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MapleStory New Leaf Saga - Episode One - "Looking for Group" Video

By dragon332211

dragon332211 Level 50 Mardia Bandit
Jan 14 2011 Its a parody of "The other maplestory" video.

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OMG you are so good

"its a twig"
Jan 15 2011
dragon332211 Level 50 Mardia Bandit
It's not a parody, it's made by the same guy in association with nexon...[/quote]
Yea I know, I thought it looked familiar when I was watching it.
Jan 15 2011
StealthClaw Level 211 Windia Paladin Memories Guild
I was about to say this. Looks like Nexon ripped a lot of ideas(even the animation style....) from this.[/quote]

It was made by the same guy, silly.
Nexon is paying him to make animations, go check out his deviantart page.
Jan 15 2011

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