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Maplestory in its current state

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Okay im just going to start off by saying that Im posting this in the general maplestory section, it applies to both games, not just the second one. I'm not the best with my english so no critism-a-rino dongerino k-a-rino.

Now, I think the current state of maplestory is absolute S#$%. Customer support is terrible. Most people cant go into the event hall due to mass lag, for some people they cant do a single boss because they're a average player and dont spend alot of $ on the game. Imo alot of people play because its a 2d-addicting game and its a F2P MMORPG ( not really f2p cause to do a chaos boss its pay$4k2win ), if that makes any sense to you. The servers are crashing constantly, the servers are lagging in general. This may not make sense to most of you cause im a complete bimbo, I just want to get peoples opinions on the future of maplestory.
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Maplestory in its current state

90%10 / 11Will you stick to maplestory 1 ( if the servers get degraded )
9%1 / 11Will you goto maplestory 2 ASAP?
0%0 / 11Why do you play maplestory. Because its free?
0%0 / 11Why do you play maplestory. Or 2d?


goatman0079 Level 152 Arcania Night Walker 4
Ehh i think maple will get a bit better, especially with the UandI update. Im going to play Maplestory 2 but wont completely abandon the original. I guess I still play maplestory because its part of my childhood as Ive played since dec 2005 onwards
Jan 08 2014
likeabosss Level 172 Demethos Night Lord
Guys guys
Maplestory 2 is made by the same people who made maplestory 1
Jan 08 2014
wiitunes Level 172 Mardia Phantom 4
I will not touch maplestory 2, even if they take down maplestory 1 to do it. I play 1 mostly because I have yet to find a better mmo that is f2p and keeps me as well as maple.
Jan 08 2014
Screw that, get your ass on and sell me that chair already! [/quote]

sowwy sowwy, im just browsing basil >_< I myself cant even get on, stuck in event hall
Jan 08 2014
wickedjr89 Level 61 Kradia Beginner
Because it's free 2 play and I like it. I don't care about "pay 2 win" who cares? Seriously, why care? Just have fun, if you're playing to "win" and "be the best" then I think you are playing for the wrong reasons as that doesn't sound fun to me but to each their own I's a game it's supposed to be fun. You don't need to be the very best or pay 2 win in order to have fun.
Though a working game would be nice...
Jan 08 2014
mazori Level 139 KradiaEMS Demon Avenger 4
I'm playing to have fun. I don't care you hit monsters harder then me. When it stops being fun, I try another class.
Jan 08 2014
wickedjr89 Level 61 Kradia Beginner
I don't know about lag either except when they are actually laggy which they aren't right now but I notice when I do lag that confirms it.
My only problem now is every few minutes I get disconnected and looking at the task manager BlackCipher takes up over 900k, more than maplestory, so somehow they messed it up with the last server check.
Jan 08 2014

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