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MapleStory in MikuMikuDance Video

By gamefan200

gamefan200 Level 206 Renegades Mechanic 4 WiiLuvTheWii Guild See what games, anime & art gamefan200 is intogamefan200
Feb 03 2016 Combine this software with a compatible 3d modelling program, and PRESTO! You get your own (temporary and unofficial) BannedStory 5(?)! (At least until the official MapleSim for MS2 gets released. )

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aeraxis Level 210 Khaini Xenon 4
This looks really cool, it feels like something straight out of an anime.

...And dat Walpurgisnacht theme, :o definitely wasn't expecting Surgam identidem in a MS video.
Feb 04 2016
mssplayer Level 202 Bera Phantom 4
Wasn't expecting this when i read the title, but i loved it! The theme gave me goosebumps. RIP orange mushroom tho :'(
Feb 04 2016

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