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MapleStory Guide: Recommended Warrior Equips

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Recommended Equips Guide

There are a group of us on basil that likes to analyze and figure out how everything works, and what's better or best. Why is this being written? We're ALL TIRED of reading 'what should I improve' threads, and having to deal with the same crap over and over. I've included a section on weapons here, but for a REAL guide about that, visit the Weapon Comparison Guide. There's also the constant "I've decided to be an X. What should I use?" Hopefully this will answer that.

Another big thing is that this doesn't tell you what STATS of things you should use, since, in an ideal state, you should be getting the best stats anyway. These are the recommended ITEMS you should be using, not the exact equips that you'll be getting. Now with the maker skill though, you can add strength, accuracy, and speed to all your equips, so feel free to make whatever you want.

Why is the sword section so long? Because that is where most of the questions have been asked, and that is where most of my work went in response. Its so easy when there's only two speed levels (Spears/PA), or when scrolling is really cheap (Axes/BW), but when there's 3 viable speed levels, expensive scrolling, and attack shields, the sword section is bound to be longer.

Table of Contents

Pendant/Face Accessory/Earrings
Weapons - Blunt Weapons/Axes
But what about attack shields?
Chaos Scrolls
Why dexless shouldn't use NRW/ST
Weapon Reference
Revision Log

Introduction Back to top

Definition of Terms:
DPM - Damage per minute (Damage over Time)
DPH - Damage per hit

I will not be covering what to use below level 30. Its pretty pointless and everyone should be able to figure out what to use.
Things everyone can get at level 30-:
- NPC weapons
- Pig Illustrated (blunt weapon, faster speed)
- Fusion Mace (blunt weapon, faster speed)
- Most blunt weapons have the best speed and highest attack below level 30. Generally there's no reason to pick up your chosen weapon yet at this point in the game, since you don't have mastery.
- At level 30, the pink tube is a fast-5 option with a huge attack, if you managed to get it during the summer event. There is a pink tube for every weapon type in the game, so you might consider getting one and just using it for 20-25 levels. However it's not 'best' but its certainly useful.

I will be assuming minimal funding (although I will still include more expensive equips). Zhelm not included.

Important stats for warriors:
Attack > Strength > Accuracy/Speed > Dex
Dex is the lowest importance - this means NEVER to sacrifice Strength or accuracy for it. The only time Dex equips are allowable are to sacrifice accuracy on a shoe and get dex earrings TO EQUIP STONETOOTH OR TARU CAPE. There is NEVER any other reason to get DEX, as it contributes less to accuracy than pure accuracy scrolling (1 dex = 0.8 acc)

Overkilling is something that happens especially at lower levels - if you constantly overkill what you train on, you would probably do better increasing speed rather than damage. A similar situation is when increasing your attack/strength doesn't lead to decreasing number of hits to KO a monster - this occurs at higher levels. If you can't decrease the # of hits to kill a monster, then you might as well decrease the amount of time you spend not killing. Most of the time, increases of 1-2 attack/1-2 strength will barely do anything, which is why certain equips are discouraged until they are the 'last' thing for you to upgrade - like facestompers.

Attack/Strength - Most of your money should go toward your weapon; the weapon will make the most difference to your damage, and the glove is the next biggest modifier. However, the effect of the attack stat is much lower at low levels, and the effect of the strength stat is much lower at high levels. This is due to the ATT/STR ratio; 1 attack = (total current strength) / (total current attack). I am not proving this relationship here. In the example of a cape, at low levels, you can achieve huge amounts of attack but low strength - a strength cape is very useful. At high levels, you have a lot of strength but attack caps eventually, so attack capes are more useful. Usually whenever you achieve a 5:1 ratio, the attack cape will start to benefit you more (100+ damage increase), although speed is still probably more useful for normal training.

Speed - One of the most underrated stats for a warrior, speed means that you can get from one monster or mob, to another monster or mob FASTER. Having a high speed stat means you train faster....a LOT faster. Its for this reason I recommend always carrying around two sets of equips - a set of SPEED equips (dropping your damage by about 100-200 but letting you train a lot faster), and a set of DAMAGE equips (which lets you deal that damage when you don't need movement). (For the people who love to waste money on NX, three scrolled pets can provide around 24 speed easily (4x60% on each). This does cost 3 pets, and 3 pet equips worth of NX, as well as the multi-pet dealie....Ridonkulously expensive when you could get it for just mesos.)

Accuracy - One of the most IMPORTANT stats for a warrior, accuracy is required to hit monsters. 1 dex = 0.8 accuracy, while 1 luck = 0.5 accuracy - this is really the only use for the DEX stat. Some of the best places to get accuracy are the zhelm, overalls, pendants, shoes (scrolled for accuracy), and natural dex pluses in many warrior equips. A dex bottom may help as well.
esvil4: From lvls 30-80 you should have anywhere from 70-100 acc. From lvls 80-100 you'll need around 100-120 base acc. And from lvls 100-120 and onwards you'll want at least 129 base accuracy.
Certain bosses will require more, but these are base numbers that can be boosted with bless/sniper pills. If you have enough accuracy, stop adding it. Just focus on attack/strength/speed, as those will actually help you train and kill things.
The Question of Dexless
The point of being dexless is to not use the useless stat of dex, and maximize strength equips. This means that you use every Strength item you can find, and scroll up some godly accuracy. The important stat is accuracy, not dex. The problem here, is funding. Many who go dexless are not actually rich enough to fund both accuracy and power. If you cannot fund both, you will pretty much fail as a dexless. Damage potential is measured in Attack and Strength equips, not the amount of money you spent pouring into your accuracy. If you're failing as a dexless, raise your dex, don't go and spend ridiculous money on useless equips like a dex cape and dex earrings. Spend the money on a nice weapon, not your accuracy.

Avoidability: Most underrated stat for warriors. Basically, we don't have enough of it. 99% of the time we get attacked by a monster we are knocked back. We're hp tanks so taking constant damage isn't as much of a problem, but being able to attack a monster without being moved is a huge blessing. Zhelms give avoid, the taru cape gives avoid, dex pills give avoid, all these things can be utilized to increase the chances of a monster missing you, which can increase damage potential (provided you don't sacrifice in other areas).
//Credit for Avoidability goes to Esvil4

Headgear Back to top

Below level 50, it does not matter. Unless you are lowdex/dexless, in which then you should be using an accuracy hat.
At level 50, *zhelm* if you feel like it. The zhelm solves all sorts of accuracy problems in the long run, and makes your life much easier.
If you don't zhelm, then continue to use whatever you like.

- Bone Helm - Nice speed/jump
- Silver Crusader Helm - Base strength of 3, and comes with MDEF, which is nice.
- Accuracy Hat - Accuracy, of course
- Maple Helm - +/all stats. This means it gives accuracy indirectly.
- Pirate hat - Basically a maple hat combined with a Bone helm. +/All stats, good def/mdef, adds hp/mp, speed/jump, this is pretty much a mini-zhelm for the poor.
- Zhelm
- Timeless Hat - Basically a high strength hat; if you forge it properly it might come with 12 strength and some dex. Of course, this seems like a waste of forging money, since you could put together your own zrun for the price of forging.
If you absolutely need it, you could add accuracy to the zhelm. Remember, exploding it means you need to get another one.

Glove Back to top

- The Work Glove/Stormcasters - These are the most expensive choices for a warrior, since every class competes for these items. If you want an item that you can transfer between classes, then get these.
- Warrior Gloves, scrolled for attack - This is the most cost-efficient choice - You'll often earn a few points of accuracy (at least one) from a warrior glove, plus 8-10 attack. And don't forget the strength it comes with - that usually counts as about 1 attack as well. Only scroll warrior gloves above level 50.
- Flamekeeper Cordon - Highly uncommon, and you will have to compete with mages to get them, but giving a boost of 20 accuracy (and can be scrolled for attack). An 8 attack 20 accuracy Cordon would be ideal for a dexless, but not really worth the mesos for anybody else.
- Gloves scrolled for dex/accuracy. Avoid using these, as they will hurt your damage. If you're desperate for accuracy, this isn't the optimal place to get it.
- Timeless glove scrolled for attack - I have yet to see one, although I imagine that whiting this would produce the best warrior glove in the game, with more than 12 strength fully levelled, ~7 dex, and probably accuracy or speed, whichever it was forged with.

Pendant/Face Accessory/Earrings Back to top

Pendants - Speigalmann (80-), Deputy Star(~100+), Mark of Naricain (110+), Horntail Necklace(whenever). Not much else to say. They all give accuracy and strength, so get whichever one is applicable for your level, and whichever one you can get at the time. Technically, the Mark is better than the HT in all scenarios, unless you're using the HT to equip a stonetooth or something (you're still losing like 6 attack by doing that, though....)

Face/eye Accessories - They are not worth their weight in mesos. If you happen to come across one during your adventures and want to use it, its your loss in mesos....Unless you gached it. Then its up to you.

Earrings - Warriors do not need earrings. Get Cecelia's for some more WDEF. Or any high level one for MDEF.
Okay, fine, I should go into more detail. Earrings provide a much-needed boost to magic defence, of which warriors usually have none. However, scrolling earrings for DEX is completely WORTHLESS to a warrior, because that measly 8 DEX only provides 6.4 accuracy! And you spent HOW MANY MILLIONs on that? 6.4 accuracy is ridiculously easy to get without paying out the ridiculous fees for a dex earring. The only time a dex earring would be allowable is if it were used to equip a Stonetooth...and even then it would not be a good choice - The Stonetooth user COULD NOT GPQ.

If you are intent on using the dex earring to compensate for accuracy, then there is really nothing I can say to stop you from paying 50M+ for 6.4-8 accuracy.

Shoes Back to top

- Red Snowshoes - RSS provide the best scrolling potential - if you buy these, get them scrolled for accuracy, and get at least 8 accuracy on them. Its cheaper than dex earrings, and provides a better boost. Alternatively, get them made for speed as well.
- Violet Snowshoes - At level 80, these are potentially the best speed shoes you can get, with 7 free slots. With base stats of "Speed +5 (3-5), Jump +5 (3-6)", these are great....if you can find them, and if they're affordable.
- Whitebottoms - One of the best speed shoes, since they come with 3 speed. If you want a pair of speed shoes, get about 10 speed.
- Warrior boots - These will provide you with around 1 attack worth of strength, and at least one accuracy worth of dex (at higher levels). After 5 slots of scrolling, you can make whatever you want....but be wary; most likely you will have to do the scrolling yourself. However, this is a good place to go for your custom needs, and the BEST place to go if you MUST use DEX equips to wear a ST. Green Crescent boots come with 3-5 dex already on them, so after 5 slots, its plausible to have a 10 dex shoe or better.
- Timeless boots - These are AWESOME. The sheer fact that they come with 5 str 3 dex 1 accuracy, + levelling, + you putting a 5 str crystal, + you putting a 5 acc crystal and a 5 speed crystal + scrolling = awesome. You're looking at roughly, potentially, a 12 strength shoe (2 attack) with at least 6 accuracy and 5 speed. Plus scrolling. Fancy.
Carrying around multiple shoes is a good idea - accuracy shoe and speed shoe, at minimum. A damage shoe is nice as well.

Facestompers - Most worthless equip for a warrior, simply because the money spent on one could easily have been spent on something else to improve damage. They are simply not cost efficient, and seeing as shoes are scrolled for DEX and not STR, you're not getting any additional benefit from them. The extra 100 points of damage isn't going to change how many hits it takes to kill a monster, and remember, warrior shoes come with strength - you're paying hundreds of millions for 1 could have easily spent that on a weapon or glove and gotten way more than 1 attack. This would only be something to look at if you've already upgraded absolutely everything else.

Armour Back to top

For the lowdex/dexless, scrolled chainmails are probably necessary.
For everyone else, clean. Use clean equips right through to level 80. If you must spend money at level 70, that is acceptable, but the best equips are at level 100 - they come with the best base stats and are usually the most commonly scrolled.

- Battle Road (Scrolled for DEX) - Excellent for scrolling, and excellent for resale, these are always worth the mesos. If you're zhelm-less, you might find yourself using one of these for much longer than expected (due to accuracy requirements), but they're good enough to last. Choose the colour based on your needs - they come in STR versions and DEX versions. Rarely a final equip, but it can suffice as such if you're in dire need of DEX or accuracy.
- Top/Bottom set - A 'Final' gear. By the time you get this made, you should have your zhelm and not have to worry about accuracy - Simply get the dex bottom scrolled for dex/speed (speed always helps training), and a high Strength top.
- Battle road (Scrolled for STR) - The other 'Final' gear. This will provide a few extra points of strength in comparison to the top/bottom set. These are interesting, as long as you have the requisite accuracy to hit everything already. If you don't have enough accuracy, this is only going to create all sorts of problems. This equip is available to everybody, including dexless users, as once you reach a really high level, you start picking up enough accuracy off pendants and such. Still a rarity in the MS world.
- Timeless Taragon - This has yet to be made (as of right now) but its probably not that useful, given that most warriors already have top/bottom sets. With base stats of 8 str and 7 dex + 3 crystals, it has potential to be great and better, but it is hard to make and requires a strength, accuracy, and speed crystal to match most people's current sets, plus scrolling (probably half dex, half strength, or whatever the preference is). This would be more popular if pieces of time were easier to get.

Cape Back to top

Not something to be worried about at pre-icarus cape levels.
All capes are scrolled for Strength. There is never a reason to scroll for DEX as that hurts your damage greatly.

- Icarus Cape (2) - At 8-10 strength, this is one of the most useful capes in the game, giving 10 speed to get from monster to monster faster. This can easily be used as a permanent cape, but be ready to carry around more than one cape around. A drop of 100 or so base damage but 10 extra speed makes training a lot faster, even at higher levels.
- Maple Cape (Fully Upgraded) - If scrolled for 8-10 strength, this is more useful than the IC2, giving 10 speed and 5 jump. Given during the 4th anniversary event as quest reward.
- Pink Adventurer Cape - Very nice, with 8-10 Strength. Worthwhile for bossing, but generally not for standard training. If you don't have to move (i.e. bossing-like training) this is very useful.
- Taru Spirit Cape - Very nice, again, just like the PAC. However, remember, not wearing an icarus-2 slows down training. Comes with avoidability, which is a very nice touch.
- Goblin Cape - around 13 strength is excellent - for a completely unfunded character who's not too interested in making money, this is the cheapest high-potential cape you can get. Its free, and all you have to do is throw 5 strength scrolls at it.
- Other clean cape - Not worth it, simply because you're not getting any additional benefit like base stats or speed.
Due to the STR/ATT ratio, using a PAC or Taru does not pay off in damage until past level 100 - A 10 strength Icarus-2 will suffice. Avoid wasting your money on this kind of thing until you're close to level 100.
Be prepared to carry around TWO capes. I recommend having a speed equip and a damage equip.

Weapons - Blunt Weapons/Axes Back to top

Blunt Weapons:
100% all your weapons through to level 43 - Then, try to get a decent Doom Singer that will last you through to level 64. At level 64, you have a choice between the Maple Havoc Hammer and the Maple Belzet; In either case, scroll them decently as you will want to use them for level 7x training at windraiders (which require 110 accuracy). For those who are not accuracy-inclined, mass scrolling any BW you like tends to produce favourable results, simply because they are so cheap to scroll. I would recommend trying to land 2x 30%, and 60% the rest of the slots.

Once past that, its a free field. Keep mass scrolling....because its cheap, and you can. With a lifted damage cap, the speed of the weapon matters less, unless you're 1-3-hkoing consistently. Reverse/Timeless is the final tier here, as it levels with you, but if you've been mass scrolling as much as you should have been, it'll be tough to make a timeless worthwhile to use.

Exactly the same as BW - 100% your weapons to level 43; at the two maple weapon teirs, you should try and get decent weapons to last you, but level 64 is most important as you will need the accuracy to train on windraiders.Again, mass scrolling and hoping to land 2x 30% before 60% the rest of the slots is a favourable idea.

Once past that, its a free field. Keep mass scrolling....because its cheap, and you can. (And the Reverse/timeless)

Spears/Polearms Back to top

I'm grouping this together because no new Dragon Knight should be using a skill build other than hybrid. We all know about the slash/stab ratio and how that it affects damage, so all skill builds should be hybrid.

In any case, from level 30 to 64, I would recommend a 100%'d polearm (or spear, if you're doing spear mastery first for some bizarre reason). Why? Because you're mob training. With a ratio of 3 swings to 2 stabs, the Polearm will do better damage over time and help you train faster. If you can't stand the slower speed, you can use snowboards, surfboards, Valentine roses, or any of the newer weapons you can pick up out of Gach. When you're a level 43, you might want to pick up a maple weapon so that you have better accuracy and a faster speed, but its up to you. Avoid wasting too much money here; even clean weapons are worthwhile if you're trying to save money. There are some unique weapons here too that you might be able to get your hands on (Tunas, Guan Yu Polearms) but they're pretty rare.

At level 50, the brand new 'Super Snowboard' becomes available, 78 Attack, 18 speed, Fast [5], 7 slots. Nothing to jump or cry about, and definitely does not throw the top-tiered weapons off the top like people claimed it would. Fully scrolled and only possessing at maximum, 25% advantage vs slow-8 (but most of the time 10% vs normal-6 and 15% vs slow-7), it doesn't really outperform top-tier weapons except if it were 5-6 x10% effect, of which then it is on par with a 'decent' top-tier weapon.

At level 64, I would recommend using a Maple Karstan. It does not have to be a superb attack - the purpose is for the accuracy at windraiders. However, being the last normal-speed Polearm that is easy to get, it might be a good idea to get a really good one. For pure spears, get the Soul Spear, as it is the equivalent.

Once you get to the higher levels, then you might want to start carrying two weapons around. Its not a requirement, but the hybrid skill build allows this, and some maps will benefit certain weapon types. Hopefully your Maple Karstan is already good enough, so all you have to do is buy a spear. I will be covering PA and Spears anyway:

For spears, you want to be looking at a good set of Sky Skis, Fairfrozen, Pinaka, or dragon faltizan. I'm sure you can begin to make judgements on what is good at this point. However, understand that Sky Skis have a speed advantage over the other three (which are slow-7) - so purchase accordingly.

For Polearms, there's a lot of choice, although they're all slow except for the Crimson Arcglaive. Choose between the following 5 weapons: Hellslayer, Red Surfboard, Zedbug, Dragon Chelbird, and Crimson Arcglaive - All are pretty expensive, but all of them have about the same potential (Chelbird has 5 more base attack). The Arcglaive however, has the *best* potential being one speed class above the others. The Arcglaive shines quite highly above all the other weapons....if it were easier to get. Remember to pay attention to the speed advantage of a weapon. The Zedbug, Chelbird, and Hellslayer are slow-8, red Surfboard is slow-7, and arcglaive is normal-6.

And, finally, brand new off the lines, out of gachapon, it is *possible* to get the purple snowboard. This is the level 95, effectively, king of polearms, possessing the speed of a super snowboard and a base attack average of 99, beating all the other polearms clean, and scrolled, too, if you can land the same effects. Expect these to be ridiculously expensive, and such.

And finally, now that timeless weapons are out, both spear and PA users can look at the reverse/timeless weapons. Keep in mind the speeds of the weapons; The polearm is a slow-8, while the spear is a slow-7.

If you're curious the actual advantages of speed, see this section.

Swords Back to top

Instead of covering this with explanation, I will cover it with the 'notable swords' that you should DEFINITELY consider. Any weapons not covered are still 'good', just they are not the 'best' options. Remember, anything well scrolled is still a good option for training; these are just the ones that will help you level fastest.

Early Levels:
Level 35 - The Lionheart. This weapon is capable of beating out the DPM of an equally scrolled Lion's fang. It is the first useful fast-4 2h sword you can get out of 2. All sword users should use the Lionheart for at LEAST 15 levels. Do not touch the Zard.
Level 40 - If you have the money for it, the Glowing whip is a disgusting freak of nature. At 70 attack base and fast-4 speed, it will wipe the ground with any other weapon. And you can equip an attack shield, if you have the money for it. However, this is only for those with ridiculous amounts of money. This is one of the weapons you can use right through to level 70. However, the Japanese map outdoes the glowing whip, simply because it takes advantage of speed AND 2h damage equation.
Level 43 - Maple Soul Singer. Kind of a rarity, but it does give a good boost to accuracy, and has its uses at CPQ. Not the greatest damage, but is useful for when you are fighting high-avoid monsters or when avoid-up is casted.
Level 50 - You have a choice. Lion's fang is the worst option, but the easiest to get. Tiger's Fang is a nice option, and the hardest to get. The BEST option is the Japanese map. At ~70 attack and being a fast-4 2h sword, it gains ALL the benefits from being fast-4 and a 2h sword. A perfectly scrolled Japanese map can do equivalent DPM to a near-perfect Devil's Sunrise. Another 'option' is the Stirge-o-Whip (70 attack clean, fast-5? speed, gives a bonus to walking speed). For it to beat a Japanese map, you would need to have 15% more total attack than the Map's setup (i.e. a shield). The grappler is a poor choice as it is normal-6 and gives jump. There's also a 25 accuracy Crystal blade here which you can play with for fun (fast-5).
Level 60 - There are 2 more versions of the stirge weapon that can be gotten here; based on their high attack values, they are probably fast-5. Their 'other' bonuses like speed and avoidability might make it something interesting, though.
Level 64 - If you didn't get the Japanese map, then you should pick up a Soul Rohen. This will allow you to train at windraiders (which the map might not be able to do, due to lack of accuracy).

Later Levels:
Level 70 - The Red Katana is your friend...that is, if you can find one. Since the Soul Rohen exists now, I don't recommend changing your weapon at this point, simply because Red Katana prices are ridiculous. For the funded, a bit of trivia; the RK+attack shield has one of the highest DPM potentials in the game, ranking above the Stonetooth. For 1h users, pick up a RK around 98 attack. There is also the option of the final stirge weapon, appears to be a fast-5, but the RK outclasses it probably every way.
Level 80 - This is where most of the action starts. For one, if you're a Japanese Map user, take the map's attack, and multiply by 1.21, and add 4-5 attack. Whatever your result is, is the kind of Blue screamer or Devil's sunrise you should be looking for. If you can't find it (or can't afford it), that means your map is too good, and you can save your money for something else. For 1h users, multiply RK attack by 1.09. That is the attack a Khan would need to beat the DPM.
Level 90 - Devil's Sunrise. This will be the last 2h sword recommendation that everyone can attain. If you're using an RK below 100, now's the time to change to a fraute.

Dragon Claymore - Basically a higher base attack version of the Devil's Sunrise.

Stonetooth/Night Raven's Wing: While it has the best DPM potential for a 2h sword (in the game) right now, it may not maintain that status for long - the timeless claymore has enough attack power (making up for 1 speed level) to oust the ST from its position as King. Also, most people will not scroll their ST well. The speed bonus the ST gets is about 1.09. The NRW is a poor man's stonetooth, and tends to scroll well - however, the loss of 5 base weapon attack isn't equal to the 25-27 strength you may get in return. In essence, no dexless should be using these anyway, as the 1h/shield option is much better for damage, and doesn't require scrounging for difficult-to-find dex equips.

I suppose I haven't talked about 1h swords much, and some of you might be wondering why. This is because Nexon has superseded many of the 1h swords with better 2h options recently, to appeal to the majority of sword users.

Rest assured, I have done legwork for you guys as well, although the math is much more convoluted. In any case, per hit, a 2handed sword has a 115% advantage. Multiply that by the 2h's speed disadvantage (or 1/(1h speed advantage)) and you get the 2h's advantage over the 1h sword.

Final swords:
For 2h, you have a choice between the Dragon Claymore, the Stonetooth, and the Devil's Sunrise. The stonetooth is fast-5, while the other two are normal-6. The Night Raven's Wing is a poor man's stonetooth.

For 1h, you have a choice between the highest possible attack fast-5 you can get (Fraute, Sparta, Dragon Carabella), the Red Katana, and the level 120 Lunchbox. The lunchbox and RK have a speed advantage over the other weapons. The RK can be competed with using fast-5, but the lunchbox cannot...The lunchbox stands alone in its power. (Lunchbox is an attendance event held in 2008 in September)

For 1h who are dexless or want to *cough* badly *cough* rely on their final weapon for accuracy, there is something that exists right now called the black crystal blade - 50 accuracy and 99 attack base, level 100 weapon - basically a sparta on steroids. It is expensive, though....

Beyond these 'final' weapons is the timeless/reverse weapons; in short, the timeless 1-handed sword has extremely high weapon attack and can compete with every option out there once fully levelled and scrolled. The timeless 2-handed sword can out-damage-over-time the stonetooth when fully levelled and scrolled.

If you're curious the actual multipliers (I know you are), see this section.

But what about attack shields? Back to top

Ah, for 1h fighters, attack shields are a rarity. There are two general questions.
  1. How much attack do I need on a shield to MATCH DPH with a 2h sword that has the same attack?
Answer: 14.5%. 14.5% will reliably give you the same range as a 2h sword. NOT 15 ATTACK, 15 PERCENT. Take the total attack of both users, and multiply the 2h's setup by 1.145. Subtract your equips. THAT is your attack shield to match DPH.

  1. How much attack do I need on a shield to MATCH DPM?
Answer: None. Unless you're trying to match a Lionheart or Japanese map (its impossible and not worth doing), or a Stonetooth, the speed advantage of 1h swords means that generally, you can spend the money on a better weapon and beat the 2h sword's DPM. A 110 attack Fraute will beat a 105 attack 2h sword...and still be cheaper.

Chaos Scrolls Back to top

The prices have fallen to something more apparently affordable, people seem to think that chaos scrolling is a good idea for their PACs, Facestompers, and other attack equips, or to somehow raise the stat of an equip without the appropriate scroll. This is hilarious, to me.
On a PAC or a FS: 3 stat types (att,def,mdef). Chaos 60% will fail 40% of the time, On success, each stat is randomly adjusted from 0 to 5. So it will take, on average 8-10 chaos scrolls to get the desired benefit on the attack stat. This doesn't take into account that you might only raise the attack stat by 1 (since it can modify a stat by +/- 0, 1,2,3,4, or 5 (11 possibilities)). So only 5.45% of the time you will actually get a +5 on the weapon attack, 10.9% that you get a +4 or +5 (thus the 8-10 scrolls). Lets say probability works somewhat in your favour, you manage to successfully scroll within the first 4 tries. That's still 4 chaos scrolls of money you could have spent buying a much more godlier glove. In bera, thats 210+M; you could upgrade your weapon or glove for that money.

I'll tell you all what I tell my friends; statistically, to create the item you want, is less than 10%. Statistically, you're also likely to be lucky before you become unlucky (i.e. what happens in a casino). What you choose to do is up to you.

Why dexless shouldn't use NRW/ST Back to top

Since the Night Raven's Wing now exists, with dex requirement of only 95 (compared to the stonetooth's muscular 120) its necessary to show who is capable of maximizing their use of such weapons. Ignoring base statistics (we can add that in after) and using what lowest possible dex would use, i.e. including dex earrings:

Let us look at accuracy:
  1. 5/deputy star (or 28.6/HT)
25+/Overall (better than a top/bottom)
  1. 4+/Earrings
=130 accuracy with HT, enough for normal training purposes. Not quite enough for all the bosses in the game. Base stats add 5-70 accuracy, although we're mostly looking at the lowdex/dexless scenario, where 5-34 accuracy (4-40 dex) exists. You will still gain around the same dex on an overall as top/bottom, so I will use the Overall for sake of argument.
=~102 without, which would mean scrolling up for zhelm, better overall, better shoes. For sake of proof, dex cape only adds 8 accuracy, tops, and scrolling zhelm would produce an additional 10+, and a better overall could get you to the 129 training accuracy.
~note; scrolling zhelm produces 10+, and better overall or godly top/bottom set can produce another 5+.

15+ zhelm (likely 20+)
5/star (or 22/HT)
20+ overall
8+ earrings
=(+48) or (+70 with HT)
bringing you nowhere near the 95 or 120 required. In the case of using dex equips instead, accuracy can be preserved but at a huge expense:
10/cape (does not affect accuracy much)
=(+72) (zhelm dependent) dex without HT necklace, or (+94) dex with the HT. A base dex of 25 can use the NRW comfortably, buying dex shoes/cape, overall, and clean zhelm, and a base dex of 45 can use the ST comfortably, also using dex shoes/cape. Your scrolling and mileage may vary, but generally, dexless shouldn't use these weapons, since I've shown you can achieve required training accuracy (and bossing accuracy) without the use of a dex cape or dex shoes, which means you can use that 4/10str cape instead of the 4/10dex cape, granting you an additional 1-3 attack's worth of strength.

The 'comfortable' numbers have been adjusted to assume no use of HT, which is vastly beaten by the MoN. Really, nobody should be using the HT at this point anymore. However, reaching ST or NRW is generally still challenging at 25/45, since you're looking at scrolling the zhelm, getting dex earrings, and having ridiculous shoes. For most people to equip these easily, you would be looking at around 40 to equip NRW, and around 60 for ST.

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Weapon Speed Repository as of 2009/February

In the charts, if you are still confused, it can be said the ROW has

advantage over the COLUMN

or that the COLUMN needs

more attack than the ROW to match it.

Weapon Advantage Multipliers

I'd like to note that I've removed all sample comparisons from this paper - it's meant to be a reference. To make a comparison, total all attack on a character (weapon, shield, glove, cape, normal training boosts, etc) and use the multiplier. For example, if you're using a fast-4 1h sword and trying to match a stonetooth in brandish, and the total weapon attack of the ST user is 142 (120+12 (equips)+10(rage)). The multiplier is 103.05%. You need a total of 146.3 attack to beat the ST; remove equips and rage to get 124.3 attack - plausible using a 110 RK and a 15 attack shield. Or easy if you have a level 120 lunchbox.
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