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Maps Without Visitor Aliens

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fraapple Level 120 Windia Dawn Warrior 3
Anyone know any of the maps where there aren't those aliens?

Visitor-less (Confirmed)

Kerning City Square
Mushroom Kingdom
All Mini Dungeons
Clocktower in Ludibrium
Haunted Mansion
Crimsonwood Keep
Mushroom Shrine
World Tour
Kerning Subway
Peak of Big Nest
Helios Tower
Korean Folk Town (Some)
3-Road Split
Free Market
Neo City
Area of Wild Bear (Not grizzlies)
Most hidden streets

Visitor Infested (Confirmed)

Almost all 'normal' maps... too many to list them all.
Newties (Outside of Mini)
Skelegons (Oustide of Mini)
Temple of Time
Henesys Hunting Ground I
Straw Target Dummies
Underwater (Aquarium)

If there are spaceships in the background it is most likely that there will be Visitors.
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Field South of Ellinia has no aliens.
Aug 21 2010
will nexon actually make em go away or they r staying there for eva?
Aug 21 2010
Elnath is infected
Aqua Is infected
Leafre is infected
I'd say most of the maps that aren't infected are the ones that the monsters aren't in the monster book and aren't mini dungeon.
Aug 21 2010
I'm not sure, but I beleve MP3 is also clean.
Aug 21 2010
Typhons(thx god) and the rest of nlc isnt infested.
Malaysia isnt infested,like what deraykhel said monsters not in the book arent affected.
Aug 21 2010
Truckers are fine.
Aug 21 2010
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