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Maplestory V update reward points

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m4qbex Level 160 Scania Blade Recruit
So the first couple of days that i found out about sharing the websites for points i started to do it. At the moment I'm standing at 400 points but as of yesterday when i try to share for more points I won't get anymore points. Anybody know whats going on or how to fix this? Thanks
Posted: November 2016 Permalink


m4qbex Level 160 Scania Blade Recruit
@wall: what else can i share for points? Should i check the other boxes that they have?
Nov 22 2016
m4qbex Level 160 Scania Blade Recruit
yea i figured it out. Im at indeed at 2000 points. Ty everyone for helping my stupidity
Nov 22 2016
gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
I hit points 2000 also, happy me
Nov 22 2016
xmaplelegend Level 31 Windia Kaiser 2 See what games, anime & art xmaplelegend is intoxmaplelegend
@xylyls: when browising through the micro site you did read that in 1 page it shows you the rewards right? I hope you didnt mindlessly just share all the pages without even remotely looking at it.
Nov 23 2016

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