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Maplestory Unleash New Dmg and Training places

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rehope Level 160 Bera Wind Archer 4
So most of you know, the max damage will now be 50m, so does that mean that players will generally get stronger like the big bang update?

Also since lhc is getting nerfed, where would be the new places to train 120+ or will it go back to old maplestory with the skelsaurus and ToT?

id like to hear your opinions on one or both.
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Skaia Level 201 Scania Demon Avenger 4

Jun 20 2013
chyeung360 Level 202 Scania Demon Avenger 4
These are some NEW viable training options implemented with this patch (not gonna include current ones):
Lvl 100 - 120 --> Masteria monsters outside the Haunted Mansion (Crimsonwood Forest)
Lvl 120+ --> Revamped Malaysia
Lvl 135+ --> Revamped Singapore (Mp3 is in the lvl 150s - 160s now)
And then Ulu City is for lvl 160s

Then at Lvl 165+ just progress to going to Stronghold and then Hall of honor.


Daily entry restrictions for the following Party Quests have been lifted:
Moon Bunny 's Rice Cake
First Time Together
The Ice Knight's Curse
The Dimensional Crack
Remnant of the Goddess
Lord Pirate
Romeo and Juliet
Forest of Poison Haze
Resurrection of the Hoblin King
Kenta in Danger

PQ your ass away with friends since the exp is actually not too bad. Also I find PQs more fun than grinding anyway.

ANOTHER alternative is going on evolution lab runs with at least a 5x hp core, or find a party, have link 9 unlocked, have 20x hp core, and grind there. LHC on steroids
Jun 20 2013
rehope Level 160 Bera Wind Archer 4

lvl 70 does over 1 mil dmg. answers my first question.
Jun 20 2013

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