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MapleStory Red Iinfo Video

By copperchan

copperchan Level 172 KradiaEMS Battle Mage 4
May 19 2013 Special Thanks to ChremeCoco
Here's what was announced in the summer update:
The update is called "RED". Which stands for Revolution, Evolution, and Delight.
Adventurer Complete Revamp
More Balancing
A Free Job system
They will have a storyline
Unique changes for CS & Dual Blade
The real adventure will now be unfold..
3 Day Item Recovery System
Happy Recover Program
Report System improved
Stronger monitoring in-game
Improved Security
Non-cash users will have the same fun and experience as cash users
More rewards as you further on
Auction House established
New hunting grounds and content
All characters to be in one place. World integration as a whole!
1:100 Boss Battles!
Real-Time Battle with the Black Mage Commanders Invasion!

PVP Mode: Boss vs You

Better boss rewards!
Reorganization of profession
The little animation clip showed the Children of the Goddess (Rhinne)

Coming this summer
After the RED update, it'll be "V". Wonder what it is?!

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Blazetent Level 204 Broa Buccaneer Nimbus Guild
+1 Yea, really do hope they balance these classes correctly. Seriously tired of seeing the same 2 or 3 classes running around. These is no variety anymore.
May 20 2013
Wordolio Level 200 Chaos Night Lord
what do they mean by 1 : 100 boss battles?

100 people vs 1 boss?
May 20 2013
johosoul Level 115 Windia Shade 4
what do they mean by 1 : 100 boss battles?

100 people vs 1 boss?[/quote]
thats exactly what they meant
May 20 2013
HastyHeist Level 157 Galicia Blade Master
ONE WORLD? oh god...
May 21 2013
WingDrow Level 191 Broa Evan 10th Growth
I'm more into the security update and the promise that players won't "need" to buy nx.
May 21 2013

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