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Maplestory monster figures Screen

By RedSushi

Aug 28 2012 Hey guys, I made assembled these, took 3~4 hours in total Enjoy! Try guessing whats in the picture, and my card holder?

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Aeronomx Level 174 Scania Corsair
i had no idea nexon sold this kind of merchandise
looks nice, great way to kill time
Aug 29 2012
delightful1 Level 70 Windia Jett 3
geh seems fake for sum reason
Aug 29 2012
HarukaChan Level 94 Chaos Battle Mage 3
+2 Ik what's in the picture that the figures are under ...
Dark Magician Girl
Also this is cool
Aug 29 2012
lesty40 Level 181 Mardia Kanna 4
+4 U just bought them rom eBay! Cheater!next time say u just bought the parts and builder them from the parts u bought.[/quote]

They did say they assembled them. Stop flaming..
Aug 29 2012
:O This is soo kuuruu I'mma steal them
Aug 29 2012

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