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Marksman Question

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MinatoThe4Th Level 187 Bera Marksman
So currently people are always telling me to switch to a Marksman . I have thought about switching to one but i wanna know a few things before. Im currently level 146 and i love the play style of a bow master when it comes to bossing. When i'm training it tends to be a bit hard not having that great of a mobbing skill. So my main question is that are marksman easier to train when it comes to training at mp3 and dipq? Then when it comes to bossing which would be a better fit? My current range i have is 35k~40k with empress gear and basic 6% equips. I plan on getting full fafnir and reinforced set and tyrants soon, Overall which character will i be better off in the end?

If i left anything that you guys need please tell me and i hope i can answer
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AhnZap Level 207 Bellocan Bow Master
Well training is not a problem with x2 event. Just do DIPQ and some bosses daily and you will hit 200 in no time
And yeah I just changed from bowmaster to marksman recently, and I think it's better overall
Bowmaster has more stance than marksman, and a skill that reduces bosses heal, which is very annoying and hits per second is very impressive. The draw back is you have to setup too much (buffs>turret>arrowhead lock) and bosses that has damage reflection (very common) will screw you HARD. Yep I hate damage reflection when I was a bm, sometimes I just can't react fast enough to setup my turret another way so it can't hit dr/to stop atk. In certain situation when you can just stand still and unleash your dps is impressive but not always. You have to move around when come to endgame bosses like magnus, root abyss and gollux; the wind up time is too long and overall your dps is just theory.
Marksman has a simpler playstyle, only thing you have to do is make sure your buffs always up and keep a distance if possible. Better mobbing ability and no-cd snipe is just pure evil. The shield make you less squishy, and another hero's will to clean seduce is always a life saver. Dps-wise marksman is higher than bowmaster low to normal funding. There is a bowman dps calculation thread in this forum which you can read. The only drawback is the way they hold their weapon, it covers my lovely overall and face In the future bowmaster will be buffed so they will be viable again, but I like to avoid dr sudden death I'll stick with marksman then
Nov 11 2014
bluebomber24 Level 206 Windia Bow Master
Actually i got a question between MM and BM as well.

Say future patch BM getting back split Hurricane and both MM and BM dealing max damage. In this case, BM got 2 lines 50m + 1 line 50m from turret. Do you think BM can outdamage MM's 400m?[/quote]

overwhelmingly the BM capping will outdpm the MM >_>

Edit: For further info, after that patch a BM that can deal 21m per hit is most likely outdpming a MM that is capping.
Nov 11 2014
Pufin Level 150 Galicia F/P Arch Mage
Heard stuff about a marksman nerf, and currently in kms, marksmen are low on the dps charts. Enjoying my marksman though
Nov 11 2014
archusz Level 201 Scania Bow Master
you will regret switch it because we get huge revamp soon
Nov 11 2014
FaTaLP3NGU1N Level 50 Scania F/P Wizard
I feel that marksmen are a pain to play now, but that's just me.
Nov 12 2014
SuperAcups Level 183 Windia Zero Transcendent
Theres a hyper that raises the dmg cap on MM snipe to 400m. If you could consistently hit that, i have a hard time believe BM could ever out dps it.
Nov 15 2014

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