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Me and Donald Trump before he got rich Screen

By strongseaman

strongseaman Level 216 Zenith Xenon 4
May 12 2016 Since we'll be having elections this year and Donald Trump will probably be the one running for the Republicans, I found it relevant to share a picture of me and Mr. Trump when he started.

He used to be a simple Delivery guy from Missouri, until the fated day arrive. He was carrying this package of letters when he hit the floor and fell down. When he was organizing all the mess he found a strange letter, sealed in a golden-like candy wax, whose sender was "Hogwarts school".

Since he did not know about such school, his curiosity took over, and he decided to open the letter. When he did so, he was teleported to a strange castle, in the middle of what seemed to be nowhere.

Afraid that he'd then die there, he hide himself as a studant and started attending to classses. Once he found out that it was a magical school, he freaked out.

However, being the sly man he is, he decided to make the best of the situation he was in.

He now knew what he had to do: 1) he had to find a way out of the school, back to Missouri and; 2) He had to get as many golden coins (golden galleons) and magic artifacts as he could.

He found out that the director, Mr. Merlin Jr, had a Galleon deposit in his office. Then he and professor Harry Potter of the Defense Against the Dark Arts, decided to kill the said director and steal all of the money containing there.

Mr. Harry Potter was going through a divorce and his small professor salary was barely being enough to pay the pension for his 3 kids and his wife. Mr. Potter had been starving for months now, which clouded his judgement of rightness.

Now mr. Trump had it all: The plan, and the means.

Then, Mr. Potter, pretending to be scolding mr. Trump, went to the Director's chamber and Harry barged the Director Merlin to expel Mr. Trump and, as the Director turned his back against Mr. Potter in order to Listen to Trump's side of the story, Harry chanted: "Avada Kedavra!", the director, being the excellent magician he was defended him self and they started fighting!

Then, Mr. Trump, taking advantage of that situation, pulled an AK47 that he's been hiding in his pants since he was a delivery guy and killed them both, opened the Golden Galleon Safe, stole the phoenix and a bunch of other magic gear, took a "Floo powder" , threw it in the closest Fireplace, and was teleported to a random place in Ireland (which he could only know where he was due to the amount of beer he saw).

After that he went back to the US and sold all the gold and magic stuff he had, making, back then, half of his current fortune.

After that, all he had to do is hire competent investors to keep his patrimony expanding.

As a person who know the story that *Maybe* isn't fictional at all, I can tell you, don't trust him!


No magicians were actually harm in the making of this story.

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