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MapleStory Guide: Region Explorer Medals

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^Maple Explorer Medal
Req. level 70
Str +1
Dex +1
Int +1
Luk +1
HP +180
MP +180

You have to complete every other explorer medal quest, then you may get this medal.

^Victoria Explorer Medal
Req. level 50
HP +125
MP +125

You have to receive the following medals in order to receive this continental medal:

Beginner's Explorer Medal
Sleepywood Explorer Medal

Beginner's Explorer Medal
Req. level 15
HP +60
MP +60

Victoria Road: Lith Harbor
Hidden Street: Pig Beach
Hidden Street: The Resting Spot, Pig Park
Victoria Road: Forest West of Henesys
Victoria Road: Henesys
Victoria Road: The Hill East of Henesys
Victoria Road: The Forest South of Ellinia
Victoria Road: The Forest of Wisdom
Victoria Road: Top of the Tree that Grew
Victoria Road: The Forest North of Ellinia
Victoria Road: Ellinia
Victoria Road: Perion
Victoria Road: Excavation Site Camp
Victoria Road: East Rocky Mountain VII
Victoria Road: West Rocky Mountain IV
Victoria Road: Kerning City
Victoria Road: Sunset Sky
Hidden Street: Caution Falling Down
Victoria Road: Middle Forest III
Florina Beach

Sleepywood Explorer Medal
Req. level 50
HP +120
MP +120

To get to the Cursed Sanctuary/Mega rog, you have to go the map before "Another Entrance". Click the up arrow key around the bottom right area where all the red drakes are.

Dungeon: Ant Tunnel Park
Dungeon: Sleepy Dungeon V
Dungeon: Another Entrance
Dungeon: Drake's Meal Table
Dungeon: Wild Cargo's Area
Dungeon: Drake's Nest
Dungeon: Sanctuary Entrance I
Dungeon: Cursed Sanctuary
Dungeon: Drake Hunting Ground

^Ossyria Explorer Medal
Req. level 70
Str +1
Dex +1
Int +1
Luk +1
HP +150
MP +150

You have to receive the following medals in order to receive this continental medal:
El Nath Mountain Explorer
Ludus Lake Explorer
Underwater Explorer
Mu Lung Explorer
Nihal Desert Explorer
Minar Forest Explorer

El Nath Mountain Explorer Medal
Req. level 50
HP +120
MP +120

Orbis: The Road to Garden of 3 Colors
Orbis: Stairway to the Sky II
Orbis: Cloud Park VI
Orbis: Entrance to Orbis Tower
El Nath
El Nath: Cold Field I
El Nath: Sharp Cliff I
El Nath: Forest of Dead Trees II
El Nath: Dead Mine IV

Ludus Lake Explorer Medal
Req. level 40
HP +110
MP +110

Korean Folk Town
Korean Folk Town: Top of Black Mountain
Helios Tower Library
Ludibrium: Toy Factory
Ludibrium: Crossroad of Time
Hidden Street: Hidden Tower
Omega Sector
Omega Sector: Boswell Field VI
Omega Sector: Kulan Field V

Undersea Explorer Medal
Req. level 40
HP +110
MP +110

Aqua Road: Forked Road: West Sea
Aqua Road: Red Coral Forest
Aqua Road: Snowy Whale's Island
Aqua Road: Forked Road: East Sea
Aqua Road: Two Palm Trees
Aqua Road: Mushroom Coral Hill
Aqua Road: Deep Sea Gorge I
Aqua Road: Dangerous Sea Gorge I
Aqua Road: The Grave of a Wrecked Ship

Mu Lung Explorer Medal
Req. level 50
HP +120
MP +120

Herb Town
Herb Town: 100-Year-Old Herb Garden
Herb Town: Red-Nose Pirate Den 2
Herb Town: Isolated Swamp
Mu Lung: Peach Farm 1
Hidden Street: Goblin Forest II
Mu Lung
Mu Lung: Snake Area
Mu Lung: Territory of Wandering Bear
Mu Lung: Practice Field: Advanced Level

Nihal Desert Explorer Medal
Req. level 70
HP +150
MP +150

Hidden Street: Lab - Secret Basement Path
Requires you to do Secret, Quiet Passage quest
Hidden Street: Authorized Personnel Only
Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Center Gate
Zenumist Research Institute: Lab - 2nd Floor Hallway
Sunset Road: Sahel 1
Sunset Road: The Desert of Red Sand
The Burning Road: Ariant
The Burning Sands: Tent of the Entertainers
The Burning Sands: White Rock Desert

Minar Forest Explorer Medal
Req. level: 70
HP +150
MP +150

Leafre: Cranky Forest
Leafre: Entrance to Sky Nest
Leafre: Manon's Forest
Leafre: Griffey Forest
Leafre: Entrance to Dragon Forest
Leafre: Wyvern Canyon
Leafre: Dragon Nest Left Behind
Leafre: Dangerous Dragon Nest
Leafre: Cave of Life - Cave Entrance
-Map requires the completion of the first step of The Last Hour of Horntail:
Secret Medicine of Transformation
  • 1 cornianís marrow (green cornians)
  • 1 skull shoulder pad (dark cornians)
  • 1 manon's cry (manon)
  • 10 tough dragon skins (any wyvern/drake)
  • 1 busted dagger (dark cornians)
Find Mos (the weapon upgrader) at Leafre town to make a new dagger called cornian's dagger by fusing busted dagger with 1 mithril plate and 1 steel plate.
Immediately after you complete the quest you will be transformed into a cornian, after you are transformed, you may hop down to the actual entrance, which is the last map required for the Minar Forest Explorer medal.
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