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MapleStory Guide: Sp Guide -- Level by Level

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^This Is A Post Champions Guide
Guide is now up to date with Tempest Patch. this guide is also merged with the skill description guide while i work on the Red Update one.

This guide was last updated on november 29th, 2012

If you need to familiarize yourself with the skills a bit more then head on over to this sticky

If you have any questions I am unfortunately unavailable, but checking the forums should provide an answer, if not feel free to make a thread or PM ShinkuDragon:

If you have any ideas on changing anything please please leave a comment. I only want to provide something to guide all the young dark knights. I am not pretending to be someone who knows this stuff inside and out because I don't, so please leave comments if you think something needs to be changed.

10: Power Strike (1) Slash Blast (3)
10-11: Slash Blast (6)
11-12: Slash Blast (9)
12-13: Slash Blast (12)
13-14: Slash Blast (15)
14-15: Slash Blast (18)
15-16: Slash Blast (20) Power Strike (2)
16-17: Power Strike (5)
17-18: Power Strike (8)
18-19: Power Strike (11)
19-20: Power Strike (14)
20-21: Power Strike (17)
21-22: Power Strike (20)
22-23: HP Boost (3)
23-24: HP Boost (6)
24-25: HP Boost (9)
25-26: HP Boost (10) Iron Body (2)
26-27: Iron Body (5)
27-28: Iron Body (8)
28-29: Iron Body (11)
29-30: Iron Body (14)

Slash Blast will be your main attack and takes priority over everything else. Mobbing will be a constant theme as you move along in the maple world. Power Strike next to help with stragglers. HP Boost is left til third because unlike before it does not matter when you max this skill. Iron Body is left for last and left unmaxed because it gets replaced by Iron Will later on unlike the other skills which will be used until 3rd job, plus it prevents any accidents of adding more than 14 by leaving it until last.

30: Ground Smash(1), Weapon Mastery(3)
31: Weapon Mastery(5), Booster(1)
32: Booster(4)
33: Booster(6), Weapon Mastery(6)
34: Weapon Mastery(9)
35: Weapon Mastery(10), Ground Smash(3)
36: Ground Smash(6)
37: Ground Smash(9)
38: Ground Smash(10), Slipstream(2)
39: Slipstream(5)
40: Physical Training(3)
41: Physical Training(5), Iron Will (1)
42: Iron Will(3), Hyper Body(1)
43: Hyper Body(4)
44: Hyper Body(7)
45: Hyper Body(10)
46: Hyper Body(13)
47: Hyper Body(16)
48: Hyper Body(19)
49: Hyper Body(20), Booster(8)
50: Booster(10), Final Attack(1)
51: Final Attack(4)
52: Final Attack(7)
53: Final Attack(10)
54: Final Attack(13)
55: Final Attack(16)
56: Final Attack(19)
57: Final Attack(20), Iron Will(5)
58: Iron Will(8)
59: Iron Will(11)
60: Iron Will(14)

First point goes into Ground Smash for the greater range of the skill and people like something new and flashy when they advance. After that it moves to mastery until you unlock booster, then get enough booster until you feel comfortable and back to max out mastery. I prefer a low level booster first because it offers a huge increase in attack speed and now after tempest it lasts a good amount with just 6 points. Ground Smash to 10 because it is the main attacking move for 2nd job, after Alliance Eternal it received a nice boost and lost 10 SP from its cost, making it a very strong skill. Afterwards proceed to max slipstream for a very nice increase in mobility that warriors certainly need.

at this point you can choose wether you'd like to go for hyper body, or to gain some strength with physical training. most enemies still won't be hitting you for much damage, so i went with strength first after which came three points in iron will to unlock hyper body, and maxed hyper body.

afterwards i decided to max booster, reason why is because final attack is pretty much useless at this level, it only hits one monster, and you'll be mobbing, so it won't even affect your training speed since it's more like "bonus damage" when bossing

Using an SP reset
this is only when leveling, if you´re using an SP reset and are already third job or above, it´s recommended to leave ground smash at 1, since you´ll never use it again, and max iron will instead, you can choose to do this while leveling too, but will certainly slow your training down significantly for a simple defense boost. in the end it doesn't matter though since we have enough SP to max every skill by level 190

^Dragon Knight
60: Fury(3), Dragon Wisdom(1)
61: Fury(6)
62: Fury(9)
63: Fury(12)
64: Fury(15)
65: Fury(18)
66: Fury(20), Dragon Wisdom(2)
67: Dragon Wisdom(5)
68: Dragon Wisdom(8)
69: Dragon Wisdom(10), Sacrifice(1)
70: Sacrifice(3), Dragon Roar(1)
71: Dragon Roar(4)
72: Dragon Roar(7)
73: Dragon Roar(10)
74: Dragon Roar(13)
75: Dragon Roar(16)
76: Dragon Roar(19)
77: Dragon Roar(20), Dragon Strength(2)
78: Dragon Strength(5)
79: Dragon Strength(8)
80: Dragon Strength(11)
81: Dragon Strength(14)
82: Dragon Strength(17)
83: Dragon Strength(20)
84: Sacrifice(6)
85: Sacrifice(9)
86: Sacrifice(12)
87: Sacrifice(15)
88: Sacrifice(18)
89: Sacrifice(20), Endure(1)
90: Endure(4)
91: Endure(7)
92: Endure(10)
93: Endure(13)
94: Endure(16)
95: Endure(19)
96: Endure(20), Magic Crash(2)
97: Magic Crash(5)
98: Magic Crash(8)
99: Magic Crash(10), Elemental Resistance(1)
100: Elemental Resistance(4)

First points go into fury because it is your best mobbing move. After that 1 point into Dragon Wisdom for a significant raise in crit rate and some very nice healing factor followed by maxing fury. Then maxing dragon wisdom in order to give a bit bigger boost to fury, and much importantly, reduce your potion consumption by a humongous amount.. Then a few points into Sacrifice in order to unleash Dragon Roar. Unlike pre-BB where DRoar was mostly used to lure the new DRoar is a mini-ultimate. It does a significant amount of damage and does stun whatever may survive. Move on to Dragon Strength after that in order to give you a nice free boost to str. In my eyes Endure and sac are interchangeable at this next junction, since you won't really be fighting anything where you need Sac nor Endure until later in 4th job, they're both helpful when fighting the last boss of magatia PQ if you choose to train that way, but you can use all cures or eye drops for the status effect while sacrifice will provide much better damage.

Magic Crash is a very powerful move at bosses when used properly which is why it's maxed over ER, not a big factor for third job though so it's maxed last. ER is left at 4 in this build since it's not really that useful compared to the rest of skills... or anything really.
Buster unfortunately, has become outdated, and you can argue it's useless now, as you should always be training in big mobs, therefore you should always be using fury, and as useless as ER is, it still serves more purpose in 4th job than buster, feel free to drop a point in it for nostalgia's sake whenever you want though.

a moment of silence for our old companion

SP reset note

for those that are using an SP reset and are well into fourth job, you can max elemental resistance by taking 9 points out of fury. personally i won't do it, since fury hitting 8 mobs makes it perfect for those "kill X monsters around your level" that nexon loves so much, and losing 9 points of damage may be a bit too much for some. don't forget you can take advantage of the horntail codex set to get 1 free SP on every skill too, or simply level to 180-ish when you'll have more SP than what you can use.

^Dark Knight 100-123
100: Berserk (1), Dark Impale (1), Rush (1), Monster Magnet (1)
101: Berserk (4)
102: Berserk (7)
103: Berserk (10)
104: Dark Impale (4)
105: Dark Impale (7)
106: Dark Impale (10)
107: Dark Impale (13)
108: Dark Impale (16)
109: Dark Impale (19)
110: Dark Impale (22)
111: Dark Impale (25)
112: Dark Impale (28)
113: Dark Impale (30) Berserk (11)
114: Berserk (14)
115: Berserk (17)
116: Berserk (20)
117: Berserk (23)
118: Berserk (26)
119: Berserk (29)
120: Berserk (30), Beholder (2)
121: Beholder (5)
122: Beholder (8)
123: Beholder (10) + 1 SP

Rush has an incredible range even at level 1 and is a must have right off the bat. It will help mob control tremendously. A point goes into Berserk as getting the extra damage even at lvl 1 makes a big difference. Of course the last point goes into the new skill Dark Impale which is a dramatic boost over fury and buster at level 1, one point into magnet because now that it brings three monsters in it's a lot more useful and of course, the last point in berserk which coupled with dark impale will boost your damage massively.

Getting berserk up next is a priority, not only does the damage increase but more importantly your hp threshold lowers dramatically, level 10 should be enough to keep you always over the threshold along with the third job drain, if you feel it´s not enough for you then raise it even further, if you feel you can manage with less points then you can also do so. afterwards we raise Dark impale to max, it has a pretty big increase in damage, so getting it up is very important, however, if you're unable to find skillbooks to raise the level, you can keep focusing on berzerk or jump to beholder in the meantime.

Really this section is all about what you feel comfortable with and what you can afford. As soon as you feel comfortable with the hp limit of berserk you should switch to impale and then go and max berserk and beholden after that. For some people that will be level 1 for others it'll be level 30, it's up to you when you feel comfortable. 1 berserk then max impale is still the best damage dealing build as long as you can maintain berserk but not everyone is going to be able to. The point of delaying impale is to get you in a comfortable position with berserk because losing it is a big blow to your effectiveness. Once you get comfortable with berserk the bigger damage boost is dark impale.

^Dark Knight 143-163
There are gonna be 3 ways to go. Hex will be a bigger boost to you than MW will be (MW20) which is why it's included in this list over MW.

Beholden's Revenge (hex's counter attack)

While I would recommend Stance at this point because it will help you out at both bossing and training for the same amount of points you can get both Hex and Beholden's Revenge.

I think this a major turning point for a lot of DrKs so i'll leave a few more thoughts about this. Stance is both a great bossing skill and a great training skill though with rush and mm it is not as useful for training as it used to be. Hex is a significant boost to damage and stacks with any other attack potion. If you are on the cusp of 1hko or 2hko'ing something this may provide to be best way to spend your SP. Beholden's Revenge is a good boost for bossing and a nice finisher while training but like FA it only hits one target and only after you've already been hit, with a long cooldown of 4 seconds. So it provides a modest boost for training and not nearly as big a boost as not having to reposition yourself during bossing. The only reason I can see for it coming before Stance or Hex is because it is only 10 points to max, but at these levels you should be training at LHC and it's platforms, so stance will prove the better skill.

Recommended Build
123: Stance (1)
124: Stance (4)
125: Stance (7)
126: Stance (10)
127: Stance (13)
128: Stance (16)
129: Stance (19)
130: Stance (22)
131: Stance (25)
132: Stance (28)
133: Stance (30) Hex of the Beholder (1)
134: Hex of the Beholder (4)
135: Hex of the Beholder (7)
136: Hex of the Beholder (10)
137: Hex of the Beholder (13)
138: Hex of the Beholder (16)
139: Hex of the Beholder (19)
140: Hex of the Beholder (20) Beholder's Revenge (2)
141: Beholder's Revenge (5)
142: Beholder's Revenge (8)
143: Beholder's Revenge (10) Hero's Will (+1)

Careful of that first point in revenge though, because it will make monsters attack you if it hits them, which can prove annoying when traveling.

^Dark Knight 144-170
Now we get into the section where the skills lose their utility a bit. We're going to start off with MW because it is by far the most useful of what's left. Because of how expensive MW30 still is you can skip it, of course once you obtain it get to it, since it's the last damage buff you'll be getting. After that we are moving onto Monster Magnet, by adding more points into it it gains more monsters affected, more damage, and a longer stun. At level 25 it gains 6 monsters pulled and only moves up to 7 monsters at lvl 31 (with co), the number of times you run into more than 6 monsters is rare and besides that you don't have a way of dealing with that many monsters at once anyway. a point in hero's will because you probably want to start tackling harder bosses at these levels, afterwards we max beholder's healing because... well, it's your only line of defense besides hero's will, and then you can proceed to max hero's will.

144: Maple Warrior (3)
145: Maple Warrior (6)
146: Maple Warrior (9)
147: Maple Warrior (12)
148: Maple Warrior (15)
149: Maple Warrior (18)
150: Maple Warrior (21)
151: Maple Warrior (24)
152: Maple Warrior (27)
153: Maple Warrior (30)
154: Monster Magnet (4)
155: Monster Magnet (7)
156: Monster Magnet (10)
157: Monster Magnet (13)
158: Monster Magnet (16)
159: Monster Magnet (19)
160: Monster Magnet (21)
161: Monster Magnet (24)
162: Monster Magnet (25) Beholder's Healing (2)
163: Beholder's Healing (5)
164: Beholder's Healing (8)
165: Beholder's Healing (11)
166: Beholder's Healing (14)
167: Beholder's Healing (17)
168: Beholder's Healing (20)
169: Hero's Will (4)
170: Hero's Will (5) +2 SP

^Dark Knight 170-onwards
congratulations, you now have every skill that matters at the level it should be, from this point onwards it's completely up to you and your playing style. do you want to farm for items or quests faster? then leveling rush to max is probably a good idea, would you rather get some extra defense? iron will and elemental resistance could get the points, feel like reliving the past? dragon buster certainly wouldn't mind it.

Wrap Up
you'll have enough SP to max every single one of your skills from first to fourth job, and you will still have some left. hope this guide has proven useful to you on your journey through the darkness. special thanks to SilentXynh: for the tempest builds and levels help. any questions feel free to direct them to darkspawn980:, or by posting a thread stating you read the guide.

-the OTHER guide


this means the guide isn't up to date with tempest, most of the info still applies, but levels and damage and such don't anymore. expect this guide to begin updating this sunday 2 or monday 3.


Hello, and Welcome to the Dark knight skills guide, this guide has been made with one purpose, and one purpose only, to inform you, "of what" you may ask?

Simple, we warriors have a great amount of skills, and, as simple as this game may look with it's cutesy 2D graphics, there is a lot of math, numbers, secret rules and parameters hidden behind the scenes, some might be as simple as add this to that, others not so much, this thread will inform with detail of how the skills from warrior to Dark knight work, interesting stuff you might not know, glitches and errors, well, basically anything we discover.

and by we, i mean you, me, and the rest of the community, many of these discoveries where made by people who were fooling around and having fun, which brings my next point, i made this guide for fun i enjoy knowing the little details of the class i have so much fun with, this thread is just to share said knowledge to those who wish to know it.

Also, this guide focuses solely on our skills, and how they mix with other things like potentials, and party skills from another classes, it won't tell you what skills to max, in what order, or where to train, if you wish to know such things, there are two guides readily available, mentioned in the next 2 segments.

with all that said, have fun, and enjoy the guide!

^SP Guide
for those of you looking how to set up your SP, here is a very nice build,you can also see the original thread and read the discussion (second link), as it explains a lot, thank Djp for making it.
SP guide
SP Distribution - Original thread
Also updated for ascension (the guide, not the thread, thread's been locked for ages.)

^The official guide has been revamped after BB!
thanks to the work of Daniel3b, and several other Dark knights from the forums, the official guide has been brought up to date, it is still a bit rough on the edges, but provides answers to all your basic questions, where can you find it? right here, clicking this lil' link
The Official Spearman, DK, and DrK Guide

^Skills from Warrior to Dark Knight, and important notes about each
This section contains all the skills we learn through our journey, and also provides us with valuable information about them. most often than not, stuff you probably didn't notice, or that happened and found weird, so be sure to read about your skills, and don't jump the notes!

1st Job "the warrior"
pretty straightforward, no complicated techniques or math involved

~Iron Body~
Max: level 20
MP Cost: 14, Weapon DEF: +200, Duration: 300 sec

~Power Strike~
Max: level 20
MP Cost: 11, Damage: 280%

~Slash Blast~
Max: level 20
MP Cost: 14, Damage: 220%, Max Enemies Hit: 6

~HP Boost~
Max: level 10
Max HP: +20%

your HP is always being boosted by 20% hp, think of this skill as a potential bonus of an item

2nd Job "the spearman"
Stuff starts to get freaky with the introduction of two new skills, Final attack and Hyper body, Final attack has several notes regarding how it works when mixed with different attacking skills, while Hyper body works oddly due to how %hp increases from equips and the HP boost skill work (more in it's own section).

~Weapon Mastery~
Max: level 20
Spear and Polearm Mastery: 50%, Accuracy: +120

Only works with a spear or polearm in hand.
Increases both weapon and magic accuracy (no use for magic accuracy though).

~Final Attack~
Max: level 20
Proc Rate: 40%, Damage: 150%

Only works with a spear or polearm in hand.
FA now has no animation, so it only deals damage without slowing your training now.
Damage done by FA is applied approximately one to two seconds after the atack that triggered it.
Proc Rate is per attacking skill and not number of mobs hit. i.e. using crusher on 3 monsters mean 40% that one monster will get hit once, not 40% chance for each strike of crusher, on every monster, basically: one attack skill, 1 chance of FA activating on one of the affected monsters
it's 150% of DAMAGE range, not 150% of the skill damage. (damage range meaning it's affected by berzerk, %boss damage and such)
Works with skills from 3rd job, also with rush from 4th job, but not with Beholder's revenge
can sometimes inflict damage on an enemy that wasn't hit by the attack that triggered FA, but is in its area of attack

~Weapon Booster~
Max: Level 20
MP Cost: 11, Duration: 200 sec

Only works with a spear or polearm in hand.
Increases attack speed by [2] meaning attack delay decreases by 2 speeds, more in the "In-Depth explanation" section

~Iron Will~
Max: Level 20
MP Cost: 24, Weapon DEF: +300, Magic DEF: +200, Duration: 240 sec

Affects the whole party.

~Hyper Body~
Max: Level 20
MP Cost: 60, Max HP and Max MP: +60%, Duration: 300 sec

Affects the whole party.
Because of HP% equips and the "HP boost" skill, grabbing your current HP and multiplying by 1.6 is no longer accourate, more on the "in-Depth explanation" section

~Ground Smash~
Max: Level 10
Level 01: MP Cost: 11, Max Enemies Hit: 4, Damage: 218%
Level 10: MP Cost: 15, Max Enemies Hit: 4, Damage: 380%

Has increased range over slash blast.

~Physical Training~
Max: level 10
Permanently increase STR by 30 and DEX by 30

not affected by Maple warrior, since it's not "base" stats

Max: level 10
pushes you forward a set distance

Can only be used when on the ground
Jumping as soon as you use slipstream will grant more distance and height
there's around 1.5 seconds between slipstreams

3rd Job "The Dragon knight"

~Elemental Resistance~
Max: Level 20
Level 11: Elemental Resistance: +32%
Level 20: Elemental Resistance: +50%

prevents 50% of the total damage dealt by an elemental attack, so 50% damage will be received from such techniques

~Dragon Buster~
Max: Level 20
Level 11:MP Cost: 18, Damage: 182% to 3 enemies, Number of Stabs: 3
Level 20: MP Cost: 24, Damage: 200% to 3 enemies, Number of Stabs: 3

Received a slight increase in range from the Pre-Big Bang Crusher, then another in Eternal
When using pole arms, the skill gets significantly faster than when using a spear of the same speed, this is commonly referred as "Buster Glitch" more in the "In-Depth Information" section
Changes color depending on current level, 70-119 is blue, 120 to 149 is Orange, 150+ is Purple
The skill "Empress Might" causes your skill to change colors 10 levels earlier, but can only be noticed by other players (your screen will still show the corresponding color for the level it is)

~Dragon Fury~
Max: Level 20
MP Cost: 33, Damage: 450%, Max Enemies Hit: 8

Horizontal range goes a bit past the animation
Vertical range appears to have been slightly increased from it's Pre-Big Bang version, both up and below it.
Changes color depending on current level, 70-119 is blue, 120 to 149 is Orange, 150+ is Purple
The skill "Empress Might" causes your skill to change colors 10 levels earlier, but can only be noticed by other players (your screen will still show the corresponding color for the level it is)

Max: Level 20
MP Cost: 18, HP Cost: HP 5%, Damage: 400%, Number of Hits: 2

Ignores P.def on EVERYTHING, including bosses (Proven, more on it on it's own section)
Only usable when at 20% Hp or above
Doesn't ignore a new variable which is "physically resistant" bosses can be both physically resistant (reduces all physical damage by 50%) and have PDR (variable), Sacrifice only ignores the latter, but is still affected by the former, so far only monsters that have the former are Pink Bean and the Cygnus Empress

~Dragon Roar~
Max: Level 30
MP Cost: 20, HP Cost: 10%, Damage: 640%, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Stun Rate: 90%, Stun Duration: 9 sec, Minimum HP Required: 20%, Cooldown Time: 10 sec

Area of Effect, hits the whole screen (tested on HQ, hits pretty far, but not "the whole screen"
Only usable when at 20% Hp or above
Lag from the server to the user makes the cooldown take longer than 10 seconds at times of lag.
PVP: the stun rate becomes only 60%, but it lasts for a whopping 9 seconds, which is enough to kill anything that got stunned, and is STILL an AoE attack, broken..

~Magic Crash~
Max: Level 20
MP Cost: 15, Success Rate: 100%, Buff Block Duration: 20 sec

Has a 1 minute cooldown
Cancels almost all known buffs (defense up, power up, etc) doesn't cancel super W.def/M.def up or Reflect.
Prevents any and all status buffs from being casted
If a monster tries to cast Damage reflect, Super M.def/W.def up while under magic crash, magic crash will block it
Some boss effects, like Irena's avoid buff, don't get dispelled, it works on the rest of the summons/empress though
Once it affects a monster, that monster can't be crashed again for one minute since the first hit. add a few seconds after the cooldown is off, or the monster will resist it.

~Dragon Strength~
Max: Level 20
MP Cost: 24, STR increased by 60 for 200 sec

~Dragon Wisdom~
Max: Level 10
Critical Hit Rate: +30%, Minimum Critical Damage: +15%, 20% chance to recover 10% damage as HP

Works with all Skills, except Beholder's revenge
Damage Drained is from one of the numbers that appear when you attack, so when using buster and hitting 4000 on all three hits, you won't recover 5% of 12000, but 5% of 4000 if the skill activates.
Activates once per target, so multi hit attacks on one monster won't trigger it more than once, but hitting several monsters means you can be healed up to once per monster.
can recover up to 50% of your BASE HP, that is, increasing your HP with %hp or +hp equips won't increase the amount healed.

4th job "Batman"

Regarding 4th job, there are now 2 skill's going by the name of "Hex of the Beholder" the original one, which provided the bonus to attack, def, acc and more, and a new one incorporated after big bang, which works as a counter when hit, i'll refer to this one as "beholder's revenge" or just "revenge" for short.

Max: Level 10
MP Cost: 60, Duration: 20 min, Weapon Mastery: +20%
CO 11: MP Cost: 54, Duration: 21 min, Weapon Mastery: +22%
CO 12: MP Cost: 48, Duration: 22 min, Weapon Mastery: +24%

*Mastery increase ONLY when beholder is active.
*Beholder and the mastery buff are 2 different things, but both have the same duration, bosses can cancel the mastery boost, but can't cancel beholder itself (relevant when using Beholder's revenge and Hex of the beholder)
*once Beholder is out, it can't be canceled in any way, before ascension you could rightclick the icon to do it, not anymore

~Dark Impale~
Level 10: MP Cost:32, Attack maximum 6 enemies with 140% damage for 5 times, Ignore Monster DEF 10%, instant death chance of 10%
Level 20: MP Cost:41, Attack maximum 6 enemies with 160% damage for 5 times, Ignore Monster DEF 15%, instant death chance of 15%
Level 30: MP Cost:50, Attack maximum 6 enemies with 180% damage for 5 times, Ignore Monster DEF 20%, instant death chance of 20%
CO 31: MP Cost:53, Attack maximum 6 enemies with 182% damage for 5 times, Ignore Monster DEF 21%, instant death chance of 21%
CO 32: MP Cost:53, Attack maximum 6 enemies with 184% damage for 5 times, Ignore Monster DEF 21%, instant death chance of 21%

*Requires skillbooks for level 20 and 30
*Large mobbing area in front and somewhat above, no range below your character
*Increased range after Eternal update.

Max level: 10 (20) (30)
Level 10: When HP is greater than 60%, damage +40%, Critical Hit Rate: +4%, Minimum Critical Damage: +5%, movement speed +10
Level 20: When HP is greater than 40%, damage +50%, Critical Hit Rate: +7%, Minimum Critical Damage: +10%, movement speed +15
Level 30: When HP is greater than 20%, damage +60%, Critical Hit Rate: +10%, Minimum Critical Damage: +15%, movement speed +20
CO 31: When HP is greater than 18%, damage +61%, Critical Hit Rate: +11%, Minimum Critical Damage: +16%, movement speed +21
CO 32: When HP is greater than 16%, damage +62%, Critical Hit Rate: +11%, Minimum Critical Damage: +16%, movement speed +21

*Requires skillbooks for level 20 and 30
*Activates automatically when the HP is above the required Threshold
*Affects all attacks but not summons.
*It's multiplicative with %total damage and %boss skills and potentials
*It's additive with its "reinforce hyper skill"

~Hex of the Beholder~
Max level: 10(20)

Level 10: Frequency: every 16 sec, Weapon ATT: +20, Weapon DEF: +250, Magic DEF: +250, Accuracy: +150, Avoidability: +150. Buff Duration: 60 sec
Level 20: Frequency: every 4 sec, Weapon ATT: +35, Weapon DEF: +500, Magic DEF: +500, Accuracy: +300, Avoidability: +300. Buff Duration: 100 sec
CO 21: Frequency: every 4 sec, Weapon ATT: +35, Weapon DEF: +525, Magic DEF: +525, Accuracy: +315, Avoidability: +315. Buff Duration: 104 sec
CO 22: Frequency: every 4 sec, Weapon ATT: +38, Weapon DEF: +550, Magic DEF: +550, Accuracy: +330, Avoidability: +330. Buff Duration: 108 sec

Requires a skillbook to get level 20
Hex buffs stack with all other buffs
Hex casts not a single buff, but 5 different ones in succession, each has it's own cooldown, symbol at the top right is the same for all of them, meaning you'll have 5 "hex" symbols in your active skills max.
Beholder's spells can't be dispelled by bosses
after changing maps, it will take a few extra seconds for the first Buff
using ANY kind of pot/buff that would give more attack than what Hex gives, will make hex stop buffing the bonus attack, even though it stacks. so if you are using an energizer (+25 attack) and level 13 Hex (+23 attack) Hex will stop casting bonus attack as soon as you use the energizer. this means that if you use an apple, hex won't give you extra 35 attack at max level, sorry guys, let's hope nexon fixes this.

~Aura of the Beholder~
Max level: 10(20)
Level 10: 300 restored every 7 sec
Level 20: 500 restored every 4 sec
CO 21: 520 restored every 4 sec
CO 22: 540 restored every 4 sec

Requires a skillbook to get level 20
after changing maps, it will take a few extra seconds for the first heal

~Revenge of the Beholder~
Max level: 10
When hit, Counterattack Chance: 100%, Damage: 750%, Recover 5% of damage to HP, Instant Death Chance: 10%. Counterattack cooltime: 5 sec
CO 11: When hit, Counterattack Chance: 100%, Damage: 770%, Recover 6% of damage to HP, Instant Death Chance: 10%. Counterattack cooltime: 5 sec
CO 12: When hit, Counterattack Chance: 100%, Damage: 790%, Recover 6% of damage to HP, Instant Death Chance: 10%. Counterattack cooltime: 4 sec

after changing maps, it will take a few extra seconds for the first counterattack
Counterattacks only when damaged, a monster performing a miss won't be attacked
Beholder shares all your attack buffs, but won't inflict any critical hits. It isn't affected by Berserk though.
It isn't affected by total damage or boss damage.
Ignores all of the monster's defense, and can go over 1M damage.
Monsters hit by this attack will turn violent against you

^In-depth explanations
here go the explanations for things that can be explained in a simple paragraph, or can't be a single line under "notes" most probably, you are here because when reading a description, the notes told you to check this section, information here is more technical than the notes, and should be used if you want to know the specific reason why the note exist.

Booster, and Weapon speeds
here i will explain how weapon speeds work, weapons have different speeds, you've seen them, they go in this order:

however, each weapon speed has one or more numbers assigned to it, which is the actual speed, the smaller the number, the faster your attacks will be, the numbers for each of the before mentioned is:

Faster [2]
Faster [3]
Fast [4]
Fast [5]
Normal [6]
Slow [7]
Slow [8]
Slower [9]

when using booster, the speed is increased twice, or the speed number is decreased by two, so a weapon like the skisky (normal 6) after booster, would become fast 4.

now, each attack has a defined speed for each "speed number, for example, here are dark impale's speeds:

Faster (2): 630ms
Faster (3): 690ms
Fast (4): 750ms
Fast (5): 780ms
Normal (6): 840ms
Slow (7): 900ms
Slow (8): 960ms
Slowest (9): 990ms

so using our previous example, the skyski would take 840 milliseconds to do an attack before booster, and after booster, 750. these numbers vary depending on the attack, this information is important to understand the "buster glitch"

HP Boost and Hyper Body
after the Big bang, with the introduction of the skill "HP Boost", the HP you see in the red bar is no longer your true HP, your true HP is actually passively boosted by 20% due to said skill, and this is what shows in the HP window

Now, Hyper body increases your HP by 1.6 of your base+static increases HP what does that mean? any increase that is not a %increase, will be factored when calculating how much HP you will gain from using hyper body, that +500HP ring? yup, it gets increased by 1.6, that 9%HP potential skill from the same earrings? nope.

speaking of potentials, potentials that give %HP are NOT counted when doing the HB calculation, however, potentials that increase a fixed amount of HP do count and increase the amount of HP you get from Hyper Body

to calculate how much HP you have without %HP equips, you follow a simple formula, sum all your %HP from equips (so say, i have 9% HP earrings and 6%HP top, that gives a total of 15%HP increase) and then put said number replacing X in the following equation

(100*Current HP)/(120+X)
previous formula is basic rule of three, we use 120 because HP increase is already maxed, in case it was not maxed, the formula would just put the %hp it increases as the last 2 digits, so if it increases 14%HP currently, the number at the bottom would be "114", this is important if you are, say, a mage wondering if you can survive a zakum attack with HB, since mages have no %HP increase skill, it would be simply (100+X) at the bottom

again, the previous formula gives you your base HP + all the static increases to hp, which is what is multiplied by HB, now, there are 2 formulas you can use, one is to determine how much HP HB increases, and the other is to determine what will be your total HP after HB, in order, the formula's are:
(StaticHP*1.60) - StaticHP
this will tell you how much HP you gain from using Hyper Body, then you can simply add that number to your current HP, and that's how much you would have, however, if you want a single formula you can simply punch in a scientific calculator to determine your new HP, here is:

[100*CurrentHP/(120 + X)]*(100 + X + 60)/100

that one is assumming you have the 20% HP increase and everything, X still standing for the amount of %HPincrease from equips you have. however, if you want the really long formula that works with all classes, here is, what each letter stands for after it:

long and complicated isn't it, but anways, the letters stand for:
A Current Total HP: gotten from the status window
BPassive Skill %HP increase: the %of HP your passive skills increase (if it is 10%, put 10, if 20%, put 20, etc)
CActive Skill %HP increase: %HP increased by the skill you are using (level 15 HB giving 30%, maxed giving 60%, etc.)
X %HP increase from Equips: basically, the sum of all the %HP increase potentials you have goes here.

Example: i have 20 000HP right now, equipped potential equips that give 80%HP total, and the new skill HP Boost maxed (20% HP), so is HB (60%)
Formula goes:

[100*20 000/(100 + 20 + 80)]*(100 + 20 + 60 + 80)/100
[2 000 000/200]*(260/100)
2 600 000/100
26000 that would be your HP after HB, as you can see, nowhere near 60% of the 20k we started with. [PROVEN]

Sacrifice and Boss 30%
"wait what?, what are you doing? you already covered sacrifice!"
yes, i did, but it is still important to have a reference and proof, if not, i can go around saying that if you yell "FALCON PUNCH!", your fist will spontaneously catch on fire (it can't, but it would be awesome) so here is ALL the screenshots our great DrK Djp2313 took, to prove that sacrifice DOES ignore Boss physical defense rate, and that Boss 30% does in fact work.
Information: the skill "Dragon Wisdom" wasn't increased to avoid random critical hits, there is no 4th job SP set, When you see Djp holding the Skyski's he has BossDamage+30%, when he is holding the Surfboard he doesn't have any damage increasing factors.
Snails have a PDR of 10%, here is a picture of DJP using an INCREDIBLY AWESOME Buster (why incredibly awesome in just a sec)
Buster on a snail
and here is a picture of Sacrifice on another Snail:
Sacrifice on a Snail
now, here's the math, buster hits for 145% of the attack range, sacrifice does so for 690% of the attack range, so the ranges are:
Min: 10212.35
Max: 14588.45
Min: 48596.7

Now, the reason i said the previous Buster was awesome, is because it was purple, i mean LOOK AT IT! but from a mathematical view, it's awesome becase he hits 9921 damage, that is BELOW the minimum possible damage, however, if we factor the knowledge that snails have 10% damage reduction, we end up with these numbers:
Buster -10%
Min: 9191.115
Max: 13129.605
we can see that Buster hits within range now, just a measly hundred below the new max, and still above the minimum, now, if sacrifice was to be affected by the 10% damage reduction, the max damage would be 62478, where we see Djp hit 67146.
This establishes that crusher suffers from the PDR rate from enemies, while Sacrifice does not, NEAT!
so, based on this, when using Buster on a boss, damage should decrease significantly right?

Buster on a snail
Buster on papulatus

we can notice that the damage buster dealt was reduced considerably because of papulatus increased PDR, however, let's now look at sacrifice:

Sacrifice on a Snail
Sacrifice on Papulatus

as you can see, he is hitting near the maximum damage if there was no PDR involved, which proves that sacrifice does in fact go through Boss PDR, now, as for boss 30%, let's look at these pictures, Sacrifice is being used since it takes PDR out of the math, since his damage range is almost exactly 10k, when using sacrifice against anything, he shoudln't be able to go over 70k damage, now, let it be noted, we had to use a different spear because the other pair did not have boss 30%, however, this pair has less w.attk, but boss 30%, and when he used sacrifice...

Sacrifice on papulatus with Boss 30%

Damage skyrockets to almost 90k, way above our max damage with sacrifice, so there you go, sacrifice ignores ALL PDR, and Boss 30% Does in fact, still work, mix those 2, and you got pain in your hands, use it wisely!

What is "Buster Glitch"?

long before Big Bang, when training was harder and times were better, the now-called-buster skill went by the name of crusherand it was divided into a polearm version and a spear version, and more importantly, these both had different speeds depending on the level they were.

crusher below level 15 was only 2 strikes instead of three, once the skill became level 16 and from then on, it would have 3 strikes, as you can probably figure out, doing 2 strikes was faster than doing 3 strikes, and this is where buster glitch starts, with the introduction of big bang, polearm crusher and spear crusher were fused into a single skill called "dragon buster" which from level 1 hit 3 times.

however, an interesting glitch surfaced, whenever you used a spear and performed buster, your animation for the attack would be the normal one, with three dragon heads, but if you switched to a polearm, the animation would be that of pre-BB level 15 and below crusher, meaning, only 2 dragon strikes, even though the skill still hit three times. this caused polearms to have a VERY significant speed advantage over spears when performing buster, how significant? well, here are the speeds for both of them:

Crusher (16-30 points) (or spear buster)
Faster (2): 810ms (-240ms)
Faster (3): 870ms (-180ms)
Fast (4): 930ms (-120ms)
Fast (5): 990ms (-60ms)
Normal (6): 1050ms
Slow (7): 1140ms (+90ms)
Slow (8): 1200ms (+150ms)
Slower (9): 1260ms (+210ms)

Crusher (1-15 points) (or polearm buster)
Faster (2): 690ms (-210ms)
Faster (3): 750ms (-150ms)
Fast (4): 810ms (-90ms)
Fast (5): 870ms (-30ms)
Normal (6): 900ms
Slow (7): 960ms (+60ms)
Slow (8): 1020ms (+120ms)
Slower (9): 1080ms (+180ms)

as you can see, using the SLOWEST polearm available, would make polearm buster only slightly slower than a normal speed spear, the glitch of polearms using a different (and much more efficient) animation for buster is what is known as buster glitch, with the introduction of dark impale however, this glitch loses most of it's importance since you won't have to use it all the way to 200, but only until a good enough level of dark impale is achieved, at which point it's replaced.

^Frequent Questions:
here will go a lot of the most frequent questions people ask regarding spearmen and women, along with the answer, and even quotes from other dark knights.

Spear Vs Polearm, what to use?
remember how back in the day your polearms did more damage while slashing, and your spears did more damage by stabbing? yhe good times right? well, these are even better, after BB, it doesn't really matter what we use anymore, a spear with "normal 6" speed and 100 attack is exactly the same than a polearm with the same stats. your questions now shouldn't be "spear or polearm" it should be "Which has the faster speed"

for that, here are the spear/polearm in the term of how useful they are, and what we recommend you get:
Lionheart Partisan >>> Agares Bloody Polearm >=< Purple surf board > VIP spear >=< Crimson arcglaive > Sky Ski's >Timeless/Reverse Alchupiz > VIP polearm > Timeless/Reverse Diesra

see, the best weapons are all mixed up, because now, they work in the exact same way as each other. except for the buster glitch.

Should i be low dex, normal dex, or dexless?
great question! here are some answers from our dedicated forum users!
Djp2313: Every level put 5 points into str
daniel3b: level 10-15: +5 STR each level
Levels 16-30: +5 STR each level
Levels 31-50: +5 STR each level

and after that, just add 5 STR each level
Aetherknight: Auto-Assign is Nexon's way of making you buy AP resets late game.
Thanks to BB's new accuracy formula warriors are free granted you train on things your level.
There are only 2 equips that need DEX that a spearman might be interested in but you can probably get that from your +All stats equips.
Darkspawn980: whe are warriors, when in doubt, put 5 points in str
YuGiOh4Sin: You Guys are IDIOTS! You forgot about Dex!

Its really simple, add 0 DEX each level, and pump whatever's left over into STR

geez guys....

a big thank you to Basilmarket for publishing the guide, several of the Dark Knight regulars who helped test and compile plenty of information, Fiel of southperry for his amazing extractions, and the whole southperry crew for their math prowess and amazing data collections and compilations, without which, much of this guide wouldn't be. thanks for all your help.

Also, a big thank you to you yourself, the reader, for taking the time to actually read this guide and look for information yourself, rather than being a lazyass and posting a question in the forums that has been asked several times already (unless you are the latter, and are only here after a massive amount of spam saying "check the guides" in such case, remember, google is your friend!

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