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Mech or Sair?

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Hi I've decided to make one of these just to hold off until kaiser comes. I have decent funding for this so it might not be a problem. I've done research and most of these threads are out dated anyway. So pirate experts which would be better is training efficiency, damage, bosssing, summons and buffs. In the threads I've looked at, they say that mechs are better but are they after sair received their revamp? If they are aren't they still a little weak? Note: my funding isn't really amazing but I'd say above average.
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Bucc seems to be bout right
summons got screwed up so count that out
bucc>both rxcept theoratical dpm
Oct 14 2012
Bucc seems to be bout right
summons got screwed up so count that out
bucc>both rxcept theoratical dpm[/quote]

I already have a bucc it's doing fine but I feel like trying a new class.
Oct 14 2012
AcoXD Level 125 Scania Wild Hunter 4
Corsairs are so bad now, but thats only my opinion. ever since they lost that Pirate ship i dun like em , i would go mechanic atleast u get a tank
Oct 14 2012
Beesafree Level 200 Mardia Corsair
the one thing i absolutely HATE about sairs now
is that all their damage seems to be through summons - the crew, the octopus, the nautilus, eight legs easton
we never exhibit our strength through our own skill or power sans rapid fire
having said that
at least we have one skill
mechanics have absolutely NO skills that exhibit their talents
it's all that god awful mecha mechanica they use
every skill
they are the backpack to the game's greatest summon

and after all that
mechs are better in terms of dps
and after the revamp, i am 100% positive they are better in everything
right now i am not sure, but after the revamp the summon is the better class when compared to the sair
Oct 14 2012
mark24 Level 200 Kradia Battle Mage 4
only buccs use their own body to fight dirge lol and maybe mages. it doesnt matter the one with the better weapon/gear wins f3 i guesss warrior too.
Oct 14 2012
Beesafree Level 200 Mardia Corsair
actually i would say most classes fight with their own skills - the list of classes that dont would be smaller

Mech, Sair, Phantom, Evan, Jett (maybe)
Oct 14 2012
SriLankanKen Level 185 Windia Buccaneer
IMO Sair is more fun.
Mechs gameplay style is boring as hell.
Oct 14 2012
Sairs are better if you don't have enough funding to cap. They're also much more fun. Otherwise, after the revamp due very soon mechs are much better in everything except most vertical distances.

Mech gameplay is similar to old sair + arans. God I LOVE it.
Oct 26 2012

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