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Meet my inspiration 2 day Screen

By Valtorec

Valtorec Level 171 Scania Aran 4
Aug 09 2010 Saw Delaran @ gallos godliest aran eva...and he has a lvl 200 I/L...KEEP THE VIDS COMING MAN!

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My arcglaive has pretty much that same potential! 20% boss damage, but 6% total damage instead of attack
Aug 10 2010
EnvyMe Level 203 Bellocan Paladin
No offense, but he's kind of a no life, I mean lvl 200 I/L... and 170+ aran (hasn't made another video yet) and he's loaded with NX... But don't get me wrong, I love him, and his videos are awesome
Aug 10 2010

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