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MapleStory Guide: Official Basilmarket Policies

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Hello everyone! This is a list of some of the current Official Basilmarket Posting Policies and functions that users commonly have issues with. I thought I'd make them into a list and remind anyone who may have forgotten about these things / show people who never realized these things.

Note: If you have reached this guide because you have recently run into problems regarding the site policies, I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO READ this Comprehensive Guide to the Basilmarket Rules in addition to this thread. This will help to familiarize you with current BM policies so that you can avoid getting suspended in the future. Thank you for your time.

^Posting Policies

Submit tickets directly to mrbasil
All tickets from the "Submit Ticket" button in the top menu go straight to mrbasil. If you ever have a problem with a suspension or a moderator, feel free to report them directly to mrbasil using that button. He has helped many users in the past with their issues... as long as he finds that their issues are valid.

To submit a ticket, hover your pointer over the "BasilID" menu at the top of the webpage. Then, click on the 'Submit Ticket' link found in the BasilID menu.

Then you'll see the Ticket page with a box on the left asking what your ticket is about.

If you're being insulted or attacked by PM, then select 'I'm being attacked.' Then, simply provide a link to the PM. mrbasil will take care of it from there. If you're being insulted or attacked in the forums, leave the Ticket page and then go back to the attacking/insulting post and click on the gray ! symbol to report it that way instead.

If you notice the website is missing info on a Maplestory Item or Monster, then select 'Item, monster, or monster drop.' Describe what is missing. Including in-game screenshots is helpful.

If someone left false feedback for your auction, but you left no feedback, then we're sorry but we can't help you. If you did leave accurate feedback, then select 'Someone left false feedback.' Then, describe with as much detail as possible what happened. Don't lie. Provide as much evidence as possible to support your case.

If you see a problem with an auction (like someone trying to sell an item that doesn't exist in the game yet or an item with fake/impossible stats), then select 'Problem with an auction.' Then give a description of the problem.

If you are currently suspended, and disagree with the suspension BELIEVE IT OR NOT, YOU CAN DISPUTE YOUR SUSPENSION(S)! To dispute, select 'I'd like to dispute a suspension.' Give as much detail and evidence as possible to support your argument against the suspension.

Have a suggestion for the website? First check the suggestion discussion thread. If your suggestion wasn't discussed/mentioned there, feel free to discuss it there or to select 'I have a suggestion' from the Ticket page. Then describe your suggestion in great detail.

Can't add your player to your BasilID? Then select 'I can't add my player.' Then enter the player's name. Then follow whatever notices/instructions occur after that.

Found a bug or have suggestion for the mobile version of Basilmarket? Select 'Mobile bug/suggestion' and describe it. If it's a bug, make sure to specify your mobile device's name, brand, and operating system.

And if your issue wasn't covered by any of those, please select 'Other' and provide as much info as you can.

[Screenshot examples temporarily removed. Will be replaced soon.]

Quoting bad posts
Don't quote bad posts. Just report them instead.

By quoting a post, you make it a part of your own post. So, essentially, you're posting the same bad stuff that you quoted. Instead of quoting that user, you should just report them. Whatever you do, just don't quote them!

Foreign Languages Must Have Translations
If you're posting in a foreign language you must also post an English translation of what you're saying, as well. This includes ANY non-English language.

Since all forum moderators are supposed to monitor what users say and make sure it's following the Basilmarket rules, this can be difficult to do if the moderator cannot understand what the user is saying. This way, the moderators (and anyone else using Basilmarket for that matter) can clearly understand what you're trying to say. Keep in mind that if you intentionally falsify the translation to hide what you really said, and we find out that it was actually against the rules, the suspension you receive can be more severe.

Bad or Misleading Advice
If someone is asking for help on some issue, do not post false/bad/misleading advice.

It is explicitly stated in Rule 2 not to post false/misleading information on the BM forums. So, if someone asks for advice on the forums, it's probably better for you to not reply to them at all unless you know that the advice you are giving will actually help them. We encourage users to help each other out.

Signatures and Gimmicks
If your post contains a signature, it may be removed. Additionally, if you are posting in a distinctive style in order to cause disruption on the forums or to annoy users, your posts will be removed. You could also be warned or suspended upon the removal of the post(s).

One reason why signatures aren't allowed is to discourage competitiveness. Also, if you're using a posting gimmick with the intent to disrupt / annoy other users, I think it's obvious that we want Basilmarket to remain an un-annoying and orderly place to visit.

Certain Threads Allowed Outside of their Specific Forum
Due to the decreased amount of activity on the Basilmarket forums, moderators will become slightly more lenient with threads placed in certain forums.†

Some examples of what I mean are: perhaps a Pokemon thread will be allowed in the Chat forum, perhaps an Anime thread will be allowed in the Chat forum, perhaps an Other Video Games thread will be allowed in the Chat forum, perhaps a Which Class thread will be allowed in General Maple Story.

This is not absolute; I'm sure there is some gray area. Some threads may still be moved to their appropriate forums. Anyone testing the limits of this will probably get suspended for spam. Anyone really concerned about being suspended should continue to post their threads to the appropriate forum where they belong; this policy will not affect you whatsoever and you will have nothing to worry about because of it.

Another of the reasons for this change is to bring an end to moderator 'summonings.' At this point, it's discouraged because they are causing a distraction in many discussions. (Not sure about all the mods, but a few of them & I are tired of it). If you summon a moderator, you can now get suspended specifically for that reason. Do not summon/quote moderators to a thread for a rule-breaking issue. Instead, report any rule-breaking and the moderator will handle it from the report box.

†Please note, if abused, this temporary policy will be revoked.

^Banned Topics of Discussion

Illegal Maplestory Servers
Discussions about Illegal Maplestory Servers are forbidden on the forums. Something as simple as abbreviating the name for them can get you suspended. Be careful not to discuss them at all.

Basilmarket is not an official Maplestory website. So, if Nexon sends officials to this site and they see that discussion of Illegal Maplestory Servers is openly displayed / allowed here, they may take measures to close down the site. D:

Referral sites
The Basilmarket filter exists for a reason. If there's a site out there that tells you to recruit people, and you can't post it's name due to the filter, chances are that it's not allowed here. Do not bypass the site's filter to post the names / links to these sites. Referral links are automatically filtered. Rule 5 is against ANY kind of advertising of other sites like that. Don't post here about em, because that'll just get you a very long suspension.

We already get ads on the site. We don't need users posting ads via the forums. It clutters up the forums when users could actually be holding discussions about topics, instead.

Medical Advice
Threads asking for medical advice will be locked.

When seeking medical advice, one is advised to look to license-holding medical professionals. There are currently no official licensed medical doctors using Basilmarket. So, receiving medical advice from Basilers may prove to be more harmful than helpful. And we would not like the site to be legally held responsible should a Basiler become harmed due to listening to a Basilers' medical advice. So, any threads asking for medical advice will be locked and we strongly encourage users to seek professional medical assistance immediately in the threat of a medical emergency.

Which Class
Posting a thread asking "which class" should you choose is highly discouraged. If you post such a thread, it may be locked / deleted.
-Examples: "Which class should I choose?" ,"Which Class is better?"

So many flame wars have broken out in those kinds of threads that it's just better for you to look up info on the Classes through guides instead of encouraging a discussion of "which class is better than the other."

NOTE: "Which Class" threads are only allowed in the New Players section.
Threads discussing jailbreaking will be locked / deleted and the user who started the discussion could be suspended.
Even though the action of jailbreaking itself may be considered legal, the Basilmarket site administrator has outlawed jailbreaking discussions.

Even though jailbreaking is legal, other actions/behaviors surrounding jailbreaking may not be legal. Discussions about jailbreaking often lead to discussions of those other very illegal actions/behaviors.

^Basilmarket Functions and Other Policies

Basilmarket Private Messages
Wanna know if your PMs are being read? In your Basil PM Outbox, the PMs are coded to show you which have been read, and which haven't been read. The yellow ones have not been read yet; the white ones have been read.

Quote Notifications
If you made a post in a thread on the Basil forums and someone found your post interesting, they will quote your post. Most likely, it means they're responding to something you've said.

You will be notified each time any of your posts are quoted. The notification will appear in the top-right corner of the browser window in the website's Menu Bar.

If you have been quoted in a post that no longer exists, you may find it annoying to have a quote just sit there, unable to be addressed. Simply click the 'Set All to Read' button on the quotes page to resolve that issue.

The top of the webpage shows an image of the "Basilmarket" name. That area is called the "banner." It automatically puts YOUR main character next to mrbasil. Every person sees their own character standing next to mrbasil. Nobody else can see your character up there.

Inappropriate ads?
Basilmarket personnel are not responsible for the advertisements that are shown anywhere on the website. The ads shown here are suggested by Google. Google is responsible for any bad ads. Sometimes the ads can be completely appropriate. Other times, they can be completely inappropriate like talking about hacking or meso selling for example.

Also, some of the ads will be about certain things that you like or about the topic of the thread you're viewing. Don't be alarmed, it's just the way that the advertisements on this site work. They will sometimes cater to the things that you like or be about the things that you're viewing right now.

If you feel that you have encountered an inappropriate ad, there are steps that can be taken to have it removed from the website.
1) Take a screenshot of the ad. (Print Screen -> Paint -> Ctrl+V -> Ctrl+S.)

  1. 5) (OPTIONAL) Visit the link to acquire and save the url. I can only imagine that this makes it slightly easier to find it in the list of ads in order to remove it. Do not visit any websites that you feel may harm you or your computer.

2) Upload the screenshot to the internet using a media uploading site (Photobucket, Imageshack, Facebook, etc).

3) Submit a ticket about the advertisement.

3a) Include a detailed description of which Basilmarket page you saw the ad on, a rough estimate of when you saw it, and why you think it's inappropriate (if necessary).
3b) (OPTIONAL) Input the link or url to that ad into the ticket.
3c) Input the link to your screenshot of that ad into the ticket. And then submit the ticket.

The site administration will then review the ticket and determine if the ad is to be removed. There is no estimate of how long the removal process will take. But rest assured that your concern will be addressed at some point.

^Closing Notes
Thanks for reading. If you need anything cleared up, please feel free to contact me or any other Basilmarket Team member and we will assist you as best as we can. Also, if you know of any relevant policies or functions that aren't mentioned here, don't hesitate to speak up. Send me a PM or comment in this guide if you think about something that you want to add/change.
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