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MapleStory Guide: The Guide to Evans

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We've all seen the flood of training threads and skill builds from the newly released Evan class, but disappointed at some of the results I've taken the initiative to make a more expanded and thorough guide, combining all aspects and collaborative information brought together by the community, with the hope to cover any and all concerns and questions you have regarding your Evan character.

All areas may and probably will be modified at later dates. Update notices will be posted here.
04/14/2010 - Guide created
04/15/2010 - Guide posted
04/20/2010 - Tofu tags added, renamed, created banner, added Equips section, removed useless sections
04/22/2010 - Added more links and videos, totally revamped training section with map links, HP and EXP. More tofu tag previews!


What is an Evan?
Storyline Synopsis
Why make an Evan?
Evan Flaws
Important Notes Before Starting Your Adventure
AP Distribution
Leveling Guide
Skill Builds
Training Tips
Useful Guides and Links
Credits and Copyright Disclosure


Evan, a character class released in April, 2010 of Global MapleStory. It's the second of 5 potential 'Legend' classes, proceeding the release of warrior Arans in late 2009. Evan is a magician type class utilizing a Dragon partner for magical attacks.


WARNING! If you wish to not read spoilers about the beginning quests of this class, please skip this section.

Evan, a young boy living and working on his family's farm awakes with a strange tattoo on his hand after a mysterious dream of walking in a mystical forest to come across a large dragon. The next day while helping his father and brother on the farm he stumbles off a cliff, landing in a similar mystical forest. Here he finds a large glowing egg. Upon closer inspection he touches it, creating a pact between him and whatever lurks inside. Through little effort Evan hatches the egg to find his new adventure companion, Mir, a baby dragon. With the intention to grow together and become stronger while helping to preserve the peace and tranquility of all life, they set out on and adventure into the Maple world.


As MapleStory ages we're seeing many more classes being introduced. So what makes an Evan right for you? Well, are you looking for something that:
Is able to attack from a distance and close quarters?
Uses several different elemental skills, including the ability to freeze, stun and push enemies?
Projects it's skills through a partnered and evolving Onyx dragon?
Has almost indisputably the highest raw damage and damage over time of all magician classes, and competes with some of the highest leveling classes?
Gains class exclusive event glasses and scrolls that can be transferred between your other characters?
Has higher hit points than any same AP build magician?
Gains party skills that can reduce your teams damage intake, revive fallen members automatically, and raise magical damage?


Just like any class, Evans do have downsides.

3 important skill books, Magic Guard, Critical Magic, and Magic Booster are currently all Cash Shop exclusive. This means you have to charge real-world money to buy, earn through surveys or gain through using the Maple Trading System
Considered slow attackers from levels 1-100, the majority of AoE skills gained after level 40 have charge ups, the final ultimate skill Dark Fog has a 20 second cooldown
Slightly lower MP compared to other magicians
Not considered lead damage dealers for boss fights, overlooked party skills until after level 160
Can not enter Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest and get a Mark of Naricain pendant
The current craze, resulting in equipment inflation and lack of originality


There's just a few things to keep in mind before running out climbing levels and growing in fame and fortune.

DO the class quests! You gain many Skill Points for every growth by doing them, as well as level 30 silver dragon equipment. Not to mention the experience gain is decent, and it keeps you up with the storyline.
There are currently 2 Evan exclusive events going on that can be rewarding to your character, until May 4th and 5th. At level 30 you'll be awarded with glasses that can be scrolled and transferred to other characters in your account. Dragon glasses scrolls are awarded at 50, 60, 70, 80, where the first two have a 60% chance of adding +1 to all stats, the two latter have a 30% chance of adding 1 WATK and 2 MATK.
Evans Tears are commonly dropping from most monsters. Collect enough and work your way up to medals that increase EXP rate, give potion discounts, and add MP and MATK. With a total of 5500 Tears you have the option of gaining a permanent 4 MATK medal.


Evans, like all magicians use mainly INT, with the option of LUK. INT adds exactly 1 MATK, 1 MDEF, more MP after level ups, and a minor amount of 'magical accuracy'. LUK gives a very minute amount of 'magical accuracy', and is only needed to wear LUK-required equipment. There are 3 main AP builds of Evans and all magicians, and they are as follows:

Normal LUK
Put points in their LUK stat close to or equal to their level+3. This is to enable them to wear any of their current level required gear and weapons, without encompassing any bonus LUK from equipment. LUK is almost always maxed at 123 or earlier, as no equipment aside from Elemental Staves currently require more.
Equipment is scrolled entirely with INT and MATK

Have ability to wear all available magician equipment
Typically higher MDEF and DEF
Less expensive shoes, gloves and shields

Have typically weaker damage than competing builds as more AP is taken from INT
Have less total MP than higher INT builds
Most expensive to match the damage output of other builds

For information as to why a low LUK build may be better, take a look at BBD's blog.

Similar to Normal LUK, except they utilize LUK bonuses from equipment and scrolling to achieve the desired amount of LUK to wield their preferred weapon. They max LUK as low as possible. Considered a 'medium' build, taking a bit from both extremes.
Equipment is scrolled with INT, MATK, or LUK

Have ability to wear any equipment they decide to finish at
Typically mediocre damage and defense, without sacrificing aesthetics
Less expensive shoes, gloves and shields
Can benefit from cheaper LUK scrolls (cape, shield, and overall namely)

With same funding have a harder time hitting as much damage as pure INT
Have less total MP than pure INT builds

LUKless/Pure INT
Have highest damage, even with minimal funds
Have the highest MP
Can use competing no LUK required Maple and Elemental weapons to gain an advantage

Less in-game aesthetic choices and lack of originality in equipment
Limited choice of equipment, more competition and higher prices for equipment
Lower MDEF and DEF

To recap, with 5 AP gained per level, a Normal LUK would add 1 LUK, 4 INT every level until LUK reaches the acquired amount for end game weapon, pure INT add... purely INT, and Low LUK add LUK whenever they need to.


Finally, we've reached the part that most people inquire about, “where do I killz and what monstersz?” I've done my absolute best to combine all recommended beneficial training places and major quests, including both efficient leveling spots and potential meso farming locations.
and will continue to do so until everyone's happy. So if you have any additions or suggestions throw them in and they'll be included.

Click underlined monsters for more details!

-XX~XX+ – Suggested start/finish levels (-/+ indicate decent spots for earlier/later levels too)
% - Rating of fast experience gain
$ - Rating of good Meso gain
P - Requires lots of potions
@ - Popular location, high competition for maps
Most recommended spots are bolded

Levels 1-20
There is really only one option that towers over anything else, and that's the Evan quest line. The light bulbs will consistently pop above you or Mir's head, or tracked through the top of the 'Available' tab in your quest window. By the time you do the current quest you've already achieved the requirement for the next. You NEED these quests for skill SP and later quests, so might as well get them done now.
If you do need a spot between these quests, try the following spots:

1~15 – Slimes - MAP, HP: 50, EXP: 10 = %
14~20 – Octopus/Blue Mushrooms - MAP, HP: 200/350, EXP: 24/32 = %
10~17 - Henesys Party Quest = %

Levels 20-30
Continue with your Evan quests, the experience and quest spots should keep you up to par with your levels.
A new quest line comes into play too, the Astaroth quests starting at your appointed Job Instructor. If you do these alongside your Evan quests you will probably not need to do any pure experience grinding. Part way through the quests you're awarded a 12 INT helmet, which is almost ridiculous to pass up. You will need a party of 3 or more at the end to completely finish these quests and defeat Astaroth. Other training spots include:

20~30 – Wild Boars -MAP, HP: 550, EXP: 42 = %$
20~30 – Evil Eyes - MAP, HP: 720, EXP: 50 = %
24~30+ Drum Bunnies (Chaos scrolls!) - MAP, HP: 950, EXP: 60 = $
25~30+ Jr. Wraiths (fire weak!) - MAP, HP: 1,200, EXP: 70 = %
25~30 Kerning Sewer Survival Quest = %

[h2]Levels 30-40[h2]
I don't need to keep reminding you about the Evan quests right?
Another chain of experience rewarding quests comes available to you after 30, to the Mushroom Kingdom! A light bulb will pop above your head and will instantly teleport you there if you're willing. Just sticking around there and finishing those up should leave you at around level 38, and give you a free 2 MATK glove for those who need it!

-30~35 Jr. Wraiths (fire weak!) - MAP, HP: 1,200, EXP: 70 = %
32~40 Cold Eyes (fire weak and Chaos scrolls!) - MAP, HP: 2,000, EXP: 85 = %$
34~40+ Iron Mutaes (awesome EXP) - MAP, HP: 2,400, EXP: 102 = %@
31~40+ Carnival Party Quest (awesome EXP if you trade or free win) = %

Levels 40~50
Evan quests have slowed, not many beneficial quest chains coming at you... grind ho!

-40~45 Iron Mutaes (awesome EXP) - MAP, HP: 2,400, EXP: 102 = %@
42~50 Truckers - MAP, HP: 3,000, EXP: 160 = %P@
42~48 Gryphons - MAP, HP: 3,300, EXP: 220
42~48 Straw Target Dummies - MAP, HP: 3,000, EXP: 135
44~50 Roids - MAP, HP: 4,400, EXP: 168 = %
46~50+ Neo Huroids/Roids - MAP, HP: 5,600/4,400, EXP: 205/168 = %$@
-40~50 Carnival Party Quest (awesome EXP if you trade or free win) = %
40~50+ Pyramid Party Quest – Easy/Normal Mode (Solo is easiest) = $

Levels 50~60
Make sure you grab your first 60% Dragon Glasses scroll from Cassandra!

-50~55 Neo Huroids/Roids - MAP, HP: 5,600/4,400, EXP: 205/168 = %$@
50~60+ Dark Stone Golems/Mixed Stone Golems - MAP, HP: 4,800/6,000, EXP: 200/210 = $
52~60+ Jr. Selkie/Slimy - MAP, HP: 5,500/5,800, EXP: 220/250 = %P@
-50~60+ Pyramid Party Quest – Hard Mode (Solo is easiest) = $
51~60+ Carnival Party Quest II - %

Levels 60~70
Another glasses scroll, more skills and Evan quests.. keep going!

-60~70 Dark Stone Golems/Mixed Stone Golems - MAP, HP: 4,800/6,000, EXP: 200/210 = $P
-60~70+ Jr. Selkie/Slimy - MAP, HP: 5,500/5,800, EXP: 220/250 = %@
60~70 Captain/Kru(Chaos scroll from Captain) - MAP, HP: 15,000/12,500, EXP: 282/265 = $
62~70+ Windraiders - MAP, HP: 16,000, EXP: 800 = %@
60~65 Pyramid Party Quest – Hell Mode (Solo is easiest) = $
60~70 Carnival Party Quest II

Levels 70~80
Yay, a new beastly fire AoE, glasses scroll and the final few Evan quests! Training places get limited for the next several levels...

-70~75 Jr. Selkie/Slimy - MAP, HP: 5,500/5,800, EXP: 220/250 = %@
-70~78 Windraiders - MAP, HP: 16,000, EXP: 800 = %@
72~80+ Red Kentaurus - MAP, HP: 37,000, EXP: 1,600 = %P
75~80+ Blue Kentaurus (faster EXP, more potions) - MAP, HP: 37,000, EXP: 1,600 = %P
75~80+ Wolf Spiders (drop ilbis and scrolls) - MAP, HP: 28,000, EXP: 1,200 = $P

Levels 80~120
Covering the next 40 levels in this section...

-80~86 Wolf Spiders (drop ilbis and scrolls) - MAP, HP: 28,000, EXP: 1,200 = $P
-80~90 Red Kentaurus - MAP, HP: 37,000, EXP: 1,600 = %
-80~90 Blue Kentaurus (faster EXP, more potions) - MAP, HP: 37,000, EXP: 1,600 = %P
94~110 Red/Blue Wyverns - MAP/[]MAP[/url], HP: 53,000/57,000, EXP: 2,500/3,050
86~120+ Galloperas - MAP, HP: 43,000, EXP: 2,500 = %@
95~120+ Dreamy Ghosts - MAP, HP: 68,000, EXP: 3,200 = %

Levels 120+
9th and second last growth stage, you're a beast!

-120~130 Dreamy Ghosts - MAP, HP: 68,000, EXP: 3,200 = %
-120~130 Galloperas - MAP, HP: 43,000, EXP: 2,500 = %@
120+ Nest Golems/Jr. Newties - MAP, HP: 80,000/68,000, EXP: 8,050/3,800 = %
120+ Skelosaurus/Skelegons - MAP, HP: 85,000/80,000, EXP: 4,750/4,500 = %P
120+ All Temple of Time Maps (rare scroll drops and PoT's!) - STARTING MAP, HP: 41,000-141,000, EXP: 1,900-7,060 = %$


Evans don't grow like adventurers, instead they gain 2 or 4 new skills more periodically. With SP rewarded from quests Evans are able to max all the skills they receive.

First Growth (10-20)
New Skills (click icon to see details):

1st: Magic Missle
Magic Missile is your first attack. If you you put it off or only put a few points in it to start your damage and training will suffer.
2nd: Dragon Soul
Yay damage boost, nothing more to it.

Second Growth (20-30)
New Skills (click icon to see details):

NOTE: It can be wise to put ONE point into teleport before maxing Fire Circle to help traverse quicker.

1st: Fire Circle
Your first AoE skill becomes available really early. Take advantage of it!
2nd: Teleport
Ffft! Ffft! Ffft! Get used to that sound, you'll be using it a lot.

Third Growth (30-40)
New Skills (click icon to see details):

NOTE: This comes down to whether you need easier survivability (for something like CPQ), or a harder hitting (yet slower) single attack. You currently need to pay 2,000NX to level Magic Guard past level 5, and for the sake of this guide we're going to assume you bought it.

1st: Magic Guard
I hardly used lightning bolt at all, save for a finisher. Another finisher can wait until later in your 30's. Magic Guard is essential if you CPQ, and irreplaceable later on.
2nd: Lightning Bolt
Mir's inner Pikachu trying to escape. High single damage, can get some impressive numbers at a low level

Fourth Growth (40-50)
New Skills (click icon to see details):

1st: Ice Breath
No question. Finally an attack that hits 6 and freezes at 90% when maxed. Awesome damage, with a mild charge time. Will be your main attack for almost 40 levels.
2nd Elemental Reset
Have seen a lot of inquiries about this skill. It eliminates all elemental attributes to your skills ie. Fire Circle hits like a neutral element. This apparently does NOT affect the elemental bonuses and handicaps of elemental wands and staves.

Fifth Growth (50-60)
New Skills (click icon to see details):

NOTE: It can be wise to put ONE point into Magic Shield before maxing Magic Flare, at level 1 it has 11% damage reduction.
1st: Magic Flare
I suggest only maxing Magic Shield first if you intend to do a lot of partying namely CPQ2, even then Magic Flare is probably more useful. Survivability really isn't an issue yet.
2nd: Magic Shield
One irreplaceable skill. Magic Guard AND Magic Shield? You're a magic wall!

Sixth Growth (60-80)
New Skills (click icon to see details):

1st: Critical Magic
Adds a critical probability to all your attacks, significantly increasing your damage output.
2nd Thrust or 11 Magic Booster
Thrust is a good mob collecting skill and does more damage than ice breath. Magic booster quickens skill animations, however it does not speed up ice breath's charge bar. AT level 11 it has it's highest speed increase, after that it just adds more duration.
3rd: 11 Magic Booster or (max) Thrust
You've done one, now do the other.
4th: Slow
A support skill that allows all of your attacks to slow the targets at a probability. Great for reducing contact damage, but won't work on bosses.

Finish with getting Magic Booster to 15.

Seventh Growth (80-100)
New Skills (click icon to see details):

1st: Breath
Same charge up needed for Ice Breath but with much higher damage. Has a 30% chance to stun at max. This will pretty much replace Ice Breath.
2nd: Magic Amplification
A passive skill that increases MP cost of all skills, but also increases Magic by 35% at max. If you have problems affording potions it may be easier to wait to max this, otherwise get it now to help your training.
3rd: Killing Wing
Another single attack move. Faster than Magic Flare and significantly higher damage.
4th: Magic Resistance
A great party skill, reducing magic damage taken by 20% when maxed for your entire party. Is great for serious boss situations. If you party a lot at this point then it may be better to max this before other 7th growth skills.

Eighth Growth (100-120)
New Skills (click icon to see details):

1st: Earthquake
Huge damage, hits up to 8 monsters, and has a very large range both vertically and horizontally.
2nd: Dragon Fury
A slight increase in damage when your MP is in a certain range. It's only a 10% boost in a 30% MP range at maxed, but still that extra boost may come in handy when you need it.
3rd: Phantom Imprint
Your highest single target skill yet, and causes a weakened effect afterward, causing monsters to receive more damage.
4th: Recovery Aura
A party skill, but don't get yourself excited yet. At max it heals 80% of your max MP over 30 seconds. It will save your party a few potions, they may be grateful, but not exactly a life saver in terms of usefulness. If you NEED to save on potions then it might be a good idea to get this earlier, otherwise leave it last.

Ninth Growth (120-160)
New Skills (click icon to see details):

1st: Flame Wheel
A great 'spammable' AoE skill for Evan. Getting it 1st will help a lot.
2nd: Magic Mastery or Illusion
Magic mastery will significantly improve your damage over time and make training more efficient. If you are more of a bossing character then Illusion may be a better choice.
3rd: Illusion or Magic Mastery
Whichever you left until later
4th: Maple Warrior
Level this as high as you can, it will help you and your party if they don't have higher. Skill books for this get extremely rare and expensive, so maxing it at 30 may be near impossible.
5th: Hero's Will
At this point is only needed if you intend to Horntail.

Tenth Growth (160+)
New Skills (click icon to see details):

1st: 1 Soul Stone, 1 Dark Fog
You may be thinking, Why? Level 1 soul stone gives you the opportunity to resurrect a single party member every 10 minutes. That's more frequently than a Bishop's max Resurrection! Dark Fog is Evan's ultimate skill. At level 1 it has a 460 base attack to 15 monsters with a 20 second cooldown. It's worth getting one point into it early, but it will not be your main training skill.
2nd: Blaze
Evans best and final no-cooldown AoE. Big damage.
3rd: Dark Fog or Blessing of the Onyx
Dark Fog is a 750 base attack skill that hits 15 with a 20 second cooldown when maxed. It is the ultimate of ultimates. However, BotO gives a 50 MATK boost maxed to you and your party. If you have a party filled with similar leveled magicians then that's like a 5% damage boost to all of you. It really depends on your training styles, but for the most part it is more beneficial to max Fog first.
4th Blessing of the Onyx or Dark Fog
Whichever you didn't max prior.
5th Soulstone
A skill that rivals Bishops. People will thank you for maxing this, though maxing this last will mean you'll be in your 190's. If you are a huge party based player, it will be better to max this earlier.


So you have any idea of where to level and what skills to use, but maybe you're still having a hard time and need a few pointers? Well here's a few quick tips:

Telecast - This means using teleport during and concurrently with the skill you're using. This allows better maneuverability and to take less damage. It also lets you traverse a map while aggravating the monsters along the way, also known as...

Luring – On long platforms with dispered and high HP monsters it becomes more efficient to lure. Between levels 30 and 60 a great combination is to telecast through a map using Fire Circle to get everything to follow you into the edge of the platform, then finish off with Ice Breath. At level 60 you get Thrust which moves targets for you, this is great for small mobs at places like Wyverns, but for the most part you want to stick with quick AoE skills and let them follow you. From 80 to 120 you can lure by tapping (not charging) Breath to get them to follow (although the chance of stun may be bothersome, I've seen some Evans still using flame circle to lure), and finish off with charged breaths or Earthquake. With Earthquake's huge range there becomes an opportunity for...

Safe Zone Skill Spamming – This means standing in one spot on a platform where monsters are unable to reach you, while repetitively using a skill like Earthquake to hit them. This is great to be used on maps like Skeles and Newties.

Know Thy Enemy – By this I mean become aware of their elemental strengths and weaknesses. Though you do have Elemental Reset to neutralize any playing field, it may be wiser to choose enemies weak to your main attacking skills. For instance, Cold Eyes are weak to fire, and are a great opponent when you're first getting fire circle. Thus it becomes a more advantageous area to train at.

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should – So you reached that level when you can finally hit those monsters without very few misses, maybe you even took down a few. Keep in mind just because you can train somewhere doesn't mean it's the best place for you yet. It still may be better to stick with those lower leveled places and get much faster kills with a little less EXP per then step it up early. Also note that great training places often come with competition for spots and maps, and someone there a little too early may bring focus for kill stealing.

Never turn down a good party – In huge maps it can get hard for you to keep up with the re-spawn rate, let alone keep the map all to yourself. When partnered efficiently you will get a good bonus for having a party, and if everyone's kept working in their spot it will increase the spawn rate for you. A lot of classes have some great party skills to bring to the table and it's always nice having someone there to talk to too!

It's not all about leveling – It may seem important to most people to get as strong as possible as fast as possible, but it may not always be such a good idea when you're not keeping your equipment or funds up to par. Sometimes it may be a good idea to take a step back, try hunting at some less popular places for those valuable drops, or completing some of those profitable quests.

Pick your Poison – Potions, you'll be sucking them dry level after level. Many people ask which potions are right for them. Well here's a quick mini-guide to help you decide. If you're anything like me you tend to recover your MP when it is between 25% and 60% full. Any lower and you're risking death, because your main survivability at later levels is dependent on your MP pool. Therefore you want to consider what potion at your level will heal between that amount, and will be the best price for your money. Here's a quick list of what potions are best suited for what MP and HP levels:

Total HP:
50~200 – Red Potions, or whatever potions you get from quests
200~500 – Orange Potions, heal 150 HP and can be bought at almost all potion shops.
500~1800 – White Potions, heal 300 HP and can be found at almost all potion shops
1800+ - Supreme Pizzas, Unagi, Barbarian Elixirs or Ginseng Roots and Ginger Ales. If you're at this point you're probably already using Ginsengs or Gingers, but it's always a good idea to carry some Supreme Pizzas, Barbarian Elixirs or Unagis just for HP

Total MP:
50~500 – Blue Potions, or whatever little potions you get from quests
500~1200 – Mana Elixirs, are easily obtained from almost any potion store.
1200~5000 – Sorcerer Elixirs, can be bought for 1.5k at NLC and heal 1.5. 1meso:1MP!
5000+ – Ginseng Root or Ginger Ales, both heal a % of HP and MP and can be bought in NLC. After 5k MP they become more MP for your meso than Sorcerer, and are good for HP as well! Elixirs and Power Elixirs are also great, but can not be obtained through NPC shops.


NOTE: This section is not complete, and will be expanded soon.

This section is to outline all the available and/or recommended equipment for LUKless and Low/Normal LUK builds. NOTE:All LUK equipment are not listed below, for a complete list of available magician equipment look here. Shown below are ONLY equipment that stand out above normal level-tier gear, or have no LUK requirement.

Equipment that require LUK will be highlighted in bold. Click equipment to see details.

Should be scrolled for: MATK
Level 25 - Astaroth Wand or Staff
Level 35 - Maple Staff
Level 43 - Maple Lama Staff or Nocturnal Staff
Level 64 - Maple Wisdom Staff or Maple Shine Wand
Level 70 - Elemental Wand 1
Level 102 - Doomsday Staff (req: 80 LUK)
Level 103 - Elemental Staff 1 (req: 105 LUK)
Level 118 - Reverse Enreal Tear (req: 120 LUK)
Level 120 - Reverse Areas Hand (req: 123 LUK)
Level 130 - Elemental Wand 5
Level 163 - Elemental Staff 5 (req: 165 LUK)

Should be scrolled for: INT or HP
Level 18 - Marbas Hat
Level 50 - Zakum Helmet
Level 80 - Targar Hat (INT) or Targar Hat (LUK)

Should be scrolled for: INT or LUK
(Normal/Low LUK should use Magician robes)
Level 20 - Bathrobe for Men/Women
Level 30 - Blue/Red Sauna Robe

Should be scrolled for: MATK
(Normal/Low LUK should use Magician gloves)
Level 10 - Brown Work Gloves, Yellow Work Gloves, or Work Gloves
Level 15 - Green Mittens
Level 20 - Red Marker
Level 35 - Mushking Leather Glove
Level 50 - Flamekeeper Cordon

Should be scrolled for: Speed or Chaos
(Normal/Low LUK should use Magician shoes)
Level 10 - Yellow Christmas Sock
Level 30 - Squishy Shoes or Blue Snowshoes
Level 50 - Yellow Snowshoes

Should be scrolled for: INT
Any earring works, but some to look out for:
Level 25 - Fallen Leaf
Level 30 - Red Emerald
Level 40 - Crystal Leaf
Level 45 - Free Spirit Piercing
Level 50 - Glittering Altaire
Level 80 - Gold Emerald

Should be scrolled for: INT, LUK or HP
Level 25 - Old Raggedy Cape
Level 42 - Icarus Cape (2)
Level 50 - Purple Adventurer Cape or Yellow Adventurer Cape
Level 65 - Purple Gaia Cape

Should be scrolled for: MATK, LUK, or HP
Level 5 - Stolen Fence
Level 20 - Maple Shield
Level 64 - Maple Magician Shield
Level 120 - Timeless Prelude (req: 120 LUK)

Should be scrolled for: INT or LUK
Dojo Belts (work your way up) or Pyramid Party Quest Belts

Can only be scrolled with Chaos
See here for list of pendants. (Mark of Naricain can currently not be obtained by Evans)


Everything you need to know about CPQ2 and Mu Lung Dojo.
Pyramid PQ Guide
The Mushroom Castle Guide
Astaroth Quests
Quests you can do to make money

Evan Magic Ranges
Evan Quest Guide
Evan %/hr Thread

Mage FAQ
Magician Magic Ranges

Ayumilove's Evan Dragon Master Preview - Some info is outdated or has been changed
Official KMS Trailer
KMS Tespia 156 Evan
GMS - 120 Evan

More guides and videos to come!


Thanks to everyone in the community who offered their own materials and guides, the collaborative information gathered from prior research and guides.
Foxtrots for many skill fixes
BBD for typos and permission to reference his blog

This guide and all content presented are property of myself, Buccanoob, and Copying or using this information elsewhere is prohibited without my permission.
All content on is Copyright 2005-2015 Any use of content outside of is strictly forbidden.
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