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Marksman and Xenon Duo Damien Video

By exsum

exsum Level 222 Renegades Marksman See what games, anime & art exsum is intoeXSum
Mar 06 2017 Marksman and Xenon Duo Damien Pew Pew

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jessy0245 Level 220 Windia Marksman
What's you and your friend's range? I'm main a MM as well and wanted to know I'd be able to replicate this scenario. I'm currently at 8.2m range.
Mar 06 2017
aeraxis Level 210 Khaini Xenon 4
@jessy0245 With that range, you're more than able to solo Damien on a marksman, assuming you practice a few times and get the hang of the fight.

As for the xenon, judging from how fast the hp bar's going down when OP isn't attacking, I'll estimate 100-150m/line per snipe, which means assuming the higher end of 150m, that's roughly 2.8b dps with attack speed (1) and 3.1b with attack speed (0).

Range means nothing, especially since xenons have such inflated ranges due to the 3 main stat range formula and innate %damage counting towards range, but assuming max level boost nodes on main attacking skills that's about 5-7m clean. Other classes would do significantly more damage with the same clean range,
Mar 06 2017

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