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Melodises - ThatKidBad Screen

By jamesizkoolr

jamesizkoolr Level 202 Broa Buccaneer
Sep 11 2014 I think this was one of the most fun i've had with a drawing, not sure why ^^

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jamesizkoolr Level 202 Broa Buccaneer
Cute ^^ Though I think my character would be a challenge.[/quote]

i could try ^^
Sep 12 2014
jamesizkoolr Level 202 Broa Buccaneer
@jamesizkoolr: That'd be awesome ^^[/quote]

could you tell me the name of your clothes, your wep kinda blocks the view... lawl ^^"
Sep 12 2014
kevqn Level 200 Windia Demon Slayer 4 See what games, anime & art kevqn is intokevqn
This is good, I like it simple, like my char
Sep 12 2014
Anthorix Level 201 Windia Mechanic 4
+4 "one of the most fun i've had"

maybe cuz its an active pose, with a smile. and you kept that whole image throughout the process...maybe that affected you?

Fun. best way i could describe it, mhm.
Sep 12 2014

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