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Maplestory actually very boring now

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wellness Level 199 Mardia Phantom 4 Justaway Guild
If the game truly isn't fun anymore (event and content-wise), it's possible they are gearing to close and have lost motivation to make it fun. Because come on, it isn't that hard to see what people have fun doing.
Apr 14 2017
chros Level 205 Bera Demon Slayer 4 Lumen Guild See what games, anime & art chros is intoChros
@beefly: I don't think maple needs jump control in order to feel "more like a platformer" with all the flying and everything it has now. It'd honestly probably make it just feel really janky if anything.
Plus I feel like it takes more skill to complete jump quests without it since jumps do have momentum.
Apr 14 2017
inkpan Level 122 Mardia Aran 4
We had a cm...?
Apr 14 2017
peachtime Level 215 Bera White Knight
I burned a beginner and haven't had this much fun in a while. Feels pretty old school and it becomes less of a "how fast can I speed through the first 200 levels." I'm actually taking the time to explore some lower level content I otherwise haven't touched since I can't just rely on grinding anymore.
Apr 14 2017
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