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Maps Without Visitor Aliens

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fraapple Level 120 Windia Dawn Warrior 3
Anyone know any of the maps where there aren't those aliens?

Visitor-less (Confirmed)

Kerning City Square
Mushroom Kingdom
All Mini Dungeons
Clocktower in Ludibrium
Haunted Mansion
Crimsonwood Keep
Mushroom Shrine
World Tour
Kerning Subway
Peak of Big Nest
Helios Tower
Korean Folk Town (Some)
3-Road Split
Free Market
Neo City
Area of Wild Bear (Not grizzlies)
Most hidden streets

Visitor Infested (Confirmed)

Almost all 'normal' maps... too many to list them all.
Newties (Outside of Mini)
Skelegons (Oustide of Mini)
Temple of Time
Henesys Hunting Ground I
Straw Target Dummies
Underwater (Aquarium)

If there are spaceships in the background it is most likely that there will be Visitors.
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i hate thse damn aliens. i was gonna start a hunter but its hard to find the monsters for the starting quests bc HHG1 2 and 3 are all aliens........
Aug 21 2010
Cheezzydude Level 143 Elnido Dark Knight
Orbis and Orbis Tower is infected.
Aug 21 2010
Helios Tower (all floors)
Korean Folk town: entrance to black mountain, Around the pond, Tiger ridge, fox ridge, moon ridge, top of black mountain.
Mu Lung: Wild bear area1,2,&3. Peach farms, Foggy forest, virtuous forest, goblin forest 1.

i've been there all lol darn aliens
Aug 21 2010
The19thHokage Level 127 Broa Aran 4
some maps that do have visitors do not have them in other channels but the visitor population of that map in that specific channel could increase as long as youre killing normal monsters ive already almost got rid of four ch of 10 year old Herb Garden before i noticed xD
Aug 21 2010
FiaW1zard Level 103 Bera Mercedes 3
Perion street corner is confirmed, I think I have an SS
Aug 21 2010
Karrie Level 209 Scania Battle Mage 4
Orbis tower is completely infested with them ==
Aug 21 2010
Emenia Level 150 Windia F/P Arch Mage
Leviathan's lair is clean. I'm pretty sure all of kampung is too, I haven't been there today though.
Aug 21 2010
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