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Maplestory has had a negative influence on my life

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I am now inclined to walk around naked while holding a knife because of this game...

How has this game influenced you irl?
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daveface6 Level 159 Scania Night Lord
I assassinated Abraham Lincoln
May 30 2013
d4l0s3r Level 85 Broa Mercedes 3
I carry a tree stump with me in hopes of being able to teleport to places
May 30 2013
Gregorius Level 164 Broa Dark Knight
It has given me an unquenchable bloodlust, the power to summon unearthly beings to my aid, and the distinct urge to murder everyone I see with a giant gilded spear..., wait, scratch that. I had all that before.
May 30 2013
ShadowOf2 Level 171 Broa Night Lord
i'm a never nude
hi 5 for the reference
May 30 2013
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