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Mardia Pink Bean Killed Video

By amazingant25

amazingant25 Level 200 Khaini Hero Modesty Guild
Nov 22 2010 I was waiting until someone uploaded this video, but it didn't happen. So I did
I thought the owner of the video might. This isn't my video.

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Glorious Day.

But why did you guys keep retrieving for?

Nov 23 2010
SnowFall Level 165 Yellonde Shadower
Grats, Mardian Pb team! I'm sure it was quite an achievement, I hope Yellonde can get together to do it one day xD
Nov 23 2010
epicness wow they great
gratz to them
Nov 23 2010
Severe swapped from Broa to Mardia xD lool
Good on him. Broas drama is bs.[/quote]

yea. broa is too power hungry and greedy. cant work together at all.
Nov 23 2010
I was so on line when this happened =D
Nov 23 2010
Why did you guys keep going "STOP ATKS STOP ATKS" and then move back after people die..?
Nov 23 2010

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