Also gives you level 30 Charm.

Elf's Blessing: Passive
With the blessing of the ancient elves, you can return to Eurel and also permanently gain 10% experience. (Link Skill)

Return to Eurel (cooldown is 1800 seconds on teleport), gain 10% extra experience from monsters permanently. (It's like permanent 1.1x)

Note: All Mercedes beginner job skills DO NOT require SP.

Mercedes 1st Job Skills

Mercedes have a fairly simple first job in that you can do quests to level up quick or just train and level up even fast. You can double jump and speed up ladders for uber fast movement / mobility and spam your Dualshot.

Speed Dualshot: Active Animation
Shoot two arrows that hit many enemies.

At max level (20), MP -14, Arrows Fired: 2, Damage: 115%, Max Monsters Hit: 3

Potential Power: Passive
Permanently activates your inner force. Increases speed, max speed, and give a chance to dodge enemy attacks.

At max level (15), Speed +30, Max Speed Limit: +165, Enemy Attack Avoidance Rate: 20%

Glide Blast: Active
Move forward during a jump by tumbling. Movement distance increases as the skill level increases.

At max level (10), MP -10, Jumps a certain distance

Sharp Aiming: Passive
Permanently increases critical chance.

At max level (20), 20 Critical Rate +40%

Mercedes 2nd Job Skills

The Mercedes 2nd Job can get somewhat tedious in terms of farming with one combo or just spamming your Piercing Strikes. Fear not! It gets better soon I promise. C;

Piercing Storm: Active
Continuously fire arrows containing the power of nature. Arrows can penetrate 6 enemies with 4 attacks.

At max level (20), MP -24, Damage: 83%, Max Monsters Hit: 6, Number of Penetration Attacks: 4

Rising Rush: Active
Pushes back 8 enemies in front of you before launching them into the air. You can deal additional damage by attacking the enemies in the air.

At max level (10), MP -25, Damage: 130%, Launch Damage: 210%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Additional Damage when Attacking in Air: 30%

Dual Bowguns Booster: Active Animation
Uses MP to increase the attack speed of your Dual Bowguns by 2 levels for a fixed period of time. (Prerequisite 5 Dual Bowgun Mastery)

At max level (10), MP -11, Duration: 200 sec

Spirit Surge: Active Animation
For a certain period of time, increase your damage and critical chance.

At max level (15), MP -45, Damage: 15%, Duration: 180 sec, Critical Chance: +15%

Parting Shot: Active Animation
Can only be used after Charge Drive. Shoot many arrows that hit enemies in the air. (Prerequisite 1 Charge Drive)

At max level (5), Damage: 70%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 8

Dual Bowgun Mastery: Passive
Increases the mastery of the dual bowgun and accuracy.

At max level (10), Dual Bowguns Mastery: +50%, ACC +120

Final Attack : Dualbowgun: Passive
Grants a chance to deal additional damage with 2 attacks after an attack. (Prerequisite 3 Dual Bowgun Mastery)

At max level (20), 2-hit Final Attack takes place at 40% chance, 1st Hit: 75% Damage, 2nd Hit: 50% Damage

Physical Training: Passive
Permanently increases DEX and STR.

At max level (5), increases DEX and STR by 30.

Mercedes 3rd Job Skills

At 3rd Job you should be speeding through levels because you have so much AoE, mobility and assassination power. And it should be fun c:.

Stunning Strikes: Active
Shoots many fast arrows at enemies in front of you. Has a chance to stun enemies.

At max level (20), MP -35, Damage: 120%, Number of Arrows: 4, Max Monsters Hit: 5, Stun Chance: 80%, Stun Duration: 6 sec

Leap Tornado: Active
While in the air, start spinning and shoot many arrows at the ground. You must have 120% or more jump and be in the air to use this skill.

At max level (20), MP -45, Damage: 135%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 8

Unicorn Spike: Active Animation
Summon the sacred unicorns to attack enemies in front of you. There is a chance to debuff your opponent and weaken them, to allow you and your party to deal extra damage. This skill has a 100% chance of hitting critical damage.

At max level (20), MP -62, Damage: 140%, Additional Damage Debuff Chance: 95%, Additional Damage Debuff Duration: 15 sec, Amount of Additional Damage: 10. Cooldown: 10 sec.

Gust Dive: Active Animation
Use the power of the wind to dive through the air into enemies to damage.

At max level (20), MP -45, Damage: 195%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 6

Ignis Roar: Active Animation
Using the power of the spirit of fire, increase your damage and chance to avoid enemy attacks for a certain period of time.

At max level (20), MP -60, ATK: +40, Duration: 180 sec. Passive Effect: Avoid +20%

Water Shield: Active Animation
Use the strength of the spirit of water to create a shield that absorbs some damage and gives you resistance to states and elements for a certain period of time.

At max level (10), MP -100, Absorbs 30% damage for 180 sec and increases resistance to abnormal status and all elemental attacks by 25%

Aerial Barrage: Active Animation
Can only be used after Charge Drive. Fly towards your enemies in the air and hit them extremely fast. (Prerequisite 5 Final Shot)

At max level (5), MP -28, Damage: 105%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Number of Attacks: 6, Instant Death Chance: 10%. Passive Effects - Rising Rush Damage: +15%

Elemental Knights: Active Ice Knight Animation
Summons spirit knights to aid you in battle. They will fight monsters that you are attacking.

At max level (10), MP -60, 1 random Spirit summoned for 160 sec.

Ice Spirit - Damage: 550%, Freeze Chance: 90%, Freeze Duration: 5 sec.
Fire Spirit - Damage Over Time: 550% chance of causing 110% damage every second for 5 sec.
Shadow Spirit: Damage: 625%.
Cooldown: 120 sec

Mercedes 4th Job Skills

This is where the real fun starts!

Ishtar's Ring: Active Animation
Borrow the power of the legendary weapon Ishtar to continuously fire rapid arrows at a target. Hold down the skill button to keep attacking. Passively increases the damage of Strike Dualshot. (Prerequisite 20 Strike Dualshot)

At max level (30), hits 110% damage two times. Strike Dualshot's damage is increased by 25%.

Spikes Royale: Active
Leap forward while raining down arrows on enemies. Enemies hit by the attack will have their defense lowered. This attack has a 100% critical chance. Passively increases the damage of Leap Tornado. (Prerequisite 10 Leap Tornado)

At max level (20), hit 12 enemies for 572% damage 2 times, their defense will be reduced by 20% for 15 seconds. Cooldown is 5 seconds. Leap Tornado's damage in increased by 30%.

Lightning Edge: Active Animation
Move forward instantaneously and attack many enemies in your path.

At max level (30), hits 8 enemies for 435% damage 3 times. There is a cooldown of 5 seconds.

Rolling Moonsault: Active Animation
Must be used after Charge Drive. Rapidly spin in the air, hitting floating enemies for continuous damage. You can use Acrobatic Jump, Leap Tornado, or Gust Dive after this skill.

At max level (20), hits 8 enemies for 190% damage 6 times.

Ancient Warding: Active Animation
For a certain period of time, receive the blessings of an ancient spirit and increase your damage and HP. Permanently increases the chance to avoid attacks of Ignis Lore. (Prerequisite 5 Ignis Lore)

At max level (30), for 210 seconds, damage is increased by 30% and HP is increased by 1500. Passively increases Ignis Lore's effect to avoid enemy attacks by 20%.

Maple Warrior: Active
Increase the stats of all party members by a certain percentage.

At max level (30), increases all stats by 15% for 900 seconds.

Hero's Will: Active
Focuses to break free from a state.

At max level (5), cooldown of 360 seconds.

Dual Bowguns Expert: Passive
Increases mastery of a dual bowgun, attack, and minimum critical damage. (Prerequisite 20 Dual Bowgun Mastery)

At max level (30), increases mastery to 70%, gives 30 attack, and increases minimum critical damage by 15%.

Defense Break: Passive
Attacks on an enemy have a chance to ignore 100% of their defense. This works on bosses as well.

At max level (20), there is a 40% chance to ignore 100% of the target's defense.

Advanced Final Attack: Passive
Increases damage and accuracy, and also the chance of activation and damage of Final Attack. (Prerequisite 20 Final Attack: Dual Bowgun)

At max level (30), permanently increases Attack by 20 and ACC by 10%, During an attack 2-hit 70% chance of Final Attack, 1st Hit: 105% Damage, 2nd Hit: 70% Damage

Hyper Skills

During a long-awaited KMS game update, Nexon released the Hyper Skills (into KMS)! They will arrive in GMS in about 6 months time from when KMS released the game update.
Basically, KMS moved the 3rd job from 70 -> 60 and the 4th job from 120 - > 100. There wasn't enough room to create a complete 5th job but instead they created some extra skills for each class called 'Hyper Skills.' So yes, Hyper Skills are a substitute for the 5th Job. These are the Hyper Skills available to Mercedes and if you are interested to see other class' Hyper Skills ... Here is the link to Max's blog!

The Hyper Skills available to the Mercedes class are :

All Classes : [All Passive Skills]

Hyper Physical Guard : Passively increase your physical defense by 500.
[Required level: 165]

Hyper Magical Guard : Passively increase your magical defense by 500.
[Required level: 174]

Hyper Movement : Passively increase your speed by 10.
[Required level: 152]

Hyper Jump : Passively increase your jump by 10.
[Required level: 146]

Hyper Accuracy : Passively increase your accuracy by 20%.
[Required level: 158]

Hyper Critical Rate : Passively increase your critical rate by 10%.
[Required level: 198]

Hyper Dexterity : Passively increase your DEX by 50.
[Required level: 140]

Hyper Intelligence : Passively increase your INT by 50.
[Required level: 140]

Hyper Luck : Passively increase your LUK by 50.
[Required level: 140]

Hyper Strength : Passively increase your STR by 50.
[Required level: 140]

Hyper Max Heart Point : Passively increase your HP by 15%.
[Required level: 192]

Hyper Max Magic Point : Passively increase your MP by 15%.
[Required level: 186]

Hyper Max Demon Force : Passively increase your DF by 50.
[Required level: 180]

Mercedes : [Active, Buff and Passive Skills]

Ishtar's Ring - Add Range : Ishtar's Ring's range is increased by 40.
[Required level: 162]

Ishtar's Ring - Linked Reinforce : Strike Dualshot's damage is increased by 30%.
[required level: 183]

Ishtar's Ring - Reinforce : Ishtar's Ring's damage is increased by 20%.
[Required level: 143]

Legendary Spear - Linked Reinforce : Leap Tornado's damage is increased by 30%.
[Required level: 195]

Legendary Spear - Reduce Armor : Legendary Spear's decreased defenses effect is increased by 20%.
[Required level: 177]

Legendary Spear - Reinforce : Legendary Spear's damage is increased by 20%.
[Required level: 155]

Water Shield - Immunity Enhance 1 : Water Shield's resistance to states is increased by 10%.
[Required level: 168]

Water Shield - Immunity Enhance 2 : Water Shield's elemental resistance is increased by 10%.
[Required level: 189]

Water Shield - Reinforce : Water Shield's damage reduction is increased by 10%.
[Required level: 149]

Wrath of Enlil : Enlil's rage is used to attack up to 10 enemies in front of you for 300% damage 10 times. There is a cooldown of 8 seconds. Maximum damage for this skill is 3,000,000 (+50,000,000?).
[Required level: 170]
Active Skill

Elvish Blessing : The Great Spirit's blessing increases your attack by 80 and gives you 100% stance for 30 seconds. There is a cooldown of 90 seconds.
[Required level: 150]
Active Skill (Buff)

Hero's Oath : The oath of the Maple heroes gives them and other Hero classes in their party 10% increased damage and the ability to pass the damage cap by up to 5,000,000 for 60 seconds. There is a cooldown of 120 seconds.
[Required level: 200]
Active Skill (Buff)

Mercedes Skill Changes

As expected, the Mercedes class received numerous skill changes (that were mostly if not all nerfs) from patches after the Legend Update. All the information I have in this header is from Max's Blog- Orange Mushroom's Blog. I just changed the skill names to GMS and fixed up some formatting.

Skill Change 1: No Name

(This skill change patch was already integrated into GMS when Mercedes arrived.)

Cross Piercing: Instead of hitting 165% 2 times, it now hits 83% 4 times.
Soul Purify: No longer heals your MP.
Unicorn Spike: Now has a 100% chance of critical. Weakened effect now lasts for 10 attacks, and 20 on bosses.
Ishtar's Ring: You cannot move while using this skill anymore. Now passively increases damage of Strike Dualshot. Prerequisite of 20 Strike
Dualshot was added. At max level, increases damage of Strike Dualshot by 25%.
Spikes Royale: Damage has been increased from 520% to 572%. Now passively increases damage of Leaf Tornado by 20%. A prerequisite of 10 Leaf Tornado has been added.
Defense Break: Now has a 30% chance of ignoring 100% defense.

Skill Change 2: No Name

(This skill change patch was already integrated into GMS when Mercedes arrived.)

Spirit Surge (was called Soul Purify): No longer drains HP. Now increases damage and critical chance for a certain period of time.
At max level, increases damage and critical chance by 15% for 180 seconds.
Final Shot: The range of this skill has been increased, and the damage has been increased from 75% to 90%.
Lightning Flare - (KMST): The range of this skill has been increased, and the damage of this skill has been increased from 150% to 181%.
Elemental Knights: Instead of attacking a monster that you may have attacked then moved away from, they will now attack the monster that
you are currently attacking.
Spikes Royale: Passive effect of raising Leaf Tornado's damage has been increased from 20% to 30%.
Aerial Barrage: The range of this skill has been increased, and the damage has been increased from 147% to 176%. The animation has been
Ancient Warding: Instead of increasing critical chance by 15%, it now increases max HP by 1500.
Defense Break: Chance to pierce defense has been increased from 30% to 40%.
Ishtar's Ring: The animation has been renewed.

Skill Change 3: No Name

(This skill change patch was already integrated into GMS when Mercedes arrived.)

Final Attack: Dual Bowgun: Now hits twice for 75% each.
Gust Dive: Delay was decreased.
Ring of Ishtar: Now hits twice for 105% damage each.
Advanced Final Attack: Dual Bowgun: Now hits twice for 105% each.

Skill Change 4: Justice

Parting Shot: damage has been decreased from 90% to 60%
Final Attack: Dual Bowgun: damage has been increased from 75% to 150%
Aerial Barrage: damage has been decreased from 120% to 100%, Charge Drive's damage boost has been decreased from 30% to 20%
Strike Dualshot: damage has been decreased from 126% to 115%
Unicorn Spike: damage has been decreased from 150% to 140%
Spikes Royale: damage has been decreased from 572% to 520%
Lightning Edge: damage has been decreased from 435% to 405%
Rolling Moonsault: damage has been decreased from 190% to 170%

Skill Change 5: Beginning of the Counterattack

Parting Shot: damage has been decreased from 90% to 60%
Final Attack: Dual Bowgun: first arrow now does 75% damage and second arrow does 50% damage
Aerial Barrage: damage has been decreased from 120% to 100%, Charge Drive's damage boost has been decreased from 30% to 20%
Strike Dualshot: damage has been decreased from 126% to 115%
Unicorn Spike: damage has been decreased from 150% to 140%
Spike Royale: damage has been decreased from 572% to 520%
Lightning Edge: damage has been decreased from 435% to 405%
Rolling Moonsault: damage has been decreased from 190% to 170%
Advanced Final Attack: Dual Bowgun: first arrow now does 105% damage and second arrow does 70% damage

Skill Change 6: No Name

Final Attack: Dual Bowgun: first arrow now does 75% damage and second arrow does 50% damage
Advanced Final Attack: Dual Bowgun: first arrow now does 105% damage and second arrow does 60% damage

Skill Change 7: Maplestory (KMS) 9th Anniversary / Champion Update (GMS)

Parting Shot: At Master Level - Damage has been increased per mob to 240% from 280%.
Stunning Strikes: At Master Level - Damage has been increased per mob to 480% from 460%, the number of mobs attacked has been raised to 5 instead of 4.
Aerial Barrage: At Master Level - Damage has been increased per mob to 660% from 600%.
Final Attack:The issue where Final Attack did not activate if mobs aggro was directed towards another player has been fixed. (GMS)
Spike Royale: At Master Level - Damage has been increased per mob to 1080% from 1040%.
Lighting Edge: At Master Level - Damage has been increased per mob to 1560% from 1215%.
Rolling Moonsault: At Master Level - Damage has been increased per mob to 1080% from 1020%.

Skill Change 8: Hyper Skills

Hyper skills were added for the Mercedes class. Check the 'Hyper Skills' section for more detail.

Skill Change 9: KMS ver. 1.2.194

Final Attack Dual Bowgun Final Attack (2nd): secondary arrow's damage has been increased from 50% to 75%
Unicorn Spike Unicorn Spike (3rd): debuff will no longer be removed after a certain number of hits, it will stay for its entire
Advanced Final Attack Advanced Final Attack (4th): secondary arrow's damage has been increased from 80% to 120%
Legendary Spear Legendary Spear (4th): number of hits has been increased from 2 to 3, cooldown has been removed
Lightning Edge Lightning Edge (4th): cooldown has been removed
Elvish Blessing Elvish Blessing (Hyper): duration has been increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds

Skill Change 10: FLY

Speed Dualshot: number of hits has been increased to 3, damage has been increased from 115% to 125%
Charge Drive: damage has been increased from 130% to 210%
Final Shot: damage has been increased from 70% to 85%
Strike Dualshot: damage has been increased from 120% to 200%
Leap Tornado: damage has been increased from 135% to 195%
Unicorn Spike: damage has been increased from 140% to 195%
Ishtar's Ring: damage has been increased from 150% to 155%
Legendary Spear: damage has been increased from 540% to 580%
Advanced Strike Dualshot: damage has been increased from 150% to 240%

Mercedes Skill Build Guide

Just a quick note on the way most of the skill builds for Mercedes work.
Some of the skills Mercedes use are not for damage but are for the mobility. Let's take the skill 'Gust Dive' for an example. Gust Dive's purpose is to group enemies by flying towards them and pushing them together. The difference between the skill levels 1 and 20 are just damage. Therefore, this skill is not a priority to be maxed.


Mercedes Skill Build First Job


Speed Dualshot

Potential Power

Glide Blast

Sharp Aiming

These skills are all very vital to your damage and will all be maxed as there is enough SP for all the skills to be maxed. This build is the one I used and most other people will use.

10. 1 Speed Dualshot (1), 4 Gust Blast (4)
11. 3 Gust Blast (7)
12. 3 Gust Blast (MAX)
13. 3 Sharp Aiming (3) / 3 Potential Power (3)
14. 3 Sharp Aiming (6) / 3 Potential Power (6)
15. 3 Sharp Aiming (9) / 3 Potential Power (9)
16. 3 Sharp Aiming (12) / 3 Potential Power (12)
17. 3 Sharp Aiming (15) / 3 Potential Power (15)
18. 3 Sharp Aiming (18) / 3 Potential Power (18)
19. 2 Sharp Aiming (MAX) 1 Potential Power (1) / 2 Potential Power (MAX) , 1 Sharp Aiming (3)
20. 3 Potential Power (4) / 3 Sharp Aiming (6)
21. 3 Potential Power (7) / 3 Sharp Aiming (9)
22. 3 Potential Power (10) / 3 Sharp Aiming (12)
23. 3 Potential Power (13) / 3 Sharp Aiming (15)
24. 2 Potential Power (MAX), 1 Speed Dualshot (2)
25. 3 Speed Dualshot (5)
26. 3 Speed Dualshot (8)
27. 3 Speed Dualshot (11)
28. 3 Speed Dualshot (14)
29. 3 Speed Dualshot (17)
30. 3 Speed Dualshot (MAX)


Speed Dualshot: MAX
Potential Power: MAX
Gust Blast: MAX
Sharp Aiming: MAX

Your first few points are for mobility and for easier attacking. You then max the most vital skills and last is Speed Dualshot.

Mercedes Skill Build Second Job


Piercing Storm

Rising Rush

Dual Bowguns Booster

Spirit Surge

Parting Shot

Dual Bowguns Mastery

Final Attack: Dual Bowguns

Physical Training

30. 1 Cross Piercing (1)
31. 1 Rising Rush (1) , Parting Shot (1) , 1 Dual Bowguns Mastery (1)
32. 3 Dual Bowguns Mastery (4)
33. 1 Dual Bowguns Mastery (5) , 2 Dual Bowguns Booster (2)
34. 3 Dual Bowguns Booster (5)
35. 3 Dual Bowguns Booster (8)
36. 3 Dual Bowguns Booster (11)
37. 3 Dual Bowguns Mastery (8)
38. 3 Dual Bowguns Mastery (11)
39. 3 Dual Bowguns Mastery (14)
40. 3 Dual Bowguns Mastery (17)
41. 3 Dual Bowguns Mastery (MAX)
42. 3 Spirit Surge (3)
43. 3 Spirit Surge (6)
44. 3 Spirit Surge (9)
45. 3 Spirit Surge (12)
46. 3 Spirit Surge (MAX)
47. 3 Parting Shot (4)
48. 1 Parting Shot (MAX) , 2 Rising Rush (3)
49. 3 Rising Rush (6)
50. 3 Rising Rush (9)
51. 3 Rising Rush (12)
52. 3 Rising Rush (MAX)
53. 3 Physical Training (3) / 3 Final Attack : Dualbowguns (3)
54. 3 Physical Training (6) / 3 Final Attack: Dual Bowguns (6)
55. 3 Physical Training (9) / 3 Final Attack: Dual Bowguns: (9)
56. 1 Physical Training (MAX) , 2 Final Attack : Dual Bowguns (2) / 3 Final Attack: Dual Bowguns (12)
57. 3 Final Attack: Dual Bowguns (5) / 3 Final Attack : Dual Bowguns (15)
58. 3 Final Attack: Dual Bowguns: (8) / 3 Final Attack : Dual Bowguns (18)
59. 3 Final Attack: Dual Bowguns (11) / 2 Final Attack : Dual Bowguns (MAX) , 1 Physical Training (1)
60. 3 Final Attack: Dual Bowguns (14) / 3 Physical Training (4)
61. 3 Final Attack: Dual Bowguns (17) / 3 Physical Training (7)
62. 3 Final Attack: Dual Bowguns (MAX) / 3 Physical Training (MAX)
63. 3 Dual Bowguns Booster (14)
64. 3 Dual Bowguns Booster (17)
65. 3 Dual Bowguns Booster (MAX)
66. 3 Piercing Storm (4)
67. 3 Piercing Storm (7)
68. 3 Piercing Storm (10)
69. 3 Piercing Storm (13)
70. 3 Piercing Storm (16)

Wahla, that's my build I used in game that I found the most fun. I liked fast attacks so I added the booster in before mastery. I also maxed physical training later though I recommend you to max it between Maxed Spirit Surge and Parting Shot. Other than that, the end result is the same as Piercing Storm won't be used in the 3rd job as Stunning Strikes replaces it compeletely as it is superior to it in every way:

Note: The first build is the one that I used on my Mercedes.

Piercing Storm: 16
Rising Rush: MAX
Dual Bowguns Booster: MAX
Spirit Surge: MAX
Parting Shot: MAX
Dual Bowguns Mastery: MAX
Final Attack: Dual Bowguns :MAX
Physical Training: MAX

Mercedes Skill Build Third Job


Stunning Strikes

Leaf Tornado

Unicorn Spike

Gust Dive

Ignis Roar

Water Shield

Aerial Barrage

Elemental Knights

70. Stunning Strikes (1)
71. 1 Leaf Tornado (1) , 1 Gust Dive (1), 1 Aerial Barrage (1)
72. 1 Water Shield (1) , 1 Ignis Roar (1) , 1 Unicorn Spike (1)
73. 1 Elemental Knights (1) , 2 Ignis Roar (3)
74. 3 Ignis Roar (6)
75. 3 Ignis Roar (9)
76. 3 Ignis Roar (12)
77. 3 Ignis Roar (15)
78. 3 Ignis Roar (18)
79. 2 Ignis Roar (MAX) , 1 Stunning Strikes (2)
80. 3 Stunning Strikes (5)
81. 3 Stunning Strikes (8)
82. 3 Stunning Strikes (11)
83. 3 Stunning Strikes (14)
84. 3 Stunning Strikes (17)
85. 3 Stunning Strikes (MAX)
86. 3 Aerial Barrage (4)
87. 3 Aerial Barrage (7)
88. 3 Aerial Barrage (10)
89. 3 Aerial Barrage (13)
90. 2 Aerial Barrage (MAX) , 1 Elemental Knights (2)
91. 3 Elemental Knights (5)
92. 3 Elemental Knights (8)
93. 3 Elemental Knights (11)
94. 3 Elemental Knights (14)
95. 3 Elemental Knights (17)
96. 3 Elemental Knights (MAX)
97. 3 Water Shield (4)
98. 3 Water Shield (7)
99. 3 Water Shield (10)
100. 3 Water Shield (13)
101. 3 Water Shield (16)
102. 3 Water Shield (19)
103. 1 Water Shield (MAX) , 2 Leaf Tornado (3)
104. 3 Leaf Tornado (6)
105. 3 Leaf Tornado (9)
106. 3 Leaf Tornado (12)
107. 3 Leaf Tornado (15)
108. 3 Leaf Tornado (18)
109. 2 Leaf Tornado (MAX), 1 Unicorn Spike / 1 Gust Dive (2)
110. 3 Unicorn Spike / 3 Gust Dive (5)
111. 3 Unicorn Spike / 3 Gust Dive (8)
112. 3 Unicorn Spike / 3 Gust Dive (11)
113. 3 Unicorn Spike / 3 Gust Dive (14)
114. 3 Unicorn Spike / 3 Gust Dive (17)
115. 3 Unicorn Spike / 3 Gust Dive (MAX)
116. 3 Gust Dive / 3 Unicorn Spike (4)
117. 3 Gust Dive / 3 Unicorn Spike (7)
118. 3 Gust Dive / 3 Unicorn Spike (10)
119. 3 Gust Dive / 3 Unicorn Spike (13)
120. 3 Gust Dive / 3 Unicorn Spike (16)


Strike Dualshot: MAX
Leap Tornado: MAX
Unicorn Spike: MAX / 16
Gust Drive: 16 / MAX
Ignis Lore: MAX
Water Shield: MAX
High Kick Demolition: MAX
Elemental Knights: MAX

This build is not the build I used in GMS but I do recommend this build (that I wrote) if you wish to have the most fun and if you wish to optimize you're training in the best training areas there are. (i.e. Jesters, MP3, Pirates and PQs).

Mercedes Skill Build Fourth Job


Ishtar's Ring

Spike Royale

Lightning Edge

Rolling Moonsault

Ancient Warding

Maple Warrior

Hero's Will

Dual Bowguns Expert

Defense Break

Advanced Final Attack.

120. 1 Ishtar's Ring (1), 1 Rolling Moonsault (1), 1 Legendary Spear (1)
121. 1 Lightning Edge (1) , 2 Dual Bowguns Expert (2) / 2 Ancient Warding (2)
122. 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (5) / 3 Ancient Warding (5)
123. 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (8) / 3 Ancient Warding (8)
124. 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (11) / 3 Ancient Warding (11)
125. 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (14) / 3 Ancient Warding (14)
126. 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (17) / 3 Ancient Warding (17)
127. 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (20) / 3 Ancient Warding (20)
128. 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (23) / 3 Ancient Warding (23)
129. 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (26) / 3 Ancient Warding (26)
130. 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (29) / 3 Ancient Warding (29)
131. 1 Dual Bowguns Expert (MAX) , 2 Ancient Warding (2) / 1 Ancient Warding (MAX) , 2 Dual Bowguns Expert (2)
132. 3 Ancient Warding (5) / 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (5)
133. 3 Ancient Warding (8) / 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (8)
134. 3 Ancient Warding (11) / 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (11)
135. 3 Ancient Warding (14) / 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (14)
136. 3 Ancient Warding (17) / 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (17)
137. 3 Ancient Warding (20) / 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (20)
138. 3 Ancient Warding (23) / 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (23)
139. 3 Ancient Warding (26) / 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (26)
140. 3 Ancient Warding (29) / 3 Dual Bowguns Expert (29)
141. 1 Ancient Warding (MAX) , 2 Rolling Moonsault (3) / 1 Dual Bowguns Expert (MAX) , 2 Rolling Moonsault (3)
142. 3 Rolling Moonsault (6)
143. 3 Rolling Moonsault (9)
144. 3 Rolling Moonsault (12)
145. 3 Rolling Moonsault (15)
146. 3 Rolling Moonsault (18)
147. 2 Rolling Moonsault (MAX) , 1 Advanced Final Attack (1)
148. 3 Advanced Final Attack (4)
149. 3 Advanced Final Attack (7)
150. 3 Advanced Final Attack (10)
151. 3 Advanced Final Attack (13)
152. 3 Advanced Final Attack (16)
153. 3 Advanced Final Attack (19)
154. 3 Advanced Final Attack (22)
155. 3 Advanced Final Attack (25)
156. 3 Advanced Final Attack (28)
157. 2 Advanced Final Attack (MAX) , 1 Defense Break (1)
158. 3 Defense Break (4)
159. 3 Defense Break (7)
160. 3 Defense Break (10)
161. 3 Defense Break (13)
162. 3 Defense Break (16)
163. 3 Defense Break (19)
164. 1 Defense Break (MAX) , 1 Hero's Will (1) , 1 Ishtar's Ring (2)
165. 3 Ishtar's Ring (5)
166. 3 Ishtar's Ring (8)
167. 3 Ishtar's Ring (11)
168. 3 Ishtar's Ring (14)
169. 3 Ishtar's Ring (17)
170. 3 Ishtar's Ring (20)
171. 3 Ishtar's Ring (23)
172. 3 Ishtar's Ring (26)
173. 3 Ishtar's Ring (29)
174. 1 Ishtar's Ring (MAX) , 2 Maple Warrior (2)
175. 3 Maple Warrior (5)
176. 3 Maple Warrior (8)
177. 3 Maple Warrior (11)
178. 3 Maple Warrior (14)
179. 3 Maple Warrior (17)
180. 3 Maple Warrior (20),
181. 3 Maple Warrior (23)
182. 3 Maple Warrior (26)
183. 3 Maple Warrior (29)
184. 3 Spike Royale (4)
185. 3 Spike Royale (7)
186. 3 Spike Royale (10)
187. 3 Spike Royale (13)
188. 3 Spike Royale (16)
189. 3 Spike Royale (19)
190. 1 Spike Royale (MAX) , 2 Lightning Edge (3)
191. 3 Lightning Edge (6)
192. 3 Lightning Edge (9)
193. 3 Lightning Edge (12)
194. 3 Lightning Edge (15)
195. 3 Lightning Edge (18)
196. 3 Lightning Edge (21)
197. 3 Lightning Edge (24)
198. 3 Lightning Edge (27)
199. 3 Lightning Edge (MAX)
200. 3 Hero's Will (4)


Ishtar's Ring: MAX
Legendary Spear: MAX
Lightning Edge: MAX
Rolling Moonsault: MAX
Ancient Spirit: MAX
Maple Warrior: 29
Hero's Will: 4
Dual Bowgun Mastery: MAX
Defense Break: MAX
Advanced Final Attack.: MAX

This build has very little choices because each skills is obvious in it's order of importance. We start off with putting one skill point in every important skill. There is some controversy in which skill out of Dual Bowguns Expert and Ancient Warding to get first. It really is up to you because both of them both gives a really good range boost. Everything else is just maxed in order of importance. If you can't get Maple Warrior anytime soon, just get it last (after Hero's Will, if you need to). Just don't max Hero's Will and you'll be fine.

Starting Off On Your Adventure

Well... after learning about the interesting storyline of the Archer Legend/Hero, don't you want to get started? Well, of course you are going to want to get to the 'Chracter Creation' screen.


After clicking on the Mercedes button it leads you a page that looks like this:

The 'Character Creation' screen for the Mercedes class.

Does the picture look familiar? Of course! I put it at the beginning of the guide. After choosing you're gender, you can choose between two sets of eyes. That is all and then after pressing confirm, you will be shown an anime video like this: .... I was quite amazed that Nexon could make such a good anime video! Anyway, as you can see, Mercedes fought the Black Mage and sealed him away. The only other hero shown in the clip, however, is Freud, the Mage hero (; he's an Evan).

After the clip is when you start to take control of the story. You arrive in what appears to be the same forest that Aran was in. After a series of quests you become frozen in ice like the other heroes from the Black Mage's curse.

If you are interested to know how Elluel is integrated into the Victoria Island map, then here is a picture of an of Victoria Island with Elluel being the big tree with pink petals on it.

Mercedes AP Build

After finishing the tutorial, you will want to know how to distribute you're AP right?
The first thing I want to say is that you should never Auto-Assign your stats.
Secondly, Mercedes AP is similar to that of a BM (-Bowmaster).

DEX is main stat.
STR is secondary stat.

The basic idea is that you just put enough STR you need for you're equips.
If you're poor, it's easier to have a higher STR because you don't have enough mesos for higher STR equips.
If you're rich, then go as low on STR than you possibly can and get as much DEX as you can.

There are 3 builds:

> STRless (no STR at all)
> STR (Auto Assign all the way or Capping at a really high point)
> Low STR (Capping STR at some point really low)


The 'STRless' build is okay to get if you are desperate because of the ability to get an extra 30 STR in base stat after getting the physical training skill plus the variety of STR equips available for Mercedes.

The 'STRless' build is not recommended if you're not funded or just starting the game. Go this way if you have or have a way of getting items with a good base STR such as:

A Zakum Helmet or any helmet with a base average of 15 STR.

Rings with STR (;I have loads of rings with 3+ STR and I know that they're are easy to get from crafting).

The skill 'Physical Training' from the Mercedes 2nd Job (; the first job is nothing to worry about). - 30 STR

Cannon Shooter Link Skill: 15 all stats - 15 STR

A medal with a decent amount of stats.

Equips which originally concentrate on STR. Lets take a 'Beige Linnex (M)' for example. It gives 5 STR on average.

That should last you throughout the 3rd Job if you get more STR equips like Pendants, Eye and Face Accessories, Shoes and more which can give you lots of STR as well.


The 'Low STR' build is the one I recommend as it is a good balance between STR and DEX and will in most cases maximize you're damage output. It is great for beginning players and you can adjust where you want to cap it.

I capped my STR (on my BM- Bowmaster) at 30-40 but you can cap it a lower or higher if you want.


Lastly, STR is not recommended whether funded or not funded. STR is a secondary stat and will not give as much attack as DEX. Any STR past 40-50 is considered a waste as it could have been put into DEX to make yourself have better better damage output.

Mercedes Training Guide

Aaah, after learning about AP and Skills what to do next? Of course, to level, you must train. ^.^

An Indepth guide to PQing, Monster Park and Mapping / Location

Now of course, after reading that whole bunch of training areas or even just skimming through it, you might be wondering how to do the different PQs or you might be wanting an explanation of Monster Park, or even some monster locations. This guide is from research but also partially from my knowledge.

The Indepth PQing Guide~

Here is a table of all the PQs that existed in GMS.

Obviously, the last PQ in the table (; the Ariant Pq), does not exist in GMS anymore. Of course, I cannot give a guide to all of the PQs in Maplestory because then this guide would turn into a PQ and Monster Park guide. However, I will choose a two PQs that I think give good EXP. I may add more PQs if people request or if I feel like adding them. Props to Tagg of Hiddenstreet for providing most of the information about the PQs.

Moon Bunny PQ

Level Requirement: 20
Recommended Level: 20-69
To Enter, Either: 1. Go into the 'Dimension Portal' NPC and choose the Henesys Party Quest to go to the party quest lobby.
2. Talk to Tory in Henesys beside the Storage NPC to go to the party quest lobby.

Talk to the NPC Tory to begin the party quest. You will have 10 minutes to complete the party quest.

Stage 1

1. When you enter, you will be asked to recover the 6 primrose seeds.

2. Kill the pigs that spawn at the bottom of the map and gather the white seeds that they drop.

3. Plant the seeds you collected on the clouds and they will grow into flowers.

*When you have collected 6 seeds, the pigs will disappear, but the seeds already dropped will remain.

Stage 2

1) Once all 6 seeds have been planted, the moon bunny will appear.

2) Protect the Moon Bunny as it drops 'Rice Cakes.'

Rice Cakes

3) Do not let it lose help

5) When the stage is cleared, you will receive experience as well as 6 willpower and 3 Empathy.

6) Speak with Growlie and select the first option to begin the bonus stage.

The Moon Bunny will make a rice cake every 8-9 seconds if left untouched.

The Bonus Stage

1) In this stage, you will receive 2 minutes to protect the Moon Bunny once more.

2) The Moon Bunny will produce Moon Bunny's Rice Cake which any party member can loot. Once picked up, each party member will receive 1 rice cake in their etc. inventory. You can receive a maximum of 14 rice cakes from the bonus.

3) These rice cakes can be taken out of the party quest map and are used to trade for one of two hats.

4) Once the 3 minutes are over, your party is removed from the map.

This PQ is possible to do with AFK members in you're party

5) Possible prizes include

A Rice Cake On Top Of My Head : 10 Moon Bunny's Rice Cakes

Rice Cake Topper : 100 Moon Bunny's Rice Cakes (untradeable)

Dimensional Crack PQ

Required Level: 20
Recommended Level: 20-69
To Enter Either: 1. Go to the 101st Eos Tower Floor
2. Go to the Dimensional Portal and click on the 'Dimensional Crack' Party Quest.

Have your party leader click on Red Sign. You will have 20 minutes to complete this party quest.

Stage 1

1. Eliminate all the Ratz from Another Dimension and Black Ratz from Another Dimension and collect 20 passes.

2. Once all passes have been collected, enter the door at the bottom to go to the next stage.

Stage 2

2) Upon entering the room, a message will appear letting you know if there are any remaining monsters in the room

3) Kill the monsters in each room. Each time a monster is killed, the number count will be updated.

4) Once all the monsters have been eliminated, enter the portal at the top of the stage.

*Note: The bottom accessible portal has 2 monsters inside. The rest have 3. (Continue note about physical/magical attacks. Unconfirmed)

Stage 3

1) Press up when on top or in front of a box. If the number is correct, the box will glow and you will be moved to the next level. If the number is incorrect, you will be teleported to the bottom.

2) Once one party member tries the correct box on the top row, the entire party is teleported next to the portal. Enter it to go to the next stage.

Stage 4

1) Kill all four of the "Rombad from another dimension" in the map.

2) Talk to the balloon when finished to summon the portal. This portal is one you must go through manually.

Stage 5

1) Talk to the Blue Balloon to receive a math equation. The answer will be three digits.

2) Have a party member stand on each digit of the combination and speak to the Blue Balloon again to submit your answer. If there are less than 3
members present, speak to Sergeant Anderson to receive a platform puppy. The puppy can take the place of one.

3) A correct answer will yield the portal to the Boss Stage.

Boss Stage

1) Head right to face Alishar.

2) Once Alishar has been defeated, speak with the Purple Balloon to exit the stage.

3) Upon clearing the party quest, you will receive experience as well as 33 willpower and 20 insight.

4) Possible Prizes Include:

Broken Glasses : 35 Completed Party Quests.*

Monster Park

Now for the Monster Park Guide. I quoted Max from his blog. I got a little frustrated after writing it myself and then it didn't save x.x. The parts which aren't quoted are by me.

Welcome to Monster Park!

Max: Monster Park is a new training area added in near the beginning of the Jump update! It is special because it is a party play zone, meaning you get +50% exp for each party member you have! This area has dungeons for every level, from 13 to 200! Monster Park is used a lot now because all other party play zones (Lionheart Castle, Ellin Forest, Neo City, Future Ereb) were changed to normal hunting areas.

To get to Monster Park, you must talk to the Monster Park Shuttle in each town. You can talk to it again inside to go back to where you came from.

There are three gates in Monster Park. Each one is for a different level range. You cannot enter the gates of the level ranges that are higher or lower than yours. That is to say, you will only be able to use one gate at a given level. Pressing up on a portal gives you the option of choosing which dungeon you would like to go in.

The Monster Park Shuttle

The Monster Park Shuttle will make you go to a certain channel. They group into three groups for three seperate channels: 13-69, 70-119, and 120-200. You can still change channels within Monster Park though.

Get tickets from merging 10 ticket pieces together or buying them from Mary. The Zebra, Leopard and Tiger Stripe tickets are worth 50,000, 100,000, and 200,000 mesos respectively. They are for the first, second and third dungeons respectively for levels 13-69, 70-119, and 120-200 respectively.

You can enter through one of three portals which lead to different leveled areas that look like this.

A ticket piece

A whole ticket

These are the different dungeons that you can go into in Monster Park:

The cool thing about Monster Park is that you always get an 'unidentified' status from equips that drop like the one shown below:

You can buy exclusive Monster Park items with coins in the Special Shop from Racoo:

Monster Carnival

Monster Carnival has been revamped as of the Alliance Rising update. The new Monster Carnival is not only great EXP for lower levels, it is also fun as anyone can play! Monster Carnival is no longer a regularly accessible PQ, it is now like Guard Ani: a floating envelope will appear above the character's head and you can either accept or decline the invitation. The invitation appears every 30 minutes.

The Floating Envelope

There are some pretty good items you can get from the Carnival. They are:

Spiegelmann's Luxury Cape: [Level 70] +2 All Stats, +30 Weapon/Magic DEF, 5 slots.
Spiegelmann's Red Bow Tie: [Level 60] +5 All Stats, +55 Weapon/Magic DEF, +5 Speed, +3 Jump, 3 slots.

They make a set:

Spiegelmann Luxury Set:

For equipping 2 items: +3 All Stats, +2 Weapon/Magic ATT, +100 Weapon/Magic DEF.

For equipping 3 items: +5 All Stats, +3 Weapon/Magic ATT, +200 HP.

The third item is Spiegelmann's Moustache. It is obtainable from Monster Park.

The Spiegelmann Items and the Set Bonus

To get to Spiegelmann, you have to go to certain towns. The one I go to is Ludibrium but you can also get to him by Kerning City and many other places.

Good Luck! ~

How to Job Advance

To advance your job, you must talk to this spirit:

The Great Spirit

To get to her, you must click on the hole where music notes come out around Mercedes' bedroom chamber.
The rest of the job advancements are automatic meaning they happen straight away when you reach 70 and 120 for the 3rd and 4th job advancement respectively.

Dual Bowguns List and Info

Mercedes have a unique weapon and they are called Dual Bowguns.
[Credits to LegenDAIRY for the information]

Here is a list of all the Dual Bowguns that you can get:

Magic Arrows

Magic Arrows only have different levels for the purpose of better potentials being available to higher leveled equips.
Here is a list of them:

Level 10: Magic Arrows

Level 30: Sharp Magic Arrows

Level 70: Eternal Magic Arrows

Level 120: Infinite Magic Arrows

Mastery Books

A person commented about their confusion on the max skill levels of their skills in the 4th job. I'm very bad at prices but if anyone who is good at prices is willing to comment about them, then please do so. If no one comments, I will just use the Basil Market Price and update it whenever I feel like it. These prices are from Basilers to Auction their mastery books. Therefore, these prices may be inaccurate. This is the list of mastery books required for the Mercedes 4th Job:

Note: The format is:

[Name of Book][Level of Mastery Book]
(May be here or not: [Username]'s recommended selling price / buying price)
Basil Price: [Minimum selling price - maximum selling price]

Advanced Final Attack 20
Basil Price: 25M - 97.5M

Advanced Final Attack 30
Basil Price: 22M - 200M

Ancient Warding 20
Basil Price: 100M - 450M

Ancient Warding 30
Basil Price: 10M - 290M

Dual Bowguns Expert 20
Basil Price: 1k - 350M

Dual Bowguns Expert 30
Basil Price: 1k - 260M

Ishtar's Ring 20
Basil Price: 1k - 300M

Ishtar's Ring 30
Basil Price: 50M - 70M

Lightning Edge 20
Basil Price: 10M - 45M

Lightning Edge 30
Basil Price: 15M - 50M

Spikes Royale 20
Basil Price: 15M - 55M

Defense Break 20
Basil Price: [Not Yet Listed]

Maple Warrior 20
Basil Price: [Not Yet Listed]

Maple Warrior 30
Basil Price: [Not Yet Listed]

If you want any additional info or if you think my Basil Market info is outdated, then please look here.

Mercedes Combo Guide

The guide is here.

All the credits go to Urvin and all of his helpers.

Common Misunderstandings / Questions

Q: Do Mercedes use up arrows / have the skill 'Soul Arrow'?

A: No, they don't. They use magic arrows which cannot be used up.

Q: Why are there different leveled magic arrows? Do they look different?

A: No, they don't look different. The only reason why there are different leveled magic arrows are for the potential reason. (i.e. higher level equips means a better change of getting better potentials.)

Q: Is the skill 'Ishtar's Ring' double hurricaine?

A: No, it isin't, it is 110% two times so it is exactly the same as Hurricaine.

Q: I haven't got a chair! Do I get one?

A: Yes you do. You get it from a level 43 job quest and it looks like the following:

Q: What is a link skill?

A: A link skill is a skill that can be shared with another character in the same world. You just click on the skill where it says 'link' quite clearly and it will give the skill to the character you choose. This link can be changed daily.

Q: Do I need a mastery book for the skill 'Rolling Moonsault'?

A: No, you don't need one. When you advance to the 4th Job at 120, the max skill level is 20 automatically without any mastery book.

Q: Where do I get mastery books?

A: You can only get mastery books from Mystery Mastery books now. Nexon did this to prevent botting.

Q: How do I get the Legendary (Spirit) Spear move?

A: The 'skill' doesn't actually do anything. It is just for looks. You can type in '/spirit' in the chat box, press enter, and the 'skill' will activate. You can use it by equipping the full set of the Mercedes cash shop equips. Also, it won't show up in you're actual skill inventory.

Mercedes Medals

The Mercedes class has five medals in total. The first one is quite depressing like Aran though the others start to make you're character- Mercedes seem more symbolic and heroic.

Youtube Videos of Mercedes

Mercedes Demonstration:

Mercedes Tutorial
Mercedes 1st Job Skills
Mercedes 2nd Job Skills
Mercedes 3rd Job Skills
Mercedes 4th Job Skills
Mercedes : All Active Mercedes Skills

Mercedes Training:

101 Mercedes at Magatia
104 Mercedes at Monster Park
133 Mercedes at Vikings
156 Mercedes at Temple of Time Past
192 Mercedes at Leafre

Mercedes Bossing:

146 Mercedes Papulatus Solo
161 Mercedes Papulatus Solo
177 Mercedes Versus Von Leon Boss in LHC
196 Mercedes 43 secs Zakum Run (Note: More than 1 Mercedes)
200 Mercedes Cygnus Empress Solo 45min
200 Mercedes Pink Bean Solo 38 Minutes

Inspirational Videos

Bunch of Bosses With Friends
Chaos Horntail With Friends
Pink Bean Duo
Pink Bean Solo

Hyper Skills

Mercedes Using Hyper Skill at Ludibrium
Mercedes Using Hyper Skill at Helisium

'Thank You!' Notes

Last but not least:

Hope you like it and please give feedback!

Note: I have taken the time to make my own skill builds. Please do not accuse me of copying or plagiarism. I have kept Danny in the 'Credits' section in the 'Misc' sidebar as my apologies for earlier.
All content on is Copyright 2005-2014 Any use of content outside of is strictly forbidden.
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