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Maplestory has had a negative influence on my life

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I am now inclined to walk around naked while holding a knife because of this game...

How has this game influenced you irl?
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Trades4dayzz Level 118 Nova Luminous 4
Sometimes my mom DC's me from the comp. :L
May 30 2013
Cholange Level 181 Khaini Bishop
My avatar explains it all.
May 30 2013
I pretend to be a hobo holding a sign 'MES0S PL0X'
May 30 2013
dracolith Level 102 Windia Dark Knight
I walk around with pieces of paper and rub it on things till it gets nice and soft. Sometimes it blows up..
May 30 2013
JumpUpdate Level 185 Windia Marksman
I tried showing my friend how to tornado uppercut ... ended up in the principals office and it was not pleasant
May 30 2013
I shout B>Godly Items at the Farmer's Market.
May 30 2013
I perform somersaults on the street...
May 30 2013
SodiumOH Level 125 Windia Mercedes 4
I use slipstream most of the time when I'm walking. I couldn't believe it myself the first time I did it. I bet you gys can also do it.
May 30 2013
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