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Maplestory really slow unless charging

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xTagg Level 213 Mardia Aran 4
So since yesterday, maplestory has been running very slow unless it's connected to the charger at all time.
The moment I unplug it from the charger, maplestory drops from 60 fps to like 5-10 fps. The moment I plug it back in, it shoots back up to 60 fps

I have windows 7, intel core i7 processor, 8 gb of ram, and an integrated as well as a gaming graphics card.
Maplestory only lets me run it on integrated graphics and won't let me switch it to my nvidea card.

Anyone have the same issue, any fixes?
Posted: December 2013 Permalink


xTagg Level 213 Mardia Aran 4
Well it's set to 'High Performance' in power options. Also tried Balanced, but about the same.

Also how would I disable integrated graphics? And would it run on my nvidea card if I did?
Dec 16 2013
My laptop is similar, in which I have Intel HD 4000 integrated and AMD 7970M card. What happens is that when I unplugged my charger, it would automatically change to power saving mode, which disables my AMD card and puts everything into the onboard graphics. I disabled the option through the AMD control centre, and I know Nvidia will have the option too, give it a google. This method is much better than disabling your integrated graphics as it really keeps your laptop cool, and quieter and is probably better for it in the long run than using your Nvidia card all the time.
Dec 16 2013
OneLife Level 163 Scania Kanna 4
I thought u meant the pacing of the game was slow if u didnt buy nx
Dec 16 2013
Quickjumper7 Level 23 Windia
You should definitely check your advanced power settings. Look around at the options and try different things. Your problem might be processor power management.

More importantly, what did you do yesterday on your computer? Think about what may have initiated the problem, and try to reverse it.
Dec 16 2013
xTagg Level 213 Mardia Aran 4
Thanks for all the replies so far

@GoatSauce sounds like a good idea, however I can't seem to locate anything for nvidia, can you tell me the option name you changed?

@quickjumper7 Well I turned on Turbo Boost for Advanced System Care which clears up RAM space, as well as running Game Booster which does the same thing, seems to be working better, but not fixing the problem completely. Not sure if I have done anything that would change my performance on my pc
Dec 16 2013

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